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Echoes of Solitude, a XVth Legion Log.


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Echoes of Solitude

A log of the 209th Company, 5th Fellowship, XVth Legion Astartes



With a pulse, a rent in reality opened up, unnatural energies spilling through the wound in space, tendrils searching, reaching, like a leviathan for its prey.


From this chasm came a single ship, its armor pitted and torn, cracked ruby plate a far cry from the majesty it had once held. Its great spires, which had earned it its name long ago, bore deep scars, some sections entirely blackened and gutted by years of warfare.


What it came upon was not unusual- thousands of ships jostling for position of primacy the norm over such an invaluable world- it was what they were doing that was unusual, giving pause to the silent and nervous crew aboard.


Hundreds of slate-grey and steel battleships surrounded the home-world, while dozens of others, clad in plate much like their own, desperately sought to break the ring of fire and steel. Scores more lay adrift, broken, shattered like glass figurines, while a final few fought hard, cutting the enemy deeply, but they were ultimately doomed against such a fleet.


The view was only reinforced by the appearance of it. Hrafnkel; A world-killer, the Ferry of the Headsman. Its brutal frame encompassed all around it, dwarfing the smaller crimson fleet, their deaths assured at the introduction of this last villain in a tragic opera that should have never seen the light of the stage.


At this visage, the newcomer, known amongst the Empire as the Katmandu, unmasked its guns, resolved to die alongside its kin-fleet. It set its sights on a destroyer group that was headed its way, gun-crews furiously unshrouding their cannons and loading their torpedoes. As they hove into range, it unleashed its fury for just a moment, the hammer-crack of macro-cannon batteries sounding but once before falling silent once more.


The destroyers, confused and wary, held back, careful to avoid any mistake that may cost them their lives. They waited, startled when the Katmandu turned and fled, but glad, the jackal-captains sounding war-horns in pursuit of their prey. They followed until the Katmandu vanished, slinking back from whatever realm it had once come from.


The destroyers turned away, cheated from their kill, cursing the cowards onboard. As the battle raged on, the Katmandu was forgotten, a sad footnote in the violent drama raging above the world it called home.


A world named Prospero.




-Legionary Fytaer Akhaman, 209th Company, XVth Legion Astartes




Hey guys, welcome to my new log, Echoes of Solitude, covering the XVth Legion Astartes.


I know I jumped on the coming bandwagon of Wolves and Sons, but couldn't help myself. I fell in love with the XVth after seeing the FW display, and some board-members logs (Looking at Athrawes here...), and couldn't resist the ruby-red glory of the Thousand Sons.


I'm hoping to change some things up from my IVth Legion, who i'll continue working on, but more slowly now that they're almost done. The 209th will be a slower army, and much smaller than my ~5000 points of IW, but will really encapsulate a part of the lore that I haven't seen very often (although if anything comes to mind, please shoot me a link.)


Anyways, please feel free to let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy the story of the 209th Company- The Remnants of a dead Legion.

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Thanks, WickedWeed- to the glory of the XVth! 


Lord Eskandr Amhraan

Intelligencer-Tribune of the 209th Company

XVth Legion Astartes


Run. Survive.”


That is the last thing I ever heard my Father say to me, a single thought, a miniscule fraction of his great intellect directed at me, to tell me to turn- to run from the devastation of my home and Legion, to betray everything I had ever stood for.


The next seconds seemed to stretch for days, a lifetime spent on a single decision. I am an Athanaean- My single greatest gift the ability to read minds, and yet, when it came down to it, when I was faced with the greatest decision of my life, mine was the only one that mattered.


I am, or was, a loyal son. A servant of both the Emperor, and of Lord Magnus. It is in my blood to make war, and satisfy vengeance. That is what I felt first- the need to ruin those that despoiled my home, to fight one last, desperate battle- to save my Father and Brothers from Death.


But it is also in my blood to obey. It is my duty to. So I heeded my blood, and served as commanded, even though it was the hardest thing I’d ever done.


We turned and fled, Wolves hounding us even as we cried out in anger to kill them for their treachery. My brothers- what few remained from the long wars of the rifts- understood. They hated me for it, but they understood. We reopened the warp and escaped, our hull burning with alchemical fires and virulent toxins only ever unleashed on the truly damned. Had one of those charges made it inside, we would all be dead now.


