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‘For Ultramar and Old Terra’ - XIII Legion Project Log

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‘For Ultramar and Old Terra’


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‘When my end comes, in the bloody manner it is fated to be, I am content that my brothers will remember me. That is all that I have ever hoped for myself. What troubles me is that, with my passing, the names of a thousand comrades of old will fade. That will be my final regret.’ 

 - Iskandar Locke, Personal Writings. 



Well, what's this? Another Age of Darkness project log? Just in time for the new edition?


I'm aware that I am by no means the only person on the forum right now who is both hyped for Heresy 2.0 and keen to motivate myself to power through a backlog before the new stuff lands. I've also been in a bit of a hobby bare patch and for quite a while have been thinking of setting up a little, semi-narrative project log to help motivate me and share some of the substandard background material I've written for my Ultramarines.


I currently have a few thousand points of XIII Legion and allied Imperial Army in various stages of completion, with vague plans to include some Sisters of Silence & Custodes that I have sat in a box somewhere. 


You can see some more of all my hobby stuff over on Instagram but to get this thread rolling, here is the last character I finished. In game he's a Delegatus / Warmonger (RIP) / Centurion for smaller point games. Let me know what you think!




Centurion Amman Varid - Drop Assault Leader and Senior Company Officer - 2nd Chapter - 66th Company - XIII Legion


IMG 3935


IMG 3941


IMG 3943


IMG 3942


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Not had a huge amount of hobby time so far this week, but have realised I'e got some good photos of one of my Tactical Squads already uploaded to my B&C gallery.


These guys were completed early last year, and are the last unit I painted without any airbrush use. So while the highlights aren't as good as models I've painted since, I'm still quite happy with their overall look & the various kitbashes I used to give them some interest. 




Oros Tactical Squad - II Chapter - LXVI Company - XIII Legion


82AEC85B D757 4331 8362 97BBEA470A88 1 201 A


64122455 571A 454E A6D0 F8F4B27AFE58


B14AC1FD 4AD0 4004 A89E DC70DC1AF56D 1 201 A


472FC2CC F348 42CB 8183 80195EB81238 1 201 A


F8C1C04C BA2C 4CE4 882B 986C349990C8


A5C2CFB9 AE0B 4507 ABDC E65132CD5709




That's a great model, really like the pose and the shade of blue.


great looking mini.


Thanks both! :smile.:


That half-bare head was an absolute triumph of a sculpt. Every kitbasher loves it.

If the Mk2 are brought back, this half-helmet concept should return in plastic. It has already been done for Mk4 in resin (see profile pic), surely it can be done again?


Yeah its a great one, isn't it? Have used both of mine from the Legion Tank Crew set I got when it was LCTB now. Think there is a half-helm / rebreather head in the new MK VI kit by the looks of it though.

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