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  1. +++Accessing Data-Loom XCVIIΦ... +++Establishing Link.... ++Servitor Φ-264 has connected to Terminal Σ221 ++Servitor Φ-89A has connected to Terminal Ω79 +CONNECTING.... +CONNECTING.... +CONNECTING.... +++CONNECTION ESTABLISHED+++ *hissing electronics and vox feedback* "Welcome, Commander, to the Khymara Sub-Sector. If we had thought times were hard for the Imperium of Man due to the Thirteenth Black Crusade, then we knew nothing of what has lurked in the shadows for us here. The Kymara sub-sector lies in the Western Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum and sits along the Malestrom. Such a thing has given it great prosperity and great danger, as such things are seen throughout the galaxy.” "Currently we have been unable to regain contact with one of our Imperial Mining Stations, Alpha -67c on Kymara. Imperium forces only control four systems out of the eight within the sub-sector. The sub-sector capitol of Josufa, which is positioned in the center and has had a shaky foothold throughout the last century, but that could be lost.” "Reports have been flooding in for the past decade now on new dangers. The Xenos and Renegade threats have been growing in number and daring, moving out further and more aggressively from various locations. We are afraid one our worlds might become a xenos or renegade vile nest. Aid from several Adeptus Astartes Chapters has been requested in an attempt to assist in exterminating these xenos and renegade threats.” "The last Adeptus Arbites Patrol sent to Kymara in an attempt to regain contact with Alpha-67c has not reported in -- much like the previous 6 such patrols. The Sub-Sector Adeptus Arbites Precinct has filed several more complaints with the Administratum, protesting the lack of initiative on the sub-sector Governor's part to look further into the issue. The old legends about there being several technologically advanced xenos and renegades within the area continue to dissuade their desire to reach them. The local Ecclesiarch has already sent a report via channels to the Inquisition, requesting advice and help in this heretical matter.” "Much is happening beneath the surface events however, Commander. I can feel it. I can only hope that with your arrival that the Imperium of Man will emerge victorious...even through it is against training to entertain doubt, I feel worried. Things are happening within the sub-sector and for all I know, things will not be brighter on the other side." ++END MESSAGE+++ UPDATED 05/19/2017: War009's Raptor 10th company Plog is built around the idea of an All Scout army with very little Power Armour (HQs and Elites only) supported by various other vehicles to give the army the punch it needs. This is a slow moving plog, is built for fun and no way intended to be for competive use, some conversions, and rule of cool is in effect. In preparation for 8th I have broken down the selections as follows. As a model is completed a link will be added to it. UPDATED 07/20/2020: WAR009's Raptors 10th Company Plog has been changed from an all Scout army to focusing on the 2 elements that make up the 10th Company: Vanguard and Scouts. The Army will be comprised of the those 2 elements and support from various other companies.10th Company Shadow Captain Admar Voss has crossed the Rubicon and became a Primaris Marine and is overall Commander of the Raptor Forces on Khymara. UPDATED 02/2022: WAR009' Raptors 10th Company Plog has been forced to change gears due to 9e rules changes. The Army will consisit of mainly Phobos armor units with Support in the form of different detachments from the 2nd Company, Armory and Various Headquarters staffing. some units may be deleted and other units may be added over time Vanguard Section of the 10th Company HQs -10th Company Shadow Captain Admar Voss -Phobos Lexicanum Torec - Completed -Phobos LT -Revier LT Elites -Invictor Warsuit -Reiver Squad I -Reiver Squad VI -Reiver Squad VII Troops -Infiltrator Squad II -Infiltrator Squad III -Infiltrator Squad IV -Infiltrator Squad V -Incursor Squad VIII -Incursor Squad X Fast Attack -Suppersor Squad XI -Storm Speeder Hailstorm Heavy Support -Elininators XII -Eliminators XIII -Gladitor Lancer Dedicated Transport -Impulsor -Impulsor Scout Company and Support HQs -First Born LT -First Born LT -Firrst Born Chaplin -First Born Librarian Elites -First Born Apothecary -First Born Apothecary -First Borm Ancient -Scout Squad Helios V -Scout Squad Archlift VI -Scout Squad Venze VII -Scout Squad Felk VIII -Scout Squad Tomez IX Fast Attack Land Speeder Typhoon Squadron "Kite" Scout Bike IV Scout Bike I Heavy Support Predator Destructor 2nd Company and Support HQs -Chaplain Achmedes Assigned to 2nd Company -Epistolary Borak assigned to 2nd Company- -2nd Company LT -Questioable- Chapter Master (Shrike Conversion) Elites - Veteran Intercessors V - Redemptor Dreadnought Troops -Assault Intercessors- II -Intercessors IV -Intercessors III Fast Attack -Outriders VI Heavy Support -Hellblaster Squad VIII -Repulsor Executioner Armory Support -Techmarine -Fire Strike Servo Turret -Fire Strike Servo Turret -Fire Strike Servo Turret
