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  1. Hello Wolf-Boys (and -Girls if there are any )! After just commenting and lurking around for maybe about a year (maybe?) I decided to open a thread for my Wolves. As my ressources are pretty limited right now don't expect a huge army anytime soon. I guess I will just play Kill Team in the beginning anyway. It's basically a bunch of older models from my teenage years (10+ years ago) which never got to be a proper army. Back then choosing Space Wolves was a no-brainer because they looked like 80s James Hetfield, they we're rebellious good guys, and I liked wolves. Nowadays my affinity to Thrash Metal has mostIy faded, but I still l like my Space Wolves, although I was a bit shocked to see how cartoony some of the newer models looked (Looking at you, Santa Logan and Canis Wolfborn). I recently bought some newer models here and there though, plus some bits from various sources. At some point I will also buy some Primaris I think, but will make them look quite retro marine like (classic helmets and power packs). As my older models have been upscaled - or are in the process of - via the "Veteran Seargent"-method (spacers in legs and torso), the difference in size shouldn't be that big actually (Primaris are still bulkier of course). I just started painting again and I'm trying to figure out how to paint my version of Space Wolves armour (no baby blue and no yellow pauldrons, I think). The idea for the army is that they're a special contingent on some kind of investigative mission in a lesser known system. Maybe I'll have members of different great companies in it, I'll have to think about it . There won't be snow bases, they should look more like the sorroundings of a devastated Ad-Mech research station or something. I'll show you my humble progress here and would be grateful for painting and modelling tips. First of here are some general pictures plus my experiments with finding the right shade of pale , which I tried on the most expendable models I own, old Blood Bowl humans . Space Wolves in progress https://imgur.com/gallery/MRNzdqi https://imgur.com/gallery/SKRybrn https://imgur.com/gallery/v7elAjd Blurry pic from the workbench for giggles https://imgur.com/gallery/yY2q8Ct Edit: unfortunately I'm still getting errors when I'm trying to post pictures with (]... [/img ), don't really get what I'm doing wrong Edit²: Pictures work now, see below ☺! Resolution is not too high, though...
  2. Hello Friends, One of my fist Space Wolves Army was the 13th Company from way back in the day. I loved the mixed armor of Space Wolves and CSM, plus it was the first time Wulfen were introduced. I tend to enjoy modeling and painting quite a bit, and it often opens up opportunities to get what I want out of an army on the painting table and battle board. I just bought and began assembling Wulfen for my army and discovered many extra heads, arms, shoulder pads and weapons. So with the new and old bits out of one box of Wulfen I got ten to play with. Here are the conversations and I’ll post updated as I get more of the army done.
  3. Hi all So I started a WIP thread on my Mordians in the Forge section because it was being swamped by those over zealous pompous astartes. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/317558-mordian-painting-project/ Someone suggested I post here too. To avoid double posting I thought I would focus more on the tourament I will be entering with it with just the occasion shout out when I've updated the original thread. Quick background started with Mordians back in 3rd before taking a long (15yr) break. Had about 30 odd mordians and some praetorians. Since then I have picked up another 30-40 odd. I've stripped off my 3rd ed paints and the paint from the models I bought and will be updating their scheme to fit with 7th ed. The tournament is only 750pt single allied detachment FOC (no formations). So I am using it as an excuse to get all my mordians done even though I wont use them all. The tournament will be 3 games and scoring consists of primary marker objectives, secondary [bRB] malestrom and tertiary points based on kill point differential as well as the usual 3 suspects from the main rule book. The list I have in mind is Lord Commissar w/ m. bombs Primaris Psyker ML2 1 PCS w/ heavy flamer 3x Infantry squad w/ lascannons and GL (1x sgt w/ m. bombs, 2x dedicated taruox) Vendetta Wyvren That puts me at 750pts on the nose. The tournament is meant to be somewhat friendly. The TO has already stated they will turn down any cheesy/OP lists (scatterbike spam, 2++/2++, 2+ FNP deathstars etc). My goal with the list was to try and exploit IGs ability to spam somewhat useful troops at low points, whilst still having some mobility. I'm hoping for a 4+ on the IG/AM WL trait list to either gain orders or relentless. Also of note as allied detachment was designed not to be a primary detachment you do not receive the ideal mission commander rule. I'm also hoping will ML2 I have a better chance of picking up that 4++ on the divination table. 30 relentless guardsmen w/ lascannons and 4++ sounds like fun :-) Ill most likely be blobbing the guard unless I can see a reason not to do that for any particular game. The taurox with their built in dozer blades and obsec will be running around grabbing objectives until they meet their demise (quite promptly I imagine). The pcs will chill in the vendetta to grab end of game objectives and the vendetta line breaker. I'm sure the wyvren needs no explanation ;-) The tournament is end of January so I have a couple more weeks to get my models painted. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of practice games in too before then.
