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  1. I mean, that literally is just the same unit with fewer options, which is pretty sad. GW's modeling and rules trends over the past few years have been to reduce and reduce the available options, which is just much less interesting from both a modelling and gameplay perspective. Each release seems to be stripping more and more away from peoples' options, GW has become obsessed with controlling how people can build their stuff.
  2. There's been a leak of some details, compiled by the ever helpful and calm Auspex Tactics: Link to text
  3. Greetings! I'm a Black Templars fanatic and conversions enthusiast. I used to crawl around this board more than 5 years ago and even posted some of my stuff back then. I took a break from the hobby for a couple of years but reentered the game about 2 years ago. In the past time I put together a lot of stuff (exclusively for my two big loves in 40k: Black Templars and Inquisition) and don't want to hold it back from you. I see this as a compendium of my work and gonna update it whenever I have some new freaks to show off. Criticism and suggestions welcome as always. Old models: Black Templars Castellan mainly based on this wonderful and inspiring Artwork by John Blanche Black Templars Sword Brother also based on the Blanche Artwork Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Black Templars Dreadnought some random Servitor with Heavy Bolter Newer Stuff: Black Templars Assault Squad Inquisition Lexmechanic Inquisition Warrior Acolytes Inquisition Familiar
  4. Hi! So I was given a random assault intercessor by my son, which I converted into a vanguard vet using spare parts I had in my bits box, including a sanguinary guard jump pack. This has inspired me to start a Raven Guard army, as I’ve always loved the idea of an all-beaky force. Here’s the first guy. I’m quite proud of the hand painted symbol on the shoulder pad. Found a great image at www.fromthewarp.blogspot.com which gave me a step-by-step method that made this really much simpler than I thought it would be. Also posted a screenshot of that image in case it’s handy for anyone. Next up will be my attempt at Kayvaan Shrike!
  5. Hey all! I think I'll start posting the results of my building and painting in here. I already have a thread in the Space Wolves subforum, but I guess it won't hurt showing my terrain pieces - and maybe at some point non Space Wolves miniatures - as well. I'll start with reposting my recently finished infiltrators. Not mind blowing, but ready for action ☺
  6. Space Marines Terminators have Fury of the First rule which allows them to ignore modifiers to ballistic skill and hit roll. Overwatch says only unmodified hit roll off 6 Hits. Which takes precedence? What if unit gets Critical Hits on roll of 5+(critical hits always hit the target) Can this improve chances of hit while overwatching?
  7. With a crestfallen heart, I must announce that we've come to the end of this little Building Leviathan series. I mean, It's hard to continue something when it's all built! Today, all I had to do, was 10 Infernus Marines and 1 Dreadnought... First up: These went togethed easy enough, though I did wonder about why GW designed them to go together as they did. Like the one Marine where you put the pieces together verticality. Still after an hour or so, I had the full squad ready to do some burning. excuse the fact I'd already clipped some parts out, got a bit eager to complete the last model. The build was straightforward but not without problems, namely that nothing wanted to fit securely. There was a definite wobble within the torso and the legs. With the dread complete, we get a final day's group shot. and here's all the marines: and here's everything for a glorious mayhem! Overall the box delivered what it promised, 72 models with some classics amongst their number. I'm itching to get started on painting duties. From now until the end of September, I'll be using this blog to catalogue my Call to Arms attempt, so expect the first post about that soon! Till then, Keep on hobbying!
  8. Day 6 of building Leviathan and I inch closer to having the whole box built (for comparisons sake I did Indomitus over a period of months and I technically haven't completed AoS's Dominion yet...) For (Thursday) I completed the Sternguard, and all of them were pretty straightforward with no issues, and I tackled these big boys: Not going to lie, these Terminators went together like a dream. No seams, no awkward fitting parts, just perfection. I'm looking forward to painting up some first company Ultramarines (not before September most likely!). Then it came to the homing beacon and I realised with horror that I was a base short. That'll teach me for not making sure I had all the bases before I started. All in all though, a building session with no problems whatsoever. I like those. On the tryanid side of things, I managed to get everything primed with wraithbone. One day to wait boys, one day. Stat wise: 9/12 sprues done. 14/25 Space Marines 47/47 Tyranids and all primed. Tomorrow: endgame. Till then, Keep on hobbying!
