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  1. I'll work on getting a better/more descriptive intro later, but I started this army about 10 years ago and, after a long break from the hobby, have gotten back into it in the past few months to start clearing out my pile of shame that's collected a fair amount of dust. 38th Company, Sons of Horus Commander: Captain Ismael Lykaddon Latest on the work bench after finishing up my January models is a patchwork collection of heavy and special weapons from the plastic Mk IV kit
  2. So here's another tourney report for you. Phew, that was a slog and an absolute ing waste of my time, money, and bolt shells. Let me explain. Today, I ran the following list and placed 7th out of 12 with one win and two losses. I really wanted to play my Iron Hands instead if I'm completely honest, but I was convinced to stick with my Chaos since that's what I've mained so far in 10th and I'm most familiar with its rules and units. Oddly enough, my Chaos actually has more defensive abilities than my Iron Hands, but my Hands are better against armor . . .which is what I needed. Sigh. - Terminator Sorcerer (Warlord) with 5x Terminators (Slaanesh) in deep strike - Exalted Champion with 10x Chosen (Khorne) in a Land Raider (Nurgle) - Sorcerer with 10x Legionaries (Tzeentch) in a Rhino (Nurgle) - Master of Possessions with 10x Possessed (Undivided) - Havocs with lascannons (Nurgle) - Helbrute with lascannons (Nurgle) - 10x Cultists (Nurgle) - Noctilith Crown (Nurgle) Game One: Imperial Knights (Loss, 71-41) Summary: If you reference my prior report on 12AUG2023, you may remember I played Knights in my first round then too. Same guy, slightly different army. He still had a mass of Armigers and a Vindicare, but this time swapped his two big boys for a Porphyrion. He also had Inquisitor Karamzov and two groups of Inquisitorial Henchmen. The general trend of the game was "Chaos Marines leap across the midfield, seize objectives, then get blasted." I was actually ahead on points going into Turn 3, but it was a rough start -- bad dice (this is going to be a theme) means that all my gunfire only killed one and crippled one Armiger on my first turn. The Porphyrion then steps out, and despite my best efforts, promptly blasts the Crown to smithereens while the bracketed warglaive got himself a toehold inside the 12" "no shooty" effect of Dark Obscuration, plugged the Land Raider with his thermal spear, then charged and finished it with his chainsword. The Vindicare of course sniped out my MoP as soon as possible, but it didn't stop the Possessed ripping up one flank with a little help from the Legionaries. My Havocs kept rolling low damage as usual; the one chance they had to do something amazing was an Overwatch against Karamazov as he ran onto an objective. I rolled three sixes which Sustained into six hits and four wounds. . . and he promptly saved all four hits. Disappointing. By the end of the game, I was down to just the Legionaries and Sorcerer, while only killing three Warglaives. Lessons Learned: Most of the army ran like clockwork mechanically, even if the dice weren't behaving. Chosen killed a Knight in combat, Possessed killed a Knight in combat, the Legionaries held my flank for five turns. . . the only disappointing element was the new additions, the Terminator drop squad. Granted, they didn't have exactly good targets, but I figured if I could get them into combat with Sustained Hits on chain & power fists they could at least account for something. Nope. Failed their charge on the drop even with a reroll and got slaughtered by mass Helverin autocannon fire. My opponent was wise to my tricks from last time and worked around some of them. I'll admit that while a disappointing finish, it wasn't unexpected -- I consider this opponent a friend and he's very good. Game Two: Chaos Knights (Win, 100-38) Summary: Having an 0-2 record in 10th Edition against Imperial Knights, I wasn't too sanguine fighting a Tyrant, Stalker, two Brigands, two Huntsmen, an Executioner, a unit of Nurglings, and Shalaxi Helbane. Turns out, I needn't have worried too much. My opponent started off without much luck; due to terrain and objective layout, most of the War Dogs had to Advance and thus weren't able to shoot. What shooting he did get off resulted in the drum total of three wounds getting knocked off the Noctilith Crown. My first turn was the exact opposite. My shooting killed two War Dogs; the Possessed killed a third and the Chosen dragged down a fourth (the Legionaries alone -- and just their shooting -- left one War Dog on 1 wound. Not bad for a bunch of bolters!) After that, I coasted a bit. About half the Possessed were killed as they advanced on the Tyrant and Shalaxi murdered what was left of the Chosen (though they pulled down about half its wounds thanks to Eternal Hate), but at the end of Round Three the only thing left of the Knight army was the Nurglings cowering behind a ruin in the corner. Lessons Learned: Once again, the Terminator drop did Jack and -- and Jack left town. Combi-weapons aren't worth much if you don't have infantry targets to shoot at, and they failed their charge even with the free reroll from the Sorcerer again. It didn't have much effect on the outcome, but that was a very disappointing failure. With the bad out of the way, let's look at the good. The Legionaries once again pulled more than their weight, earning me CPs and laying down such a rain of fire that my opponent needed a bucket to catch the lead. The more I play Legionaries, the more I like them. I'm prepping three more squads -- one equipped to capitalize on each Mark -- but that's a project for the future. The Helbrute's aura is still amazing, and I'm going to find space in the army for at least one more; I try to keep him positioned between the Land Raider and the Havocs so both benefit and all get the Crown's