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Ban notices auto-updated archive

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Obviously I can see why the staff may be averse to this idea, but I feel like an archive of bans from the website along with reasons for said bans would be a good idea for honesty's/transparency's sake. We've had announcements for bans before (notably BBF) after all. Obviously for historic bans, reasons given might be impractical but for more recent ones I think it would be fair, especially as this forum is generally very well-moderated and doesn't seem to have a lot of bans. I'd probably restrict it to permanent bans rather than temporary ones, but I think being upfront about who's been banned and why would be better; it demystifies the moderation process and also makes it even more clear what behaviour is and isn't acceptable. Also removes any chance of "Hey, what happened to that guy?".


Just an idea. :thumbsup:

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