  9. So after quite a long hiatus, I'm back on the B&C. These days I paint and collect a lot of different Space Marines Chapters, so I figured that the Hall of Honour is probably the best place for me to show what I've been up to recently. To begin with, here's a small selection of some of my painted Space Marine models. Death Eagle Veteran, in the classic Rogue Trader colour scheme. Captain of the Golden Halos Chapter. Flesh Eaters Veteran Sergeant. Carcharadons Tactical Marine. Angels Porphyr Intercessor. Red Talons Tactical Marine. Void Scorpion (homebrew Chapter). Howling Griffons Tactical Marine. Brazen Claws Assault Intercessor. Golden Hands Tactical Marine (homebrew Chapter). Blood Drinkers Space Marine (based on Rogue Trader artwork/cover of White Dwarf 137).
  10. Day 5 of building the Leviathan box and I finally reach an important milestone! I started off by going back to the last Tyranid sprue (the one with the Neurogaunts and Barbgaunts) and started clipping off the Barbgaunts. This was a unit that had piqued my curiosity during the reveals, and their unique ability to slow down opponents (doubtful they would actually kill anything but luckily that isn't their primary function). Some of that enthusiasm was drained away by the build as several pieces refused to fit together properly, leaving the worst gaps on any of the Leviathan models so far! I did manage to finish them, and I still like them, just the torso gaps annoy me. With the Barbgaunts complete however, it means I can do this... The Hive Fleet grows ever more. Painting will start for them Saturday where I may (or may not) have pledged them for A Call to Arms! It felt really good to pass this milestone and to see the beginnings of my revitalised Tyranid collection. With the Nid side of the box complete, it meant I had to turn my attention to the Space Marines... As it was getting late, I only did the Apothecary Biologis and the Phobos lieutenant but both seemed to have their own little niggles. For the Apothecary Biologis, it was a problem of my own making as I made an error when cutting the head off from the sprue, taking some of the helmet detail off along with it! Guess it's battle damage now... With the Lieutenant, not of his parts seemed Stable (and the strap never wanted to reach the weapon). I may try and fiddle with him a bit more before he's primed up. Not a lot done I think you'll agree: Looks like five dead xenos! Current totals are: 7/12 sprues done. 47/47 Tyranids (Woo!) 4/25 Space Marines (not so woo) 51/72 total. Tomorrow I'm hoping to have the Sternguard and the best unit of all, the Terminators, done, that'll help even the score some what! Keep on hobbying!
  11. Day 2 of Leviathan building...Let's get to it. I had a bit more time and more choice, so I decided to get the large, multi-tooth elephant muncher out of the way: The psychophage wasn't a bad build persay but there was some annoying parts. First off, the little legs/arms it has. Unlike the four bigger ones that lock in place, these two little ones don't and they got annoying when it came to putting it on its base as I had to keep adjusting it to make sure it was flat. Secondly, as reported elsewhere, there was gaps where the two halves of the body met on the back. I had filed down the nubs already and it was seamless every where else. With this psyker eater done, I thought it made sense to do his meal... No complaints here with this guy, and somehow, only my second Librarian. he was a quick build, and since I had some time left... I let the swarm grow some more with the addition of Von Ryan's Leapers. Only trouble I had with these guys was the number of times I pricked myself when attempting to push their arms in, those spikes aren't just for show! So, at the end of Day 2, I'd added these to their respective forces: thats one dead Librarian if I ever saw one. Roll on to Day 3! Keep on hobbying!
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