invulnerable save and it seems to work pretty well. Lascannons go fwash. It took the Possessed longer than I thought it would to bring down the Tyrant, but they managed it and are still probably the fastest, scariest hammer I have ever run in a 40K army. Game Three: Death Guard (Loss, 96-76) Summary: I'm not going to cast aspersions. . . okay, I'll cast a few aspersions. My opponent was a very fast talker. He was throwing out abilities and numbers left and right at a stupendous pace and anytime I tried to ask for clarification or questioned an effect, his response was something along the lines of "That's how it works! You can look it up if you want but I'm going to keep doing X." I can't say he was cheating but I honestly couldn't tell because I didn't catch half what he said or did because he was just blowing through everything so fast! It was not a fun game and I left the store with a sour taste in my mouth over his shenanigans. In any case, he ran Mortarian, Typhus, two PBCs, three Blight Crawlers, two Bloat Drones, Deathshrouds, a Helbrute, a Defiler, and a Land Raider. Oh, a unit of Cultists. Man oh man, my dice turned to straight garbage. I swapped them out twice to no effect. My Possessed carved out the middle of his army, ticking the last of the life from the Land Raider, surviving the return from Typhus and his bodyguard, then slapping back hard. The MoP got to use the anti-psyker ability on his staff for the first time so that was nice. They'd kill the Helbrute too before Mortarian double-backed and removed them. My Legionaries finally let me down, doing only mediocre damage to the Defiler and rolling garbage on their saves -- at one point, I rolled four 1s and 2s on AP1 D2 attacks -- forcing me to commit the Terminators to that flank. The Defiler was on three wounds -- just three -- and rerolling a 9" charge is about 50/50 odds to land. I didn't get it Game One. I didn't get it Game Two. Game Three's the kicker, right? Wrong. They got the Defiler the subsequent turn, but not before I lost the objective. Meanwhile the Helbrute died to concentrated fire (one turn of his aura was enough to trigger an instant "kill that thing!" decision) and, surprisingly, the Havocs became a priority target after that. My Chosen tried to shore up my center and right, and accounted for a Bloat Drone and half of a PBC, but Mortarian swung back over to kill them. I flopped the Eternal Hate rolls for my power fists and ended up only putting six wounds on Morty while the Land Raider was busy failing all of its Invulnerable saves to the Blight Hauler multimeltas. We only finished three rounds and I wanted to just call it, but my opponent started a "talk-it-through" of the last two rounds but again, he was going a mile a minute and assuming results of moves and attacks in very bad faith. I'd already had enough of his crap so I just let him run his mouth and tally up points. We were close to being tied when the dice went down and I think I was even up a little bit so I should have just told him to piss off but again, frankly, his demeanor the entire game had just put me off so much I just. Didn't. Care. So of course he tallies himself up a whole bunch of extra VPs for a 20-point win. Whatever. Lessons Learned: I've run the Sorcerer-Legionary package now in six tournament and three casual games, and in nine events this is the first time their performance has been disappointing in any way -- but again, that what the dice's fault. They failed to roll successfully on the Eye of Tzeentch, they busted saves, they were missing shots, etc. Such is life, and the overwhelming evidence is that the package works well. The Terminators on the other hand are absolutely zero-for-three in my book and are getting pulled. I figure I can fit in more Havocs and/or a second Helbrute instead. They failed their drop-charge every time, and while they did kill the Defiler it only had three wounds left. The subsequent turn they charged into a Blight Hauler and couldn't even kill that thing in one round! The Possessed literally caved in the Death Guard center and penetrated all the way to their backfield objective, and it took Mortarion to sort them out. The real pressure came from his big daemon engine brick -- one Hauler, both Drones, and both PBCs hooked to my right and my rolls for my lascannons just could not get it done. The Havocs biffed two turns in a row and it took the Chosen smashing down a Drone and a PBC to actually give me a fighting chance on that flank. Overall Lessons Learned: I've used the word "disappointing" quite a bit already, but that seems to be the theme of today. The Terminators did nothing for me. A quick rejig in the WH app lets me swap that package out for a second Helbrute and a second squad of Havocs with 15 points to spare. I'll have to build more -- my other painted squad is autocannons and I want more lascannons -- but that gives me heavier firepower and another double-dip Helbrute aura. The Legionaries and Possessed are still my absolute MVPs and I love them both; the Chosen were functional last tourney but this time around they really laid out a lot of pain so they get to stay in. As I expected, the balance slate change to Devastating Wounds had no real effect on the Possessed since they don't dole out single big hits but lots of small ones, and the mass-rerolls on them with Profane Zeal is just *chef's kiss.* I missed having the free-stratagem on the Chosen that came from a Chaos Lord but honestly, the Khorne Enhancement works a lot better on the Exalted Champion. He already gets +d3 Strength when Dark Pacting inherently; tacking an extra +d3 Strength and +d3 Attacks from the Talisman of Burning Blood just cranks up the hurt. At one point he was heaving eight S10 attacks into Shalaxi Helbane. Those left a mark, let me tell you! I'll keep testing and refining and we'll see where this all ends up. Thanks for reading!