I stand here, like you, disowned, disavowed, and dishonored. We exist, with no purpose, no guidance- no reason to live- all revenants of a twilight now past.


And yet- and yet here we still are, the victories of a dead age a hollow balm to the horrors of this new dawn.


-Eskandr Amhraan, Intelligencer-Tribune of the 209th Company



-Lord Eskandr Amhraan, Intelligencer-Tribune, XVth Legion Astartes



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Hey guys- minor update, but I played my first game with my XVth today (and was soundly beaten). Here's one account of the experience.



Caydan Vhratep finally released a sigh of pent of energy he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, the narrowness of his escape finally hitting him as the last sounds of bolter fire on ceramite petered off.


Sat beside him were the last survivors of Garrison 184-05, all that remained of the once sixty-strong force that had safeguarded Waystation Yarbin over the last decade. Seven astartes, all shaking from the flood of combat-stimms that had overwhelmed them. Only Djhoten, the only specialist among the survivors, had escaped from the disaster now falling away behind them alongside Vhratep- the last direct witnesses of the slaughter the wolves had brought to the XVth on Yarbin. Why they had even gone rogue, Vhratep couldn’t know, but he swore to avenge the dead and dying. Magnus, and then the Imperium, would hear of this insanity.


And what insanity it had been. First they had demanded the Garrison surrender- at which point the Terrans, and most of the auxiliaries, had laid down their arms, walking out to some unknown fate. The fourty or so remaining Sons had demanded to know why, only seconds before a massive barrage had fallen upon their heads. From that point, it was a battle of survival, fourty astartes and the station's Cyberneticae against over 200 Wolves.


Vhratep recalled the sudden marker appearing on his HUD mid-battle, the terse message crackling through his helmet speakers, telling the survivors to head to the waypoint- a barren field in the middle of the Aydoran flats. There had been no time to argue, in as little as three minutes they were all heading at breakneck speeds towards the marker, heedless of traps or ambushes. They had made good time, until a shock assault by the Wolves managed to catch half of them out, the Watch-master and his bodyguard buying time for the rest to get away.


Now, here he was, the Rhino’s transponder bleeping increasingly fast as they drove on- linked somehow to a growing roar from outside the APC. The other five marines, Recon-aspirants who had once hailed from Qibret Squad, were unwilling to discuss how they had lost their Sergeant. Either way, Vhratep mused, it didn’t matter now. He started as the Rhino slowed, opening one of the topside hatches just as a Thunderhawk transporter eclipsed them, its arms locking into the rhino’s frame just as it reached a full stop.


A moment later, they were airborne, and Vhratep was glad to see another Rhino held in its forward clamps. Hopefully full of others who might have made it off-planet. The Transporter was flanked by a pair of Lightnings, the last he’d ever see wearing the 7899th Orbital Defense Squadron’s markings, and as he retreated into the Rhino’s hold, sealing the vehicle behind him, he inhaled sharply. He didn’t know what was going on, but one way or another, the Garrison was not lost. They could still contribute- still repay the blood-debt they were now owed.


One way or another, no matter how long it took, Vhratep swore they would.


-Mem-log of Veteran Sergeant Caydan Vhratep, Survivor of the Yarbin Slaughter, XVth Legion Astartes.

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An Oath of Moment; Their Souls Unburdened

Veteran Tactical Squad Vhratep, 209th Intelligence Company



He went through the motions once more, hands still unused to the weapon he held, its bulk and temperament still at odds with his own core beliefs.


Not that he'd had a choice. He was probably lucky that he had received such a venerable weapon, but still, it rankled with him to not be holding his own Tigrus-Pattern Bolter, now lost on the ash-fields of Yarbin. The Phobos could hardly compare to such a fine weapon, although Shahin knew he was of a minority who held that belief, a fact affirmed by the number of his squad who held their own Phobos bolters in their hands, each cared for with an air of reverence that made Shahin snort.


'30 seconds!'


Sergeant Vhratep was standing at the assault hatch, counting down the time before their assault-boat made contact. The whump-crack of munitions outside the hull grew by the moment, a sure sign that they were due for contact shortly, something Shahin was looking forward to.


