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Belgians Unite

Brother Anvilus

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Hi everyone,


Just to start a Belgian thread here, seems like there are enough of us to Unite and make something good here :rolleyes:

let me introduce myslef:


I'm Anvil, from Kortrijk, 21 Years and play a DIY chapter called The Eternal Legion.


I'm relatively new to the game, playing and painting for just over a year and a half now.


I used to play at the Brassman ostend and regularly play at the Fairplay in bruges.




so everyone of belgium, UNITE :cuss




Brother Anvilus

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I'm from Belsele, eastflanders..

I've been to the Brassmen tournaments the past years, and might be there this year too.

I play DIY marines, Tyranids, greyknights, chaos daemonsand a whole bunch of chaos marines ( Black legion, iron warriors, death guard, world eaters, emperors children, thousand sons)

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Greetings my fellow countrymen.

I'm an old guy who stopped playing in 99 only to take it up again last year.

I recently moved back to Hofstade (the one near Aalst) after fifteen years in exile in Gent ;)


Most of my playing was always done at home, and I'm lucky to have a fiancee who plays as well.

I need to check out these playing dens in Aalst though!


I play my own chapter, which is a basic C:SM force, and am planning on adding an IG and SW force.

And I'm mighty tempted to take up regular Warhammer again as well...


I can't seem to find the time (or maybe the drive) to do quite as much painting as I used to do.

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I'm Kris, an 18 year old from Halle in Vlaams Brabant, where my battle brothers and me play most of the time


I've been in the hobby for about 6 years, (ad or take a few months)


I've played tournaments all over flanders and even a few with our friendly neighbours, the Netherlands


i play all the games from GW, and about 7 other games systems occasionally (BattleTech, showdown, Anima Tactics, ...)

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Anyone going to Challenge in Roeselare?


for those who don't know it :


CHallenge 5



hope to see some of you ^_^


Might be going just to watch. Need some upgrades to my black templar army before doing tournaments.


And i'm Tom, 22years from Zonnebeke, West Flanders. Playing Black Templars ;)

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Hi, technically not being Belgium, but I have recently moved to Brussels and am looking for any 40k players or clubs in the area. Even better if they are French speaking but willing to accomodate someone trying to learn the language! (Of course Flemish is equally welcome!). My main army is Eldar, followed by Tyranids, and now greatly tempted by Dark Eldar!



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Welcome in Belgium!


You are welcome in Hermelijn in Aalst (between Brussels and Ghent). We are in the proces of starting a 40k map campaign. More info on our forum: warhammer.usersboard.com.


I know there are also a few 40k players in the region of halle (Mishra's Playground). you can find more info on z4.invisionfree.com/mishras_playground.


There's also a GW shop in Brussel near the Central train station.


kind regards



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