  3. I'm awful at introductions, but yes, another Night Lords army blog. Inspired by the Night Lords trilogy and about a decade of "I should really get around to that", this is less of an army project as I don't really play 40k these days and more of an art project for myself. Hilariously, it took me 8 months to settle on a basing scheme, but more on that in a second. The first thing I built and painted for the army was a set of objective markers. The inspiration is rather obvious, of course, but the Souls series provided me with a ton of inspiration for the project, from the ashen waste basing scheme to a general sense of mood I want to approach the Warband and their current engagement. The basing was a nightmare to decide upon. I wanted something that contrasted well with the midnight blue and bronze of the Legion, but nothing too complicated or that'll take away from the models. The final bit of inspiration was the Kiln of the First Flame, this wasteland of ash choked ruins of a once great empire, now crumbled, broken and near forgotten, its inhabitant shadows of a past greatness. There's a lot of fun parallels between the series and 40k. The large base belongs to a Venomcrawler, which currently is awaiting priming. And inspired by the all the Heresy nonsense going on right now, I added a single lost soul to the warband, a forgotten remnant of ancient glory. Some actual Night Lords are on the desk at the moment, though I have no idea when I'll get around to finishing them as I've been distracted lately playing through Final Fantasy 7.
  4. THE CRIMSON GRASP “War gives the right to the conquerors to impose any condition they please upon the vanquished.” -attributed to Shakespire, Terran dramaturge, M2 I The assault boat floated through the light debris field, ancient and seemingly forgotten, as the strike cruiser approached. Not a single light or control rune blinked to life across its surface, and its engines and weapons sat cold as the grave. It was a truly old vessel - a Trireme-class Assault Boat. Once a mainstay of the Saturnine fleets in the days before full Imperial unification of the Sol System, a handful of Trireme were used by the Legiones Astartes in a handful of their earliest battles, and yet even by the time that the last true rebellions and uprisings died away on Terra they had been almost entirely replaced; the Space Marines had quickly come to favour Dreadclaw and Caestus, whilst the early regiments of the Imperial Army were already beginning to move towards the easier to produce Shark and Condor pattern Assault Boats. The Trireme was quickly forgotten, and now it was rare for a ship in the Imperium’s fleets to even have a way to recognise the obsolete craft in its vast cogitator banks. And that was exactly what Saggar was counting on. Saggar stood in the cramped troop bay of the Trireme, his gaze seemingly locked on his squad’s helms. The light of their emerald lenses were amongst the only sources of light in the mostly powered-down assault craft, and that thin and sickly light caught the edges of the helmet crests of their kin, rendering the Sarum-forged shapes even more monstrous than normal. However, his attention was firmly within his own helm, focused utterly on the runes flickering over his display, showing the approach of the strike cruiser. The plan had seemed so very simple back in the launch bays of the Axeman’s Mercy. The strike cruiser that was approaching belonged to one of the thin-blood ‘Successor Chapters’ of the Imperium, and was unlikely to be able to tell the Trireme apart from the endless debris and flotsam of the void. Built for war in the densely populated Sol System, the Trireme was built to be far more resilient than the later generations of Imperial assault boats - in the battles over Saturn, there was a chance if you missed your target that a ship might actually be able to pick you up, and so the Trireme was able to maintain life support for incredible lengths of time. Especially when most of its occupants had the legendary constitutions of Space Marine Legionnaires. Now though, with the Butcher’s Nails biting hard into the back of his brain, and the vast form of a strike cruiser bearing down on him with no way of defending himself, Saggar was beginning to see all the ways this plan could go wrong. The runes displaying the status of the strike cruiser blinked bright, and Saggar held his breath. Even now, the hundreds of servitors linked to the strike cruiser’s defence turrets would be scanning the Trireme, trying to identify any threats. One long second passed. Then two. Three. Saggar was used to the lightning-grind of melee and the ground war, and each second sat in the dark, simply waiting, felt like a lifetime of agony. Eventually, after five more agonising seconds, a pinging green rune appeared imposed over the strike cruiser rune on his display. Saggar grinned, his tongue clicking off his iron teeth as he opened a vox-link to the hereteks and engine-cultists in the Trireme’s cockpit, Nails at once seeming to calm and tense further as the chance for violence approached. “Bring us in.” Slowly, achingly slowly, the Trireme began to move. It couldn’t ignite its main engines, not without becoming a blazing beacon on every sensor aboard the strike cruiser, and so it had to sputter and limp towards its prey on emergency micro-thrusters - drifting into the cruiser’s path more than actively closing the gap. In the troop bay, Saggar’s squad had begun to notice the movement. To an Astartes, well used to the feeling of an assault craft plying its trade, even these tiny movements spoke volumes. The Berzerkers began to twitch and fidget. The most controlled amongst them ran practised hands over their pistols and axes, performing weapons checks as a small ritual to try and appease and calm the pain engines singing in their skulls. The least controlled began to murmur and convulse, barely holding back their contempt and fury at not yet being in soothing battle. So began Saggar’s main task as a squad leader - trying to keep the World Eaters under his command dancing on the knife edge between mindless, frothing madmen barely useful as even the bluntest of weapons, and the long and painful failure that came from