They had run drills for months, practiced unceasingly in between raids, their anger honed into a cold fury at those who had defiled their home. The chance to vent their anger was almost too good to pass up, pressure building in the air between the squad as they all imagined the damage they could inflict. Shahin was glad at that moment that they were not all of the Pyrae- that would've certainly made the ride uncomfortable.


'10 seconds!'


Vhratep again, this time backed by Corbail and Tyghfer, telekines whose shields would come in handy in the next few seconds. Despite his desire to wreak havoc, Shahin felt a slight twinge of trepidation- this would be the first time they would face their attackers in battle, and few among the assault force had ever even fought an astartes, let alone one of the VIth. He snarled as he remembered for the first time what fear felt like, letting it wash over him like a deluge of rancid water.


He shook it away, disgusted, replacing the feeling with cold certainty and contempt, his mind already recalling the devastation of Prospero, and what these bastard-sons had done to his once-beautiful home. As he checked his bolter's magazine, he felt a flash of anger. They had literally taken everything from him.


Now, he thought with a smirk, it was his turn to repay the favor.


-Mem-log of Ayder Shahin, Legionary, Vhratep Veteran Tactical Squad, prior to the destruction of the Jarvak.




Seen here is Veteran Tactical Squad Vhratep, one of a number of squads in the 209th Company whose makeup consists of legionaries drawn from different companies, all of which were rescued by the 209th after their flight from Prospero. Specifically, Vhratep Tactical is made up primarily of Legionaries drawn from both the Yarbin Garrison and the survivors of the frigate Saudokat, found on the outskirts of the the Prospero system after the fighting there had concluded.


Armed with flamers to complement their role as Ship-Raiders, Vhratep is only one of a number of units who also utilize members of the Raptorae to aid them in their role, allowing them to survive in many Zones Mortalis where regular astartes might not, their telekinetic shields proving invaluable in the raids carried out by the 209th.



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For that order, I got a Vindicator Laser Destroyer, 2x Javelins w/ cyclones, a couple Thousand Sons head sets, and a rhino with upgrade pack for the weapons. However, the 209th are also looking at a scimitar squadron, Leviathan, and heavy support/tacs/seeker squads joining them.


Overall, it should make a list as follows: Using the Pride of the Legion RoW




Praetor tribune (180)

Librarian, artificer, refractor, power weapon, ML2 (130)




1x Contemptor Mortis, Dual Kheres, Extra Armor (190)




2x (Marksmen) Vet tactical squads, 9 marines, 2x flamers, vexilla, and Sergeant w/ artificer and combi-weapon, in a Rhino w/ dozer blade. (250 ea.)


Tartaros Terminator squad, 3x pairs of lightning claws, 1 power fist, 1 reaper auto cannon, Sergeant with Grenade harness and chain fist. (270)




2x Javelin Attack Speeders, Cyclone Launchers, 2x Hunter Killer Missiles (130)




Leviathan w/ Grav-flux and Siege Claw, Phosphex, Armored Ceramite, Calivers, in a Dread-pod. (435)


Vindicator Laser Destroyer, extra armor, combi-bolter, dozer blade. (150)


which totals out to 1985 points.


for 2500 I'm looking at a LR (any kind) and heavy/support squads.


Any insight on this (admittedly untested) list?

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Ancient Amjhad

"World-Burner", Hammer of the 209th

Leviathan-Class Dreadnought 003



Sharbal Amjhad patiently sat inside the Kharybdis, his claw flexing, a curious tic he had never rid himself of.


He was only one of a score of pods assaulting the Wolves' cruiser Jarvak, and the only one of his kind in the attack. He noticed that he had almost reached the Ship, but his mind was not on the mission.


He lifted himself through the enumerations, scrying fate's paths, practicing once more what had been his greatest gift, seeking the legionaries aboard.




His mind focused on a cluster of Wolves, hunched over in the dark, waiting for the attack just beyond the ships' walls. Amjhad felt revulsion- Where his kin saw brother astartes, he saw sickened visions, his mind altering their slate-grey bodies into twisted wolf-beasts, feral maws growing through the proud visage of Mk. III plate, clawed feet emerging from below their greaves. It was a mockery of the astartes form, and Amjhad raged to see such a corruption of the Emperor's visage.


