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  1. Hello and welcome to the Neurode Crusade's Keep! This is my second attempt at a WIP thread in this section of the forum. I pronounce the first one dead - all of the images were hosted by Photobucket and many of us know how this turned out. However, technical issues are not the only reason why a fresh thread is justified. My approach to the hobby has changed and I have started doing things with my models. Before that, with few exceptions, the only thing I did was to hoard more models to meet a crusade composition I imagined, but did not control. That is why matters got out of hand quickly and the number of models swelled considerably. The miniatures were tucked into countless scattered boxes. This is no longer! Over the last month and a half, I appointed my Power Armour Marines to squads and/or "functions" and organised my bits. The way ahead of me is long, but I am finally able to see progress and hope. For a good start, I'll leave share this photo of the larger part of my PA Crusaders. In addition to 205 Marines (including 30 jump packs), I have 25 models in scout armour, 49 in TDA,17 bikers, over two dozen vehicles and a Freeblade Imperial Knight. Disclaimer: for the foreseeable future, no Primaris are allowed! And here is a sample of my painting skills. These models represent my current table-top standard (or I should probably add "overall standard," since I'm not able to produce better quality painting factoring in time-per-painted-miniature that I find acceptable). I am going to update this thread as regularly as possible - i.e. every time I manage to do something meaningful, like a completed kitbash/conversion, painted model, finished squad or reasonable progress in a larger project. All and any questions, comments or requests are mostly welcome!
  2. A brotherhood of knights known today as the Neurode Crusade, over the last few decades, underwent a series of changes leading to its present day composition. The changes centre on the figure of Marshall Arthur, the current Marshall of the Crusade. At present, the Neurode crusade's forces are divided. While a pursuit force lead by Marshall Arthur and an accompanying Inquisitor is after a traitor governor who left the Neurode forge world in ruin, the bulk of the Crusade rebuilds its strength in a newly established chapter keep after sustaining considerable loses in a series of violent war campaigns. This thread, as many others of this kind, is a mess. You'll find here successful, suspended and abandoned attempts at converting models and scratch building. You'll find WIP shots and images of painted miniatures. There is also some fluff out there, which hopefully will one day be expanded to form a chronicle of the Neurode Crusade's feats. In order to do something with the mess, I'll be links to important posts here. My approach to painting black - a tutorial; part 1 - general stuff Marshall Arthur, conversion work Black Templars Marshal, Arthur - painted miniature Neurode mechanised Scratchbuilt Neurode-pattern Vindicator Lady Inquisitor WIP and finished model Venerable Dreadnought Neurode Crusaders +++ Below you will find a detailed overview of the Neurode crusade's notable battles. +++PART 1+++ The Otmar Intervention Still a Sword Brother, Arthur was appointed command of a minor, 35-man strong (including a Dreadnought and a 5 TDA Sword Brethren), Black Templar strike force. They were ordered to support Imperial forces on Otmar. Thereon, the safety of a sacred shrine of the Emperor was threatened by an Ork raiding party of unknown size. Planetary radars located an incoming Ork vessel and the local officials sent distress signals. Because of its location and insignificance, Otmar did not have a military force and had little chances of defending against the incoming Orks. The defenders of the planet were but a small, underequipped militia, mustered from the more zealous civilians and local priests. The plea for help was answered by a nearby Black Templar vessel. Arthur’s force landed in time to bolster local defences and, most importantly, secure the safety of the shrine located on a rise in Walhaim, the biggest city of the planet. The Ork shuttle crashed on the surface of Otmar on the outskirts of Walgaim just a few hours after the Black Templars landed. Arthur assigned 10 Initiates, a Dreadnought and some of the local forces to defend the immediate proximity of the shrine. Meanwhile, he lead a pre-emptive attack. Unfortunately, as the Orks need no time to organize, they already managed to brake the militia’s defences of Walhaim. Fighting the scattered Ork forces was tiresome. The greenskins posed no threat, nor were they a worthy challenge for the fearsome Crusaders. However, the crashed vessel was not the only inbound Orkish craft. Somehow two other, larger vessels remained undetected until it was too late. The cumbersome, mutilated chunks of metal entered Otmar’s atmosphere. This time the greenskins were lead by a Warboss. Seeing what was left of the first wave of attackers, the brute became furious. He lead a swift strike on the city, much more organized than the previous formless assault. Orks used their numbers to their advantage and were pushing the defenders back, deeper into the city. Even the might of the Astartes, stretched thin among the kilometres of breaking defence lines, proved to be insufficient. Arthur ordered all his man back to the shrine to prevent desecration of the holy place. The remaining forces of the human militia, at first hesitant to leave their homes to be ravaged by the scattered parties of the green horde, joined the Marines. Eager to fight the finest of the Imperium, the Warboss gathered a significant force of Orks and ordered a brutal onslaught on the defenders’ donjon. The joint Black Templars’ and militia’s forces repelled the initial push and two consecutive ones; yet, the defenders, especially the militia, suffered great losses. However, the Ork’s numbers were greatly diminished. In the third attack on the shrine, the Warbass was slain. The rest of his kin, leaderless, discouraged and broken, scattered. The shrine was secured. Walhaim was ruined, though. The remains of the defenders, assisted by fresh units of militia from other settlements, dealt with the scattered Ork survivors. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ORIGINAL POST: The thread description says it all: this will be my WIP thread in which I'll be posting (hopefully regularly) pictures of my endeavours to expand my Crusade and convert different pieces in my collection. Unfortunately I can't do anything for the ETL competition, because my pledged units aren't where I am. But I can devote myself to my new-found passion: making plasticard models. For the time being, I'm suspending my Thunderhawk project: I just want to make a smaller plasticard model to see whether I'm capable of making a decent looking craft. For starters, my cheap Vindicator (which I'll vow in ETL when I'm done with my rhinos & razorback). Here is a raw overwiew of what I have so far. http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/9049/p1050937zs.jpg And the cannon: http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/1724/p1050933c.jpg How do you like the look of the cannon? I did it according to the templates which I've found, but it is not as wide as in the original model. Does it look okay, or would you advise me to make it wider, more like in the original?