trying to deny the Nails. He laid a hand on the pauldron of one of the nearest struggling Berzerker, Kayst, the sudden and deliberate movement drawing the rest of the squad’s attention. That, at least, was a good sign; before some battles such small social queues had been completely beneath their notice. “Hold steady, brother. Soon, we will be ankle-deep in the blood of Imperials. The Blood God and the Nails will both have their fill and more, and our brothers will praise us as the heralds of yet another glorious victory. Is this not why we are the favoured of the Fell? Trusted above all others to be his preferred companions? We strike smart first, and it does not dull our fury. Blood for the Blood God!” “Blood for the Blood God!” The squad’s response shout was crisp and eager, and Saggar smiled again. Playing to their egos, and reminding them that the eye of one of Khorne’s favoured was on them in part because they could still be trusted to show at least a little restraint, had done its job, and Saggar felt some of his earlier confidence return. A different vox-link chimed, filling Saggar’s ear with the adrenaline-buzz of the Trireme’s heretek pilot-devotee, “Boarding proximity achieved, Lord Saggar. Bringing mag-clamps online.” The assault boat shuddered and hummed as, beyond the thick walls of the troop bay, it gently connected with the hull of the strike cruiser before locking itself into place with an array of esoteric mag-locks and proto-ursus harpoons, sharp as lamprey teeth. “Sealed and airtight, Lord Saggar. Melta-rams are now back online. We fire at your command.” Saggar slammed a fist into the release rune beside him, rising with the unlocked harness and forcing his way through his Berzerkers and the small knot of cultist and subhuman support they had brought with them until he stood at their fore, eyes almost boring a hole through the assault boat’s ramp. “Do it.” Saggar’s squad ran through the sparse outer corridors of the strike cruiser at a speed far beyond a jog. There was little restraint or control here, and even less attempt to move with any true silence or stealth. However, it had not yet devolved into a full and unrestrained charge, and even Kayst was still pausing and changing direction almost immediately after Saggar gave the order, and given how loud and insistent his own Nails were growing, that gave him no small amount of satisfaction. Besides, true stealth would barely have served them here. If the Astartes on this ship had not immediately noticed the assault boat breaching their hull, they would notice soon. Saggar simply had to complete his mission before the Imperials managed to stop him. They had yet to encounter any meaningful resistance. There had been a few knots of mortals here and there, most likely Chapter Serfs trying to eke out a handful of personal, human moments here, far enough from their duties, masters, and the ship’s key systems that the small sins of human inefficiency - love, tabac, and the other tiny excesses of dutiful slaves - were tolerated or ignored. None had survived contact with Saggar’s Berzerkers. He had let Kayst lead the way. The Berzerker had flung himself at each and every small mob of mortals, scattering them like a felinid coming down amidst song birds; with rent lines of blood and shrill cries of weakling panic cast all about him as his chainsword swung. The rest of the squad was barely a breath behind him, chainaxes and eviscerators lashing out at the mortals that tried to move away from Kayst’s frantic swordstrokes. In the wake of each cull (Saggar refused to insult Khorne or his own squad by calling the events ‘battles’, or even ‘skirmishes’) Rell had paused for a half moment to stoop amongst the corpses, the strange tools of his twin disciplines rattling at his waist as he bent to coat his fingers in the rapidly cooling blood of their victims, using it to daub crude runes on the walls and on his own armour even as he rose and moved to catch up with his fellow World Eaters. After the fourth such small ritual, Saggar spared Rell a nod, trusting the old Berzerker to read the implicit question in the gesture. Rell did, but his answer was full of his usual vagaries. “Too soon to tell, Saggar. It’ll all depend on how many thinbloods are on this ship once we are through proper.” Saggar grunted, annoyed but not surprised, before turning back to run with Kayst at the head of the squad. They were coming up on the objective, and there was precious little time to waste. There would be time enough to wrench answers out of Rell later. A few corridors more, and another mob of serfs, and something in the air changed. The keening pitch of the Nails sang higher in Saggar’s skull, and the faint scent of sanctified Mechanicus oils and the burnt residue of gun lubricant began to filter through his helmet. “Kayst, blade up and faster - I taste Imperial corpse-machines on the wind.” Kayst snarled, and Saggar braced himself for a backhand from the Berzerker’s sword, worried for a moment that the bite of the Nails would cause him to lash out at the implicit chains of authority in Saggar’s words. Then the snarl continued, morphing into something akin to a laugh, and Kayst broke into a full-tilt charge, bringing his chainsword up from the lazy and vaguely ready position it had lived in since they had deployed to a proper guard, from where it could be deployed against an actual opponent. Saggar lengthened his own stride, rushing to keep up with Kayst, and as the pair rounded a sharp bend in the corridor, they were met by a hail of solid slugs. A trio of heavy servitors - semi-living and lobotomised human bodies, filled up with simple aggressor machines, targeting matrices, and massive slabs of armour, and literally armed with some form of primitive rotary cannons - had locked their feet against the deck, choking the air down the long corridor with blazing hot ammunition. It was a kill-zone that few forces in the galaxy would be able to push through with ease. The World Eaters had never been a typical force. A veteran of the Long War in the truest sense, Kayst had served in the XII Legion’s Destroyer cadres, even earning the Blood Hand and fighting in the elite Red Hand Squads when Horus’ doomed rebellion