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Show your mandrakes


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Nice. Mine are still on sprues as I wonder if they will have and updated datasheet, sooner or later, to reflect the "options" in the new kit. The scheme I have in mind is rather classic: Dark blue skin, white hair with drakenhof shade, electric blue for fire, bone weapons and leather cloths.


The crimson flesh you choosed is rather original. I would not have had the valor to try it myself, but the result you obtained looks pretty good. I like it.


Edit1: Might be that I do a test model on one of the Standard gear...


Edit2: I see some Admechs in your background pic - they look interesting too. Any chance you share pics of these in the AdMech Forum?

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Don't have the new ones, they look like lots of fun though!


I converted 5 from kabalites using Sisters of Avelorn bows back in like 7th ed., and have been using Khainite Shadowstalkers as well for a bit... Will post pics one day, but travelling away from collection currently.




The Good Doctor.



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Bouargh, I'll see what I can do about pics there. Thanks for your post, both of you. I just got a bunch of the army painter speed paints and thought I'd try them out. The scheme really was just kind of an accident but once done I am very happy with the result. 


Come on everyone lats see some .ore.

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