  3. Septembers Vow. I Elmo vow to complete 1 Vindicator with Siege Shield, extra armour and pintle mounted Storm Bolter (150 pts.) in the month of September 2012 as redemption for not vowing as much as I had hoped for in the ETL. Or words to this effect.... http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz66/jonbrooks_photo/B%20and%20S%20WIP/P9060001.jpg This will be a new build for my line breaker Squadron The Vindi so far. The magnetisation has been completed The model has been primed in Matt Black External surfaces primed in Angels Green http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz66/jonbrooks_photo/B%20and%20S%20WIP/P9100013.jpg This weeks plan is to paint the internals and to assemble the main chassis and start work on the Siege Shield icon. More on Friday
  4. Hi all, long-time lurker (to the extent that I legitimately forgot I had an account here and had to get Kurgan the Lurker's help recovering it [thanks man!]) and I thought that, since I'm a responsibleish adult, I felt that I should make a WIP log of my, already sizable collections. Now, my one, true love for factions is the World Eaters/Khorne Daemonkin. Even though it's the smallest of my factions right now, as I managed to luck out with some friends not wanting the Death Guard halves of Dark Imperium, so I got those on the cheap. And the Dark Angels were literally given to me by a friend who said, and I quote "Yeah, they're yours. I don't have the time to play 40k, or the space to store these". So I was just casually given at least 2k points of Dark Angels. So, welcome to my WIP thread. Some pretty pictures: Maulerfiend I'm most happy about how the eyes and legion badge came out Skarbrand Everyone's favorite madman: Khârn the Betrayer Some Daemons and a Spawn Mortarion More to come!
  5. A brand new 1st Post! if the first replies dont make sense, well its because the whole entirety of this post has changed. This post will now reflect the most current and up to date chapter fluff. lots has changed in these last 3.5 years. thanks for stopping by and please contribute to the conversation! Index Astartes http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_107117.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/gallery_86595_11085_178195.jpg Origins The War of the Beats brought large amounts of destruction to the Imperium. Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane had decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. A Fourth Founding chapter, the Legion of the Iron Lion was created with one goal in mind, to engage with the orks. Invictumos, a world that prides itself in its martial ability, and one that has been fighting the orks since the days before the Imperium, would be the homeworld to such a chapter. As to which of the successors of the First Legion provided its veterans to raise the new chapter, it is not known. Only a legend told to initiates remains, "Just as the red halo engulfed the Flame of Consecration, the consecrated Iron engulfs the Sword of the Lion. And as the wings gave flight to the sword of the Angels, the Angels gave flight to the Legion of the Iron Lion" Homeworld: Invictumos To be fleshed out in the future. The Legion and the Unforgiven http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_476195.jpg Circles within circles. Truth within lies. Lies within truth. Each cog has its role to play. Only one Legionnaire is ever truly aware of the treacherous acts of Luther and the Fallen, the Grand Arbiter. Personally trained by the Interrogator Chaplains of the Dark Angels, the Grand Arbiter's purpose is to be an extension of the will of the Unforgiven, and guide his Master of the Legion in the Hunt. Fully indoctrinated into the higher levels of the Inner Circle, more so than the Master of the Legion, the Grand Arbiter is the sole Legionnaire to perform interrogations and deliver Judgement and Redemption. As with the other Unforgiven, many lies exist within the truth that is told to those who have been indoctrinated into the Hunt, but how much is truth, and how much is a lie? Rework in progress. Going for a more traditional relationship. The Wings of Judgement and Redemption The Hunt is omnipresent. In honor of the I Legion, the veterans of the first and second century carry the moniker of Wing. The Lion Wing of Cohort Leonus, their pauldron painted bronze underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying judgment for traitors of the I Legion, they are the Old Guard of the Hunt. The Iron Wing of Cohort Ferrum, their pauldron painted silver underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying redemption for the loyalist of the I Legion, they are the New Blood of the Hunt. At inception, the Iron Wing and Lion Wing were mirrors of each other. Every space marine had a suit of terminator plate, cataphractii, tartaros, or indomius, and a bike, speeder, or Unforgiven aircraft assigned to him. The veterans would deploy as the mission dictated. Experts in all aspects of war, the coordination achievable by the Iron and Lion Wings was without peer. Of the 100 Legionnaires assigned the century, 30 are selected to be Iron Guard or Lion Guard. These legionnaires would be issued special equipment, a storm shield and Mace of Absolution (Flail of the Unforgiven for sergeants) for use in terminator armor, and a Corvus Hammer and Plasma Talon for use on their bikes. It is from the Iron Guard and Lion Guard that lieutenants were chosen from. All this changed after the devastation of the Legion. After the much needed primaris reinforcements arrived, it was only a decade before the first primaris legionnaire made it into the severely undermanned Iron Wing. He fought alongside the other legionnaires in gravis armor when they were in terminator armor, and in tacticus armor in a land speeder when part of the fast attack detachment. Soon after, one became two, two became ten, and after decades of attrition, ¾ of a century worth of primaris had been inducted into Iron or Lion Wing. After the reorganization of the Legion, all primaris were consolidated into the Cohort Ferrum, and all space marines into Cohort Leonus. From this point on, the Lion Wing became known as the Old Guard of the Hunt and the Iron Wing as the New Blood of the Hunt. The Lion Wing still fights as it has since its inception, but the Iron Wing deploys almost exclusively in gravis armor, mission dictating aggressor or inceptor pattern. Three squadrons of Nephilim and one of Dark Talons sit in their armory for use when needed. The Iron Guard deploy in gravis armor with specially fitted storm shields, Maces of Absolution (Flails of the Unforgiven for sergeants) and fragstorm grenade launchers or jump pack. As is tradition, all Cohort Ferrum lieutenants are drawn from the Iron Guard. The Iron and the Lion http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/357137-the-iron-and-the-lion-prologue/ In current development. this story is very important to me. its this concept that really set the DIY into motion. Only In Death Does Duty End Under repair rename characters with new established naming conventions check for continuity of lore (its a 3 year old story, much has changed since) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/353770-legion-of-the-iron-lions/?p=5253154 Siege of Liamane Planned for the future
  6. I want to give my Horus Heresy Magus Dominus a calibanite background. Just for my records now, perhaps for a story later. Ephary grew up as child of a noble family of Caliban. The attack of a raptor destroyed much of her face. Scarred and disfigured she rarely spoke and was shunned by fellow children of her age. Preferring the company of blacksmith and armorer of the fortress, she had an intuitive understanding of machines. When the Terrans arrived on Caliban, her family petitioned that her face to be restored. Close examination from the Mechanicum showed her potential. They shipped her to Mars to learn and serve. She returned years later as a Magos Dominus to Caliban to assist in the building of the aegis wall of the fortress of Aldurukh. The power of her family had dwindled. Her parents long dead. Her brothers gone to earn glories in the Emperors Great Crusade. She sized leadership of her family lands and people and transformed the old fortress into forge for the First Legion. She is bearing tools made of trophies from a great beast that Knights of her Family had slain. A scythe and instruments made of bone claws. Used as weapons they will cut through every armor with ease. She has the trust of the master of Caliban and is loyal to the first Legion. (...maybe not complete trust) Next on my list is my First Legion Support Squad. They act as part of a force to keep her forge save. I had the idea to create a symbol of her forge and add it to the armor of this squad. They would act as honor guard/ bodyguard. Any flaws that speak against these ideas?
