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Outlook right now?

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Generically Necrons are in a solid place.  The current dex is infinitely better than last edition.  Necrons are still a top tournament army but the most recent point changes have put the army down to one really effective build.  Canoptek leaning into Doom Stalkers and Wraith spam.  If those units take a points hike Crons will probably fall off the top leader boards unless GW hands out some point cuts to other units.


Now if you don't care about tournament meta the dex is fantastic.  The Obesiance Phalanx and the Destroyer Cult detachments are poor to actively bad, but the other 4 are fun and offer a lot of different ways to build functional armies.  Most of our units have some amount of play even and or interesting rules.


If you love Warriors the army will be a little rough for you but it's not impossible.  Warriors are too expensive to spam for a unit that doesn't really kick out damage on its own.  They're purely for holding an objective and absorbing damage.  As such one or two 20 man blobs is about the most you would reasonably want to bring.  10 mans are just too frail to be worth the cost. If you are set on Warriors look to Sezeras to make them more lethal, Reanimators to make them more durable or Chronomancers to make them more mobile.  Awakened Legion and Canopetk Court or Hypercrypt Legion have the best rules to help them.

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Brother Malakithe, meant to reply you earlier, but just imho this is a case of no news is actually good news.


That's why it's been quiet.  Nothing really changed much...except I got to take another look at Deathmarks maybe.


I'll give an example.  I took the most ridiculous list, meaning one I KNEW would be nerfed, a Triple C'tan list.  This edition kinda favoured them, I was placing orders even during the rules preview, they've all been buffed with a Feel No Pain save for all of them...and with the recent points adjustment, net-net my list went up 10 points.


All I need to do was drop a Chronomancer for, I dunno, a Royal Warden or something.  Slap on the wrist, and that's for abusing C'tan spam.


On 5/10/2024 at 5:52 PM, Malakithe said:

Right now I'm struggling to find a list I like. I just want to spam Warriors lol


I feel ya!  But I mostly agree with Brother Bonzi (I'm still gonna use Triple C'tan, even if one of them is the Deceiver, whose job seems to be mostly to deceive me).  Just remember to bring enough big guns, this edition favours monsters and vehicles it seems.

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On 5/13/2024 at 1:48 AM, N1SB said:

Just remember to bring enough big guns, this edition favours monsters and vehicles it seems.

This is we're Orks are going to start to check people. The environment is moving towards vehicles so people need AT to counter but from what I'm hearing/seeing a lot of lists can't deal with massed infantry anymore. 

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That's right, SATURATION.  I throw more metallic bodies than people got guns to deal with, play the Objectives.  I LOVE the idea, Silver Tide.


The situation is Wraiths are really good for their points.  Like you got 10 Warriors at 100 pts or 3 Wraiths at 110 pts, you got 10 Wounds of Warriors vs. 12 Wounds of Wraiths.  Then Wraiths also got a 4++.  You can double the squad size for Warriors, but you can also do that for Wraiths.  Then you want to add a Technomancer for Warriors, but he can also join Wraiths, and even has a 10" movement to keep up with them.  Wraiths are only OC 2, but OC 2's not bad, was another thing I noticed playing against units of 6 Wraiths + 1 Technomancer.


There are probably other combinations we haven't thought of where you'd choose Warriors over Wraiths, but this is just a heads up.

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I will say I just threw two squads of 20 Warriors down in an Obesiance Phalanx game vs Orks.  Each squad had an Overlord and one had a Cronomancer and the other had Orikan.


The warriors actually punched above their weight but did they do better than other units would have for the same points?  Hard to say.  I leaned hard into the utility of lethal hits and the Strat Enslaved Artifice which gives crits on 5+.  I was tearing large chunks of wounds off of Killrigs and an entire unit of the newer Ork infantry (not Boyz).  Both squads took charges from melee units and bounced them off and resurrected back to full health thanks to rez orbs and a Reanimator.  I did spend four turns pushed back into a corner by endless waves of Orks but by turn 5 I had run of the board.


Every time I've run warriors they have been surprisingly effective.  They punch up vs tougher units where their lethal hits really shine.  It's a call back to the days when Gauss infantry were a viable way to kill tanks.  They will flail against 2+ armor saves.  They also aren't great as infantry/horde killing without a lot of support, frankly Tesla does it better....but they have real tec into high toughness enemies.

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