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Renamed - Warhead01 and the Horus Heresy


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Sorry guys, I've just been stressed all this week. Things that should't even register to me are just screaming at me. 
I'm glad for your input. I'll get it sorted out.


5 more Terminators have arrived today. 10 here and 10 more on the way!

Um...Whats a good way to arm these dudes? I'm tempted to just use lightning claws. Can I mix in chainfists... 

What about a TDA Apothecary? any point to that?

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Not a lot of progress to speak of. This evening I'm building up and texturing 5 Terminator Bases. Over the weekend and late last week I started to look at the Jetbikes to begin heir assembly but have made no attempt to work on them. 

Tracking says my last 10 Terminators will arrive tomorrow. Cool. Waiting on the last three Jet Bikers still, fingers crossed that they show up sooner than later. 

Mostly just spent time working on a terrain Piece. Which should be done some time this week! Nearterm plan is to have all my models very assembled and ready for paint by the 15th. If I'm lucky I'll land a small commission next month which will pay for a few more goodies for the Legion.

Honestly after kicking it around for a few days I think I really want two full squads of jet bikers. Maybe three. But three is more of a long term wish.


More again. 

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

Edited for spellings. lol.

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Don't be intimidated by those jetbikes! They're a bit fiddly but the assembly is pretty easy, just remember to clean all the mold lines and flash out of the little nooks and crannies. 


If you find yourself unable to motivate yourself to tackle them, I find it helps to go and build something else(like those terminators). It's like a puzzle, sometimes the best thing is to focus on another thing and then come back to it with fresh eyes. This is especially true if you're gonna go build 3 squads of them :wink:


Can't wait to see more! Be sure to post a pic of that terrain when you're done with it :biggrin.:

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Ha! no, it's not a mater of motivation so much as I've just been busy. My wife is out of town till Thursday and I've had to run the Homestead all by my loathsome. lol.
But it's been easy enough, just takes more time than usual. 
The terrain is really coming along nicely. I'm painting skeletons and skulls and just rolled out some green stuff to cut into coins.
Will be pouring the realistic water effects before the end of the week! so just a few more days! 

Just got back from the post office and have returned with the last 10 Terminators I ordered just this last week.
And. The jet bikes I have been waiting on are now marked as shipped with working tracking information! I doubt they will be here by the 15th but it could happen. Before the end of the month for sure! 

That will give me 9 jet bikes so far. I'm thinking about trying to build out the Raven Wing protocol. Or, more likely just a second full squad. I am relieved, I wasn't planning to order anything else at all until everything had arrived. 
Now... If I can secure this small commission next month. I'll be one happy Warboss!..oops, wrong forum...

Purge the traitor, hate the alien, burn the witch.

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Tracking says the last three jetbikes are in the USA. 
I've not ordered anything else but am still tempted.

With all the bases for all the infantry models ready for models, beyond the legs which are already attacked and primed, I'm wondering how best to out fit my terminators. I had to check and found I can't have both a lightning claw and a power fist on the same model. 
I have to spend some time sorting out how I want to equip them all. 

I think I will first finish building a full tac squad, all 20 models. 

Terrain update. 
Something might have gone wrong. I poured the water effects and then later found white glue under it in spots near things I had glued down. I guess it had created a bubble, keeping the insides wet, and popped when the water FX's were poured... Hope it finds a way to dry...under the water.  But for all the time and effort I put into it. Wow. I may have really goofed it all up. 
Not a total loss I'll still use it...and be reminded of my failure every time I look down and see those spots of glue.... 

Prior to that, my Mom and Dad came down for lunch and I showed it to Dad.

He liked it a lot and said it reminded him of Thoth-Amon. From the Conan books, of comics. Which was something I was shooting for. Dad's never said too much about my models or any of my"Art" so it's really cool to have his opinion.  
I'm already excited about the next piece I will build...what ever it turns out to be.
I'll post pictures in a future post. 