  7. Edit ++ Newest post 11/19/21 I've neglected this thread for quite a while. Until recently I was thinking of selling my 30K legion Miniatures. Right now I'm in the process of getting things going again. But maybe not playing First Legion. New Post on page 4 near the bottom. Pre ETL Hello! I painted a test model for the Dark Angels last week. This is what I've come up with. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11943/med_gallery_3442_11943_44691.jpg He was a gift from WLK last year that I have only just gotten around too. For a while I wasn't sure I'd ever paint this one. I ordered one BaC set, 3 tac squads and 1 Terminator Squad all from BaC as well as 9 Jet Bikes and some extra weapons to kitt out a few models. The BaC tac marines and set have arrives already, the rest will begin to arrive over the next weeks and into May. So far I've done the test model and textured all the bases for the models that have arrived. (68 bases in all not counting the test model above. It's a little difficult to get excited about so much black but I do think it looks reasonable. I'll be looking for little spots to add some extra colors and details. In total it will only be these 82 models in the first vow. I will put them all into the same group to save me time later. If I have the time and the funds I'd like to complete a second vow but we'll see. I'm also going to do a ETL supper post on my blog filled with most everything I post in this thread as well. I've already started that and plan to publish it at the end of ETL. Thanks for reading. More to come.
  8. Hello, I'm trying a new thing with this little guy, choosing a ultima founding chapter, successor of the blood angels. I'm still debating what to do with him, so any comments and advice weclome! Actually missing, freehand for chapter symbole, weathering and small details. I don't know what to do with the base, maybe urban themed? http://i.imgur.com/KFja2oe.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4w4g6xG.jpg Thanks for looking! Anamnesis
  9. Hi there! It has been a long time since I registered here but now I think it is time to start posting at last. I'm starting a tournament DW army and a small blog here. First of all, a roster: I am trying to make a "pure"(well, almost) DW army with a minimum of allies and first WiP's of bolter and chainsword armed Veterans(more will follow soon):
  10. Hi all So I started a WIP thread on my Mordians in the Forge section because it was being swamped by those over zealous pompous astartes. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/317558-mordian-painting-project/ Someone suggested I post here too. To avoid double posting I thought I would focus more on the tourament I will be entering with it with just the occasion shout out when I've updated the original thread. Quick background started with Mordians back in 3rd before taking a long (15yr) break. Had about 30 odd mordians and some praetorians. Since then I have picked up another 30-40 odd. I've stripped off my 3rd ed paints and the paint from the models I bought and will be updating their scheme to fit with 7th ed. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11578/gallery_87434_11578_723173.jpg The tournament is only 750pt single allied detachment FOC (no formations). So I am using it as an excuse to get all my mordians done even though I wont use them all. The tournament will be 3 games and scoring consists of primary marker objectives, secondary [bRB] malestrom and tertiary points based on kill point differential as well as the usual 3 suspects from the main rule book. The list I have in mind is Lord Commissar w/ m. bombs Primaris Psyker ML2 1 PCS w/ heavy flamer 3x Infantry squad w/ lascannons and GL (1x sgt w/ m. bombs, 2x dedicated taruox) Vendetta Wyvren That puts me at 750pts on the nose. The tournament is meant to be somewhat friendly. The TO has already stated they will turn down any cheesy/OP lists (scatterbike spam, 2++/2++, 2+ FNP deathstars etc). My goal with the list was to try and exploit IGs ability to spam somewhat useful troops at low points, whilst still having some mobility. I'm hoping for a 4+ on the IG/AM WL trait list to either gain orders or relentless. Also of note as allied detachment was designed not to be a primary detachment you do not receive the ideal mission commander rule. I'm also hoping will ML2 I have a better chance of picking up that 4++ on the divination table. 30 relentless guardsmen w/ lascannons and 4++ sounds like fun :-) Ill most likely be blobbing the guard unless I can see a reason not to do that for any particular game. The taurox with their built in dozer blades and obsec will be running around grabbing objectives until they meet their demise (quite promptly I imagine). The pcs will chill in the vendetta to grab end of game objectives and the vendetta line breaker. I'm sure the wyvren needs no explanation ;-) The tournament is end of January so I have a couple more weeks to get my models painted. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of practice games in too before then. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11578/gallery_87434_11578_320654.jpg
  11. Keep in mind all this is still (semi) WIP and any advice is much appreciated http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=F7DE1B&bpj=F7DE1B&bp=F7DE1B&bpc=F7DE1B&hdt=FFFFFF&hdm=FFFFFF&hdl=FFFFFF&ey=DE2121&er=FFFFFF&pi=FFFFFF&nk=FFFFFF&ch=FFFFFF&eg=F7DE1B&sk=F7DE1B&abs=FFFFFF&bt=F7DE1B&cod=FFFFFF&ull=FFFFFF&lk=F7DE1B&lll=FFFFFF&lft=FFFFFF&url=FFFFFF&rk=F7DE1B&lrl=FFFFFF&rft=FFFFFF&slt=F7DE1B&sli=FFFFFF&srt=F7DE1B&sri=FFFFFF&ula=FFFFFF&lel=FFFFFF&lla=FFFFFF&lw=FFFFFF&lh=F7DE1B&ura=FFFFFF&rel=FFFFFF&rla=FFFFFF&rw=FFFFFF&rh=F7DE1B&bg=ADAAAA&rb=ADAAAA&gr=ADAAAA&wg=true&laurel=true&jmp=F7DE1B&jmph=ADAAAA&slips=CC0000&pws=true&/spacemarine.jpghttp://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=F7DE1B&bpj=F7DE1B&bp=F7DE1B&bpc=F7DE1B&hdt=FFFFFF&hdm=FFFFFF&hdl=FFFFFF&ey=DE2121&er=FFFFFF&pi=FFFFFF&nk=FFFFFF&ch=FFFFFF&eg=F7DE1B&sk=F7DE1B&abs=FFFFFF&bt=F7DE1B&cod=FFFFFF&ull=FFFFFF&lk=F7DE1B&lll=FFFFFF&lft=FFFFFF&url=FFFFFF&rk=F7DE1B&lrl=FFFFFF&rft=FFFFFF&slt=F7DE1B&sli=FFFFFF&srt=F7DE1B&sri=FFFFFF&ula=FFFFFF&lel=FFFFFF&lla=FFFFFF&lw=FFFFFF&lh=F7DE1B&ura=FFFFFF&rel=FFFFFF&rla=FFFFFF&rw=FFFFFF&rh=F7DE1B&bg=ADAAAA&rb=ADAAAA&gr=ADAAAA&wg=true&bpr=FFFFFF&cs=F0DC26&pws=true&/spacemarine.jpghttp://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11166/gallery_85501_11166_19343.jpg