  2. Everyone has to start somewhere but this is more of a return. I've always had a thing for the Chaos side of things since the Lost and the Damned books with the huge tables for gifts and mutations and different gods. Originally (probably because I was a lot younger), it was Khorne that caught my attention with the rage and love for martial prowess. But over time this changed. Not helped in any way by the old Index Astartes articles in White Dwarf. My eyes were opened to the truly horrific sides of two Legions in particular...Night Lords with their terror tactics (which still haven't fully been realised on the tabletop). The idea of a world being bombarded with psychological warfare before attacks really begin appealed for some strange reason. Then came the real evil side of Chaos...Emperors Children! Twisted, self satisfying, inhumane, and very individualistic. Khorne and his hack and slash ways just didn't cut it any more. Then A.D-B had to do the Night Lords books and Forge World had to do the Horus Heresy stuff. Time to attempt some EC and NL me thinks. So here's my attempt to get some Chaos minis completed and to keep me motivated while doing so. And here's where I'll begin... Call of Chaos 2013 I offered up one Chaos Lord and a squad of Noise Marines initially. And very nearly got started. But then a Kakophoni squad found it's way to me and frankly, they are amazing. The faces alone made me want to paint them. Everything starts somewhere and what better than taking a nice dip in something warm and bubbly to get you in the mood for a bit of work in the name of Slaanesh. Next step will be pins, bases, and undercoating. I always base my models before painting these days as I find painting them separately results in a better end result. With these I'm thinking along the lines of Isstvan V (and why not). Black ash, battle debris, and maybe a body part here and there. I'm also hoping to use them as noise Marines too so they may get a bit of individual work too as part of their journey to 40k. Part 1 has been pretty basic and a bit of an anti-climax I know. But, if you do have any ideas for bridging the 30k/40k gap. I'd love to hear them. Till next time, cheers for reading.
  3. From the album: Raptors WIP

    The Librarian awaiting a name.. and a face!!
  4. From the album: Raptors WIP

    My take on the AWESOME Chapter Master Issadon!!
  5. From the album: Nightlords

    A new squad of old (version 2) NL Raptors - provides a squad choice of 5 or 8 raptors. IMG 1068 X 5 NL Raptors
  6. Since the release of the new Space Marine codex and the Raven Guard supplement, I feel like space marines have been given a new lease on life. Right before 8th Edition was announced I had decided to start a true-scale project for a new army, and had settled on the Raptors, as the rules they had from Forge World at the tail end of 7th edition were fun and fluffy; and I had always been drawn to the lore of the chapter as a fun contrast to some of the more outrageous concepts in the setting. Once the images surfaced of the the scale of the Primaris Marines, I realized true-scaling was going to be a lot easier than I thought. I began slowly building the force, but didn't get much beyond putting the models together from Dark Imperium before becoming immensely discouraged with the rules of any Space Marine chapter other than Ultramarines. Fast forward to the Shadowspear box set and now this new codex, and I have purchased my tickets on the hype train. My intention is to build, paint, and play a force of Raptors representing the 5th Battle Company. I'm going to have it hew as closely to the codex disposition of a standard Battle Company as much as is reasonable; six Battleline squads, two Fire Support squads, two Close Support squads, and a command staff of one captain and two lieutenants, along with support staff from the Librarius and the Apothecarion. This will be a very infantry heavy force, to represent the fighting style of the Raptors: long term forward infiltration of heavy equipment as well as crew and support sections that then can support heavy infantry shock assaults, focusing on decapitation strikes and the swift reduction of the command and control capabilities of the enemy forces. The following images showcase the almost completed portions of the force, mostly the Battleline squads and the command section. Also, apologies if this is not the place to be posting this, as I figured my fellow followers of Corax would get the biggest kick out of this progress log! First up is the members of the command staff that I consider finished, except for a few minor touch-ups. Two lieutenants, each usually charged with leading a demi-company, and the Apothecary assigned to the company. I'm still deciding on whether or not he should have company markings to match the rest of the force. Next is the unfinished fellows from the command staff, the Captain and the Librarian. Both still need more paint as well as decals and to have thier bases finished. These three big boys are the first fire support squad, deployed in Centurion armor. They may not look like it, but a lot of conversion work went into these models, both in order to make them taller so that they would still scale well with primaris sized marines, and to have a sleeker, more exoskeleton feel than standard centurions. All the following images are of the battleline squads, 3 in phobos armor deployed as infiltrators, and three in tacticus armor deployed as intercessors. I still need one more infiltrator squad before these are all done, and I am finishing up the third intercessor squad. They just need decals. I've made some good progress, especially considering this has been a few years now, but I still have a ways to go. I'm still finishing up the rest of the Shadowspear box, and I'm hoping that one of the holiday box sets has phobos marines in it. Once I have those parts and an Invictor, I think I'll have all the models that I'll need, and it'll just be time to finish them all. Emperor give me strength!
