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  1. Greetings to you all! I have for many a year been plucking away in the WIP thread, but as most of the things I put there are actually finished by the time I post, I thought it a bit more apt to have a thread here as well - and as there is not far from though to action, thus it is done now. The aim of this thread is for me to post pictures of the various B&C permissable armies that I usually work on and the units belonging to them, which I finish. Currently, I have the following armies in my possession: Dark Angels (1st, 2nd and Battle Company) - about 5000 points total Chaos Space Marines (Death Guard, World Eaters, Black Legion & Fallen Angels) - about 4500 points Chaos Daemons (Tzeentch, Nurgle & Khorne) - about 3000 points Imperial Guard allies (Death Korps of Krieg) - about 400 points Grey Knight allies - about 400 points Tyranids - about 8000 points As you can see, there is plenty of potential for varied things to be shown and displayed here - and I look forward to sharing with you all. Thus, with no further ado, I bid you welcome to my thread of finished works from the forge of Master Ciaphas! Faithfully, Master Ciaphas
  2. Adeptus Mechanicus Report: Forge World Mjorn Mjorn Skitarii Affiliation: Adeptus Mechanicus (Imperium of Man) Class: Forge World Orb. Distance: unknown Temperature: unknown Gravity: 1.12 G Population: 290,000,000+ Tithe Grade: Aptus Non Production Grade: III-Tertius Ruler: Fabicator-General Skitarii: Various Classes Titan Legion: None Specialty: Genetics and Communications Equipment Location: Damuterr System, Ishtar Sub-Sector, Segmentum Ultima The Imperial Forge World of Mjorn is one of the most influential planets in the Ishtar Sub-Sector of the Segmentum Ultima, and the only Forge World of the sub-sector. Settled long ago by a large Xenarite Explorator Fleet seeking refuge after a devastating journey through the warp and harrowing encounters with Xenos that shaped the founders of the world into a distinctly new culture, it has grown rapidly into a major regional industrial powerhouse in the Sector and is known for its aggressive exploration, examination, and destruction of xenos ruins across the galaxy as well as possessing several rare STCs. Biosphere A geologically active moon of Blüde Seod loosely described as 'terrestrial'. Mjorn is typified by rugged mountainous terrain, but in the low-lying regions (and several high plateaus) dense forests surround a network of bubbling swamps and interconnecting streams. The gasses produced by these swamps are volatile and poisonous to humans, and have become all the more toxic due to the industrial run-off of Mjorn's production facilities which inhabit the mountains. An unusually large axial tilt causing extreme seasonal changes. Both the northern and southern hemispheres experience harsh winters, with cold nights that can last for weeks or months at a time depending on latitude. The atmosphere is composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, but high levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide make it lethal to humans. History Politics, Culture, & Dogma Factions of Mjorn Production Output and Capabilities Military Forces Personnel of Note Mjorn Skitarii *Fabicator Locum Raymond Raven: A Magos of the Divisio Digitalis and Divisio Biologis on Mjorn in the Ishtar sub-sector. He is part of the reason that the 487th Lunar Venatorii Cavalry Regiment is so technologically advanced. As the high ranking member of that division, he was able to authorize the creation and training for a Electro-Magnetic Warfare Section in the 487th as a favor his brother who is a Colonel of that Regiment. Arch-Magos Digitalis Raven is the second highest ranking member of the Cult Mechanicus on Mjorn and a firm believer of the Xenarite beliefs. As such he is dedicated to the study and exploitation of alien technology, a policy which most Tech-priests find highly offensive. *Magos Cyon-Xi Zeth: Magos Juris Cyon is a man full of contradictions that he finds ironically beautiful, when someone remarks upon him. Born and raised on Mjorn, a peculiar Forge World with its Priesthood having more then a mere penchant for developed lateral thought and dabbling in xenos technology, where Cyon was inducted into the Adeptus Mechanicus. Following the ambition of his peers he glared into the starful void in look for answers atop one of many research observatoriums that orbit the Forge World. *Iron Maiden Celes 'Celestia' Ferronica van Alderson: Celes is a curious woman due to the way she grew up on the world of Mjorn, the capital of the Sect of Absolute Truth, Iron Maiden being a title granted by her sect. It goes far enough like many other individuals of the cult to even embrace knowledge that is not meant for regular humans. Considering the indirect Sect founder and main figure of it was 'Alderson' an Iron Hands Master of the Forge, seconded to the Deathwatch. He died sometimes before The War of the Beast and was renown for his experimental