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  1. I thought I'd share my Chaos army and various WIP things, hopefully to motivate myself to get some more painting done! I have a decent sized Iron Warriors army, as well as a goodly number of Thousand Sons, which I'll get pictures of later. My current projects are a start up Emperor's Children Warband, and a force of The Cleaved. The Cleaved: I made this Plague Marine years and years ago when I had a spare blob of Green Stuff. The armour was a test piece for the new foundations, its straight Dheneb with a heavy devlan wash. He got some nice armour scores, and some weeping joints I abandoned them for a very long time, until the release of the new codex, whereupon I made a couple of plasma gunners to come later. I also have 5 of these guys that will be geting the cleaved treatment. My very first tank, well over 10 years old with an awful splotchy (but thin) nurgle paint job, back when the mark of Nurgle gave your vehicle +1AV all round. Rather than give it to the Iron Warriors, I've honoured it's heritage and dedicated it to the cleaved. The marine on the back was originally an ultramarine, but the blue wouldnt look good with the colour scheme. Green, however would, and seeing as there will probably be a few new DA players soon...and also to annoy Skink a little. The Nurglings on top need some detailing, as well as a few other bits and bobs, but I consider it table worthy after a weekend's work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the new codex, I jumped at the chance to finally get some Slaaneshi marines under my belt. Noise marines with an 80's hair metal vibe. I wanted a full Sonic blaster squad, buy only had one and the blastmaster, so time to make up some stuff: Dude doing a squealy blaster solo, and regular blaster dude. You cant quite see the detail, ut they have hides/skin GS'd onto their leg armour, and regular dude has GW barbed wire wrapped around his thigh. Blastmaster and DeathKorg. You cannot have a band without a synth, so this guy got made up. The idea is that the bolter fires, gets some funky rhythm attached to it as it goes along the barrel, then hits the opponent with some music that they've probably never heard of. Noise Champion: Since squad leaders cannot currently have blasters, and in the hope that they can someday, I made something in between a combi bolter and blaster, the backpack (from the classic NM) and belt amp can also double as a Doom Siren. Smile:
  2. Hi I’m Casual Heresy, and I’m a hobby butterfly. And that’s okay. Afternoon all. A combination of the forum upgrades and downtime from catching Nurgle’s blessing (covid) for the first time means I’m finally going to start the WiP log I’ve always meant to start. I love space marines of all types so always have multiple projects on the go. Currently, I’m focussing on Black Templar reinforcements for the August Throne of Skulls at Warhammer Workd with heresy era ultramarines in the background. But various other armies and one off projects will pop up over time. Currently I’m about to finish the first of two Redemptors for my Templars, and a Contemptor I finished yesterday is waiting on tufts. After that there is only Grimaldus and his boy band, a Primaris Techmarine and Castellan to go.
  3. As said in my vow on the ETL thread http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...2368&st=175 I am vowing a 5-man Assault Squad with a Rhino (Power fist, 3 Plasma pistols, Combat shield, Meltabomb, Pintle-mounted Storm bolter and Hunter-killer missile,) and a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Heavy Conversion Beamer, Graviton Gun, Extra Armor, Searchlight, Carapace-mounted Cyclone Missile Launcher and Targeting Augury, from IA: Apocalypse 2nd Edition pages 24-25,) from Codex: Dark Angels of total value 526 points I will update later with a full break down if it is needed (let me know if it's needed.) Here are 3 pics of the units. Edit - I deleted links as Photobucket sucks!!! Sadly lost the three photos...
  4. Figured this might be of interest to a few frater here - An Alpha Legion Chaplain based on the excellent concept-work done by IHF (if you haven't checked out his Heresy-era design thread, it's pretty amazing). Still could use accessorizing with a holstered pistol and grenades, etc. - but otherwise, pretty much done. The crozius is ... a bit odd, now that it's attached - but I couldn't think off-hand of any other serpentine parts I had about to use for it. [standard-topper from the Dark Elf Corsairs was an option .. but not one that was around where I could see it in the general bitz-hoard]. Here's IHF's original for comparative purposes: An XXth 'Redactor' Chaplain. [well, I'll possibly head my own direction with fluff considerations due to a somewhat heterodox approach that utilizes a lot more Germanic conceptry ... and in this particular case, certain points around Grimnir - 'Masked One' :P ; but the visual is most definitely aligned with IHF's production, at any rate] Now, he didn't go into much detail about wargear, so I made my own inferences. Could still use accessorizing with a holstered pistol, grenades and vials and pouches etc. And the Crozius piece ... goes with the Old Norse pun-value around 'hooded one' aforementioned, as well as a Jormungandr reference - large 'wand'/staff. I felt that a scoped bolter went with a hanging back and precision shots where required ranged engagement modus operandi; and while the Deathwatch Mk.VIII back-pack might be looked a bit in askance at for Heresy-era purposes ... the Alpha Legion have all sorts of technological resources at their disposal - and it can be said to be a modified Mk.VI or Mk.IV pattern; while the main reason I went for it, the armoured lense, seemed to connote the kind of officer who'd have the entire battlefield under surveillance etc. Oh, and I further 'tweaked' IHF's original design with a scaled cloak, because dapper. And also because it actually makes my method of truescaling [pun .. retroactively intended] rather easier . In terms of the truescaling, Primaris arms are great, but I couldn't find *quite* the right one for the other - so went with the nice thick knight-like armour ones from the Ravenwing Command. Hands are also often a bit of a pain, because full-size primaris arms .. go nicely with FW terminator gauntlets. So I think the hand holding the Crozius is ... either a Salamander or Iron Hands terminator hammer or axe gripper. Gosh, two actual Alpha Legion [other one's up on the Vox Stellarum Heresy-thread]. I might have to do a few more now ... ... and try out that contrast paint to see if i can finally do a scheme ...
  5. 686 downloads

