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IV Grand Battalion - Horus Heresy Iron Warriors


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IV Grand Battalion, IV Legion, The Tetarteo Adelfotiita,

Wolverines of Drachyion



'I shall be an architect and a demolisher, 

Destroyer of the bastions of evil and builder of the citadels of the new Imperium. 

No fortress shall be impenetrable to me, and no fortress that I defend shall ever be broken.

I shall be Perturabo's fist, and the Emperor's Hammer.

I shall seek no personal glory, for my achievements shall be my legions and not my own.

I pledge myself to the IV Legion, and I pledge myself to the IV Grand Battalion.'

-Oath of the IV Grand Battalion 



‘We are thought of as simple warriors,
dull tools useful only for killing and war. We are the forgotten legion, the
Emperor’s overlooked sons. We are given no glory. None of our warriors are
remembered as heroes. No remembrancers are attached to our legion, no monuments
are built in our picture, no planets named for us. We are but instruments of
the Emperor and our Father, but that is our job and that is the job that we perform.

-Warsmith Bardych Throssus


'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.'

-John 10:10



I have recently been inspired to start a Heresy project, queue the 'part of the ship, part of the crew'. At first I wanted Salamanders, but soon realized that I would be bored by painting green. I then happened upon two great logs, 1000heathens on B&C and Morden279 on Warseer. After reading through the two of them, I knew which legion to pick. My first order from Forge World has recently arrived, although I have limited access to it until Christmas, so without further ado I present to you my first model, Brother Tius of the IV Grand Battalion, I Battalion, III Squad:








I will be leaving off almost all of the shoulder pads on the left arms until FW releases the legion specific pads for the Iron Warriors. I will try to finish another model in the upcoming week, but until then any feed back is welcome, and have a good day. 

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This kit truly is meant for Iron Warriors. And with black shoulder pads please, sir.


A good start. I like that the hazard stripes are on something actually sensitive, like the power core, as opposed to being given liberally on everything for the lulz theme.


I wish I could give more feedback, but I don't know the first thing about painting.

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‘We fell like gleaming stars from the sky.’

-Gharth Copenius, Chronicles of the Tetarteo Adelfotiita 


Brother Ilyn, IV Grand Battalion, I Battalion, II Squad:




I also took a few new photos of Brother Tius with my new lightbox:




And a WIP of the next marine:



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Interesting combination of adjectives you've created with that "fix" I must say. :P


Regardless, your models are utterly fantastic. Your flesh recipe in particular is very good, although I believe the Iron Warriors were known for having somewhat dark skin.


Regardless, a fine lot of backstabbing Legionaries you got here. I look forward too seeing more!

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‘Old Olympian myths spoke of the titans, whose footsteps made
entire planets shake. Every time that we went to war, I was reminded of these Titans.’

-Gharth Copenius, Chronicles of the Tetarteo Adelfotiita  


Brother Avitus, IV Grand Battalion, I Battalion, II Squad:






And a family portrait:




This will likely be my last update until after Christmas, so happy holidays. As always, any criticism is welcome.

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Stunning work! My wallet is currently furious at you.


This thread was the last nail to the coffin of my plans of only making a small allied force of Iron Warriors for my other traitor legions. Another full sized force it is then.

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Hey all, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a great day. I have some progress on the tactical squad, still wet from cleaning them:



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