technology, though most of his achievements were long lost, having been declared heretical. Celes knows that the importance to record data is of utmost importance, if people question how much knowledge of alien technology and civilization should be recorded, she usually uses the excuse that the radical Ordo Xenos inquisitors as well as Astartes have used for long 'know your enemy'. The Explorator Inquisitor Adam Clarke came across her during a hunt for a runaway traitor. *Magos 'IN364': Leader of the Magos Biologis maniple of Mjorn that worked with Rogue Traders and proposed owing to the abhuman heritage of the Felinid residents of the world of Dumizid, that the worlds be left alone until holdover knowledge from the golden age of technology could be fully recovered. Discovered genetic processes that lead to various Gene Therapy techniques used by the priests of Mjorn. *Magos Donover Thet is a notable member of the Adeptus Mechanicus that hails from the forge world of Mjorn, serving as the Head of Industry for Velara. He is also a member of the radical and secretive sect known as the Xenarites, whose primary focus is on studying and using alien technology. *Enginseer Lukas Brecher: Trained on the forge world of Mjorn, Lukas was assigned to work alongside the '''18th Cogger Hive Guard Mechanized Infantry Regiment''', in their invasion of a string of asteroids and planets controlled by Ork Pirates. He spent almost a decade alongside them, ministering to the vehicles and flyers of the troops and he gained a reputation as a man who gets the job done no matter how much he’s being shot at. When the war was finally finished and the Orks were driven from the system Lukas was assigned to construct a forward operations base on a remote planet in Segmentum Ultima and to assist the Magos’ who controlled the base. His skills at repair and maintenance are noteworthy and his desire to advance in the Cult Mechanicus means he will endeavour to show his best side. *Theta-Xi 285 AKA 'Karinitha': A Magos with frequent dealings with those outside the Mechanicum came looking for someone who could be an basis for a Skitarii Protector to act as his guard. Finding her to be a suitable subject at the age of 14, the Magos promply took her and subjected her to the necessary procedures to elevate her to Skitarii-hood, but with a particular bent towards making the augmentations relatively unobtrusive to the untrained eye, as befitting the Magos's dealings. *TA-251 AKA 'Terna Atheros': Once a humble scholar on the Hive World of Cogger, as an humble Adept of the Administratium before one day during work, a group of rebels stormed the main building with a view to take hostages so that they could force change to better the lot of those in the Underhive, with the hostages having the notable member of a Magos of the Ordo Reductor. She managed to escape from the grips of the rebels, and after fighting for hours she managed to by enough time for the Arbites to arrive. In the light of her actions, Terna was inducted into the ranks of the Ordo Redutor as a Thallax, being renamed TA-251. Forges, Data-Vaults, & Extraction Sites Forge World Patterns Mjorn has many patterns of both ancient and newer make. The Techpriests of the Forge World are foremost researchers and scientists before they are manufacturers, and due to this they utilize many things that are unique or rare outside the Ishtar Subsector. Mjorn Pattern Skitarii Classes are a series of genetic and mechanical experiments with the results being turned into manufacturing lines for their own forces with also had some success in producing gene therapies and other Mjorn Augmentation Patterns. Mjorn Pattern Las Weapons are variants on Lucius built patterns known for Mjorn's use of whisper modules and the ability to modify outputs giving soldiers the ability to use what is best for the situation, while the Mjorn Pattern Flamer Weapons are recovered ancient STCs that Mjorn uses to great effect. Mjorn Pattern Electromagnetic Technologies are a culmination of Xenarite studies and recovered STCs from various frontier worlds. Forge World Relations *Ordo Machinum: With the Ordo Mechanicumm a complicated relationship that is more of a game of cat and mouse and who is who can be get easily confused has formed with the Inquisition representative known as Adam Clarke. The years spent as a servant of many Xenarite Faction Magi has given Adam a unique insight to how the political structures of the Cult work. He wasn't privy to their secrets of craft and knowledge but he had attended many meetings as one Magi's guard or another. Mjorn specifically tries to hide their deeper secrets from him and he investigates their Hereteks and tries to uncover them. As one of "The Judicators of the Forge", the Ordo Machinum. His concentration is to scrutinize the Adeptus Mechanicus. Specifically, he is concerned with the reintegration of recovered STC variants into the Imperium's armies and the rare adoptions of alien technologies into established Mechanicum protocols.