  7. Firstly, just wanted to say I'm pumped about the new Primaris models GW announed, they suit the Raptors perfectly! I fully intend to buy the Shadowspear battlebox and incorporate them all into the army. Vanguard Space Marines could potentially replace Scouts, and the Vanguard Librarian and Eliminators would all fit the Raptors theme. The other thing I've been doing is converting all non-Primaris characters/units using existing Primaris models and I'll post the photos here as I finish them. I'm trying to put a bit of a story together that justifies collecting any of the unique units from the various Space Marine armies, but painting all as one chapter - The Raptors. Whilst the green/camo colour scheme will pull them all together, the key will be to keep the different detachments visually distinct enough, so that there isn't an issue if I ever play in tournaments. The below army list has detachments of Raven Guard, Deathwatch and Blood Angels, though I'll play with other lists that also incorporate Dark Angels and Space Wolves units I want to collect too. I'll be calling the army 'Task Force Green', after the JSOC nickname for Delta Force (and appropriate considering their Green power armour). They will be representing the Raptors 6th Company, led by Captain Kaedes. Also known as 'Reasonable Marines', the Raptors are a Raven Guard successor that use actual camouflage, sneaking, and tactics, rather than running at the enemy painted in bright colours. As a Chapter, the Raptors have been nearly rendered extinct multiple times, but have learned to adapt to changing circumstances so well that they have flourished where other Chapters would simply have had their names added to the ranks of the fallen. They're almost always deployed as individual task forces or kill teams and the Raptors' Chapter culture is one that is very wary of the idea of martial glory or honour, instead preferring pragmatism, adaptability and completion of the mission over all other concerns. This pragmatism and adaptability has led to the Raptors utilising multiple fighting styles that deviate from the Codex Astartes, and when combined with their natural preference for working in task forces and kill teams, has led to the adoption of many of the tactics utilised by other chapters. Returning Deathwatch veterans in particular have added to the organisational intelligence, providing proven methods of incorporating diverse tactics and specialised skillsets within small kill teams. Likewise, the Corvus Corax gene curse of the Raven Guard has led to special formations of Shadow Killers (Moruturi/Moritats). To represent this, I plan on running as a Blood Angels detachment to represent their suicidal fighting style. The parallels between the Death Company and Moritats are definitely present and I plan on giving them an appropriate amount of grim/death related iconography (thanks ITvyper for the suggestion). For the Raptors, the Primaris Space Marines are an evolution of the work undertaken by Primarch Corax after the drop site massacre, where he secured the original primarch DNA (for all 20 primarchs) from the emperor to try and remake his legion. The resulting Astartes, though lacking combat experience, were even more capable than typical Raven Guard Space Marines and were assigned the name "Raptors". Unfortunately, Alpha Legion operatives within the Raven Guard stole a sample of the pure Primarch gene stock and contaminated the remainder with a virus tainted with daemonic essence. The next cadre of Raven Guard Astartes was predictably a disaster, manifesting hideous Warp-related mutations after they were implanted with their gene-seed organs, and many had to be kept imprisoned. In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the Primarch Guilliman gave the Sangprimus Portum to Archmagos Dominus Cawl, after charging the Archmagos with creating the next generation of Space Marines. The Raptors eagerly took these Primaris reinforcements during the Indomitus Crusade and incorporated them fully into each of their task forces, discovering new tactics and strategies from the initial engagements with their new Battle-Brothers. As mentioned earlier, I will focus on modelling everything 'primaris' size, even if representing an older unit. As part of their primaris reinforcements, the Raptors also received a shipment of gene stock from Mars. Little did they know that Alpha legion operatives would once again try to tamper with their gene seed. This time it was through mixing the gene seed with the highly unstable genetic material of the Wolf Lord Leman Russ. Unlike the earlier demon essence contamination, this time the differences weren't as readily apparent.. It wasn't until a century or so later that it became obvious that some of their more savage battle brothers were starting to develop wolf-like mutations. This gives me the option of running a Space Wolves detachment. As a result of the Alpha Legion espionage operations against the Raptors (and their tampering with the Raven Guard gene stock during the Horus Heresey), the current Raptors have responded by maintaining an elite Inner Circle charged with counter intelligence, guarding the chapter against espionage and hostile intelligence operations. The Inner Circle can even launch independent military operations in response to critical intelligence they receive through a carefully built network of spies, sensors and informants. To represent this Inner Circle, I have the option of running a Dark Angels detachment. The Raptors currently operate from a fortress-monastery they refer to only as "Prime", on a world variously named Numina, Ra or Badwater from deep within the dense stellar drifts of the Sutters Spiral Nebula on the northern border of the Segmentum Solar. However, none of the Battle-Brothers have disclosed the name or precise location of the home world, even to members of the Adeptus Administratum.
