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I want something relatively fair and balanced, but that doesn’t punish a defender for having a significant portion of their units remaining relatively static.


so im thinking defender DZ extends into the mid board, 8” from the mid field objectives.


+5VP for having more OC in the midfield  than your opponent.

+1 VP for each midfield objective held

attacker gets 2 VP for every OC  in the back 12” of defender‘s DZ at the start of their next command phase, but defender scores 1 VP for every model they kill in their DZ.

(so if an attacker has 10 OC 2 models in defender DZ they could get 40 VP if they all survive until next command phase where as defender would only get 10VP for killing the whole unit. Attacker can only score once per unit per game in defender’s DZ, but defender can score every turn by killing models)


this incentivizes the attacker to push the defender, while making more static units like turrets and heavy weapons squads more viable. 
attacker requires mobility to make the plays to get those big scoring moves, but a defender can actually behave more like someone on the defense.


anyone have anything to add or tweak?

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