  3. You may have expected Valdor to be wearing his usual golden armor. But not this time! We were asked to get him painted for use both as a showcase piece, and as a member of a Shadowkeepers force in Warhammer 40k. That's one of the reasons why his display base is removable, so he can be used in tabletop battles. See the additional photos to see the base removed and the model without the base, as well as additional angles and views on the model. And if you wonder about the blue and red lighting effects on the model, here's the explanation: After researching a bit about Shadowkeepers, Ańa decided to use two kinds and sources of light on the model. Red light coming from below, represented the demonic enemies. Valdor being in charge of troops keeping them in check would counter them with purity of Adeptus Custodes. This is the blue light coming from inside the collar of his armor and shining onto his face. This would also match some details of his armor and the force halberd. Hope it makes sense now And oh, somebody during the Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup mentioned how he reminds of Abaddon. Totally unexpected, but it turned out to be true! You can check it by yourselves. If you want to see more photos, they can bee seen here.
  4. From the album: Aasfressers Thousand Sons

    A quite minimal conversion of the FW Sevrin Loth with GW Thousand Sons Bitz.

    © Aasfresser

  5. From the album: Sons of Horus

    WIP member of the command squad
  6. Bringing these big boys back to the Thousand Sons. The hereteknical semi-sophont machine spirits inside have become daemons in the 10,000 years since Prospero burned, and their armaments have gained inferno shells, but they otherwise function pretty much as they used to. And they needed a snappier, more Chaos-y name for the 41st Millennium, so... here are the Aethermind Automatons! I'm honestly kind of confused as to why Forge World haven't produced datasheets for units like these or the AdMech 30k models; it seems like it couldn't hurt sales. I originally used the Kastellan statline as a basis for these, but downgraded them back to the original 4 wounds, 2 attacks when I realized how hard it was to distinguish 6 wound, 3 attack stompy robots from... well, regular Hellbrutes. Instead they're basically the Thousand Sons' answer to Obliterators or Centurion Devastators. These guys aren't infantry, can't ignore cover, and need to be babysat if you want them going anywhere – otherwise, they're pretty much the same as Devastators in terms of durability, role, loadout, and so on. Aethermind Automatons (Heavy Support, Power Rating 5) This unit contains 1 Aethermind Automaton. It can include up to 4 additional Aethermind Automatons (Power Rating +5 each). Each Aethermind Automaton is armed with achean claws, two inferno boltguns, and a mauler inferno cannon. Weapons Wargear Options Any model may replace its soulreaper cannon with an aether-flame cannon.Abilities Warp-flux Shield: All models in this unit have a 5+ invulnerable save. Crystalline Clarity: This unit does not suffer penalties for moving and shooting Heavy weapons. Psi-Locus: When a friendly THOUSAND SONS PSYKER within 12" of this unit successfully manifests a psychic power, you can resolve the power (for the purposes of range and line of sight) as though it had been manifested by one of the models in this unit, instead of the psyker. If such a psyker suffers Perils of the Warp, this unit immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds. Sorcerous Control: When this unit Advances while within 6" of a friendly THOUSAND SONS PSYKER, add 6" to its Move characteristic for that Movement phase instead of rolling a dice. In addition, it can still shoot and/or charge that turn, despite Advancing. Keywords Faction: CHAOS, TZEENTCH, HERETIC ASTARTES, THOUSAND SONS Keywords: VEHICLE, DAEMON, DAEMON ENGINE, AETHERMIND AUTOMATON Points Costs Aethermind Automaton: 50pts Achean claws: 0pts Inferno boltgun: 2pts Mauler inferno cannon: 11pts Aether-flame cannon: 21pts
  7. (apologies if this should be in Tactica, but I felt that this would be more relevant in the general Adeptus Astartes section of the board because it's only about Marines) So, this came to me while I was in the shower this morning (I know, shower thoughts are best thoughts ), but I realized that Shadowspear gives Space Marine players the ability to deny the ENTIRE BOARD to enemy deep-striking. And it only involves three data-sheets. Those being: Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour Primaris Infiltrators Relic Land Raider Proteus (equipped Explorator Augury Web) Each unit has an ability that stops enemy deepstriking within 12" of it. You could take a patrol with just those, splitting the Infiltrators into two squads, and if you set them up in a straight line with no overlaps (which as you'll see is difficult) means that just between three (technically 4 if you combat-squad) you've got a 24"x120" area of no deepstriking due the wording of the abilities. And that's only 654 points to deny a MASSIVE area of the board to your opponent. Add more of those units to the front and back of the 'line' and the area denial gets even larger. Obviously, not getting any overlap would only work on Apocalypse boards, but even with overlap, it makes a massive zone of board control just by those units being there. So if you're in a meta where people like to deep strike a lot of units....