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The prep continues. 
Not sure I like the brushes on the squad leader helmets but until I'm sure and have picked a different helmet this will do.


The Terminators are still slowly being assembled. Still working out what I want from them.



The first 20 Tac guys are a little further along now than they are in this picture. 
Which means, they're primed black now and still have no shoulder plate. Their weapons are still separate for easier painting. (Painting the Marines)

Not ready to place an ETL vow at this time.

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Much progress today. All 20 Marines have their shoulder plates on and are all between primed black and drybrushed Gun Metal.

10 more pulled out for Volkie weapons. Have to clip hands free from other weapons to hold them. 

It looks like I've landed a small commission which will fund the war effort. 
Thinking about 20 Assault Marines.  Maybe.

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Thank you.

Yesterday was very productive. I'm moving on to the next 10 I mentioned above soon. I might have a solid plan for my terminators now. I have to say that I really like the plastic BaC marine set. I can see them going a very long way. 
I just finished listening to "The purge"  yesterday. Wow. That was a fun one.

I'm noticing that Battle Scribe may have some discrepancies as the Red Book says a Tac Support Sgt has more weapons options than are listed on the side bar. Unless I've misread things again. 

I'm planning actual progress updates with pictures to be a Sunday post from now on. 

However, I do have some pictures of my finished terrain that I mentioned before.


The rest can be seen here!


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Good News! My last three jetbikes have arrived! And with them cam Rhino doors... Marked as the Iron Hands. 
I wasn't expecting the extra parts. I will say that I think the Iron hands have some of the coolest mini's for the AoD. 
Maybe I'll add some as Allies one day.

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  • 1 month later...

There's a thread here in the AoD forum about playing White Scars which I think is by Ironwithout/b]? It has some very good steers about how to best equip and use jet bikes. I'd have a skeg there.

Thank you. 

I'll see what's going on there. 

Just as a note to my above post, my question was modeling related, if it wasn't clear.


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ahhh so yer the reason the Jarl wont let me build a DA detachment !   


thanks for the extra inspiration = w =  keep up the good work  oh brother of dubious loyalty 


AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA  ( im gon do it anyway D: ) 


Oh no, UW has nothing to do with my opinion.


I figure he's so green, the closet non-Ork thing he can do has to be green also 


(i know the DA of the HH are largely black, buts a joke people)



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I tried some colors out the other day. I didn't like the way they turned out. And now all my test models once again look like they did before I did that. Black with a gun metal drybrush ans black wash and dark grey lining. 
What I tried to do was airbrush a transparent Dark Green over what I had already done. then apply a transparent black over the top of that. It looked like I had primed the model in Dark Angels Green. 
A few years ago I painted a fantastic Necron army and some of what I did to those models I want to do to these models. But color is everything. If the marines are to dark it's nearly pointless to try to make them look like they are burned in some spots.It doesn't show up enough to bother with.
it is what it is. I did try a dirty bone color for the shoulder pads today, it looks cool and would be nice if I were trying to paint Death Guard. 
This leaves me with the bases. So, I can paint the bases and leave the rest as is for a while longer. 
I've been reading more today and just noticed I have access to 3 HQ slots, not two and four Elite Slots not three! Which is really making me happy.
Very briefly I have been giving thought to some Knight allies as well as a lord of war choice but also adding more large tactical squads on foot. Although large assault squads look exciting as well. But it's just a random thought.(the knights) although I think it would look good on the table I don't know it's what I want to collect.

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I may do that down the road. Knights are more affordable now than a few years ago. I'm mostly planning the best buys for the money right now. 
I'm forgoing the use of rites of war for now as well. 
My models come out to 4775 points, or there about. 