had reached Terra. His place had always been in the teeth of the enemy, screaming back in the face of firepower that should have been overwhelming. He had survived the heavy weapons of Dorn’s precious Imperial Fists, the massed fire of entire Aeldari corsair bands, his own lethal and sickening wargear, and even, at the height of the Legion Wars, a full salvo of lascannon beams from the Sun Killer elite of the III Legion. These servitors were nothing in the face of such a legacy. The Destroyer lowered his shoulders, turning as he ran so that most of the howling slugs struck the already scarred Legion badge on his heavy pauldron. The weight of fire seemed to barely slow Kayst, and he howled as he continued to put one foot in front of the other, closing the gap between the squad and the servitors with the unnerving speed of a true Astartes. The bullets could do little against the ceramite of power armour, and where they found the soft armour of joints and armour seals, the sting of pain simply caused Kayst to howl louder and run faster, fury burning his blood as he sought to avenge himself upon the machine-men. As Kayst reached the servitors, he laid into them with his chainsword, crashing into the Imperial cyborgs with a series of heavy, two-handed swings. The first few blows struck at the weapon limbs of the servitors, although Saggar was unwilling to assign that to a desire to help cover the advance of the rest of the squad, or to any sense of strategy or tactics, rather than the blind and mad luck of a warrior lost to the Butcher’s Nails. Regardless of why he had done it, Kayst’s first flurry of blows had nonetheless knocked their heavy guns out of their pre-sighted alignments, and the rest of the Berzerkers were left unopposed as they ran the last stretch of the corridor, their own howls joining Kayst as they joined the fray. There was more of a fight here than there had been with the Chapter serfs. The blade-limbs of the servitors were just fast enough to parry one or two of the World Eaters’ swings, and a desperate close-range salvo from one of their cannons brought Badis crashing to a knee, a string of impact craters running down his breastplate. However, they were just three simple machines, and in the face of ten of the most powerful assault specialists the Imperium and the Eye had ever produced, they had never stood a chance, and by the time Badis had heaved himself back up with his eviscerator, the fight was over. It took Saggar long seconds to silence his own Nails enough to look to his squad after the last of the servitors fell, and even more valuable moments were lost as Saggar and his Brothers pulled the worst of their members back from the abyss. Even once calmed, Kayst paced like a caged predator as he waited for the squad to advance again, and Badis had been lost for a while, furiously tearing into the collapsed servitor that had shot him. However, eventually Saggar was able to drag his squad back from the fog of the Butcher’s Nails enough that he could stand and take stock, grinning as he saw what the servitors had been guarding: an interior bulkhead door, marked with an eyeless skull emblem - the same heraldry that had been emblazoned across the side of the strike cruiser. Another iron-toothed smile broke behind his helmet. Saggar turned, barking at Rell to get to the door. He paused, his eye lenses rising up to meet Saggar’s. He had taken advantage of the squad’s brief halt, daubing a dozen crude runes in the thick blood of the squad and the vital almost-oil of the servitors, and all but covering both of his vambraces in the strange half-script. The lifeblood was stark and bright against the death-grey of his armour, and as he moved past Saggar to investigate the door, it seemed to move slower than the rest of him, lingering like the afterthought of ritual in his wake. “Can you get it open, Rell?” Rell’s first response was little more than a grunt; a distracted half-snarl of Nail-bite and focus that made it very clear he would answer when he was good and ready, and not when Saggar asked. Saggar felt his anger rise in response to the implied disrespect, and forced his ire back down as Rell set to work, pulling a series of dataspikes and grav-drivers from his belt in order to assault the command console next to the bulkhead door. Long ago, Rell had been an initiate of the XII Legion’s Forge. Having shown a natural aptitude for machinery and mechanisms, he had been pulled from the line and named a Techmarine Initiate. However, Rell had never been sent to Sacred Mars to learn the great mysteries of the Machine Cult; just as his aptitude had been discovered, Angron and his sons had been called to Istvann by the Warmaster Horus, and would soon be embroiled in the all-consuming chaos of Horus’ Rebellion. With the World Eaters dispatched to Ultramar for Lorgar’s Shadow Crusade, and Mars besieged by those still loyal to the Throne, Rell had been taught his trade not in the Forge-Shrine, but in the crucible of war. As a result, Rell had never learned the higher mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus, but he had learned a brutal practicality that appealed to Angron’s Legion. No deep studies of the ancient Cybernetica or the lore-matrices of the great cogitators for Rell, instead he learned to repair a tank whilst under attack by Guilliman’s precious Locutarus Squads. No chance to ever learn the nuances of voltike production or how to set a voxgheist upon an entire world, instead Rell had learned the art of forging weapons from the broken machines of the XIII Legion. Rell might never have been considered a ‘true’ Techmarine, and even now boasted little of the true heretek mastery of the Warpsmiths of other warbands, and yet his ability to function as a rough mechanist under fire and through the howling of his Nails was an asset Saggar had long-since come to rely on. It had left its mark on Rell, though. There was a petty spitefulness that ran through the very core of Rell’s psyche; the old wound of never being allowed to study and master the great war-arts of the Mechanicum had never healed. Saggar had once heard that during the Shadow Crusade, Rell had made it his personal mission to kill as many of the Ultramarines’ Techmarines as he could, robbing the enemy of the knowledge and expertise he would never have the chance to obtain. Those same rumours had claimed that each of the tools of the Techpriest that Rell carried had been taken from those same murdered foes - each dataspike and wrench and plasma-cutter a trophy of a foe slain and a blow delivered to the accumulated wisdom of the enemy. Saggar had no idea if such tales were true, but having seen Rell’s fury in the face of Imperial Techmarines in the long years since Skalathrax, he could well believe it. “Saggar, it’s as we feared,” there was a rumble beneath Rell’s voice, an anger borne of having to admit defeat - admit weakness - for even a moment, “Whoever these thinbloods are, they actually put some thought into defending themselves. The inner bulkheads have a kinlock on them. I could force this one open, but all the others would stay locked shut. My dataspikes and petty scrapcode will never convince the door we are supposed to be here.” Saggar nodded, slapping a hand against Rell’s power pack, hoping that the gesture of camaraderie would reach through the Nails and the Berzerker’s wounded pride. They had always known there was a chance Rell would be unable to breach these sorts of defences - the soft work of corrupting and deceiving augury and identification systems had never been his great strength - and so they had come prepared. Saggar shouted an order back down the corridor, to where a small knot of cultists and mutants were slowly making their way through the strike cruiser in the Berzerkers’ wake. Several bestial mutants lumbered forwards, braying and bellowing in something between brash posturing challenges and pious prayers to their Astartes masters. Two were pure brutes, towering over the mortal cultists and blessed with spiralling crowns of horns atop their elongated heads, and swung their heavy chainswords with the righteous arrogance of bodyguards, but it was the third beastman that Saggar had called forward. Smaller than its kin, the third beast was hooded in the ragged approximation of robes, and carried a long stave - a cobbled-together badge of office made from broken icons, glyph-stained bones, and a twisted skull. The beastherds that dwelt in the depths of the Axeman’s Mercy called creatures such as these “shamans” - petty witches and pseudo-psykers whose extensive mutations had given it some deeper connection to the Warp. As the shaman approached, Saggar felt the edges of a Nails headache press at his mind. It was nothing compared to a purer human psyker or true Astartes Librarian, though - Saggar had often wondered if the beastmen’s sheer Warp pollution registered differently to the pain engines in some way, although whenever he had attempted to discuss it with his brothers they had laughed at his interest. However, the ‘softer’ impact of the mutant witches made it easier for the Berzerkers to stomach their presence, which is why they had been picked for this mission. “Burn their pathetic machines awake, witchblood. Open this ship to the Crimson Grasp.” The shaman brayed a response and lumbered forward, beginning to gesture and murmur in a language uncomfortably close to High Gothic for something with such bovine features. Where Saggar and his kin worshipped Khorne above the other gods, and as a grand warrior and pillar of fury and sacred rage, the beastherds worshipped Chaos as a single, primordial whole - an antithesis to order and civilisation. Whatever magic the shaman had taught itself to call upon was clearly borne from this idea of a Primordial Annihilator; it was the magic of disorder, the sorcery of lies and deception, the song of the twisting of bonds and proper function and loyalty. And it was exactly what the squad needed. The Nails buzzed louder in Saggar’s skull as writhing shadows began to dance between the shaman’s staff and the console, and he bit down hard on the urge to cut the beastman down, casting an eye over his squad to make sure that they were doing the same. The shaman’s dark magic poured through the bulkhead door’s sensor-arrays and gene-protocols, myriad illusions confounding it and overwhelming the simple machine spirit. The sensors scanned and scanned again, and a donut emerged in its protocols. There were Astartes in front of it, and surely they were its masters? What other Astartes could be on the ship? It served the Astartes. It served these Astartes? “Rell, now.” Saggar’s command cut through Rell’s battle with his own Nails, and he pushed his way back towards the console, grunting in disgust as the tendrils of the shaman’s magic caressed his armour. A dataspike slammed roughly into the console, and with that the machine spirit’s defences were finally completely overwhelmed. Rell grinned, feral delight overwhelming him despite the proximity of the mutant’s foul sorcery as he punched in a command. Emergency Protocol Exile Extremis Initiated. Unsealing all inner bulkhead chambers. Ave Imperator. The bulkhead door began to scream and screech as it slowly unlocked and rolled open, revealing the dimly lit corridor beyond. For a second, nothing beyond the bulkhead changed. Then, as the rest of the strike cruiser began to realise what was befalling it, the corridor beyond was lit by the flashing strobe of warning crimson, and the screaming of the door was joined by the wailing of klaxons. Saggar began to laugh, and punched through a vox command to the waiting Trireme. “Pilot, relay the following back to Axeman’s Mercy: Mission accomplished, Lord. We have our way in.”
  5. Would have posted this in a "Post your" or "Showcase" thread, but there isn't one for fliers. Anyway, I'm really happy with my emperor's children helldrake, so while I don't normally post things here (so intimidating) I thought I would in this case. Still have to do the base, but that can wait until I decide on how to spruce it up a bit. Here's some pics of the two weapon options: The picture above shows some of the things I'm not so sold on about the model - namely its stubby tail and its funny little rear legs. Still, it gives a good view on the wings - if I do another, I think I will give it wider stripes and carry them back onto the rear wings as well. Finally, a "danger view" photo.
