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  1. I - An Introduction and an Invitation Greetings! I am Ezra. I have been lurking in the background of this website for a while now, though you may have seen a post or two of mine in the distant past. I’d like to return to blogging a little bit, and especially, to sharing fun and interesting conversion ideas with like-minded souls. I’ve tinkered on various projects over the years, but there’s one that’s been rather close to my heart, and that I’d like to share with you all here in this topic. But first, to set the scene… ++ Brigannion Four – The Well of Hunger ++ It is the 40th millennium. Brigannion Four, known amongst Navigators as the Well of Hunger, has stood inviolate for centuries. The Iron Warriors, siege masters beyond compare, hold the Warp-tainted world in an iron grip, repelling all invaders, both from within as from without, with cruel and merciless efficiency. However, they are not alone on this world. Others have managed to establish a foothold upon its surface, from where they strive to dislodge the Iron Warriors from their position of power and claim the planet for themselves. Amongst the warring factions stand the heirs of two other Legions of old. The Death Guard, the implacable servants of Nurgle, were the first to lay claim to the world after its initial capture by the Night Lords. They fought a short but brutal war against the sons of Curze, successfully driving them into the fortress’ underworld before falling prey themselves to the ambitions of the Iron Warriors. The survivors are still licking their festering wounds, biding their time until they can strike against their hated foe once again. The world’s strategic location near the Cadian Gate has also made it a prime target for Abaddon the Despoiler, the Warmaster of Chaos. The Black Legion has launched countless assaults upon the planet, but not even the full might of a Black Crusade could bring the defenders to heel. Though beaten and bloodied, the Warmaster’s own will not relent until their prize is firmly in their grasp. Over the millennia, numerous other Traitor Legions and Chapters have descended upon the Well of Hunger, seeking glory, plunder, or simply another chance to spill blood. Most of them perish, victims of their own greed and the Iron Warriors’ guns, but some of them survive, thriving in the darkest corners of the war-torn fortress-world. Most notable among these survivors are the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood. The two Renegade Chapters arrived on the planet roughly at the same time following their exile from the Imperium. The two former Chapters have been locked in bitter conflict with one another and with the Traitor Legions ever since, making up for their lack in experience through malign ambition and insatiable bloodlust. The Brotherhood of Blood has recently subjugated a large portion of the mutant throngs trawling the wastes, bolstering their ranks considerably, whilst the Sons of Hate have been mercilessly raiding the supply lines of the Iron Warriors, slowly bleeding the strength from many of their strongholds. The fortress’ vast underworld is home to the shattered remnants of the defeated, who feed off whatever measly scraps they can find. To these scattered Astartes, the conquest of the massive fortress is but a half-remembered dream, lost in the endless quest for survival in a bottomless pit of darkness. The remnants of the Night Lords haunt these shadowed places, tormenting the lost souls that dwell there, forever seeking ways to regain the power they once had. It is the 40th millennium. On Brigannion Four, a shadow war rages without end, the promise of final victory leading thousands to their grisly death. These are the stories of those who fought and died on that accursed world, and of those who against all odds lived to tell the tale. ++ ++ Brigannion Four. Veterans may remember the world from that ancient and malign tome, the 4th edition Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Ever since I read its description, I’ve been strangely enamoured with it. To me, it is an interesting microcosm, a fun little sandbox to poke around in. I mean, what’s not to love about it? A daemonic fortress world, conquered and desecrated by the Night Lords, fought over by Legions, Renegades and daemons, fortified to a ludicrous degree by the Iron Warriors - in short, a true hellscape where Chaos rages against its own kind for no other reason or purpose than pure, undistilled spite and hatred. There’s a lot of potential here, and I intend to tap it as much as I can. Tap it how, I hear you wonder? Well, at first, I tried to do so by writing my own fluff for the conflict, with the idea of one day turning it into an expansion for Shadow War: Armageddon. While I never did get quite far with those writings, they did inspire me to convert a couple of Not-quite-True-Scale Black Legionnaires, and in the more recent past, to expand on those Legionnaires with other models, such as a Hellbrute, a Daemon Prince, etcetera. I’ve got a couple more conversions lined up, which I’m very eager to share with you all. The Black Legion marches on Brigannion Four, and all shall tremble before the Warmaster’s might! But I’d like to do more. Specifically, I’d like to invite you, dear readers, to join me in this hellpit of darkness and despa– I mean, lovely little sandbox. There are a lot of factions and ideas to explore on Brigannion Four, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I hope that my own works, and the accompanying fluff, will inspire your own hobby projects – and if they do, that you share them with all of us! ++ ++ So what’s next? In the posts below this one, I’ll be posting my own finished and work-in-progress Black Legion models, as well as some of the fluff for the other warbands and Legions present on Brigannion Four. At the moment, I have some text ready for the Night Lords and the Death Guard, as well as a short blurb on the Obliterator cult that the Iron Warriors have an agreement with. I also have a few loose ideas regarding the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood, which I’ll be posting later down the line as well. That’s it for now – let me know what you think!