  8. I'm strongly considering picking up some Forge World Proteus-pattern Rotor Cannons to run counts-as as autocannons on a squad of Havocs for my upcoming Khornate* CSM army. They are just too cool to pass up. The question is... the description for them mentions the ammo feeds should be "gently heated" to bend into shape. What's the best way to do that?
  9. Hi guys! I've been playing Warhammer 40k for over a decade now, and have my fair share of armies. I've had small blogs scattered on various forums before, but most haven't been updated in years, are archived and/or are filled with dead images. So I figured I'd just consolidate everything into a single blog, showing some of my older stuff and then continue with stuff I'm working on now or in the future. Apologies if you've seen some of the stuff before. I'm not the fastest nor the best painter, and with my short attention span I generally move between projects often to keep me from getting bored on painting the same stuff constantly. So here's my stuff, I hope you enjoy! I'll update this first post as an index to the posts with content for easy future reference. Tyranids - Hive Fleet Leviathan This was my first army which I started in 2008, after me and a few friends got into the hobby from playing the Dawn of War video games. I just loved the little gribblies and big monsters. Too inexperienced to realize beige is a pain in the ass to paint, I settled on a Leviathan-esque paint job before Hive Fleet Adaptations were a thing. Zoanthrope - Done Carnifex - Done Gants - Done Gargoyles - Done Trygon - Done Winged Hive Tyrant - Done Hive Crone - Done Swarmlord & Tyrant Guard - Done Tervigon - Done Exocrine - Done Haruspex - Done Grey Knights I always had a weak spot for the Daemonhunters, so I started this army in 2011 when the first plastic GK models came out together with their 5th edition codex. I also started experimenting with an airbrush around this time after failing to paint their power weapons one too many times (I still fail at blending). Haven't done much with them since 7th really after the Inquisition and Grey Knights got split up in separate codexes, and their current edition codex just feels lacking. Librarian - Done Brotherhood Ancient - Done Apothecary - Done Kaldor Draigo - Done Terminators/Paladins - Done Strike Squad - Done Purifiers - Done Inquisitor Coteaz - Done Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Done Vindicare Assassin - Done Dreadnought - Done Venerable Dreadnought - Done Nemesis Dreadknight - Done Land Raider - Done Stormraven - Done Eldar - Craftworld Saim-Hann I started collecting Saim-Hann when their 6th edition codex came out in 2013, when the plastic wind riders and wraithguard came out. Jetbikes and wraith constructs are my two favourite aspects about Craftworld Eldar and I liked the vibrant red of Saim-Hann. That they matched the jetbike playstyle didn't hurt either, of course. Autarch Skyrunner - Done Farseer Skyrunner - Done Windriders - Done Vyper - Done Dire Avengers - Done Wave Serpent - Done Fire Prism - Done War Walker - Done Crimson Hunter - Done Spiritseer - Done Wraithguard - Done Wraithlord - Done Wraithknight - Done Blood Angels - 5th Company 'Daemonbanes' I wanted to do a Space Marine army for a while, as the Grey Knight model range is (still) very limited, and I kept seeing one new Astartes release after another that I couldn't include in my army. While I originally intended to do a custom chapter, I already had a Space Hulk set and a Deathstorm box for my Tyranids, so I figured I might as well just do Blood Angels as I already liked their background and already had those models anyway. So in 2015 I began working on the Sons of Sanguinius. Since the previous armies were relatively clean looking, I went for a more grimmer, weathered look for these. I picked the 5th company as the main focus, simply because I liked the black blood drop of that company's insignia best to match the darker look I was going for, plus it seems thematic to ally with my Grey Knights considering they're called the Daemonbanes. Sanguinary Priest - Done Commander Dante - Done Sanguinary Guard - Done Assault Squad - Done Bike Squad - Done Librarian - Done Librarian Dreadnought - Done Furioso Dreadnought - Done Deredeo Dreadnought - Done Death Company Dreadnought - Done Lemartes - Done Death Company - Done Baal Predator - Done Relic Sicaran Battle Tank - Done Drop Pod - Done Sniper Scout Squad - Done Close Combat Scout Squad - Done Captain - Done Suppressor Squad - WIP 1, Done Thunderhawk Gunship - WIP 1, WIP 2 Adeptus Mechanicus & Imperial Knights - Forgeworld Xana II & House Malinax Always been a fan of the AdMech, and generally I go for the tech-priest character