  6. I - An Introduction and an Invitation Greetings! I am Ezra. I have been lurking in the background of this website for a while now, though you may have seen a post or two of mine in the distant past. I’d like to return to blogging a little bit, and especially, to sharing fun and interesting conversion ideas with like-minded souls. I’ve tinkered on various projects over the years, but there’s one that’s been rather close to my heart, and that I’d like to share with you all here in this topic. But first, to set the scene… ++ Brigannion Four – The Well of Hunger ++ It is the 40th millennium. Brigannion Four, known amongst Navigators as the Well of Hunger, has stood inviolate for centuries. The Iron Warriors, siege masters beyond compare, hold the Warp-tainted world in an iron grip, repelling all invaders, both from within as from without, with cruel and merciless efficiency. However, they are not alone on this world. Others have managed to establish a foothold upon its surface, from where they strive to dislodge the Iron Warriors from their position of power and claim the planet for themselves. Amongst the warring factions stand the heirs of two other Legions of old. The Death Guard, the implacable servants of Nurgle, were the first to lay claim to the world after its initial capture by the Night Lords. They fought a short but brutal war against the sons of Curze, successfully driving them into the fortress’ underworld before falling prey themselves to the ambitions of the Iron Warriors. The survivors are still licking their festering wounds, biding their time until they can strike against their hated foe once again. The world’s strategic location near the Cadian Gate has also made it a prime target for Abaddon the Despoiler, the Warmaster of Chaos. The Black Legion has launched countless assaults upon the planet, but not even the full might of a Black Crusade could bring the defenders to heel. Though beaten and bloodied, the Warmaster’s own will not relent until their prize is firmly in their grasp. Over the millennia, numerous other Traitor Legions and Chapters have descended upon the Well of Hunger, seeking glory, plunder, or simply another chance to spill blood. Most of them perish, victims of their own greed and the Iron Warriors’ guns, but some of them survive, thriving in the darkest corners of the war-torn fortress-world. Most notable among these survivors are the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood. The two Renegade Chapters arrived on the planet roughly at the same time following their exile from the Imperium. The two former Chapters have been locked in bitter conflict with one another and with the Traitor Legions ever since, making up for their lack in experience through malign ambition and insatiable bloodlust. The Brotherhood of Blood has recently subjugated a large portion of the mutant throngs trawling the wastes, bolstering their ranks considerably, whilst the Sons of Hate have been mercilessly raiding the supply lines of the Iron Warriors, slowly bleeding the strength from many of their strongholds. The fortress’ vast underworld is home to the shattered remnants of the defeated, who feed off whatever measly scraps they can find. To these scattered Astartes, the conquest of the massive fortress is but a half-remembered dream, lost in the endless quest for survival in a bottomless pit of darkness. The remnants of the Night Lords haunt these shadowed places, tormenting the lost souls that dwell there, forever seeking ways to regain the power they once had. It is the 40th millennium. On Brigannion Four, a shadow war rages without end, the promise of final victory leading thousands to their grisly death. These are the stories of those who fought and died on that accursed world, and of those who against all odds lived to tell the tale. ++ ++ Brigannion Four. Veterans may remember the world from that ancient and malign tome, the 4th edition Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Ever since I read its description, I’ve been strangely enamoured with it. To me, it is an interesting microcosm, a fun little sandbox to poke around in. I mean, what’s not to love about it? A daemonic fortress world, conquered and desecrated by the Night Lords, fought over by Legions, Renegades and daemons, fortified to a ludicrous degree by the Iron Warriors - in short, a true hellscape where Chaos rages against its own kind for no other reason or purpose than pure, undistilled spite and hatred. There’s a lot of potential here, and I intend to tap it as much as I can. Tap it how, I hear you wonder? Well, at first, I tried to do so by writing my own fluff for the conflict, with the idea of one day turning it into an expansion for Shadow War: Armageddon. While I never did get quite far with those writings, they did inspire me to convert a couple of Not-quite-True-Scale Black Legionnaires, and in the more recent past, to expand on those Legionnaires with other models, such as a Hellbrute, a Daemon Prince, etcetera. I’ve got a couple more conversions lined up, which I’m very eager to share with you all. The Black Legion marches on Brigannion Four, and all shall tremble before the Warmaster’s might! But I’d like to do more. Specifically, I’d like to invite you, dear readers, to join me in this hellpit of darkness and despa– I mean, lovely little sandbox. There are a lot of factions and ideas to explore on Brigannion Four, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I hope that my own works, and the accompanying fluff, will inspire your own hobby projects – and if they do, that you share them with all of us! ++ ++ So what’s next? In the posts below this one, I’ll be posting my own finished and work-in-progress Black Legion models, as well as some of the fluff for the other warbands and Legions present on Brigannion Four. At the moment, I have some text ready for the Night Lords and the Death Guard, as well as a short blurb on the Obliterator cult that the Iron Warriors have an agreement with. I also have a few loose ideas regarding the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood, which I’ll be posting later down the line as well. That’s it for now – let me know what you think!
  7. Working on my Chaos Marine army is slow-going for a bunch of reasons, but progress does happen (and hopefully soon so will more actual games). I'm currently focused on assembling/converting a couple of extra HQ choices. Firstly, a new Chaos Lord based on an Aspiring Champion from the original incarnation of my army. Tentatively named Kayne Firebringer. There's a good chance the name will change at some point (or possibly just the spelling). Based on a Primaris Reiver to get the extra stature the original version was supposed to possess. I'm trimming down the right-hand shoulder pad to add a regular CSM shoulder pad over it, and I need to remove the left hand/forearm to replace it with the CSM power fist for "I'm coming for you" effect. I'm also waiting on some Necromunda Goliath parts to give him one of the masked heads instead of the head shown in this image. Next we have Angelica, Exalted Champion of Khorne or, as I like to think of her, the Khornate Murder Princess. She's waiting for me to work out what I'm doing for her shoulder pad and to fill the gap from the cloak piece I decided against using. I have a right arm for her, with a massive blade weapon, but I think I need to sort out the torso before I can start trimming the shoulder on the arm to get it to fit. And finally, for now, the third Helbrute for my army. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to focus on the Cold One Head properly. All it really needs at the moment is a bit of gap-filling, but I'm tempted to add spikes and blades to the spire for the extra Godzilla factor. The heavy flamers use the spare cannisters from the Helbrute kits and nozzles from the Sister of Silence kit.