The Archangels are a successor chapter of blood angels. They were created during the 4th founding though until now many records of them had been lost due to thier isolation in the northern fringe. They believe that to truly follow the path of Sanguinus and the Emperor is by cleansing the black rage from their ranks. They do this with prayers and ritualistic executions of those suffering the Black Rage. As such the Archangels don't field a death company and look down upon other Blood Angels chapters that do. The Archangels remained mostly unknown to the Imperium because they wished to distance themselves from their erstwhile kin. They live on a remote fortress monastery known as The Angels Eyre. They oversee the . To the people living on the planets of the Angelus system they are revered saviours. Literal angels from the heavens. The people believe when you die you go to join them up in their floating castle. The original members of the Archangels were all drawn from the Blood Angles 1st company (the Archangels) and thus they were named. The Archangels love the thrill of riding through the air on jump packs and so they have more Vanguard Veterans than other chapters, on top of that The Archangels seem to have a very high amount of Sanguinary Guard jump packs much to the envy of other Blood Angels chapters. As such it is not uncommon to see Vanguard Veterans or even Assault Marines to ride the air on winged jump packs. The Archangels vary rarely use bikes however and are very arrogant, even by Astartes standards, this means that along with their self-imposed isolation they are a difficult force to work with for most members of the Imperium. They seem to have a special dislike for their human counterparts namely the Astra Millatrum and the PDFs (though it should be noted that they also have a high disliking for most inquisitors, Radical Inquisitors in particular) Angelus System In the Del'taar Sector there lies a system known as the Angelus System, this is where the Archangels have made their home. Orbiting the maiden world Gelarys the Archangels live on a fortress monastery known as The Angels Eyre From here they oversee the System and by extension the sector with only a very loose command, preferring to leave the unsavoury task of commanding humans to other humans. Their are 3 other planets in the system, all 3 of them are at imperial tech standards and are classified as hive worlds. The Third and largest is designated Icurai and it also serves as a munifactorum for the Chapter. The other 2 Skaa'ra and Kalypo are simple hive worlds. They Archangels make a point of only accepting initiates from Gelarys, which whilst meaning they have quite low initiate intakes, provides a way to make sure the initiates are 'pure' Combat Doctrine The Archangel's combat doctrine involves a rapid insertion into the foe utilising a large array of Assault Squads. The standard operation procedure is to have an array of Stormravens (and for large scale deployments Thunderhawks) to enter the battlefield coming in hot, performing a strafing run as winged or jump pack wearing Assault Squads jump out mid flight. Stormravens then land and drop off any dreadnoughts held in their clamps before staying in the battle zone strafing it ahead of the Archangels Advance Death Company The Archangels have an unwavering revulsion for those fallen to the black rage. Anyone succumbing to the black rage will generally be killed on the spot by Executor-Chaplains. This leads to scenarios when, on the eve of battle brothers that fall to the black rage are killed leaving the Archangels army undermanned and underpowered for their objective. Despite that the Archangels show no sign of stopping with this practice. Attitude to the Red Thirst As the dual part of The Flaw, the Red Thirst is an issue all sons of Sanginius must face. The Archangels deal with this is an similar way that they deal with the Black Rage, through prayer and ancient rituals, Battle brothers are taught to harness the Red Thirst to drive them in battle but they are also taught to not fall to it. An Archangel that allows the Red Thirst to take over and drinks blood will be executed in the same way as one who had fallen to the Black Rage. The only blood related ritual allowed by the Archangels is the Insanguination ritual. Even the blooding of weapons, that many other Blood Angels chapters carry out is forbidden. As for Insanguination the Archangels believe that it is part of what creates the flaw and so strive to find a better way to insert their gene-seed into recruits. Archangels Organisation Organised like their progenitors the Archangels are mostly codex adherent though they like all other Blood Angels Successors have Furisio Dreadnaughts and Luscious Pattern engines. The main difference between the Archangels and other Blood Angels chapters is that the blood angels have a near complete absence of bikes, and a massive amount of assault squads. They also have an extra chaplain rank, the Executor-Chaplain, these chaplains are responsible for the killing of any battle brother that succumbs to either the red thirst or the black rage. The 6th Company Due to the actions of Allesandro, the 6th company was both undermanned and disgraced. Arquiel immediately ordered a penitent crusade for the 6th to take, they were to leave the Angelus system for a time until they had judged themselves worthy of rejoining their brothers. At this time though the Grail Wardens were betrayed and the Grail they so jealously guarded was taken. Heeding the calls of allegiance Araquiel changed the mission of the 6th, they were to be raised back to full strength and then sent on the quest for the grail, never to return unless they, or another member of the Fraterni Sanguis discovered the lost grail. The 6th adorn themselves with both grail imagery, but also with the crosses most commonly associated with the death company. These crosses shall only be removed once the 6th company proves itself worthy of rejoining the chapter Battle Cries The Archangels battle cries are all called out