in any of the 40k RPGs I've done over the years. After snagging two cheap knights from a Renagade box and getting some Skitarii from the Kill Team starter set, I finally started with the cogboys in 2018. As I already had two red armies and didn't want a third, and I loved the colour scheme of House Malinax from FW, I decided to go with this colour scheme for the AdMech units as well. I know that lorewise they're hereteks/traitors to the Imperium, but I don't intend to go all chaosy/dark mechanicum on them. Skitarii Vanguard - WIP 1 Skitarii Rangers - WIP 1 Sicarian Infiltrators - WIP 1 Armiger Warglaive - WIP 1 Knight Warden - WIP 1 Scenery, Terrain & Gaming Room I'm lucky enough to have a spare bedroom (and a wife that lets me use it) as a dedicated hobby room, and have my own gaming table. I love building scenery, even though it takes me ages to complete any projects because of the amount of work required for the bigger projects. Gaming Table - Done Realm of Battle - Done Fortress of Redemption - Done Skyshield Landing Pad - Done Woods - Done Blastscape - Done Aquila - Done Imperial Sector Buildings - WIP 1 FW Industrial Sector - WIP 1, WIP 2 3D Printing Always wanted to get into 3D printing, but wanted to wait for a printer that could print high quality prints without having thick layer lines, had a large enough volume to tackle larger projects but was still affordable enough. This turned out to be the Phrozen Transform. 3D Printer - 1
  10. Hello all, I'm dipping my toes back into hobby stuff after a decade or so and want to put together some 30K era Blood Angels - specifically late-Crusade era. This is mostly going to be a model/painting project (if I can still remember how to hold a paintbrush) but I also want them to be useable in game, just in case I decide to start gaming again. The plan is to start with a MK III squad (with Forge World shoulder pads) and then look into some vehicles, characters. While I can obviously use vanilla marine rules for them in 40k games, can anyone give me any guidance on special Horus Heresy Blood Angels rules? IIRC the Forge World Retribution book has some Blood Angels rules, but I'm unsure as to whether they have been supplanted by anything later? Have the Army of Darkness books supplanted this? Want to be certain before I drop £££ on one of the books! Other than that, are there any decent resources on 30K Blood Angels out there that people know of? Other than reading the occasional Black Library novel I'm fairly behind on what is new with all things GW.
  11. Note: technically this might be a PCA subforum question, but I am not sure, please forgive me if I mis-posted it... Got a question, I recently acquired a set of MKII despoiler marines from Forgeworld, the casts had a variety of issues... I contacted Forgeworld and they sent me a new set, Which is great and all, but they went to the trouble of sending me a second kit, with 75% of the same issues. How should proceed? I can email them again, and see if they will send me legs with less issues. Anybody ever gotten webstore credit instead? I've had much better luck with forgeworld upgrade sprues in the past over the actual models.... Sorry for the badly taken pictures, but the point is gotten across.
  12. Just curious if anyone else is incorporating an Acastus Knight Porphyrion into their current Chaos list? Most the opponents I face (loyalist and traitor) role out a lot of Knights, Sicarans, Fellblades, Cereberus, Kytans, and Brass Scorpions (faction respective). I'm just curious how this large quad laser toting lad will equalize the field, or not. Would love to hear tactics if anyone is using one.
  13. Warhammer Community post Basically, we're getting some doors for a Deimos-pattern vehicles and for our Primaris Repulsors. Have to say, they look pretty cool and I'll probably get them in due course. Wonder if the Deimos ones will fit the Sicaran chassis for times when they run without sponsons?
  14. I do like the new Mortarion and Typhus (Typhon) models, but I am leaning towards using the Forge World instead. Would it be generally accepted to use the Forge World 30k models, as 40k models, instead of the new as long as the bases were similar and they were clearly identifiable on the battlefield? Coming from older editions where FW was generally frowned upon, are others doing this for Death Guard? Have others thought about it? I'm assuming as long as people knew that they were the models represented on the board, bases were similar, and the WYSIWYG matches the wargear represented with the new characters in the Codex, is it ok to use even in sanctioned tournaments? As stated, I do like the new Morty, its just so unwieldy and hard to transport... Thoughts?