  4. Hello fellow princeps! Having finally gotten an account in this vibrant community, I guess it's only appropriate to start by showing off some miniature goodness. I have a personal compulsion to convert everything to make it unique, even if only slightly, and a Titan Legio would be no exception. Legio Favilla, the Ashen Gods, are not a frontline battle Legio as such, originally developed for more sombre purposes of acting as final arbitrators of imperial justice for civilizations that resisted too vehemently. Theirs was an unenviable lot, from a sane point of view, to descend in flames to wipe whole worlds' inhabitants from existence until no shred of memory remained. "Imperator Domine, in cinere dona eis requiem" - Lord Emperor, grant peace for their ashes. They've often marched alongside the XIV legion Astartes, with whom they share a grim and humorless attitude towards advancing the great efforts of the Imperium. Currently I'm up at 2 Warlords, 3 Reavers, 4 Warhounds and 10 Knights of some varieties built with some more in boxes or being eyed on the shelves. AT hits just the right buttons, plastic crack train has no brakes Paintingwise, trying out NMM for the first time in any seriousness was a spur of the moment decision that came about as I was starting the first Warlord. Using metallic paints just didn't feel right on this scale, so I went with a more expressive and less realistic style to try and capture some of that sweet, heavy atmosphere of baroque paintings, stepping out of their frames and striding into the furious, mad symphony of war. I apologize for phone pictures, future updates should have an actual system camera behind them from now on. The grand smurf of the order, Iudex Ultionis - The Judge of Vengeance, first to fall from the heavens horns blaring. Here he is, guiding the little lambs to slaughter like a good shepherd. I'll eventually get around to take proper pics of them too. The second lord, Memento Mori - reminder for the opposition of their own mortal frailty. His base will have a despairing soldier staring up, gun fallen from slack fingers. Reavers underway: Aurora Terribilis - the Terrifying Dawn, last gasp of regret the enemy has before their doom and Damnatio Memoriae - fate of those destined to be swept off from the collective memory of the galaxy. First Reaver to get ready: Ruina Superborum - the Ruin of the Haughty, that which inevitably follows for the fools who dared to resist the bearers of the Aquila. What is a Legio without its loyal Hounds of war? Let them run and dance in the ashes. Edax Rerum - (like Time) Who Devours All. Echo Dolorum - the Echo of Sorrows. Occisor Spesi - Murderer of Hope. Cineres Immensi - the Vast Ashes. And some Cerastus waiting their turn. Acherons' flamers were converted from Warhound's Inferno Cannons, fits nicely I find. Cor aut mors, brethren!
  5. Iron Warriors Showcase Show us picture of your IV legion models. We can give each other inspiration and make the other legions envy the metals and hazard stripes of the Iron Warriors.