    "Chapter Logo" for the Knights Errant (Grey Knights predecessors). In Black, Grey, Red, and White, with Black, Grey, and White background layers.
  6. 1068 downloads

    A collection of diamond honor markings for the Salamander Chapter/XVIII Legion. Two files: one in black, the other in 'gold'.
  7. From the album: Sons of Horus

    Concepts for Sons of Horus Banners
  8. A while back I experimented with some new Space Marine paint schemes and found one I liked. I just was happy with the one I had originally chosen. I finally let loose the arrow to land where it may. Now at this point I have a conundrum. Is the red bolter housing too busy; should I go with a more neutral off-black? The squad and chapter markings are going to be red, if that makes a difference.
  9. Greetings Bearers of the Word, Does the Diabolist gain preferred enemy on shooting attacks? The text in Horus Heresy book 5 states "The Diabolist gains the daemon special rule and preferred enemy added to all their close combat attacks (in addition to any other weapon effects)." Does the text in the brackets mean he also gains preferred enemy on shooting attacks? - or solely during combat?
  10. Ok, it's about time I put some of my finished work up here. I started painting Legio Tempestus back in June 2019 for a local escalation league, scrambling to get 1000-1250 points together ahead of a start date in the first week of July. As things played out, I was the only person to complete all six weeks of games, but it's probably an understatement to say I was hooked ;) So, why Tempestus? Well, waaaaay back in the day Bell of Lost Souls did a Horus Heresy supplement, and one of the guys painted up a Reaver in Tempestus' colors. I loved the retro blue armor & shard camo look. Painting lots of checkers & shard camo was going to be a personal technical challenge, and I figured I really wanted to go retro for my Adeptus Titanicus force for that nostalgia feel. I've been adding to this force off and on for about 8-9 months now, with two more Reavers in WIP and a Warbringer planned too. After that, I may bulk out my House Malinax auxilia a bit more, but once that's about rounded out, it'll be time to work on some Loyalist scum for an OpFor. Without further ado, here's a walkthrough of everything I've painted to date, in order of descending scale! I. Warlord Titans: The boys, scanning for targets. Magnets at the neck, shoulders and biceps for ease of part swaps. Stormbringer is my latest titan, and I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to do with this guy. In my mind, the overall battlegroup Princeps Senioris rides to battle in this Warlord, leading his forces and crushing the forces of the False Omnissiah. Kingslayer was my first Warlord and sixth titan overall. As with the pattern you'll see below, first titan of the series gets the split carapace scheme. II. Reaver Titans: The first two Reavers I've painted, with two more on the way! Everyone's magnetized at the elbow, carapace, and neck so I can easily swap around weapons and even cockpits. My initial plan for the escalation league was a Venator Maniple, hence turbolasers and a volcano cannon. My fifth titan. I knew I would be doing close combat Reavers eventually, but for my initial force, I wanted to go heavy on ranged gun platforms. III. Warhound Titans: *TEMPESTUS* let the dogs out (sorry; I couldn't resist). I magnetized the weapons at the elbow where the ball sockets click into the guns, but left the heads attached since I couldn't really swap them easily. The first pack I deployed. You'll note that in addition to the split carapace, every Warhound has its left shin split between checkers and shard camo. I wanted to be able to pick out my Warhound packs easily on the battlefield, so Warhound #3 was the first to get a white cockpit and a full shard camo carapace. This makes it a bit easier to represent Mantellum Fulmen, Tempestus' character titan, as well. IV. House Malinax: More on these guys later. The Acastus can swap weapon arms, but the missile pods are locked in place, as are the secondary guns. The Cerastus Lancers are mono-build; I didn't really see the need for Acheron or Castigator builds yet, and I'll definitely be using ~2-4 Lancers often. I'm proud of how I built the Questoris - you can't swap the secondary stubbers & meltaguns, but I magnetized everyone at the elbow and the carapace top, so when I finally get around to painting power gauntlets and missile pods I'll be able to run any and all gear combinations :) V. Objective Markers & Battlefield Assets: "Hey, you know what would be cool? What if I made tokens to represent Titan-Hunter Infantry, Forward Observers, or even Scatterable Mines...?" Yeah, those were fun projects. Also, I decided to convert Aeronautica Imperialis hex tokens and Adeptus Titanicus bunkers into numbered objective markers for use with Graham Sanders' Matched Play Missions (see his Claws & Fists blog here). I went a little overboard - I think I only needed four - but hey, why not? So if you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my amateur photography skills and for taking a look at what I've done to date for Legio Tempestus! I'll be adding to this as I get more engines painted, and we'll see where this goes!
  11. Been taking a break from posting here, moving to Instagram instead, since my hobby ADHD makes it kind of incoherent to keep a log. Now, however, with the release of GWs best models in years (subjective, but hey), it seems I'm again on track to actually produce some kind of coherent, and maybe even playable, army again. So, already finished after months of slogging progress, the Warlord Titan 'Incantamentum Mori': Kind of rusty with the forum posting skills, so hope the images worked out alright. Next up is a banner of two Cerastus Knights, one is 95% finished so should be up pretty soon, fingers crossed. Feels so weird completing a model in a morning after this humongous beast of a kit. Cheers, BTB
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