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Seeing over ruins.

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So I was playing the other day on a ruin heavy board and was going to shoot my Havocs that were on the top floor of a tall ruin ( about 10 " up). My target was a vehicle that was straight across about 30 in away. The problem was that there was a smaller ruin about 4 in tall and about 8 in from my ruin that was between the two units. I had clear LOS.  My opponent said that I could not target his vehicle because you can't draw LOS over ruins. I looked it up and it does say that. We came to the understanding that Ruins have an infinite height when determining LOS. 

My questions are:

1) Are we interpreting this correctly? Does that mean if my Havocs tried to shoot another unit that were also on top of a tall building of equal height to mine that they could not target them if a shorter ruin was in between? 


2) Does anyone house rule this out? Seems unfair for a shooty army especially on a ruin heavy board. 




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That's the rule. While true los is now a dead thing the games is balanced around breaking up line of sight.  GW sells terrain that needs these rules to function so it's probably going to continue. Official layouts are almost entirely ruins.  Years of events had "planet bowling ball" terrain sets that were shooting gallery affairs with no tactical options. It's a bit gamey but makes terrain function as intended. Sucks to get caught by it tho. 

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This is, indeed, the way - it's been like that since 9th ed, you cannot draw LoS through ruins, no matter the height. Superheavies and flyers, as I recall used to be able to see 'over' them, but that was removed I think. It's a game balance thing to make shooty armies less overpowering against melee ones. 

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