  2. Greetings to you all! I have for many a year been plucking away in the WIP thread, but as most of the things I put there are actually finished by the time I post, I thought it a bit more apt to have a thread here as well - and as there is not far from though to action, thus it is done now. The aim of this thread is for me to post pictures of the various B&C permissable armies that I usually work on and the units belonging to them, which I finish. Currently, I have the following armies in my possession: Dark Angels (1st, 2nd and Battle Company) - about 5000 points total Chaos Space Marines (Death Guard, World Eaters, Black Legion & Fallen Angels) - about 4500 points Chaos Daemons (Tzeentch, Nurgle & Khorne) - about 3000 points Imperial Guard allies (Death Korps of Krieg) - about 400 points Grey Knight allies - about 400 points Tyranids - about 8000 points As you can see, there is plenty of potential for varied things to be shown and displayed here - and I look forward to sharing with you all. Thus, with no further ado, I bid you welcome to my thread of finished works from the forge of Master Ciaphas! Faithfully, Master Ciaphas
  3. I'll work on getting a better/more descriptive intro later, but I started this army about 10 years ago and, after a long break from the hobby, have gotten back into it in the past few months to start clearing out my pile of shame that's collected a fair amount of dust. 38th Company, Sons of Horus Commander: Captain Ismael Lykaddon Latest on the work bench after finishing up my January models is a patchwork collection of heavy and special weapons from the plastic Mk IV kit
  4. Doing a thought experiment and I'd like people to join in for this. A forum like this shouldn't just be a place to show off our work or to get feedback on army lists, but a place where we can bounce ideas around and gain differing perspectives. That can only serve us well in this hobby. Now, to be clear, is it not the kind of topic where the answer should be "It's your hobby, just do what you want". This is about a place to bounce ideas around. So the parameters: - Let's just say, we have access to an Age of Darkness box and the Legiones Astartes battleforce (so that's 2 Praetors, 40 Mk6 Beakies, a Contemptor Dreadnought, a Spartan and 10 Cataphractii, as well as a Deredeo, a Land Raider Proteus and 30 Mk3 Marines). - Another necessary bits, such as heavy/special weapons or conversion bits (be they official or 3d printed) are easily on hand. - This army can be dedicated to Chaos Undivided or to a single Chaos God. - You cannot add other Chaos kits, only the units listed above. - There's no need to post an army list. The thought experiment: How do you, the reader, bring this force together as a Chaos Space Marine army for 40k? What lore do you give this force? What turned them to Chaos? How far will they fall? Have fun.
  5. Would have posted this in a "Post your" or "Showcase" thread, but there isn't one for fliers. Anyway, I'm really happy with my emperor's children helldrake, so while I don't normally post things here (so intimidating) I thought I would in this case. Still have to do the base, but that can wait until I decide on how to spruce it up a bit. Here's some pics of the two weapon options: The picture above shows some of the things I'm not so sold on about the model - namely its stubby tail and its funny little rear legs. Still, it gives a good view on the wings - if I do another, I think I will give it wider stripes and carry them back onto the rear wings as well. Finally, a "danger view" photo.
  6. Patrol Detachment HQ Daemon Prince with Wings - Malefic Talons - Helforged Sword - Warp Bolter - Mark of Tzeentch - Psychic Power: Diabolic Strength - Relic: Q'O'Ak the Boundless - Warlord: Master of Diversion Sorcerer with Jump Pack - Force Stave - Plasma Pistol - Mark of Tzeentch - Psychic Power: Weaver of Fates - Psychic Power: Prescience - Relic (1CP): Drakescale Plate Elites Khorne Berzerkers - Aspiring Champion with power fist and chainsword - 5x Berzerkers with chainaxe and chainsword - 1x Berzerker with chainsword and plasma pistol - Icon of Wrath Terminators - Aspiring Champion with combiplasma and power fist - 4x Terminators with combiplasma and power axe - Mark of Slaanesh Troops Cultists - Champion with autogun -17x Cultists with autoguns - 2x Cultists with heavy stubbers - Mark of Tzeentch Heavy Support Havocs - Aspiring Champion with bolter and chainsword - 4x Havocs with lascannons Fortification Network Fortifactions Noctilith Crown Comes to 996. Overall it's built for start-of-game shenanigans. My deployment will have the Berzerkers and Cultists snuggled up on the line under the Crown's protective aura with the Berzerkers up front. If I get first turn, I'll use Forward Operatives on them for a better position on a turn one charge. If I'm going second, I can Master of Diversion them around so that the Cultists are closer to the enemy, which then allows me to use Conceal to force an enemy to shoot them instead of the Berzerkers. With the Crown's aura, at least they'll have a 5++ save. The Sorcerer will be casting Weaver on either the Cultists or the DP, situation depending -- either with a 4++ makes them a tougher nut to crack, one for getting in the enemy's face and killing units, the other for holding an objective and playing meat shield for the Havocs -- and Prescience on the Havocs since the DP won't be there to provide rerolls for them. Between the DP and Berzerkers, that's a pretty solid melee threat. Discuss.
