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  1. Hey all. Some of you may recognise me making a nuisance of myself over in the Adeptus Mechanicus forum. I have a load of Tech Priests coloured green. Orks are my other green, walker heavy army. Since I've got quite a lot of pictures I am not going to flood the "Show me what you've got" page with pictures, I will post a project log of my work so far. My Ork force wasn't painted to as high a standard as my Mechanicus but hopefully people will find what I've made so far interesting. First up is my Warboss. He is painted in the same style as my rank and file, but he gets to embellish some of his wargear since he's in charge. The sandy yellow and blue stripes were inspired by the 2nd edition codex. The grey urban camo in spots is because I'm a glutton for paint-related punishment. I love this model. I'm just a little sad that the belt fed bullets are a bit to fragile for a gaming piece. Next up is my Deff Dread. This is possibly the first of many. I went for a bit of a dramatic scene on the base, it was good fun trying to get the pose how I liked it. I've got a Big Mek here. He was an experiement with GW metallic, I had quite a bit of fun trying out techniques that I have now completely forgotten how to replicate. When I started my Mechanicus army I kept a notebook to describe the ways I painted various effects. I might do that when I get round to my Orks again. A Warboss, because one Warboss isn't enough to start an entertaining squabble. I've got a 10-strong unit of Stormboys, here are the most interesting three. I have more boxes of Stormboys to bolster the unit, but making them match the first batch will prove tricky. Note here that the camo scheme is reversed on the Stormboys, blue with tan stripes.
  2. Heya, It's been many...many years since i played the "FUN" 40k army So ere goes, My mate and I are playing a patrol 25 power mission for our first game of 9th when the book drops , he's playing sisters and he thinks i'm playing Necrons but i'm going to surprize im wif da Best army eva ...well that's the plan... Anyways I got a box of boyz and put em together see below, pretty happy with the Nob (I stole a head from a Nob box as it looks cool) and jazzed his gun up to look more dakka like. I'll be adding to this rather quickly as I need a 500pt army before the end of July ...luckily it's only one unit of boys for the combat patrol game requirement... I have a Deffkilla wartrike and a Megatrakk scrapjet to put together and a unit of Nobs with big choppa's and maybe if I can get em a unit of stormboyz... The Nob- this is them together...gotta get some paint on em quick smart Wish me luck.... but since they're going to be Blue...deys prob don't needs it as Blu is da Lucky Kulur Cheers, Mithril
  3. Hello reader, welcome to my hopefully long and entertaining ork thread, where I represent you my unorthodox take on orks. My waaagh is lead by me, Warboss Ilgoth, because my internet alias just fits. I am by no means a proficient with the official lore, but short story is: (back then wasnt a warboss) Ilgoth was part of Ghazghkull's Waaaghh in Armageddon, and just like Ghaz, disappeared at the later half of the final battle. On Ilgoth's case, he got into the warp and soon found himself slightly wounded on Imperial World Cardrim, where Space Marine Chapter White Scars has fought against Ork infestation since 925.M41. Whole conflict has turned into a three-way fight, as da loot of necrons can be found. Disappointed, bent and broken, Ilgoth was saddened as he was denied the ending of the ultimate waaaghh. Very unlikely for an ork to swell in these thoughts, after all it meant there would be a new one. Walking towards a distant mountain range, he rejoined a small ork mob and was immediately challenged by another nob. Ilgoth was victorious, and took control of the mob. From there, he has grown to be one of the big names and it would be him, who would make the 'oomies of Cardrim fall. I will steadily post models, I launch the thread with an unit of Stormboyz, which is my favourite ork box. And squad as a whole:
  4. Ok Me again, looks like i'm starting a series or something with all these "New Player Advice" posts Anyways as the title says "commando's" are they good?.. Is there a sole purpose to them?, what kit out's are versatile? And should I convert them from Nobz? or Boyz? I have a pack of spellcrow Commando heads from a while back that I think can be used now ... and I have some backpacks, stick bombz and knife type choppa's set aside for when I approach this conversion... thoughts?, Tips! ... as always appreciated... Cheers, Mithril