He knew he was the only one to see their true form, his brothers unwilling to see the truth in front of them. All the same, he fought down the feeling, replaced by an anger leaching into every fiber of his new form.


They cast the XVth as witch-mutants, uncontrollable sorcerers, whose talents were only evidence of their damnation. They came to his world to kill his kin, backed by Emperor's command, to remove the light of progress and reason. What hypocrisy to see what they truly were, below the plate and barbarism, wearing an identity built to hide the truth- that they were beasts less human than those they now hunted. 


His reactor spiked in tandem with his rising ire, a burning sensation creeping into the back of his mind, and with a contemptuous hiss, he turned his assault-claw towards the pack.


+I see you, murderers. I see you. I see past the lies. You must be purged, broken and left to die.+


He laughed to himself as they snapped around, caught unawares by his subconscious presence. Their arrogance was laughable, so sure, so confident of their skill and power. What pathetic examples. It was no surprise that they were so hated across the galaxy, their barbarian lord undeserving of the title of Primarch.


The claw's retros fired, and he disengaged the mag-locks, just in time for the claw's burners to melt through the hull. His first sight was of those same wolves, unnerved by the claw's occupant, none of them ready to face such a brutal monster in battle.


His phosphex discharger fired into the pack, well over half falling to their knees, choking in pain as their lungs and eyes turned to soup. He stepped out into the tight confines of the ship, and turned to face the survivors, his calivers firing into them as they tried to fall back in some semblance of order.


He laughed once more, confident in his power and cause, and began the killing.


'Run, you bastard pups. Run, like the child-barbarians you are. Death is here for you.'


-Pre-battle log of Ancient Amjhad, during the destruction of the Jarvak


Seen here is the Leviathan Dreadnought known as Ancient Sharbal Amjhad, known as the "World-Burner".




Favoring a load out that suits his role as a line-breaker, Ancient Amjhad, the only Leviathan in the 209th, is armed with a Siege Claw and Grav-Flux Bombard, anti-infantry weapons that are supplemented by his Volkite Calivers and Phosphex Discharger.


Renowned for being a vicious killer before his internment, the one time siege breaker and member of the Corvidae has taken well to his new body, aside from a curious warping of his psychic abilities, which has manifested itself as dream-like visions that overcome his mind during particularly stressful situations, only exacerbated by battle.




Largely overlooked in favor of his terrifying effect on loyalist forces, his kill-tallies have grown of late, mirroring the increasingly erratic visions he has had, the worst being his fervent belief of some kind of mutation amongst the VIth, which is believed to be a side-effect of his installation in this particular Leviathan chassis. Techmarines charged with caring for the Ancient have repeatedly denied any such issues, but also admit a loss as to why such a vision might manifest itself.


Regardless, it is accepted that until the day Amjhad dies, he will continue to spearhead the raids of the 209th, spitting his vitriol upon those who defiled his home.


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Are photos only not working for me?



Hmm, that's weird. They show up for me, but let me know if they're still not working for you and I can try to re-upload them.


Thanks @wickedweed, I've noticed a trend of similar unit types among pre-Inferno XV players, mainly Javelins, Levis, Vindicator Laser Destroyers and Jetbikes. With Leviathans especially, I see that many players also do the legion insignia on the carapace like on my leviathan- Athrawes and 1kSons' being the best examples.


I definitely recommend looking at 1kson on Instagram (if you haven't seen it already) in case you want any more inspiration. The guy's army is spectacular.

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Thanks @wickedweed, I've noticed a trend of similar unit types among pre-Inferno XV players, mainly Javelins, Levis, Vindicator Laser Destroyers and Jetbikes. With Leviathans especially, I see that many players also do the legion insignia on the carapace like on my leviathan- Athrawes and 1kSons' being the best examples.


I definitely recommend looking at 1kson on Instagram (if you haven't seen it already) in case you want any more inspiration. The guy's army is spectacular.


That is actually also my plan for my upcomming order :rolleyes:


I'll have to check those out then!