in native Gelaryian Is é an íonachta Rithe linne: The Emperor's purity is ours. Clann an aingeal, chun cogaidh!: Sons of the Angel, to war! Ar sciatháin aingeal soar againn: On angels wings we soar. Mar cleanse dúinn féin mar sin againn sciúradh an namhaid: As we cleanse ourselves, so we purge our foe. Notable Campaigns RISING ANGELS (500.M32) The Archangels are founded, their founders are from what would become the 1st company also (some what ironically) known as the Archangels, they were originally led by Rylai Greth and are now led by Araqiuel Harbex. Over the decades they have earned a reputation as a highly arrogant and judgemental chapter, yet despite their distaste for other Blood Angels the Archangels shall always honour their vows of fraternity. CALMING THE RAGE (619.M32) The Red Thirst and Black Rage rear their heads as the Archangels go to war for the first time. The Archangels look to how the other sons of Sanguinius deal with the problem that confronts them. Seeing that most of the other chapters simply choose to accept their fate the Archangels leave their brothers in disgust, and set out for the northern fringe to perfect their methods of controlling their terrible flaw. Yet before this is done Rylai Greth had the foresight to swear a bond of fraternity and allegiance to all the sons of Sanguinius, and a promise that despite their isolation and their view on their brothers, if it was possible to send aid for whatever reason, they would. THE ANGELUS SECESSIONIST WAR (129.M35-229.M35) Due to the Archangels very lax governing of the system and little over-watch of the systems governor Avitus van Kriek corruption began to set into the ruling system of Angelus, spurred on by mysterious voices in their heads, Avitus and three of the five planetary governors launched an open revolt against the Imperium, dragging Angelus into a long and bitter war. The voices in Avitus's head guided him well and he struck as the majority of the Archangels were away fighting against a Dark Eldar Kabal. Only the 10th and 8th companies were on hand to respond. Just as the Archangels seemed like the they had destroyed the insurrection Avitus summoned a horde of Tzeentchian Daemons to his aid. The battle was quickly ended when the second company, on hearing the news of the rebellion returned at full speed to the system and quickly annihilated Avitus and his Daemon allies. Since then the Archangels still prefer to rule the system distantly, but they now take much greater care of watching troubled areas and people. THE INCURSION OF PRINCE SA'DIN (375.M36) The Slaaneshi Daemon Prince Sa'Din rampages across the northern frontier of the Segmentum Obscurus and the two closest chapters, the Archangels and the Astral Wolves quickly mobilise their forces to combat the dire threat. They form a joint strike force of which The Chapter Master of the Archangels Rylai Greth is given control. The joint force moves to the frontier where they encounter a large group of noise marines and cultists led by Sa'Din a lengthily battle ensues in which Rylai Challenges Sa'Din to single combat, though outclassed the Chapter Master knows he must do his duty. The two fight but it ends with Sa'Din lifting Rylai into the air and brutally snapping his neck. The strike force falls back to regroup after their losses, Araqiuel Harbex is declared temporary Chapter Master as he is the highest ranked member present (he later goes on to become the full Chapter Master) and Lycaeus Eugelon is given command over the strike force. Eventually the strike force is victorious and Araqiuel personally banishes Sa'Din back to the warp THE FALL (512.M38) Araquiel is grooming Alesandro to be the new chapter master without Alesandro realising. Araquiel throws many tests at the resolute captain of the 6th and each one is past with ease, until the final test. Alesandro is sent to battle a chaos incursion in the Bordas system, but he is given only the strength of the 6th company. To back him up a regiment of Vostryoan Imperial Guardsmen are also sent to the sector under command of the jovial Captain Borishkov. Borishkov's incompetence combined with his absolutist authority causes Alesandro to snap, and he leads haf of the 6th company on a slaughter of the planet and then the system. The insurrection is finally put down but Alesandro and his most trusted body guards escape, only to reappear decades later as second in command to The Bloody Harvest THE SWARM COMES (401.M41) The Archangels astropaths detected a strange presence, a lack of presence they called it, in the warp around the turn of the millennium. During that time a very outlying system, on the very fringe of known imperial space suddenly lost contact with other imperial forces. Connecting the dots Chapter Master Araqiuel Harbex warned his chapter of a possible incoming Tyranid attack and sent a warning to to all nearby systems. The Archangels dig in and wait. It does not take long and soon Hive Fleet Laestrygon descends on the system. Soon worlds begin to fall at a sickening rate, yet as the Tyranids learn about the defenders, the Archangels study the Tyranids. The war drags on for centuries until suddenly Laestrygon peels away from the battle. Confused the Archangels clean up the remaining Tyranids and then realise where the swarm is headed CHASING GIANTS (771.M41) After many protracted battles across the Del'taar Sector suddenly a large force of Hive Fleet Laestrygon peels away. The Archangels, fearing for the safety of their sole allies system sends out a warning to the Astral Wolves, but thanks to the shadow in the warp created by Laestrygon the message arrives at nearly the same time as the Tyranids themselves. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd companies are sent in pursuit of the Hive Fleet whilst the rest stay behind to drive back the remaining forces. Though the Archangels are too late to help in the defence of the Astral Wolves home, they are in time to help drive the retched xenos from the Ghraca Sector and give the Astral Wolves valuable information about the enemy they face THE SHIELD OF BAAL (998.M41) Though they are far away from their brother on Baal, the Archangels remember what Rylai Greth swore and they seek to uphold it, as such the 3rd and 6th Archangels companies have been sent to Baal, to reinforce the Blood Angels and their successors. Though Araqiuel requested that they be kept as far away as possible from both the Flesh Tearers and the Blood Drinkers as he wished to keep the infighting to as much as a minimum as possible. The Archangels 6th company fought alongside 1st Company Captain Karlaen and his Deathstorm strike force once they learned of the foe he was fighting. The spawn of Cryptus was remarkably similar to a beast known as the Lord of Morh. This and the markings he and the rest of Leastrygon bore convinced the Archangels that Leastrygon was a Leviathan splinter fleet Notable Archangels Rylai Greth: First Chapter Master of the Archangels Rylai Greth lead the Archangels to the northern fringe to seek ways to overcome the flaw. They settled in the Del'taar sector at the edge of Imperial Space, Inside the Sector they settled in a system they named the Angelus System. Rylai Greth, a warden of the blood angles before being selected as chaptermaster. Was a strong leader and spent his time laying down the tenants of the Archangels beliefs and force organisation. Greth was almost fanatical in his belief that the flaw was a punishment for their impurity and it forms the backbone of the Archangels Chaplain's teachings. Rylai Greth was slain by the Daemon Prince Sa'Din in the Bordas System Chapter Master Araqiuel Harbex Araqiuel Harbex is the Current Chapter Master of the Archangels and is as valiant in battle as he is noble in character. Yet even he believes that those fallen to the Black Rage are less than animals, worthy of nothing but execution. Harbex is currently helping the chapter switch their focus towards the Tyranid menace that has been rampaging across the northern frontiers recently. Alesandro Valleta, Thrice Cursed of the Blood Wing Alesandro Valleta was captain of the 6th company and fell to the Worship of Khorne dragging half of the 6th company with him. He and his fallen brothers did not have long to enjoy the boons of Khorne. The rest of the 6th with support from the 3rd managed to hunt them down and destroy the traitors. Alesandro and the rest of his squad managed to survive and joined with a Warband of Khorne berserkers. They support the berserkers from the air using their jump packs to manoeuvre around their foes and cause distractions until the red tide of berserkers can fall upon their foe. Aphael Uberos, The Fallen Star Aphael Uberos was Alesandro Valleta's closest friend and second in command of the 6th company. It was Aphael that personally led the rest of the 6th against their treacherous former Captain. With help from the 3rd company he managed to defeat Alesandro's forces and drive Alesandro and his hand picked squad into the warp. The only he way he managed to do this though was by breaking one of the most important rules of the Archangels; never drink another's blood. The Archangels have have a 0 toleration policy and so it was with remorse that Apahel turned himself in to the High Executor and asked only that he should have the honour of taking his own life. His request was granted and he took his own life with his powersword. Azyr, The Gate Warden Azyr is the oldest living Archangel, though using the term living is a misnomer. Azyr is a librarian dreadnought that serves as the repository of the Archangels knowledge countless captain and chapter masters have come to the venerable Dreadnought for advice, leaving with a new found sense of purpose and spirit. No one knows when Azyr was actually entombed in his sarcophagus, but it is believed sometime around M35. Though he appears to be a mere librarian in a more literal sense of the word only 2 Psychers in the chapter can best him. On top of this he is in charge of a very specific area in The Angels Eyre. An area that well deserves guarding...
  12. Today I began working on the first marines for my black templars who will be working with my Space Wolves great Company I purchased enough stuff to make my inital skyhammer formation and im waiting on a few things to come through so I can move forward with a combined arms detachment as well as the skyhammer. In the meantime heres what the first three hours produced.
  13. Hello all, After years of hacking and slashing my way across the Imperium with a World Eaters army, I have decided to branch out, take the plunge, and build a Guard army. I think it will be refreshing to play a shooty army for a change! I have nothing against the Cadian, Catachan, or various other regiments out there, but I want to make my army relatively unique. After thinking for a few weeks I've come up with a rough idea. My regiment is raised from a system of loosely unified planets within the Imperium called the New Federal Republic (Not an independent state, just a political entity within the Imperium of Man) consisting of two planets. Each planet has a governor and elected representatives for each continent who meet in the Chamber of Representatives to discuss political matters, trade, etc. The troops raised by the NFR refer to themselves as "Roughnecks" and are equipped with weapons and equipment produced by their industrial world. Additionally, the bulk of these regiments are mechanized cavalry (I plan on running the army as Steel Legion) excelling in rapid assault, reconnaissance, and tank combat. I will be building B Company of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. In order to represent the unique equipment of the roughnecks, I have ordered components from Anvil Industries and plan to use bits from some other sources. M17 Plasteel Helmet: Brodie helmets w/ gas masks from anvil M03 Springfiled Lasrifle: phase carbines from Anvil M18 Autogun: 28mm BARs i have acquired over the years. I plan to modify them to fit the 40k look more closely. Salamander Recon Vehicle: possibly and M10 tank destroyer or M3 Stuart tank from Tamiya? Chimera: GW model Leman Rus: GW model I've always liked the aesthetic of the Steel Legion and happen to have 20 troops that I acquired about 3 years ago. I've also got 20 DKoK to throw in as well. I plan on running them all as Steel Legion (maybe represent them as advisers to the Roughnecks). Does this sound reasonable? Is Steel Legion the best way to go for a mechanized force?
