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Da bigger and 'arder orks...(Somefin' new)

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Hello folks,


So I have finally given in and decided to dip my toe into the big green ocean that is da orkz.

Unfortunately I know nuffin' about 'em. But I intend to learn! And shall post my various adventures in ork kind here for your viewing pleasure! :smile.:


Having just listened to 'Prophets of waaargh' (highly recommend it - superbly good and funny) i decided id start with a big mek. 

However I wanted a bigger big mek. So I thought I'd try building one based on a slave ogryn body. Also grabbed the ork painboss for some parts.

This is it so far, let me know what you think!




Any feedback /advice most welcome.





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Looks excellent!


thank you! :)


I don't think I've ever seen an Ork-gryn conversion before, and I'm wondering why not ? It works damn well.


Nice execution, and hopefully some more Primaris orks are on the way !


Glad you like it! And If this one works out, quite possibly! :)


Dude that is some awesome work! Never seen anybody go that way with orcs. Are you going to keep the aesthetic all the way through the army?


Thank you! If it works out i think i will. At least with the main characters anyways. already have an idea bouncing about for a possible warboss... :)

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Right, bigger big mek, moar dakka, moar gubbinz...


So a few changes. I didnt think the ogryn power fist was orky enough and as some bits turned up in the post i swapped it out for a shoota and a cybernetic hand.

I have also upgraded the shield generator and added a 'grabby arm' which i thought could then be used as a 'counts as' power claw or killsaw.






Next on the menu is some armour plates, some cables and a grot oiler.

Not sure if I'm missing anything so any advice is most welcome!





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So a bit more of an update....


I have added some 'eavy armour, expanded his custom force field/mek 'arness to add another arm and plugged the whole thing into his noggin...








Now needs  a little green stuff, a cable or two and a lick of paint.

Oh, and a grot oiler.

Being new to orks, if I have missed something any advice is welcome.


Hope you like him!





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so i have finished my bigger big mek!


....twice? :huh.:


yes twice - see below!


I finished him initially as a goff bigmek:









and then, having listened to Prophets of Waaargh again i decided to re-do him as an evil sun...





So there you go! Any and all feedback welcome and greatly appreciated!




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The more upright pose of the model reminds me of the Fallout franchise Supermutants: I like it. :tu:


And while the original Goff paint job looked great, I think you've really nailed it with the Evil Sunz one. Great stuff! :D


Do you have more Ork-y projects in the works?

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The more upright pose of the model reminds me of the Fallout franchise Supermutants: I like it. :thumbsup:


And while the original Goff paint job looked great, I think you've really nailed it with the Evil Sunz one. Great stuff! :biggrin.:


Do you have more Ork-y projects in the works?


Thank you very much :) I have a few orky projects actually. Including a scratch build gargant type thing. Started the design as a stomper with internal detail but its grown a little since then! :D I might make this into my orky thread tbh, so watch this space...


This is simply a stunning and creative conversion.

Looking at it I actually get an itch of maybe starting something orky myself....

Orks is another army where one can go to town with over the top conversions.


I'm glad you like it! I have only just set foot into orks myself but its very liberating and a lot of fun. You can really let your imagination roll. I recommend it. :)


I'll have some more stuff to post shortly, hopefully :)


Cheers, GM


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So having finished my big mek, i thought id make something a bit bigger for him to ride in.

As some of you may remember i have a fondness for converting vehicles to have interiors (see my Squat Knight here for example) and so i thought id do something similar with a stompa. However Gork and Mork took the wheel and i got slightly carried away....


I ended up with the initial foundation shape you see above, but decided id start from the inside and work my way out to make a gargant with full interior etc all magnetised (thats the plan anyways).

So where better to start than with the engine room. The heart of the gargant as it were. I wanted a combination of giant V8, steam engine and plasma drive mixed in with the usual orky chaos and lack of safety regs. I started with the V8 bit crossed with a steam engine furnace and added some grinders at the front into which any and all fuel sources (and maybe the occasional unlucky grot) could be deposited... 






Plasma generators and  grot for scale. :smile.:


More to come shortly!

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moar gubbinz....


added details to the engine.





also added an unfortunate grot that has had a minor accident.... 




Hope you like it so far! More to come :)





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