  15. Hello fellow Watchmen/Battle-brothers So today I want to talk about Forge World, but more specifically three units that i have been looking at. With Deathwatch being a low model count faction the aim of the game has to be efficiency somewhere so we can actually run with a chance of winning. Tarantula Turrets :- Coming with Twin linked Heavy bolter or TL Assault Cannons at 30/31 points respectively these look like a complete steal. T5 W5 can be a pain to get rid of and is BS3+! The draw back is HB must attack nearest infantry first. Lascannons must attack nearest Tanks first. Assualt cannon and Multiamelta variants do not have any "must attack" rules attached. Stormbird : Actually hoping someone will come out of nowhere and give a good verdict on this one but i have been recommended it for 8th edition as it works like the Stormravens currently. Fire Raptor : Of the two Birds this is the one that i am eyeing up the most. coming in at 400 points this thing has 2 Quad Heavy bolters and Megabolter and hellstrike Missles. The reason I like the sound of it is because it makes the corvus look bad in terms of raw firepower and carries around the same surviability while taking no penalty for flying around due to the machine spirit rules. So I am hoping to create discussion about these units.
  16. I'm really proud of this guy! He was mostly drybrushing and was an absolute blast to paint! I magnetized the weapon arms so I could play around with his weapon load outs. I can't wait to give him a try! http://i.imgur.com/f1bjuwa.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PTVonr4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/odRm6Vc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GN79miG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/x8GJXTX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/REp9jcK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PNGLgzS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/338d3tw.jpg
  17. Once our codex drops can Forgeworld units take Special Issue Ammunition?
  18. So for the longest time I have wanted Eldar Corsairs. I simply want a non power armor army, I am infatuated with the Eldar race, and I think pirates are cool. However I never got the Forgeworld book with them. Now with 8th edition I may bring some to the table but before that I was hoping to get some help and ideas. Anybody else going to give them a shot? Somebody have the rules that could shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of Corsairs? Do I need the GW index with Eldar and the FW Xenos index too? See anything particular unique and fun that can be done with them? Anything will be most helpful.
  19. Edit: Books are out now, removed.
  20. Hey all, I'd like to pick your brains a bit. Forgeworld's Boarding Assault upgrade got me thinking about having a dedicated squad (or maybe two) of dudes in my army (mostly for fluff reasons, I'll admit). What I'm curious about is: how would you mark their heraldry/uniforms in a Codex-adherent fighting force? My initial thought was that these gents would be pulled from a Reserve Company - probably the 8th/Assault Reserve, given the whole "boarding assault" name, but I could see an argument for pulling them from the 9th/Devastator Company, since these are also referred to as Siege Mantlets, and in my mind, the Devastator Reserve would be the first on the line for a siege force. Would you agree? Or should these lads come from a Battle or Veteran Company? Or are they something else?
  21. Like, can Blood Angels take a Mortis Dreadnought, or nah? I know that <CHAPTER> units from the Codex can't be taken by BA unless they have a version in the BA Codex, but does that apply to Forge World as well? Because I want my shooty plasma Dreadnought in my Blood Angels list.
  22. Something interesting that I noticed when opening my newly-arrived copy of Malevolence the other day was that the credits page said something completely different from previous books in the Age of Darkness/Horus Heresy and Imperial Armour series. Previous books had something to the effect of: PRODUCED BY THE FORGE WORLD STUDIO (Age of Darkness books) OR PRODUCED BY FORGE WORLD FOR GAMES WORKSHOP (Imperial Armour books) Malevolence, however, had: PRODUCED BY THE GAMES WORKSHOP SPECIALIST DESIGN STUDIO Now this isn't necessarily "new" so much as official confirmation [in publication] of a shift that has been commented upon previously. It will be interesting to see the full ramifications of this change.
  23. Evening everyone, I used to be an active member on here quite a few years ago now under a similar name. Unfortunately I've had to make a new account (I'll edit all my details and stuff later), however it's not a bad thing to start fresh! So without further ado, here's my finished FW Imperial Space Marine. I've had him a few years now and he has been both a Black Templar and an Ultranarine, however I wanted to finally do the model justice so spent a day repainting him. Heavily weathered, I wanted to show him as being the front line soldier he should be. As always, I hope you like. Cos
  24. Been waiting a few weeks but my forgeworld order just came in. My Salamanders successors are about to get some more toys to play with. Salamanders Contemptor (running it in my list as relic contemptor dread) with cyclone launcher, kheres assault cannon, assault claws with plasma blast gun Sicaran Omega Tank Destroy, omega plasma array, heavy bolter, 2 lascannons, storm bolter. I cant wait to put these together and start knocking some xenos and heretics around.
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