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Well you know what they say, great minds thinks alike! :wink:


That said, with such a trend, I hope FW doesn't somehow invalidate some of those unit choices, either by restricting units in the Rites of War, or making those slots compete with the Legion specific units. I doubt they will, but after seeing what they did to the IVth, (by making Tyrants Heavy choices) I can't say 100% what will happen.


I guess we'll have to see in Jan/Feb.

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Okay, i'm really excited to get this guy up. I absolutely love the model and fluff for him, and hope to works when Inferno drops. :cool.:


The Unseen Shade

Vhramiel Kybret

Hidden One, Librarian



The room was heavily guarded.


One of the only areas that hadn’t been ruined by the bitter fighting, the crew-deck of the Jarvak was unique in that it lacked the abattoir-reek smell of spilt blood that permeated around the rest of the ship, although Amhraan could smell traces of it in the air.


Probably from the gunnery decks above, he thought grimly. They were a charnel house, a testament to how hard fought this had been.


He pushed it out of his mind as the doors to the chamber slid open, two of his Terminators standing aside to let him through. On the inside, four more stood, two of which had their claws charged, while their Sergeant held his combi-bolter at the prisoner’s head, chainfist idling. The last terminator, one of the Chosen, was well known to Amhraan, and stood glaring at the prisoner, arms crossed in contemplation.


To be fair, the title “prisoner” was an overstatement. The Wolf, bedecked in runic Mk.III plate covered in barbaric fetishes and charms, growled at the terminators, clearly outmatched but willing to try. Amhraan snorted, and the Chosen, a solid warrior named Zhamrel, turned to face the tribune, arm making the pre-unification salute as he did so.


‘Is this him?’


As the last syllable left Amhraan’s mouth, Zhamrel nodded, and turned back to the wolf.


‘Aye, although I can’t read him for sure, but that’s likely due to the length of time.’


Amhraan nodded and stepped forth, taking a huge sword from Zhamrel, covered in cream colored silk. He removed the cover, and held the blade in his hand in a reverse grip, pommel facing the Wolf.


‘You are found, Kybret. Relinquish yourself. This is over.’


At this, the wolf snarled and brought up his axe, crude knotwork edging the handle. The Terminators responded, and the Wolf had tensed to attack when Amhraan spoke six words.


‘Yahtu Sevrere Eghram Kybret. Maahkta Shye.’


Dumbfounded, the terminators watched as the wolf dropped to its knees, axe clattering to the floor, arms limp. The craggy and worn face, which had borne no end of malice, loosened, taking on a serenity well at odds with its features.


‘Kybret. Are you there?’


The astartes nodded, looking at his hands as if seeing them for the first time, speaking in a voice that was not his own. Reassured, he grabbed the handle of the blade, and a warm glow ran through the golden wings of the force sword at the return of its rightful owner.


‘Yes. Thank you, Lord. I am myself, although I fear a physical return may take some time. I got what you needed, though not without cost.’


Satisfied, Amhraan turned to leave, but stopped mid-turn, looking back at the being before him.


‘Welcome back, Librarian Kybret. We have much to discuss, but I am glad to see you whole once more, brother.’


With that, he gestured for the terminators to help the Librarian, and stalked away.


They had much to discuss indeed.




The following picts show Vhramiel Kybret, one of the 209th's Librarians, in his personal battle-plate just after the destruction of the Jarvak.




Seen very rarely in combat, particularly for a six-month span before the Jarvak's demise, it is likely the assault was a direct attempt to retrieve the Librarian, although for what reason, is not known. What is known is that the Librarian, a Pavoni Cult Warrior, has all but mastered his ability to transfigure himself, earning the epithet of Hidden One, a direct reference to the XVth's cadre of informants and operatives, and although Kybret has always ultimately been successful, each attempt comes at a direct cost to the astartes, with longer periods leaving a deep imprint upon the warrior's psyche. However, in the ranks of the XVth, there are few astartes that can best him in this field.




Also well versed in the arts of healing, Kybret also serves as a sort of Apothecary at times, and while certainly never as practiced or adept as those who bear the Apothecary's rank, he is nonetheless a valuable commodity for the 209th in a time of distrust and loneliness. 




