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Green Tide question


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The other thing I have been seeing more of lately is multiple small units, each with a Leader. Now that characters are not restricted, it is more common to have multiples rather than a few large squads buffed to the max. A common example is 2x5-man Assault squads, each with a Captain rather than a single 10-man squad with Captain. Leaders and their buffs are no longer a limited resource so can be spread around. This leads armies with more smaller units that engage in chess-style trading to control Objectives. The popularity of Lone Operative Characters also feeds into this. The more units an army has, the more actions it can perform and the more Objectives it can complete.

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IMO for Green Tide the base of the list is 3 Boy units with 20 boys lead by a Warboss and Painboy.  After that I have 2 or 3 more 20 strong Boy units.  The rest of the list is Stormboys, Gretchen for actions and Snikrot as the lone operative.   If you want you could bring MSU Nobz to move up with the Boys for killing power.    Board control is crazy strong with the list and the regen on Ork Boy make it feel like fighting Necrons.  

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