Right now my "list" is as follows
Legion centurion - Chaplin
Legion centurion - LvL 2 Librarian 

Legion centurion - Primes medicade

Tac squad 19+1 ( Swords, Bolters & Pistols)

Tac squad 9+1 in rhino (Swords Bolters & Pistols)
Tac support squad - 9+1 volkite calivers in rhino
Tac support squad - 5+1 flamers in rhino

Tac support squad - 5+1 Melta guns in rhino


Apothecary - 2 power swords and Aug- scanners

Legion Terminators - 9+1 (shooty)

Legion Terminators - 9+1 (Stabby)

Contemptor talon - 2 (shooty stuff)

Legion skyhunter Jetbikes 8+1 (3 melta) 

Legion Heavy support squad 5 Missiles & rhino

Legion Heavy support squad 5 Heavy Bolters & rhino

Leviathan dread.
Another poition I think I have is to add 2 or3 Vindicator tanks. 
Ir if I can get them one day 3 Predators with Magma cannons.

Sadly it feels very Death Guard right now. ( to me anyway.) 
The Apothecaries join the terminators to keep them fighting the Primes Medicade joins the Large Tac Blob along with the Chaplin .
The large units dig into terrain. the rhinos, might be too many in the list. I might drop one or two.
I think some key units are missing mostly in the armour department....and anti armour department.

I'm working on a possible shopping list. 
Trying to get the most while I spend the least. 
I'd like at least two Spartan tanks, some Assault marines, one or two Primaris lightnings and of course a legion Glaive and maybe a Fire Raptor gunship too.  
As you can tell I've spent little to no time making a lower points list. Mostly I've just been looking at models I like and adding them to my wish list. 
Getting the above models will put me around the 7000 point mark.

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Just built the first of 9 Jet bikers. It seems to have slight issues with the army, like the older Space Marine bikers. I thought this had been corrected by GW at some point maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Forge World didn't get the updated arms... Who knows.
I've set out 10 more marines for two heavy support squads. 

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Some pictures.


Sneaking in some wip.  As you can tell it's early work still. Just black metal and grey. Jet Bike number two is built now. But I'm working on some Orks today, just primering them. My Black primer is what these marines were painted with. I love the stuff it goes right over plastic. 4 more burna boys to prime and I may start building another jet biker. Hope to get those 10 marines I mentioned in the above post built by the end of the week. It's mostly a matter of motivation. In early April I was excited about all of this and would easily been finished building and painting it all in maybe 3 weeks. Oh well. 
I need to start looking for a Model to command this collection. I have an Idea of what I want. I think. 
Thanks for looking.



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Those Dark Angels are awesome man, really tempted to add some to my fledgling force (could go full on Imperium Secondus at this point!) How are you doing the black?

Thank you. 

The black. 

I prime the models with Folkart 479 pure black acrylic I prime most all of my models with a brush because of humidity. I think it could be airbrushed on but I haven't tried it yet.

Next I use Vallejo Gum Metal. This is drybrushed over the black primer (after the primer is dry!)  Fell free to get it as metallic as you like. 

Then I go back to the black acrylic, it needs to be thinned down to the consistency of a wash but not too thin. I apply that with a good brush with a good tip, I like the Army painter regiment brush, to each section of the model. leaving areas where the metallic can still be seen around the edges. after the models dry again I just add more black as before until I'm happy it's got enough. Mostly working on the center of the armour section. that's where I want the marine to have the most near to solid color, it goes on in such away that in some spots there is a metallic tent under the black, which look fine. The shoulder plates I paint the same black but thicken up my wash with just a little more paint. after all that is done/dry I use German Grey by Vallejo to "black line" the model. 

That's as far as I've gotten on these models.

The reason I do it this way is black models look unpainted to me. If I were only putting on the primmer I wouldn't feel like I painted them. so I had to come up with a way to get a look I liked that resembled the one or two pictures Forge World has shown.  I stole the black lining from Jerichus. I liked that about his models. 

I also add silver-ish paint on the top edge of the shoulder plated and the grill of the helmet a light drybrush is fine for that.


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