  6. Just wondering if anyone is painting grey knights at the moment? a while back Skywrath did a cool painting challenge, was pretty fun and had some participation. wondering if anyone is interested in doing it again. maybe I do some grey knights if people are interested or start my custodes
  7. I've just completed my first White Scars Squadron and thought I'd share some pictures with you guys. These are some of my favourite GW models for a long time and they're an absolute joy to paint up. Rik
  8. I just picked up Baal Red "contrast" paint this weekend and I have to say, after a few decades of trying to get Blood Angels to look RED and not: Red but dark and muddy Red but highlighted obnoxiously Red but actually orange Red but just not the right red Baal Red is really really good, and I finally have a few Blood Angels where I think, hey, these are actually red. I'll post a few up soon. Definitely worth getting a bottle and experimenting. I'll also post on how I used it.
  9. Hi All! I have not ventured into this forum much despite owning a few Inquisitors, I usually keep them more aligned with my IG collection and WIP as they generally don't have their own retinue. I had been holding out for a dedicated Custodes subforum and now with the release of the new FW Beta rules for ALL the units I've decided now is the time to start this thread. I do have a fairly reasonable collection so far, albeit mostly unpainted. I blame that on deciding to go with the Solar Watch colour scheme... The guys have sooo much detail... I do think it is worth it in the end. My hobby goals for this year are to finish some random guard projects I haven't completed and then focus on getting a painted and playable Custodes army. Some pic's of my collection so far My initial purchase I actually have Trajann at a semi decent TT quality, but apparently not uploaded any pics of him yet I've built most my bikes! Although I do have 1-2? boxes left to build since I did these... My first bike and scheme testing, Vallejo colours helped me achieve the ivory and gold I wanted The Terminators are possibly some of my most favourite models in 40k atm And this is essentially my only fully painted model in a year or so of collecting... My xmaspresent from last year Which is now doubly so thanks for FW's release today! He's already washed, ready to assemble and magnetise Over the long weekend last week I managed to build 10 Custodians to finish of my battalion requirement I already had assembled and magentised 1 box, these guys I didn't bother with Local store had a 40-50% clearance sale on GW the other week picked up some more models that I probably didn't need... Hopefully will order some of the new Venatari soon too Having finally kicked off this thread, I hope it spurs me more to finish this army sooner! And for those wondering
  10. Hey all. Some of you may recognise me making a nuisance of myself over in the Adeptus Mechanicus forum. I have a load of Tech Priests coloured green. Orks are my other green, walker heavy army. Since I've got quite a lot of pictures I am not going to flood the "Show me what you've got" page with pictures, I will post a project log of my work so far. My Ork force wasn't painted to as high a standard as my Mechanicus but hopefully people will find what I've made so far interesting. First up is my Warboss. He is painted in the same style as my rank and file, but he gets to embellish some of his wargear since he's in charge. The sandy yellow and blue stripes were inspired by the 2nd edition codex. The grey urban camo in spots is because I'm a glutton for paint-related punishment. I love this model. I'm just a little sad that the belt fed bullets are a bit to fragile for a gaming piece. Next up is my Deff Dread. This is possibly the first of many. I went for a bit of a dramatic scene on the base, it was good fun trying to get the pose how I liked it. I've got a Big Mek here. He was an experiement with GW metallic, I had quite a bit of fun trying out techniques that I have now completely forgotten how to replicate. When I started my Mechanicus army I kept a notebook to describe the ways I painted various effects. I might do that when I get round to my Orks again. A Warboss, because one Warboss isn't enough to start an entertaining squabble. I've got a 10-strong unit of Stormboys, here are the most interesting three. I have more boxes of Stormboys to bolster the unit, but making them match the first batch will prove tricky. Note here that the camo scheme is reversed on the Stormboys, blue with tan stripes.
  11. Since we seems to lake a thread about discussing how to make our traitor members of Loyalist Legions or loyalists members of Traitor Legions. There are lots of other threads where the discussion have appeared but more as a derailing or side discussions. So here we have a thread for explicit talking about how to make you Traitor Ultramarines stand out from their Loyalist brothers, or your Loyalist Night Lords form their traitors and cowards kin on the other side. And how to explain their existance. With that said, here are links to some of the threads where this discussion have happened before: Will poste some of the thoughts and suggestions from those threads here later.