  8. There are lots of useful topics about the Thousand Sons scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword website. While most will occur in this forum and in the Thousand Sons army lists sub-forum, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere, especially in the Forge forums. In addition, plenty of external websites will include content that is useful for fans of the Thousand Sons and other Heretic Astartes warbands devoted to Tzeentch, including blog posts, videos, etc. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the Thousand Sons and other Tzeentchian Heretic Astartes. If you know of a topic, external site, or video that you would like to see added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic, external site, or video. If the moderators agree that the submission is both relevant and useful, it will be added to the listing. If you see a link that you think is no longer relevant or which is broken, please post a reply notifying the moderators of the issue. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated, fixing broken links and removing those that are no longer relevant.
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  12. So tomorrow Friday, the 16 of June, the points will drop for all indexes. It will take a while before we get our codex, so we will have to use the tools we get till then. So I am thinking of restarting the "Unit of the week" threads if there is any interest in that, and if the mods thinks it is a good idea. Dropping a new unit discussion every Friday, starting next Friday, not tomorrow. We should be roughly done when the codex drops next spring if we do one very week. :) So is there any interest in this? For you who does not know it "Unit of the week" is a thread about a certain unit, which were we can discuss tactics, costs and combos. If the mods allow it they usually sticky them in the "Heretic Astartes resources" up top in the forum, so we can look back and add more things when stuff changes. Just and idea. Cpt. Danjou
  13. Seems the phasing out of generic Firstborn models has slowly begun. Be interesting to see if ye olde Dreadnought retains rules in the Codex. GW: Space Maine Dreadnought Sterngard Veterans Indomitus Terminators FW: Relic Contemptor Dreadnought Gabriel Angelos Salamanders Venerable Dreadnought Asterion Moloc and Invanus Enkomi Minotaur Contemptor Dreadnought Red Scorpions Carab Cullen The Risen (already sold out) Inquisitor Lord Rex & Retinue Inquisitor Lok & Retinue Vendetta Gunship Conversion Kit Dreadfire Close Combat Arms Tybereos The Red Wake Greater Bloodhirster of Khorne Great Unclean One of Nurgle Greater Keeper of Secrets Greater Lord of Change Khorne Daemon Prince & Herald Lord Zhufor Nurgle Daemon Prince & Herald Hell Blade Fighter Hell Talon Bomber World Eaters Conversion Set Malanthrope Dimachaeron Reaper Necron Pylons Night Shroud Bomber Warboss on Bike Mek Boss Buzzgob Supa Kannon Stompa Head Stompa Lifta-Droppa Arm
  14. Here is my idea on how many Astartes are in each Traitor group and other facts about them Emperor's Children - 360k -More blessed CSM than the Word Bearers Iron Warriors - 220k -2nd best at 'recruiting' new Marines and 2nd 'best' at losing them via attrition warfare, right behind the World Eaters Night Lords - 130k -2nd Legion with the most Marines with their Primarch's geneseed, behind the Alpha Legion World Eaters - 160k -The Traitor Legion with the easiest means to recruit new members as shown in Guymer's Angron novel. Logistics be damned -The Legion with the fewest Marines that have their Primarch's geneseed Death Guard - 470k -Aggressive recruiting allows their number to swell past their heights during the Heresy Thousand Sons - 18k Sorcerers and 90k Rubrics -Able to raise dead Marines, from their own and enemy Astartes, into Rubrics though quality will differ Black Legion - 2 Million -Right behind the World Eaters Word Bearers - 200k Alpha Legion - 1-5 Million Chaos Non-Affiliated Fallen - 17k Red Corsairs -10k -Does not include the many warbands that have pledged themselves to him, whether tempirarily or permanently. The vassals are Tens of thousands -Vast majority of Corsairs are former Loyalists Even with all those numbers, military experience, weapons and blessings the fractured nature of Chaos usually prevents the Traitors from utilizing it all before the Great Rift Even then, the Millions of Primaris Cannon Fodder Cawl unleashed is another reason why the Imperium managed to slow down their advance. Though most of the inexperienced Primaris died like flies early on they did held the line There are always near-endless Trillions of Guardsmen, Penal Conscripts, PDF and Frateris Zealots to throw at Chaos even with the Great Rift EDIT: -The Death Guard invaded Ultramar while the Iron Warriors invaded several of the most heavily defended subsectors WHILE fighting and killing each other during the War of Rust and Ruin! (Attrition warfare at its finest with many Traitor Titans dying) -Honsou came into the YEARLY Skull Harvest with 300 Marines. He came out with 5k Marines, 12k soldiers and a few ships. He kills 350 ULTRAMARINES, kills BILLIONS of Ultramar citizens and destroyed many Smurf ships!!! -ADB stated the Black Legion had TWO-HUNDRED-THOUSAND ASTARTES at the START of the 1st Black Crusade (BEFORE they assimilated some of the Legion Host which did have COMPARABLE NUMBERS!!!)
  15. WarCom Article. TL;DR; a bunch of resin vehicles are being re-tooled to fit the new plastic sponsons, as well as a new resin upgrade kit for the Damocles Command Rhino.
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