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40K Dark Angels reading lists, suggestions. Have I missed anything?

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I've always been a big Horus Heresy Dark Angels fan but I hadn't read any 40k Dark Angels in years.  I didn't remember any of it anyway so I started over on the 40k a few months ago.  I'm pretty confident I haven't missed anything major in my Horus Heresy era DAs but is there anything I've missed on my 40k Dark Angels reading?


I've read the following (well finishing up the Lazarus book):


-Legends of the Dark Angels Omnibus - Angels of Darkness, The Purging of Kadillus, Azrael, Azrael - Protector of Secrets (SS), The Eye of Ezekiel, Dark Vengeance, Easy Prey (SS), Malediction (SS)

-Legacy of Caliban - The Unforgiven, Master of Sanctity, Ravenwing, Short Stories:  Honor of the Third, A Hunt in the Dark, Battle Brothers, Accept no Failure, Holder of the Keys, All Must End.

-Rage of Asmodai (SS)

-The Ascension of Balthasar (SS)


-War of Secrets

-Cypher - Lord of the Fallen

-Luther - First of the Fallen

-Lazarus - Emnity's Edge

-The Lion - Son of the Forest


I may try to pick up the 2nd Hammer and Bolter book for the short story Reparation.  Anything else out there worth reading?

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There are a few more Dark Angels shorts at least.

Balance of Faith, A (Darren-Jon Ashmore, 2006)
On Hyrus Secundus, the dread forces of the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines bring death and despair to all who encounter them. As Sister Hospitaller and the remnants of the Hyrusian regiment of the Imperial Guard hold back the attackers, buying time to evacuate the remaining civilians, salvation arrives in the form of a single Dark Angels Space Marine.
--Tales From the Dark Millenium (Paperback, 2006)

Black Pearl, The (Chris Pramas, 1997)
Uzziel, one of the Dark Angels' most effective Interrogator-Chaplains, believes that he has uncovered the whereabouts of the Chapter's most prized relic - the legendary Lion Sword once wielded by the primarch himself. Based on information gleaned from one of the mysterious Fallen, he leads a clandestine strike force to the eldar-held world of Lughnasa, and soon finds that he must vanquish not only the xenos but also the spirits of warriors long dead, if he is to retrieve the blade and restore a portion of the Lion's honour...
--Inferno! #02 (Magazine, 1997)
--Into the Maelstrom (Paperback, 1999)
--Let the Galaxy Burn (Paperback, 2006)
--Book of the Lion, The (Trade PB, 2013)
--Inferno! #02 (Magazine, 2018)

Buried Beast, The (Gary Kloster, 2021)
On the trail of a Dark Angels vessel thought lost since the Horus Heresy, Lazarus meets with the planetary governor of the world that's kept it sealed away since it crashed there to keep the monster within at bay. It's here that he learns that the purpose of the knightly orders of old Caliban, and the Dark Angels themselves, are one and the same - to ride into the black to kill monsters, where no one else can.

Darkness of Angels, The (Rob Sanders, 2015)
With Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze and many of hs kin fighting for their lives in the Dark City of Commorragh, things look bleak for the Space Wolves and their mission to find Logan Grimnar. As Ulrik the Slayer enacts a daring rescue plan, Krom breaks out... but when they are pursued by vengeful dark eldar, it may take a miracle to save them from destruction. A miracle... or the intervention of their old rivals, the Dark Angels.
--Space Wolves (Hardback, 2016)
--Space Wolves (Paperback, 2017)

Deathwatch: The Last Guardian (C Z Dunn, 2016)
As part of an elite Deathwatch kill team, Brother Balthasar of the Dark Angels joins a special Inquisitorial mission to the eldar craftworld of Kher-Ys. Long ago ravaged by the daemonic forces of Slaanesh, the craftworld may still harbour the unlikeliest of allies for the Space Marines, and the key to a greater victory for the Chapter.
--Deathwatch: The Last Guardian (Audio CD, 2016))

Deathwing (Bryan Ansell & William King, 1990)
Dark Angels Sergeant Ezekiel returns to his home world to recruit new battle-brothers for the Chapter, but finds his people dead and their villages burned. Discovering an insidious alien threat behind the destruction, Ezekiel reclaims his birth-name of Cloud Runner and undergoes the Rite of the Deathwing, beginning a crusade that will leave a mark on the history of the Dark Angels Chapter.
--Deathwing (Paperback, 1990)
--Deathwing (Paperback, 1993)
--Deathwing (Paperback, 2001)
--Book of the Lion, The (Trade PB, 2013)