  7. 12 August, 2022 Eager to collect as much loot as possible, greenskins have launched an all-out attack on the Cruentes' position in the industrial outskirts of Hive Prime. Our sources tell us that these greenskins call themselves the Death Skulls. This pleases Khorne. Leading the initial defence is Thrax Gorechosen, the Exalted Champion. He is accompanied by the Berzerker squads led by Validon and Dreior, as well as the Helbrute Xarian the Bloody Idiot and Bardûl the Wretched Fool. Lord Kratus is on standby on his flagship, The Eternal Warrior, ready to reinforce if needed. For Agendas, I chose Eye of the Gods to kill enemy characters, and Cull the Hordes because why not. Wary of the enemy's brutish firepower, the Cruentes deploy defensively, hoping to bait the greenskins into a foolhardy charge. With a reverberating Waaaagh!, the Orks fling themselves forwards, led by their Warboss. We are told that this huge brute is not, in fact, the leader of the group, despite their size and aggressiveness. This confuses Khorne. The greenskins with a penchant for pyrotechnics open up on poor Bardûl, who suffers terrible burns and flees the battlefield in mindless panic. Great, it'll take days to find him again... A couple of the greenskins open up on Xarian as well, who - on Kratus's order from orbit - launches a barrage of obscuring smoke. Regardless, one lucky shot does get through and succeeds in causing some significant damage. Grinning with glee, the actual enemy boss - an apparent field mechanic with a very fancy array of weapons - orders a hail of rockets from his large vehicle at Rhino II, knowing that the Cruentes have wasted their chance to screen it with smoke. Many of the shots go wide, but enough punch through the Rhino to disable it. Two Berzerkers are killed in the barrage. Gunning the engine of their truck, the burners hurtle towards Xarian, staggering him with their heavy ram. Despite this, Xarian catches his balance and stops the flimsy vehicle in its tracks, bringing his huge hammer down to wreck the truck's engine. The greenskins pile out, three getting tangled in the wreckage. Here is where Thrax's arrogance began my downfall. Not wanting to commit all his Berzerkers to a single charge, he order them to remain embarked while he and Xarian charged the greenskins in front of them. The Rhino accelerated in first, distracting the pyromaniacs for long enough for the pair to charge unimpeded. Meanwhile, Dreior's Berzerkers threw themselves at the greenskins in the midfield. In a spray of gore, the brutes were dismembered one by one by the frenzied Berzerkers... ...who then piled into the dimunitive greenskin slaves, only for one of the lucky gits to somehow club one of the (unwounded!) Berzerkers to death! Despite the success against the enemies in the midfield (ignoring that one ignoble casualty), Thrax's and Xarian's charge didn't go so well. The Warboss, Grog, dispatches the Helbrute with apparent ease and claims several useful mechanical components for himself. Thrax sweeps aside three greenskins with Gorefather (only a single 6 to wound - with rerolls - and my opponent passed a lot of Waaagh invulnerable saves). Things go from bad to worse: the flamer Orks pass their Morale check with insane bravery and fall back, the rocket-armed Orks blast apart the second Rhino with ease, killing three (!!) more Berzerkers, and Warboss Grog dispatches Thrax without breaking a sweat. The Berzerkers manage to inflict a bunch of wounds on the Warboss (that Fury of Khorne stratagem is gold), but a -1 to wound and a 1+ save makes him very, very difficult to hurt. Over the next turn, Grog would proceed to butcher the rest of the Berzerkers. Meanwhile, Kevdak the mechanic commander blitzes most of the Berzerkers in the middle. The rest were subsequently minced by their monstrous truck. Sensing that things weren't really going well, Kratus decides that now is a great time to finally teleport in. Failing his charge (even with a reroll), he's left facing the guns of every remaining greenskin. It's at this point that my opponent throws me a bone: Kevdak (or "Big Kev") howls a challenge to the Chaos Lord. No Ork is to raise their weapon to impede the challenge. (To be clear: it wasn't just for my benefit. My opponent wanted to force a leadership challenge between Grog and Kevdak.) In a familiar display of luck, Kratus's armour holds against the flurry of blows from the greenskin warlord, but barely. Finally, in my own turn, and with one wound remaining, Kratus cuts apart his opponent's armour to expose the greenskin inside. However, seeing his demise written on the wall, Big Kev unleashes all remaining firepower from his massive armour, with just one shot finding a chink in Kratus's armour. With that, the last World Eater falls. Result: 8-62 Loss Ultimately, this game was lost in my first turn, when I overestimated how much work my Helbrute and Exalted Champion would do. I think I had the right plan to hold one unit of Berzerkers back, but instead of spreading my charge out, I should've thrown the disembarked Berzerkers at the enemies in my backfield. I think they should've had a good chance to kill the Burnas and Warboss on the charge, when accompanied by the Helbrute and Champion. Ah well, lesson learnt. Xarian suffered an Angered Machine Spirit, so cannot benefit from stratagems. On the plus side, Kratus earned two Personal Glory points for killing the enemy warlord, and increased in rank. Khorne saw him fit to bless him with a Scorpion Tail for +1 Attack. Kratus's Personal Glory: 3 -> 4Khorne's Dark God Glory: 6 -> 5Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7