  8. Space marine chaplain from the Raptors chapter, completed with Tamiya, Citadel, Vallejo, and Reaper Master Series acrylics; Ammo of Mig and AK Interactive enamels. The base model is a now out of production (I think?) plastic chaplain model that was featured in the Reclusium Command Squad box set from a few years back. I modified the model by swapping out his right-handed pistol for a power fist and giving him a jump pack from the Vanguard Veterans box; I think that this is the best loadout for him, which is a shame because the backpack he came with is a fantastic unique sculpt. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  9. Had this idea to convert some cyberwolves and fenrisian wolves into rough riders to fit into an army I'm working on. I'm already allying Guard with Deathwatch (also with Blood Angels and Raven Guard) and have been using space marine scouts mixed with cadian parts, so will do the same with scout bikers riding wolves. Spent a bit of time figuring out the story and tactics tonight, would love to know if you think the list is competitive? ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Deathwatch) [78 PL, 1349pts, 2CP] ++ Armory of the Watch Fortress (2 Relics) [-3CP] + HQ + Librarian with Jump Pack [7 PL, 124pts]: 1) Veil of Time, 6) Null Zone, Force sword, Jump Pack, Storm Bolter Watch Captain [7 PL, 107pts]: Jump Pack, Master-crafted boltgun, Relic blade, The Beacon Angelis Watch Master [7 PL, 130pts]: Tome of the Ectoclades + Troops + Intercessors [14 PL, 240pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher . 4 x Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator . 5 x Intercessor: Bolt rifle . Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt rifle, Chainsword Intercessors [18 PL, 346pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher . 2 x Aggressor: Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launchers . 3 x Inceptor: 2x Plasma Exterminator . 4 x Intercessor: Auto Bolt Rifle . Intercessor Sergeant: Auto Bolt Rifle, Chainsword Intercessors [15 PL, 267pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher . Aggressor: Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launchers . 4 x Hellblaster: Heavy Plasma Incinerator . 4 x Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle . Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword, Stalker Bolt Rifle + Fast Attack + Inceptor Squad [10 PL, 135pts] . 3 x Inceptor: 2x Assault bolter ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [21 PL, 357pts, 7CP] ++ Imperial Commander's Armoury [-1CP]: 1 additional Heirloom of Conquest Regimental Doctrine: Regiment: Cadian + HQ + Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword, Grand Strategist, Warlord Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword, Relic: The Laurels of Command Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword, Relic: Kurov's Aquila + Troops + 3 x Infantry Squad [3 PL, 56pts] . 7x Guardsman . Heavy Weapon Team: Missile launcher . Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword + Elites + 3 x Command Squad [2 PL, 32pts] . 4 x Veteran w/ Special Weapon: Sniper rifle ++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [21 PL, 293pts, 1CP] ++ Regimental Doctrine: Death Korps of Krieg + HQ + 5 x Death Korps Death Rider Squadron Commander [3 PL, 45pts]: Death Korps Hunting Lance, Death Korps Orders, Demolition Charge, Hot-Shot Lasgun + Elites + Death Korps Death Rider Command Squadron [6 PL, 68pts] . 4x Death Korps Death Rider Veterans: 4x Death Korps Hunting Lance ++ Total: [120 PL, 1999pts, 10CP] ++
  10. I've kept trying to put together a competitive <RAPTORS> list that can make using Lias worthwhile... but until now, I always felt handicapped trying to load up on the non-primaris Sternguard / Devastators to make the best use his Master of Ambush, as my preference is the big boy Primaris. Now with the vanguard units and warlord traits available, I think I might have something that will work, by ignoring Master of Ambush all together. It revolves around max units of Aggressors, Hellblasters and Veteran Intercessors in a castle that quickly moves into range. A Relic Deredeo Dreadnought is there to give them a 5+ invul, Lias gives them re-roll hits and +1 move, advance and charge. The Phobos Lieutenant gives re-roll 1 to wound, Master of the Vanguard with +1 move and +1 advance and charge rolls and his Reliquary of Gathalamor provides a measure of psychic