  12. Hey all, Some time ago we had some fun with these primaris space marine busts. They're nothing official, just some random fan-art that we made a few copies of and gave to the members of our team to paint as they feel like. One of them is this Blood Angels Space Marine, but I think there have also been two Ultramarines, an Imperial Fist and a Salamander (cough cough, see the banner). I'll post them once I have a bit more time, but to kick off in some way, here is the Blood Angels version. Enjoy
  13. So I'm getting back into the game, last played 4th edition, and couldn't look at my crappy paint job that wasn't even half finished. So I gave everything a new coat of primer and started afresh. The basic game plan is to have a deep blue be the base color of the armor and a medium grey for the fabrics and accents whatever. Then a deep purple for the veterans and commanders to mark them out as nobility. The tanks I think are going to stay blue, but well see if they need to stand out more in the future. I'm debating whether to have the metals be mostly copper instead of steel since the copper color looks great with the blue, but then it kinda looks a little too much like wanna-be Night Lords. Well see, it probably wont matter much but for the tanks since the infantry don't have much metal. My goal is before the end of the month to solidify the color scheme of the guardsmen and to finish the 4 tanks and the sentinel. Long term is to keep motivated. As it sits besides the tanks I've got 60 troopers, 20 veterans, 18 heavy weapon teams, and probably another dozen odd and end officers and such. So a lot to get through and this will be a good way to keep on top of it and to keep basic overhead of the Russ's. I'll get the detail shots as I start doing more than a base coat. Side of my tank commander. Front of the tank commander Sentinel Base coats of blue and metal So happy with day one progress. Got everything primed, all tanks, heavy weapons teams, and infantry. Easy part done. Mostly focused on getting all of the colors on my tank commander to make sure I liked how they all fit together. I'm pretty happy with it. The blue holds for me as a realistic color to be regal without being too showy as an unrealistic target. I don't think I'm going to add purple accents to the tanks, it'd wind up being too much color. Still going to pick the Vet Infantry and Officers in it to help stand em out for game play ease. Now old me would probably give it a once over again for accents like cables and call it, but I want to step it up. So plan for the tank commander is to go over him to cover up and errant brush strokes with the deep blue, then mixing in a small bit of white and doing a highlight on the hard edges of the front and turret of the tank. After that hit the sharp edges of the metal with a light titanium. Then pick out the cables and stuff in red and green to help em pop out a little. Tomorrow is game day so I doubt ill get anything painted since it'll all be on the board, but by the end of the week I want to get the rest of the tanks to at least where the commander is today. Then I'm starting to get past my experience. I want to use a wash after that to help pick out the deeper details again in the cracks of the plates, hinges, tracks, ect. I need some advice on that. I have some matte medium, flow aid, and splatter medium to be able to add and want some advice on ratios for an ink or wash. I'm getting comfortable using it to think out my paints to keep the detail, but have exactly zero experience with washes. I also am not sure if I should be using a deep brown or black to base it on. Black makes sense to me, and nuln oil from gw looks like it to me. But on some of the others I've seen chestnut brown, or like red-brown. whats he best way to tell which I should use? or maybe paint up an extra hull piece and see?
  14. I've decided to start a thread to try and keep my momentum going forward from ETL and keep me working on getting a army ready for the battlefield again The concept i have for them is basically a take on Arthurian knights I mean : a noble brotherhood trying to recapture the days of honour and justice when their king walked among them before he was betrayed his sword lost and their great castle ruined. I don't have to change much By going back to our legions origin in the Order i'm aiming to paint them in a slightly more shinny, slightly more ornate way than GW typically do (with lots of greenery and ruins on their bases to help with the mood). Moving on from the my starter in ETL the obvious thing is that i need another HQ & troop choice. So i'm starting with a relatively easy to finish project and have got to work on a Lieutenant conversion i made during a period when i was ill during ETL I might go back in with some extra bright highlights once i've finished the rest and have a better idea of the balance but i'm pretty happy with this as a start
  15. After a false start followed by years of hiatus, I've decided to try my hand again with making my own wargaming terrain. Right now I am still in the planning stage (I'm envisioning a bombed-out trench network), but I already see some challenges I may encounter when I get to the painting stage. For the terrain itself I'm planning to use balsawood (mostly as a sturdy base plate, but perhaps for some wooden details too), soft polystyrene (from which I will cut out the trenches and bomb craters), card or cardboard (for other details) and filler/kit to smooth out edges. That is a lot of different materials and I have no idea if the citadel paints that I have can actually be used to paint my terrain (it is designed for plastic models, after all); can I simply basecoat the terrain with Chaos Black spray and then use citadel paint, or do I need to somehow treat the various materials before I can start painting?
