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1,000 Point Alpha Legion -- Tourney List

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Patrol Detachment




Daemon Prince with Wings

- Malefic Talons

- Helforged Sword

- Warp Bolter

- Mark of Tzeentch

- Psychic Power: Diabolic Strength

- Relic: Q'O'Ak the Boundless

- Warlord: Master of Diversion


Sorcerer with Jump Pack

- Force Stave

- Plasma Pistol

- Mark of Tzeentch

- Psychic Power: Weaver of Fates

- Psychic Power: Prescience

- Relic (1CP): Drakescale Plate





Khorne Berzerkers

- Aspiring Champion with power fist and chainsword

- 5x Berzerkers with chainaxe and chainsword

- 1x Berzerker with chainsword and plasma pistol

- Icon of Wrath



- Aspiring Champion with combiplasma and power fist

- 4x Terminators with combiplasma and power axe

- Mark of Slaanesh






- Champion with autogun

-17x Cultists with autoguns

- 2x Cultists with heavy stubbers

- Mark of Tzeentch



Heavy Support



- Aspiring Champion with bolter and chainsword

- 4x Havocs with lascannons



Fortification Network




Noctilith Crown



Comes to 996.  Overall it's built for start-of-game shenanigans.  My deployment will have the Berzerkers and Cultists snuggled up on the line under the Crown's protective aura with the Berzerkers up front.  If I get first turn, I'll use Forward Operatives on them for a better position on a turn one charge.  If I'm going second, I can Master of Diversion them around so that the Cultists are closer to the enemy, which then allows me to use Conceal to force an enemy to shoot them instead of the Berzerkers.  With the Crown's aura, at least they'll have a 5++ save.


The Sorcerer will be casting Weaver on either the Cultists or the DP, situation depending -- either with a 4++ makes them a tougher nut to crack, one for getting in the enemy's face and killing units, the other for holding an objective and playing meat shield for the Havocs -- and Prescience on the Havocs since the DP won't be there to provide rerolls for them.  Between the DP and Berzerkers, that's a pretty solid melee threat.



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