  14. "The emperor came to us with arms in a embracing manner. He told us we would be safe... He told us we would be respected... He was wrong... We were wrong. We never saw the hidden blades in his palms, the face of a liar in his eyes, the body nature of a false god. We believed him, believing he was the machine-god incarnate... Oh how we have fallen, our lenses blinded by desperate faith, our minds clouded by his lies. I am Xander, the lord of cogs and master of the holy wrench. Follow me, help me erase this stain from our history. The mechanicum shall thrive once more! Death to the false god of mankind! Death to the emperor!" -First traitorous words uttered by Xander Travier, forge lord of Xandria Prime So this is the tread of my dark mechanicum forces in the heresy, brotherhood of the lost style (The cognis hereticia were originally created for normal 30k) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So a bit of info on the Cognis: Prime masters: Xander Travier: Xander Travier started life on the mechanicum forgeworld of Xandria, he at some point, killed the rulling Magos and took over command. He possesed a prenatural skill towards the makings of weapons and more specifically: Neutron and radiation weaponry. He possesed many STC's found on Xandria including that of over 42 different variants of battle automata and weapons that had never been seen before. This gave him a good step up into the mechanicum high council, and making his "Cognis Primus" part of the mechanicum a powerfull party in the council. It has been recorded that Xander and Mortera never really liked each other, their huge factions poloitically clashing with each other. Xander quickly become friends with Kelbor-Hal, pledging his faction to him within 5 years of meeting the main-mechanicum master. When Kelbor turned traitor, so did Xander. He never liked the emperor, seeing the golden man a liar and waste of time. His bonds with the Eagle warriors strengthend, while his other bonds with legions slowly faltered. Xander is a very experienced brawler, relying more on brute strenght then real tactics, his dominus cadre is his master-mind work. They lead the Cognis for him, and they create the tactics and plans. Freeing time for Xander to work on more gear or use his brawling skills against some intergalactic horror. The Dominus cadre: Xander's greatets work, his right hand, 14 unique magos beings, all armed with a variety of exotic weapons, their minds all linked to that of Xander. They work as one, the body and mind all a extension of Xander's will. The only thing they can decide or design themselves is the rite of efficiency, making them the strongest planning part of the Cognis. They plan the battles, wars, calculate the outcome, calculate the costs of war. They are a master-mind, a truely lovely piece of archeatech mixed with living beings. Rapitarus: Rapitarus is xander's left hand, a being created of only cogs, pistons and armor plates. A machine with it's own mind, one of the very few artificial intelligence machines. Xander hid Rapitarus from the empror, even from his own faction. It's his biggest secret, and when this machine is unleashed, Xander always make sure nobody is left to have witnessed what this machine can wreak upon it's foes. Also ++redacted by high command, future information pending++ Militaric organisation and specializations: The miltary of the Cognis is based upon the greek legions of ancient terra, their hierarchy and army build drastically the same. The Cognis is mostly compromised of automata, tanks and very elite units. They favor automata over all else, only using thralls and skitarii in very limited numbers. Their main focus of war is large sieges, ground wars and subterean or underwater fought wars. The cognis exceed mostly in the combat of vacuum of space, their huge and elite ships making them a force to be reckonned with. Their automata being the ultimate breaching troops, they favor up-close and personnal wars, using their specially designed neutron weaponry to rip enemy ships apart with astonishing ease. Although space wars and large sieges are the Cognis' main focal points, this is where their limitation and weaknesses come in. They barely own thralls and human foot soldiers, making it hard for the Cognis to both infiltrate and repel infiltrators. this is why they enjoy working with the legionnes astartes so much, using their troops as defenders and counter-attackers, filling the weak spots in the cognis lines, and making a wall of destruction any sane foe would run from. Production: The cognis are mostly foccused on creating Battle-automata, both new and old designs are excessivly produced. They have mastered the art of brain-implantations, creating efficient and well working robots. Their forges are reknown across the galaxy, and many planetary governers await the day of their appointed Cognis battle automata maniple. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It's all still very rough, but I hope you enjoyed! And to finish this post of, here is a pic of my first Cognis hetericia model, a castellax-Skalu engine: http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o11/Asdrubael108/Mobile%20Uploads/20151005_155624_zps4ax2brvm.jpg http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o11/Asdrubael108/Mobile%20Uploads/20151005_155629_zpspg9agdfp.jpg http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o11/Asdrubael108/Mobile%20Uploads/20151005_155633_zpsbfcdfinj.jpg http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o11/Asdrubael108/Mobile%20Uploads/20151005_155637_zpsux7ybfla.jpg (yes, purple and silver are Cognis' main colors)
  15. Find any remnants of the new betrayers that remain in the system. Use whatever and whoever you need. Take them or destroy them as you must. Do it now, my son.” -Rogal Dorn, upon learning of the Massacre at Isstvan V +++ Though Yartsev wore armor that bore markings of the 317th Grand Battalion of Iron Warriors, he only ever referred to his battalion as "The Gravel Eaters." They bore the name as both compliment and insult in equal measure. It had come from a particularly grueling campaign on some forgotten world at the edge of the Ghoul Stars, where they had dug their emplacements in the rough earth so fast that their allies remarked that they must have consumed the gravel beneath them rather than shoveling it. Yartsev had responded with a remark about excreting bricks, which earned him the favor of everyone in the 317th who heard it. But the siege ended and so did whatever good humor the Gravel Eaters possessed about their lot in the universe. They certainly hadn’t expected reassignment to the Sol Sector. Fortifying what few cities existed beneath Pluto's artificial atmosphere seemed like a thankless task and the Gravel Eaters hadn’t exactly relished rearguard duty. He remembered brawl after brawl between squads (the luster of Olympian discipline on full display). Better fighting lay well beyond the bounds of the Sol Sector. Proximity to the throne world meant nothing, either. What had the Emperor ever cared for them? When they received new orders from Perturabo himself though, then things had gotten interesting. Suddenly the Gravel Eaters became the vanguard, tasked with establishing a foothold in the domain of the Emperor Himself. Treachery had proved kind to them. No more nagging from useless Engiseers who didn’t understand the importance of a sound bunker versus yet another edifice in praise of the Machine God. Even better, they had killed the few Imperial Fists who Rogal Dorn had insisted oversee their work on Pluto. The arrogance of him. The swill-swallowing coward. They had dug themselves in for months, arrayed themselves for war in a way that might even make their temperamental primarch proud, and drilled until their post-human bodies sang in exhaustion. So the fact that Sigismund had broken their lines within the first minutes of engagement came as something of a surprise. They had assurances from Perturabo this would not happen. Their primarch said that any retribution coming for them would stay soundly on Terra after he crushed the Imperial Fists force bound for the Isstvan system. All that had fallen to shambles. Sigismund had come and brought the wrath of his father with him. Worse, he had brought a group of Imperial Fists that seemed as zealous as himself. Not just the idiots who stood in front of their damnable Temple of Oaths (Temple of Arse, more like), but every single legionnaire seemed a cut apart from the famous stoniness of the Imperial Fists. They roared their hate at the Iron Warriors for the oaths they had broken to the Emperor and then they bellowed their own dedication to the Iron Warriors’ eradication. Before Yartsev could even reload his bolter for the first time in the fight, he took a kick to the head that sent his empty weapon flying and his form sprawling against the opposite side of the tench he had occupied. He felt a massive blade crash his ribcage and pin him to the wall of the trench. The Black Sword gleamed with light from nearby fires, its ebony surface as dark as the sky above. “You will tell me where your Warsmith is, Iron Warrior.” Yartsev tried to spit at the First Captain of the Imperial Fists, but the saliva didn’t leave his MK II helm. He simply shook his head in protest, the pain of his impalement driving the words from his mouth. Sigismund tore his sword free and with a single swift stroke, split the Iron Warrior’s helm vertically. “Damn traitors. Can’t even follow the orders of a superior officer now.” +++ http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_8986/med_gallery_62495_8986_163610.jpg And thus it begins. With the all-but-confirmed plastic Heresy set coming at us in the fall, I took the plunge. More accurately I put my foot in the water to gage the the temperature, but yeah. I'm in there. So the idea for the force is to represent Sigismund and his brethren in the Age of Darkness, before the siege of Terra. These Fists are striking out across the Sol Sector on Dorn's orders and eliminating the remaining traitor legionnaires, like the Iron Warriors on Pluto (deployment I made up, happily accepting feedback on my Iron Warriors portrayal). I have some strong ideas about where Sigismund's character is at this point and how he starts thinking about the legions during this time. He isn't the first High Marshal yet. He isn't even the Emperor's Champion yet. But and that changes how he thinks. Anyway, expect some construction in the future and maybe some paint in late August/early September (when I'm back in school).