Enmity's Edge (Elliot Hamer, 2019)
As the Thousand Sons plot and scheme during the Psychic Awakening, noble heroes of the Imperium gather to thwart their plans. Among them is Master Lazarus of the Dark Angels, the first member of the Inner Circle to cross the Rubicon Primaris. But what brought this paragon of the Lion's sons to this point? Prepare to find out...
--Psychic Awakening IV: Ritual of the Damned Collector's Edition (Hardback, 2020)
--Psychic Awakening: The Collected Fiction (Paperback, 2020)

Falls of Marakross, The (Steve Parker, 2006)
An uprising of heretic cultists on the world of Cordassa brings the Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines to the world. But is their mission to help the beleaguered defenders of the troubled planet, or do they have their own agenda? Only Interrogator-Chaplain Artemius knows, though Inquisitor Mattius Heiron has his suspicions, and will go to any lengths to learn the truth.
--Tales From the Dark Millenium (Paperback, 2006))

Flesh of the Angel, The (Ben Counter, 2016)
While engaged in a mission to destroy sslyth breeding grounds and stall their invasion of Imperial territories, Zameon Gydrael encounters an ancient foe of the Dark Angels Chapter - one of the legendary Fallen.
--Deathwatch: Ignition (Hardback, 2016))
--Deathwatch: Ignition (Paperback, 2017))
--Deathwatch: Ignition (Hardback, 2019))

Pain Aeterna (Callum Davis, 2019)
After a violent engagement aboard a Chaos-tainted cruiser, Apharan - a Greyshield inductee of the Dark Angels Chapter - is brought before the Deathwing and the Watchers in the Dark.
--White Dwarf 2019.09 (Magazine, 2019))

Reparation (Andy Smillie, 2011)
Trapped in the fighting pits of the dread city of Commorragh and forced to battle for their alien captors' amusement, two Space Marines form an alliance to escape their tormentors - but are they who they seem to be? And when they discover the truth, will their alliance last, or will the last amusement for their alien captors be watching these two servants of the Emperor kill one another?
--Best of Hammer and Bolter Volume 02, The (Paperback, 2013))
--Sagas of the Space Wolves (Paperback, 2020))

Reward of Loyalty, The (Tom Chivers, 2023)
A lone Guardsman and a Dark Angel fight their way across a blasted landscape in search of the truth.
--Galaxy of Horrors (Paperback, 2023))

Sammael: Lord of the Eternal Hunt (Ben Counter, 2013)
Supporting the White Scars on Gehoft, Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing, prepares to aid Kor'sarro Khan against the plague-ridden warriors of Chaos. But when an ancient secret is revealed, Sammael must choose between the bonds of brotherhood and pursuit of the oldest foe of his Chapter.

Tears of Blood (C S Goto, 2006)
As war engulfs the Perdus Reach sector, a strange destiny entwines Master Kalidian Axryus of the Dark Angels Space Marines and the eldar of Craftworld Kaelor. As they clash in battle, the seers of Kaelor realise that only the Dark Angels stand between them and horrific demise at the hands of servants of the Dark Gods.
--Tales From the Dark Millenium (Paperback, 2006))

Test of Faith, The (Thomas Parrot, 2019)
The integration of Primaris Space Marines into the many Chapters across the Imperium has not always been easy. For the Dark Angels, with their many secrets, it is perhaps most difficult of all. On a mission to clear xenos-influenced traitors from massive mining vehicles on an airless world, Interrogator-Chaplain Raguel is all too aware of the threat the new recruits pose to the Chapter's uneasy balance. His pupil. Hadariel, is the first Primaris Chaplain to be considered for inclusion in the Dark Angels' Inner Circle - but can Belisarius Cawl's engineered warriors really be trusted with the deepest secrets of the Lion's sons?
--Nexus + Other Stories (Paperback, 2020))
--Nexus & Other Stories (Paperback, 2020))

Vox Tenebris (Robbie MacNiven, 2016)
When the Fenris system is overrun by the forces of Chaos, the Imperium rallies to its defence, and Space Marines from many Chapters arrive to lend their aid to the beleaguered defenders. The battle to reclaim the worlds of the Space Wolves is waged on many levels - in space, on land and in the very seas themselves. A Space Wolf and a Dark Angel must join forces when the rest of their strikeforce is slaughtered by daemons, deep underground. Unless they can find their way through the underworld back to the surface, they are doomed - but the trials that face them will test them to their very limit.
--Vox Tenebris (Audio CD, 2016))

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There is also the comic Deathwing - The tale of Two-Heads Talking from Warhammer Monthly 36 - don't know if it has been republished somewhere else. 


There is also the comic series Will of Iron  followed by Revelations and concluded in Fallen.

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