  16. A very good friend of mine, Sarah, wargamer and miniature painter, opened a Youtube channel, call Tank Girl. It's a spanish Warhammer channel, with lof of videos about W40K, especially painting, conversions, background and playing. There are other videos about events, non-warhammer board games and wargames, interviews, etc. but the bulk is about W40K. It's going to reach 100 vídeos very very soon, so in want to spread the word, and make some promo XD This is the channel, and here some vídeos: Iron Hands White Scars Mechanicus special conversion Chaos Knights Sisters of Silence Primaris Space Wolves Minotaurs, & Black Templar Adeptus Custodes I recommend it
  17. Hey, I was wondering if you have experience in using acrylic paints from craft stores in miniatures or terrain... So not vallejo, citadel, etc... but stuff like Amsterdam, Arteza, Marabu what have you. They're obviously a lot cheaper
  18. As the flames of war engulf the galaxy in scales not seen in generations, ancient and forgotten relics are returned to the battlefield to wreak terrible destruction upon His foes; the years of neglect made manifest in their fury as xenos and traitor alike are taught a harsh reminder of the might of the Imperium of old. Introduction Don't we all have some models somewhere left unfinished, and gathering dust? Projects stalled, or miniatures abandoned by the dread hand of GW's rules..? It is time to correct these injustices, and return these forgotten models to active duty! Relics of the Armoury Participation The goal of this event is to give old Guard models the love they deserve, so anything Guard (GW or FW, counts as etc and within the B&C's rules of course) is eligible to vow. Any stage of completion, from still in the box to part assembled or even mostly painted - the aim is to get models finished that have languished for whatever reason. This even includes non-legal units, so it could be a few lasgun troopers or that sniper Veteran you forgot about; as long as it's a Guard unit it counts. If you're unsure consult your nearest friendly neighbourhood commissar for assistance before vowing. Event Period Relics of the Armoury runs from now until the 31st of May, by the B&C's clock i.e. any completion post time up to and including the 31st of May. Pledging to the Event Make your vow in any way you wish, at any point during the event, to this topic with a WIP starting picture. You may add models to it at any time also, just be sure to let the commissariat know when you do. If you wish you can denote your pledge with a participation badge in your sig: [url=http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354210-relics-of-the-armoury-painting-event/][img=http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9518/gallery_30308_9518_8251.png][/url] Successfully Completing A successful vow is one that has all of your vowed models declared completed with an associated picture by the deadline, and will earn you a new signature award image! Failing Your Vow If you fail to complete your vow you will shame yourself and your regiment before your peers, and the commissariat will be very disappointed. For a particularly egregious failure a missive may be written to your parents detailing your poor performance and the consequences thereof. Any questions let us know, otherwise make your vow soldier!
  19. Hi folks. Long time since I've posted to the site so I thought I might try something out. As of late, I've come into a lot of free time but absolutely no motivation to paint my imperial fists and with my goal to finish my entire army by the end of the year this as well as the new Anno game coming out is not helping. Ive decided to start this WIP blog sorta thing to help keep me motivated to my goal so I can eventually start a new project. Starting roughly 2 years ago, my Imperial Fists army has come to include an entire 3rd battle company (updated to guillimans new codex also including some primaris), a small armoured battle group, scout auxiliary force and a small 1st company detachment. Ive finished painting probably half of the collection with about a third based and shaded. All of the other models have been assembled and primed ready to go so I at least have an end point to go by. So here are some pictures of some of my already finished marines. Sorry for the bad image quality. And what is currently on my painting desk: I will try to post regularly with updates. Any words of motivation are welcome. If you would like to see more of what ive done, just let me know.
