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Cobalt Raptors Pocket40k army

Captain Mike

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First off, the name and paint scheme are not my invention. This is my friend's army... only I did a lot of the painting so I get to post! 


There's still a lot of work to be done. All the models need to be magnetized (he can do that bit...), as well as regular tidying up and adding stuff. He also has some Rhinos and I think a Land Raider that need doing as well.


But, for now, I present the Cobalt Raptors!... some of. 




Captain with Relic Blade and Storm Bolter. This guy took some very patient converting (and swearing) to get right. The cape is a bit stiff, but its hard to work at 6mm scale.  





Sergeants. Tactical, Tactical with Power Sword, Tactical, Devastator, Assault with Power Fist (yes I am aware that power fist is a bit naff. I assure you, it looks worse in real life. Pie fist!) 




Multi Melta Devastator Squad




Special Weapons. 3 Meltaguns and a flamer 




Missile Launcher and Heavy Bolter 




And just a standard guy 






6mm is... hard. But fun! Hope more will be coming. 




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I tried painting the eyes (or at least doing a glow effect) but it was a lot of work, that rarely went right, and really didn't do that much for the model. 


Chapter badge will be added once my friend decides what its going to be. Who paints it is a different matter. 


We play standard 40k with converted measurements. The board is metal so these guys will need to be magnetized. 


For an excellent guide on how to play Pocket40k, there's this page https://sites.google.com/site/pocketw40k/ :) Not mine I'd like to add. 

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