  16. As the title may suggest I'm one of GW's most treasured customers- I buy too many models, assemble too few of them, paint pitifully fewer and never play a damn game. With the release of Kill Team, I thought I'd *maybe* start to reverse this trend- Low model count! opportunity for kitbashing! ability to use stuff I already owned! But it didn't work. The rulebook sat on my bedside gathering dust. Then I thought, sod it, I'll write up a list. Then I built the models. I was on a roll. But it came to a halt. What if, I thought. What if I shared them here? People might say nice things. These nice things, combined with the fact I'm publicly saying I might like to paint them could, conceivably (possibly. maybe) convince me to apply some paint. Or maybe knock up another Kill Team, at the very least. MY AS-YET-UNNAMED BLACK LEGION KILL TEAM I chose the Black Legion because A) they're cool as anything B]they can use a range of parts across all marine ranges C) I have a lot of Sons of Horus bits from an (obviously) as-yet unstarted Reaver army. D) REASON I CLEAN FORGOT ABOUT: THIS LOVELY IMAGE FROM ON THE WALL ABOVE MY DESK TAKEN FROM THE FIRST CHAOS CODEX: I think they're going to be from the first Black Crusade or so, hence their relative lack of mutation and Horusian decor. The Rubric Marines parts add what could pass as slight Chaos-warping/Cthonian ornateness. To build them, So far I've usedChaos Marines Rubric Marines Plastic MK III and IV Chaos Raptors Tactical Marines FW Sons of Horus bits Necromunda Goliaths I've still to build the cultist for the Kill Team, who will likely be based on an AoS Gor, but I'm sorely tempted to keep on knocking more Black Legion Marines out too... Aspiring Champion. My gunners, with heavy bolter and plasma gun
  17. Been a couple years since I've played 40k, or even modeled anything. I came back to the B&C and saw Maverick Prime's conversion challenge and thought to myself: now that's a capital idea- and a heck of a way to get back into the hobby. A supply runs and hours at the table later and I remember how hard conversion work is. But I digress, here are some extremely work in progress shots of my chaplain for the "Litanies and Legends" conversion challenge. Comments, critique and criticism are encouraged and appreciated. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/1338134428/med_gallery_20768_7281_13185.jpg The base model is Ivanus Enkomi of the Minotaurs chapter from the Forge World model company. The head has been replaced with a metal chaplain helmet, the feet will be replaced with the armored boots from the same chopped up metal model. The minotaur/bull head on the chest has been shaved down and slightly green stuffed to resemble a human sternum (figured I might as well considering the chest armor is modeled after a rib cage). http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/1338134428/med_gallery_20768_7281_41300.jpg A side image of the chaplain conversion work in progress. Just a small detail to note but I green stuffed on a small squareish carpenter style nail into the purity seal. Wax can only adhere to a surface so well, especially something like armor- having it physically nailed into the surface of the armor makes a little more sense in my opinion. According to my fiancé this is the shot that made her exclaim "I am a miniature agent of destruction! rawr rawr rawr!" All photos are supplied by her, so I am extremely grateful for her skill behind the lens, and her patience with my choice of hobby. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/1338134428/med_gallery_20768_7281_38726.jpg The crozius arcanum mace head for the chaplain conversion for the contest on the Bolter and Chainsword forum. The minotaur/bull head was shaved off and replaced with a green stuff mold of an out of production chaplain crozius. There was a noticeable gap in the new crozius head and so I actually made a second mold of the skeleton just to extend the studded iron bar. Still to do: fix the broken halo on the crozius, bore out the filled in eye socket and general touch up. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/1338134428/med_gallery_20768_7281_17706.jpg Once I shaved the minotaur/bull head off the shoulder pad I started molding a winged skeleton chapter symbol. Sadly the end product is kind of skewed to the side, so I may redo this piece over again- probably using the terminator chaplain shoulder pad for the mold. Overall, I'm impressed with what I've been able to churn out on this model- but I have a lot of work still left in front of me. I still need to decide what I'm going to do with the blank leg greave and find a suitable backpack for the model. Thanks for looking! ++Edit++ apparently putting the url for my image in the post image doohicker is an invalid extension, so I had to post links to their hosting. Really need to upgrade my account on DA so I can change that username...). If anyone can show me how to fix the links so I can post them in the topic that'd be grand, since clicking on outside links bugs some people here
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