  20. A FLGS owner game me a copy of the Renegade boxed set as a gift for painting a store army. Very cool models and certainly something I like. But it's coming out of the blue, I hadn't taken the time to research Renegade Houses so I don't know where to start. Looking through a few sources, it feels like GW hasn't developed their stories much. Except for House Divine, most Renegade Knight houses have a background that can be summed up by saying 'fought for Horus, escaped into the Eye of Terror, hasn't been seen since.' There's no imagery, no icons, no identity to work from. Is there something I'm missing? Do people really focus on having a house for their Renegade Knights or are they just ignored? Also, most Renegade Knight models I've seen are either clean, straight models that closely resemble Imperials, or heavy-duty conversions to walking Chaos shrines. It doesn't feel like there's a lot of middle ground. Are there any factors that go into choosing a good color scheme for a Knight, especially one that often fights with a Chaos Space Marine chapter like Black Legion? My gut tells me paint if black, the same as everything else. But I don't know.
  21. Hey guys My old Thousand Sons thread is no more, so I thought I'd put up my new Ahriman here, and in case you don't check out the forge forum, I wanted some base feedback: So I'm well into my second Thousand Sons army after selling the first. I did them once with a basically earth tone/brown type of basing scheme. I usually sprinkle in some of the fancier resin bases I see that I like. This is my latest Ahriman on such a base. (It would fit in with a lot of schemes so I'm not too worried about it.) So here are two Tzaangors I painted. One is on a base from the GW line from the Sector Imperialis, the other is on a typical base I used in sand colours with Cork stone work. (I would probably rim either/both bases with Black like Ahriman's) So that's the basic consideration I have right now. Some of the characters would get 'fancy' sand bases from resin collections I have of bases. But if I go with the Sector Imperialis it's a different look... more along the lines of city fight. here are some other examples of how I paint those imperialis bases on my armies that do use them: Some Deathwatch on my Imperialis Bases: Some of my Custodes with those same bases: Now here is an example of some of my sand/cork bases in my Grey Knights: and some of the sand/cork mixed in with some resin bases for characters: So I think that's a good sample size for you to see. Now if you were taking my Thousand Sons into account, which bases do you think they would look better on?
  22. So while this project is largely to keep my eyes from going blind from painting yellow all the time, I'm getting rather excited for my little cultists (probably for similar reasons as my fondness for the Sisters: nutters tend to make for fun armies to play). And since I like the cult names that sound like they could be some kind of Ministorium sect, dubbing these guys the Children of the Throne just seemed fitting. Potato quality pictures ahead, but I am looking at upgrading to something better in the future (when I stop spending all my money on minis). To kick things off we have the first HQ for the army, fresh from a Tooth and Claw box, the Abominant: And I admit the color choice for his overalls makes it feel like he needs a banjo and to live in a swamp somewhere but it's the color I'm using for the coverall parts of the rest of the army (and the Guard uniforms when I get around to doing those guys for things) so it is what it is I guess.
  23. Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out other Norse emblems and themes other than wolves to go with my great company. I already have a few knotwork ravens that I'm pretty keen on using but I like the idea of using mist or fog. Trying to capture the apocryphal story of vikings appearing from the mist to raid and plunder then leaving with the mist. Anyone have any ideas for that? Or likewise any other ideas for painting emblems/designs other than knotwork?
  24. This is all fairly work-in-progress, but I've been messing about with these for a while and they're approaching 'good enough' sort of quality. A Blast from the past Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, Ordo Xenos, Scarus Sector Images: And now from the Ordos Horrobim, the Inquisitorial assets undertaking responsibility for all activity within (and otherwise pertaining to) the Horrobim Sector on the Pacificus edge of Segmentum Tempestus. An Ordo Hereticus Warband Images:
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