Seen bearing his cherished weapon, a blade forged during his time with the IXth, the relatively quiet astartes has slowly begun to re-adapt to his brethren, although shows much more reluctance than usual, leading many to believe that he has struggled to re-emerge from his latest operation. The truth, however, is that Kybret remembers what he did during that time, and the consequences have likely followed him back to his own persona, haunting the young warrior more than he would care to admit. 



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And a quick shot of the Army so far. having only started these guys about a week and a half ago, I'm quite happy with where they are now.


Hope I can keep my motivation for them up. :wink:



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Accessing datafile: Decrypt Auth. 22039-446384a-089.


Access Granted. Opening file...


My Lords,


As of 0:19:05 local time  (16:11:33 Sidereal), we detected a violation of the Sybrae-Yegemn Boundary.


As protocol demands, we have gathered intelligence upon the aggressor and have identified them as part of the XV Legion Astartes. Unit designators match that of the 209th, last seen at [redacted].


Attached are the picts captured by Lighter 0xV8-A95, during the assault on Outpost Sybrae-Alpha-005. Survivors report matching attack patterns within the 99% percentile, but their objectives were unknown. Post-action analysis highlights predominance of Fast Attack/Skimmer units, and Mechanized Infantry.


Security forces on station were forced to withdraw to secure vital personnel, and were unable to ascertain the goals of the attack.


Following procedure, I will attempt to bring the traitors to task with my Auxiliary forces, and am sending this message to any VIth Legion forces, to ensure its retrieval and survival should the worst occur.


Ad Gloriam,

Viscount Yermofei Atlativ,

Commander, 311th Sarayan Khazachki.







-209th Company Detachment, captured 23:45:52 local.



-Unidentified Squad, 209th Co. Armament suggests Legion Veteran Unit.



-Unidentified Squad, 209th Co. Armor variant suggests Legion Command Veterans (designation unknown).


Hostile units in excess of company strength.



Data-retrieval complete.  


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  • 1 month later...

Hey everyone,


Sorry for the month-long absence, it seems my more bitter(er?) side came to the fore recently, as my Iron Warriors have earned a bit more attention in recent weeks.


However, the 209th have made progress, particularly with these, my favorite XV legion minis to date. They were a joy to build, less so to paint, but I'm very happy with them.


Anyways, enjoy, and hopefully I'll have more up soon. :biggrin.:


Asp Squadron

32nd Attack Wing, 209th Company, XVth Legion Astartes


Excerpt of Combat-Transcript, Asp Squadron,

209th Company, XVth Legiones Astartes

Sybrae-Alpha, D+1 02:21:09 Terran.


.../Begin record:


>Asp: +Targets neutralized. Infantry is cleared to move up. Beginning sector sweep+


>HQ: + Copy that, Asp 1-1. Elements advancing. Query: estimated strength of hostile forces in area?+


>Asp: +Solid Copy. Estimated elements are- wait one+


>Asp: +(Recordings match profile of solid-shell AA emplacements, registered impacts. Damage unverified)+


>Asp: +HQ, this is Asp 1-1. Hostiles engaged, Asp 1-3 down. Request permission to protect crash-site until reinforcement +


>HQ: +Copy, Asp. Permission granted. Support will be in theatre shortly, ETA 5 minutes+


>Asp: +(Sounds of shotguns firing, screams matching non-astartes voice patterns)+


>Asp: +Solid copy, HQ. Take your time. Asp out+



.../Record end



Caught by local security feeds during the Assault on Sybrae-Alpha, the Javelin Attack Speeders seen here, 1-1 and 1-2, respectively, make up the Squadron known as "Asp Squadron", and are engaged in sweep-and-clear operations, likely conducted after the loss of Javelin 1-3 during the Sybraean Campaign.




An elite formation in the 209th, Asp has been, and still is, held in great esteem by the 209th, both as a dependable cadre of warriors, and as a tool for Lord Amhraan's campaigns, acting as the eyes and ears of the Company alongside Cobra Squadron.




However, this reputation is marred by the squadron's individualistic attitude, occasionally engaging or carrying out orders in a manner most military commanders might find unusual. An example of this is their choice of back-up firearm, and almost the entirety of the squadron's astartes carry Deliverance-Pattern shotguns, instead of the more common bolt-pistol. While likely a decision made to both better protect the crew and vehicle, they weapons' acquisitions is unlisted in the armory-ledgers of the 209th, leading some to believe that these are primarily "spoils of war", probably taken off of the crew of the Jarvak.