  8. 5 August, 2022 Kratus once again lead a small Combat Patrol against the Death Guard, this time accompanied by his lieutenant, Thrax, Dreior's Berzerkers, and a small mob of Cultists. The mission was to punch through the enemy line to cause as much havoc as possible. For my Agenda, I chose to initiate yet another Blasphemous Ritual to earn some more Glory for Khorne. Unfortunately, I had been painting Kratus's model and completely forgot to bring him along, so a random Terminator will have to be his stand-in. This was my opponent's third ever game of 40k, so it was going to be another relaxed game with minimal pressure. Just throw some dice and have fun! In this mission, my opponent had to deploy his entire army first, and was forced to split it into three parts. I took advantage of this, by putting the bullet catchers highly valuable Cultists in the middle, backed by my Chaos Lord. My main push would be on the left flank, where the Berzerkers and the Exalted Champion Thrax would be able to overwhelm the flank and sweep around to the middle. I won first turn, and moved everything up the field. The Cultists began an Action in the middle of the board to raise some mighty skull piles for Khorne. I was going to use Apoplectic Frenzy on the Berzerkers to yeet them up the field for a first turn charge, but decided against it at the last minute. My opponent was only new to the game, and I didn't want that to be how he found out about such an ability. I told him what I could have done, and against his protestations I continued simply moving the Berzerkers. In his turn, he shuffled some Plague Marines on both flanks to get some shooting off, and left his Blight Hauler in the middle. When all was said and done, a few Berzerkers were slain and most of the Cultists were killed. I forget how many exactly (and didn't take a photo), but I think there were only 1-2 cultists left - but it was enough to keep their Action going. Khorne was evidently pleased with their sacrifice, as the action succeeded and I gained a Dark God Glory point (and a bunch of XP on the Cultists). In my turn, Thrax killed a couple of Plague Marines, continuing his trend of being completely incapable of rolling 6s to wound for Gorefather, even with rerolls. Thankfully, Berzerkers were more than enough to finish the rest. Meanwhile, Kratus bounced off the Blight Hauler. We both dealt just a few wounds to each other - I always forget how tough these damn things are! My opponent continued to string out his Plague Marines on the right and finished off the Cultists. While the Lord of Contagion swept around to take care of Kratus. Unfortunately, Kratus's knack for surviving against the odds abandoned him and he fell to the Manreaper. In my third turn, I declared the centre objective to be the Alpha objective, since I planned to move there anyway. The Berzerkers and Thrax moved up to wrestle the Blight Hauler off the objective...but I foolishly left my squishy Exalted Champion standing directly in front of the Lord of Contagion. This is a theme you'll see me repeat a lot! Wisely, my opponent charged the Champion and Berzerkers, killing the Champion. In return, the Berzerkers carved chunks off the character's armour, reducing him to just a single wound. In my own turn, the Lord of Contagion slew two more Berzerkers, and shrugged off their attacks. At this point, I was slightly ahead on points. Had my opponent just stayed in combat, there was a good chance I could finish the Lord and just hold the Alpha objective until the end of the game, maybe also shuffle over and add to the cultists' pile of skulls. So, weighing his options, my opponent initiated a Hail Mary charge with his last Plague Marines - and he made it. The sons of Mortarion finished the last of my Berzerkers to claim the objective. Result: 25-45 Loss Unfortunately, Kratus gained some wounds that would not heal after the battle, gaining the Deep Scars battle scar (cannot perform Actions, cannot Heroically Intervene). The Cultists also gained a scar, but I ended up just deleting them from my list to make room for other units. Despite losing, I still rolled well for my Chaos Points. Kratus lost a little glory for dying so ingloriously, but Khorne was pleased with the sacrifices and I made sure to keep my Warfleet in Favour. Kratus's Personal Glory: 4 -> 3Khorne's Dark God Glory: 4 -> 6Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7
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