  5. Everything and everyone is afraid of something, so what might Orks be afraid of? They love to fight, and they don't fear injury or death (so they say) and love to make noise and visit death and destruction on others (and themselves). So would they fear stillness and quiet? Or boredom? Maybe they're afraid of weakness or the appearance of such; could we call that a fear of failure? I want to hear your thoughts! Inside the box, outside of it, underneath it... I'm looking for answers better than "nuffin".
  6. Well me again!, before I finish up what I’ve got I have turned my mind to the next additions to my force... Now I hear fraters like to take a few of these, but what do we arm them with ?!... I’m thinking I want consistent damage over “if it works it’s awesome” ... so how many? And what type ? What are people’s favourites and what will be a good 9th Ed choice?!..., Again, any “good” advice is welcome... Cheers, Mithril
  7. I am proud to say I finally have enough of an ork army to be brave enough to post it here. Hope you like it, overall theme is flying machines, specifically triplanes (deffkopta conversions) and zeppelins (chinork warkopta transports)! The zeppelin corps, from left to right: the Morkon (or was it the Gorkon?), the Hindenbork II, and the Orkron Some custom triplane conversions: One of my two weirdboys, this one has decided to rig up a (stolen) winged contraption to carry him into battle! Another weirdboy (with high-tek signal devices) along with an ork with an unconventional flying machine... Final photo of all the flying machines! Like I said, hope you enjoyed them, this army has been fun to convert and paint in bright, gaudy colors Lots more pictures in my Army Thread in the ork section of the forum; it includes the humble beginnings of the force and the WIP photos of the triplanes and zeppelins. Cheers!
  8. Ok so another Newbie question I have some Nobz (i think ill have about 10 available) and was thinking of equipping them simply with slugga's and big choppa's and getting a trukk for em eventually... now I ask, is there a better option to go with (Looking at 9th Ed) or is there even a shooty version i'm overlooking?... Again , any and all feedback happily taken onboard Cheers, Mithril
  9. Anyone given this a listen yet? I thought it was a fun audio, the voice acting is good as usual, and as someone who doesn't follow 8th ed. developments outside of Black Library I'd say it was worth the 4.5 hours. While there's plenty of spectacle, it falls on the less action-oriented side of Annandale's works. It has a fair bit of the introspection that I think he does well, and follows his usual spiritual odyssey tropes: enormous creatures, epic journeys, and everything but the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure. For the same reason, it did feel a bit all over the place, it's very Annandale and won't be changing anyone's opinions on his work. For a wyrd bonding Ragnar and Ghazghkull, we see less of the ork than I would have expected. That said, the scenes from Thraka's POV are definitely the highlight of the drama, Annandale nails the character's voice, and makes him noticeably different from the more standard orks surrounding him. This doesn't tell the full tale found in the Psychic Awakening supplement, but it works better for it in my opinion; it ends exactly when it should. I'm curious if this is doing well, and if we'll see a sequel covering the rest of it. While I'm eternally thankful BL's team isn't being forced to cover big events on the tabletop anymore, I appreciate something that actually goes over the recent developments. I hope more authors jump on these opportunities in future, or even better, start backfilling. We still don't have a coherent account of Wrath of Magnus. I'd give it a strong 6 to light 7 out of 10.
  10. Closet Skeleton

    orktober vow1

    From the album: Orks

  11. Closet Skeleton

    beast snaggas

    From the album: Orks

  12. tentagil


    From the album: Tentagil's Orks

  13. Closet Skeleton

    2021 orktober Vow 1

    From the album: Orks

  14. Closet Skeleton

    Squigasaur wip1

    From the album: Orks

  15. tentagil

    Big Mek WIP

    From the album: Tentagil WIP

  16. Smoke Frog

    Flying Ork Weirdboy

    From the album: Luftwaaaagh

  17. Smoke Frog

    Ork lootas And burnas

    From the album: Luftwaaaagh

  18. Smoke Frog

    Ork lootas 8

    From the album: Luftwaaaagh

  19. Smoke Frog

    Ork lootas 7

    From the album: Luftwaaaagh

  20. Smoke Frog

    Ork lootas 6

    From the album: Luftwaaaagh

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