Seen here utilizing the aforementioned weapons, Legionary-Gunner Ayghan is likely engaging targets that do not require the power of the squadrons' cyclone missile systems or Multi-Melta weaponry. However, the use of such a weapon in a non-survival/evasion/escape scenario is highly irregular, and likely forbidden amongst the crews of the 32nd Attack Wing.


Whether or not Lord Amhraan cares, however, is an entirely different matter.


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Hey guys,


Quick fluff update here, but since this will be a big part of my force, I wanted to get some backstory out for them.


The Dayhanii

Lost Sons of the 209th

-An excerpt, as transcribed by Sorem Zalkuscz, Imperial Historian.


Amongst the 209th, one of the most fascinating aspects of their tale in the heresy may very well be that of the Dayhanii, or Lost Ones, who came into being after the 209th’s Return to Prospero- and became a key cadre of warriors in the ranks of the 209th throughout the remainder of the heresy.


Some units, embracing the full import of their name, became a cautionary tale to avoid the grip of madness. Others embodied the merciless power of the reconnaissance cadres of the Thousand Sons. In general, and in the light of history, we can say that they became both the 209th’s salvation, and likely their doom, as more and more astartes found themselves in the ranks of the fractious and divided Dayhanii.


Reinforced through the attachment of various astartes across the force, each of whom had fallen prey to the morose detachment or crippling madness so common amongst their ranks, the Dayhanii became a feared and effective force- albeit one in whom no modicum of control existed, depending rather on the mood and traits of a given squad’s Sergeant. Regularly deployed far from the conventional battle-line of the 209th to inflict as much damage on the foe as possible, the Dayhanii were largely independent of the 209th’s command echelons, and treated as an attached force rather than a set part of the 209th’s organization. Their tendency to act as a destroyer/seeker hybrid, and to “go for the throat” became a trait that benefitted the Thousand Sons of the 209th during the Sybraean campaign by slaughtering the Command Cadre of the 311th Sarayan Khazachki within the first two days of fighting, which was a huge boon for the outnumbered and underequipped 209th.


Bearing armaments typical of close-quarters combat, such as shotguns, chain-blades, meltaguns, and flamers, the distinguishing mark of a lost legionary, known as a Dayhan, was the adoption of blackened armor, leaving only the heads and pauldrons of their battle-plate the original ruby-red of their legion. For some reason, many of the legionaries found amongst the Dayhanii wore Achaean battle-plate, and seemed to possess little, if any, psychic powers. Scholars of the Thousand Sons have theorized that this morose insanity manifested itself as a genetic-parallel to the more common “flesh-change” seen through the history of the Thousand Sons, albeit one attuned to the less psychically capable, although the majority of evidence does come from the accounts of the 209th, and therefore cannot be held as a certainty for the legion at large.


What can be said of their fate is that by the time of Horus’ defeat at the hands of the Emperor, some of the Dayhan had spread from the ranks of the 209th into all corners of the galaxy, forming small bands of blackshield astartes that roamed the myriad of warzones, corroborated by recordings and personal accounts on the side of the loyalists in such theaters. There is even information indicating that a small group even made it as far as Calth, while other lone sightings were made across the Imperium, ranging from the Ghoul Stars to Terra itself. Most famously, there exists an image of a lone and unidentifiable Dayhan of the 209th fighting the VIIth Legion in the Imperial Palace, and although the warrior’s eventual fate cannot be known for sure, it is likely that he perished under the guns of the Imperial Fists shortly after the image was captured.


Like most of the traitors bested by the Imperial armies, by the time of the scouring, most of the Dayhanii were dead or scattered too far to make any significant impact on the larger war, and it is believed that the last of the Dayhan were finally killed in mid-M32, near the outskirts of the Nikaea system. Trapped by a force of Ultramarines, the last Dayhanii fought a bitter and grueling battle against the Ultramarines, a fitting end to the tragic tale of the Lost Ones of the Thousand Sons.

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