deterrence. The ancient has the standard of the emperor ascendant and is the grey shield Field Commander (for when the intercessors can benefit from a different chapter tactic). Lastly, the apothecary is there to keep the aggressors and hellblasters topped up. So combined, they will be quite a tough nut to crack. Footslogging a mid-range castle around the battlefield would normally be a problem, but these guys will move fast... Aggressors advance 9-14". Hellblasters and Intercessors move 8" and advances 10-15". Lias moves 9" and advances 11-16". Dredero doesn't benefit from Lias, but does from Master of the Vanguard, so moves 8" and advances 10-15". So they should be mostly in range after their turn 1 move (if not in rapid fire range for the Hellblasters). The veteran Intercessors will probably use Strike from the Shadows to position themselves within 30" rapid fire range (40 S4 AP-1 shots) and in position to benefit from the castle's buffs as it moves their way on turn 1. Turn 2 onwards, we focus on getting the Intercessors and Hellblasters within 15", while the Aggressors can stand still if they are already in 18". Infiltrators are for holding objectives using their 12" no deepstrike, Death Korps in Centaurs are for clearing out scouts and other nuisance units. Elysians are for dropping onto an objective once cleared (or supporting the Infiltrators). ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [98 PL, 1668pts, 3CP] ++ **Chapter Selection**: Raven Guard **Chapter Selection**: Raptors Battle-forged CP [3CP] Detachment CP [5CP] Relics of the Chapter (1 Relic) [-1CP] Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Indomitus Crusaders Operative Requisition Sanctioned [85pts, -1CP] + HQ + Lias Issodon [10 PL, 195pts] Lieutenant in Phobos Armour [5 PL, 86pts]: 3. Master of the Vanguard, Grav-chute, Master-crafted occulus bolt rifle, Reliquary of Gathalamor, Warlord + Troops + Infiltrator Squad [11 PL, 110pts]: 4x Infilltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant Infiltrator Squad [11 PL, 110pts]: 4x Infilltrator, Infiltrator Sergeant Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 170pts, -1CP]: 2x Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle, Veteran Intercessors . 9x Intercessor . Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword + Elites + Aggressor Squad [12 PL, 222pts]: 5x Aggressor, Aggressor Sergeant, Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher Primaris Ancient [5 PL, 69pts, -1CP]: Greyshield, Standard of the Emperor Ascendant, Stratagem: Field Commander Primaris Apothecary [4 PL, 68pts] Relic Deredeo Dreadnought [14 PL, 223pts]: Atomantic pavaise, Hellfire plasma carronade, Twin heavy flamer + Heavy Support + Hellblaster Squad [16 PL, 330pts]: Plasma incinerator . 9x Hellblaster . Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [20 PL, 332pts, 5CP] ++ Detachment CP [5CP] Regimental Doctrine: Astra Millitarum Regimental Doctrine: Death Korps of Krieg Regimental Doctrine: Elysian + HQ + Death Korps Field Officer [2 PL, 24pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword Death Korps Field Officer [2 PL, 24pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword + Troops + Death Korps Grenadier Storm Squad [3 PL, 67pts] . Grenadier w/Special Weapon: Flamer . Grenadier w/Special Weapon: Flamer . Grenadier Watch Master: Boltgun, Chainsword . Grenadier Weapons Team: Heavy flamer Death Korps Grenadier Storm Squad [3 PL, 67pts] . Grenadier w/Special Weapon: Flamer . Grenadier w/Special Weapon: Flamer . Grenadier Watch Master: Boltgun, Chainsword . Grenadier Weapons Team: Heavy flamer Elysian Drop Trooper Squad [4 PL, 50pts]: 9x Guardsman w/Lasgun, Frag & Krak Grenades . Sergeant: Krak grenades, Lasgun + Dedicated Transport + Death Korps Centaur Light Assault Carrier [3 PL, 50pts]: 2x Heavy stubber Death Korps Centaur Light Assault Carrier [3 PL, 50pts]: 2x Heavy stubber ++ Total: [118 PL, 2000pts, 8CP] ++
  11. So here is my Company/Collection Set up. I put it in separate categories for easier viewing. Thoughts? Chapter Assets - 1st Company Assets- 2nd Company - 2nd Company Auxiliary Equipment - 10th Company - 10th Company Auxiliary Equipment EDIT: Chapter project, 2nd Company with Chapter Assets listed UPDATE: 1/27/2020 Completed - Forgeworld Imperial Strongpoint Display Board
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    Raptors Decal Sheet
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