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Belgians Unite

Brother Anvilus

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I think the Storm Crows in Ostend are still active. I played at their tournament last November (Warpstorm 9) as some Belgian buddies of mine play 40k so I went out for a long weekend. They are planning Warpstorm 10 for later this year AFAIK.


Can ask for some details if you like.


That'd be great if you're able mate. No idea what the connections would be like but if it's 30k-friendly, sounds good to me.

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And back.


Storm Crows web site: www.spellebeen.be


You might find this useful to get in touch with some of 40k Belgian players: https://www.facebook.com/40kteam.be/?fref=ts


Legend. Thank you sir, will be in touch with them and see what the score is. Really appreciate the help.

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Hey ! I'm Renaud, from Charleroi (I saw I wasn't the only one from there ^^)

Unfortunately I don't have an army anymore, but I thought I'd say hi anyway.

I intend to make one again (SM) at one point and I'll get back here to find players eventually. 


If you didn't know, there is a club here also, called Full Options. Players are mainly French-speaking, but... well now you do know it exist. Count this as some kind of added stone to the costruction of this topic ^^

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Hi fraters! I have moved recently to Brussels from Spain, and I was wondering if anybody could guide me a bit about hobby stores in Brussels. While I currently don't have any miniature with me, I want to get started with Adeptus Titanicus, and I have a lot of (unbuilt) miniatures for a 30K army, which I would like to get to build in the following months. I wouldn't be against starting a Kill team either.
I have the GW store pretty close to my house, but I would like to know if there are other shops or places to play in the capital, since I ordered there the AT rules but it seems there is no player in the store (I forgot to ask about 30K, but I am not holding my breath). Plus, I like to use 3rd party bits from time to time so maybe playing there will not be viable :sweat:. If any of you happen to be a regular of the store, do let me know, because I can go there walking so it is quite convenient for me location-wise.

And apologies, but for the moment my French is basically inexistent :pinch: , I am planning to get some classes in the near future :happy.:.

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Hello all, I am Luis and have also relocated here from Portugal and am looking for a gaming group in Ghent. I am starting again both 30k (SoH) and 40k (DG) armies. Can start kill teams immediately, just need to learn the basics .

I don’t mind travelling a bit I just want to game while I am here, PM if interested.



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Hi everyone


My name's Luc, from Habay-la-Neuve, Luxembourg.
I set a toe in the hobby almost 20 years ago, but never played. I bought a 5 men tactical Squad, throw whatever paint I got at the time, read the same White Dwarf again and again… and that's about it
It's been 2 years now that the urge to purge came back :biggrin.:


According to my calculation, i should have about 3k points of second hand unstripped space marine.
I slowly work my army out, a DIY Chapter, the Fire Watch (check my sig :wink:)

I hope to have something to play with in November, there should be a introduction to the Hobby by the fine club Troll and Roll, of Messancy.

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a quick public announcement.


I work in a public library in Morlanwelz (close to La Louvière) and we have a lot of free space, so as a returning 40k player I got the permission from my boss to host 40k "event" (game, painting, ... ). 


So if you are a 40k/Kill Team player living around La Louvière and looking for people to play with, hit me up with a private message.

As of now, nothing is done, i'm just looking for players or people interested in gathering together with other people to share their love for the hobby. As soon as I can show my boss I can get enough people in, the project will be launched.



Bonjour à tous,


une petite annonce rapide.

Je travaille dans une bibliothèque publique à Morlanwelz (près de la Louvière) et nous avons beaucoup d'espace de libre. Donc en tant que joueur de 40k sur le retour, j'ai proposé à ma directrice d'utiliser cet espace pour mettre sur pied un projet autour du hobby et de 40k/kill team (donc des parties, tuto peintures, ... )

Donc si vous êtes un joueur de 40k/Kill team habitant aux environs de La Louvière et que vous recherchez des personnes avec qui jouer, n'hésitez pas à me contacter en MP.

Pour l'instant, rien n'est encore fait, je suis juste à la recherche de personne désirant se rencontrer pour partager leur amour du hobby (et jouer quelques parties). Dès que je pourrai montrer à ma directrice que le projet peut attirer du monde ... ce sera parti ;)


sorry voor onze nederlandstaligen brother ... mijn nederlands is heele slechte, maybe one day if this project take off it could spawn some tournament and you'll all be welcome here of course :)


Have a nice day

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