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  1. Hi I’m Casual Heresy, and I’m a hobby butterfly. And that’s okay. Afternoon all. A combination of the forum upgrades and downtime from catching Nurgle’s blessing (covid) for the first time means I’m finally going to start the WiP log I’ve always meant to start. I love space marines of all types so always have multiple projects on the go. Currently, I’m focussing on Black Templar reinforcements for the August Throne of Skulls at Warhammer Workd with heresy era ultramarines in the background. But various other armies and one off projects will pop up over time. Currently I’m about to finish the first of two Redemptors for my Templars, and a Contemptor I finished yesterday is waiting on tufts. After that there is only Grimaldus and his boy band, a Primaris Techmarine and Castellan to go.
  2. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    My first Terminator Squad for the Ultramarines, but certainly not the last!

    © ZeroWolf

  3. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    The finecast version of this classic figure. Missing his sword and his left hand size mini-shield's position is wrong, but a fun figure nonetheless.

    © ZeroWolf

  4. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    Another as yet unamed character. He will find a name soon.

    © ZeroWolf

  5. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    A as yet unamed Terminator Captain. My first attempt at free handing.

    © ZeroWolf

  6. Well, it's been a while since I blogged last...too long in fact. I was only supposed to have a short break while I finished my Bladeguard and Assault Intercessors (and Bladeguard Ancient, and Captain...). They didn't end up being done till late November time as other things piled up. Here's how they turned out: This led to me finally starting the Marine half of the Leviathan box (I think I said before I wanted it done before New Year...That didn't happen). I started with my favourite Marine sculpts, the Terminators. While I may of saved the best till last with the tyranids, I wasn't following that trend with these. So seven models hit the table (Captain, Librarian, Terminator Squad): and at some point I added the old Terminator Marneus Calgar finecast (I didn't know this when I bought it) model to this. They got a coat of blue, and silver aaannnddd that was it for a month or so. Flash forward to January (same time I revived my thread in the wip area) when I picked up the paintbrush again. I tried something new for these which I had only done in trial cases before, and that was building up to white (and going further for the chest aquillas, up to gold). I worked through dark grey to light grey to white. With the helmets, I worked in as layers, leaving grey showing as shadows. It was a time consuming process but I liked the results. The capes on the captain and Calgar I'm particularly proud of, more so than my primaris calgar. I was grateful that the captain's base gave me an opportunity to do another tyranid...even if it was a dead one. I also attempted my first free handing here, and clearly I need more practice. The rest of the models turned out quite well, I also held back a little on the blue highlights, not sure if it was effective or not. It was about this time I realised that Calgar's little shield wing was glued on by the previous owner the wrong way. I didn't push myself on the Librarian as I should of but the GW standard paint scheme didn't appeal to me. The Terminator Squad though, I'm quite happy with these guys, in fact I'm itching to get the multipart set now, just to have their various weapon options. So, there was 25 models for the space marines in Leviathan, and I've done 7 models here. By my quick and dirty calculations, I've almost done a third. This brings us to the next batch for this mini project: Orto Cassius aside, it's another 7 models (one being the big boi of the Ballistus Dreadnought). Completing these will take me over the half way point. Let's see if I can get them done in under three months this time! People who follow my other thread will have an idea of where I am with these guys... Till next time, Keep hobbying! ZeroWolf
  7. So someone else posted a Tiggy list, which made me take another look at him, and trying a variation of my list to fit him in. This is what I came up with. Calgar, BGV Lieutenant, 6 BGV - CP Gen, 10 4+++ models with basically 39 MC Powersword attacks, and 6MC PF attacks. Bobby G, 1 Ginsu Phobos Libby, 10 Infiltrators with Helix and Comms. Can't shoot outside 12, can't deepstrike inside 12. Tiggy, and 6BGV - 7 4++ models with -1 to be hit, a buncha power weapon attacks, a libby that can Hazardous every turn because they get a 4++ the 3MW IF they ever roll a 1. 5 Heavy Infiltrators 5 Intercessors Land Raider Land Raider 42 Infantry, 2 big vehicles, 1 monster, The only anti-tank is really on the Land Raiders and the Monster which I'm not fond of... The Normal version is Calgar, BGV LT, 6 BGV Bobby G, 1 Ginsu Phobos Libby, 10 Infiltrators with Helix and Coms Gravis Cap, Biologis, 6 Boltstorm Aggressors 5x Heavy Intercessors 5x Heavy Intercessors 5xDevs 4 Grav Cannon 5x Devs 4x Lascannon 3x Eliuminators LAs Fusil Not sure what I like better. The first one I like the idea of the regular Intercessors running around in the Land Raider doing some Sticky Capping. I see some potential for Assault Ramp Shenanigans there. The BGV in the other Land Raider is fairly obvious. The second one feels like a little more firepower and more spread out - 4 LC, 4GC and 3 Las Fusil, the Aggressor Bomb. 2 sets of T6 Objective Holders is also slightly nicer than the sticky cap-ability of the Intercessors.
  8. Afternoon all. I'm heading to a 2k tournament in Glasgow next month and I'm looking to take the following list. I had a game with it yesterday against Necrons and its did very well, winning 57 to 27. But wouldn't mind hearing the thoughts of my fellow sons of Macragge. This is based on a list I took to Throne of Skulls in September last year. I'm deliberatly avoiding Calgar and Aggressors and Gladiators since A) I don't have the models, and B) I'm trying to use backlog and pile of potential models before buying anything new at the moment. Tigurius runs with the Bladeguard in the Land Raider. Being able to use Counter-offensive for free once a round proved very useful. Centurions ride in the Repulsor and go where they are needed most. In yesterday's game the eliminators were able to infiltrate on to an objective and hold it for the whole game, though they didn't do much shooting. I kept the Suppressors in deep strike, and their small footprint meant I was able to tuck them right into the corner of my opponents deployment zone. They did die horribly, but managed to get me behind enemy lines for two turns and forced a unit of Lychguard to fall back and deal with them. Obviously points will change soon, but I'm hoping that by avoiding the current 'meta' units I won't have to change the list drastically. But can anyone see any obvious weaknesses I'm missing in this list? Ultramarines: 2000pts Vanguard Spearhead Detachment Characters Chief Librarian Tigurius (Warlord) Battleline Units Heavy Intercessor Squad - 5 Heavy Intercessors - Heavy Bolter Other Units Incursor Squad - 5x Incursors - Haywire Mine Incursor Squad - 5x Incursors - Haywire Mine Centurion Devestator Squad - 3x Centurion Devestators - 3x Grav Cannons - 3x Centurion Missile Launchers Bladeguard Veteran Squad - 6x Bladeguard - Sergeant: Neo-Volkite Pistol Desolation Squad - 5x Desolators - 5x Superkrak Missiles Desolation Squad - 5x Desolators - 5x Superkrak Missiles Suppressor Squad Suppressor Squad Eliminator Squad - 3x Bolt Sniper Rifles Land Raider - Multi-melta - Storm Bolter. Repulsor - Twin Lascannon - Las Talon Repulsor Executioner - Heavy Laser Destroyer - Icarus Rocket Pod - Ironhail Heavy Stubber
  9. Having been barely keeping up with the hobby for several years, Indomitus reignited my passion for 40k last year, so I decided to try to actually build a force. This time it will be Primaris space marines, but still my beloved 3rd Company of the Ultramarines. The plan is to build the complete company, including officers and attached specialists and a dreadnought, plus a ten-man Deathwatch kill team, and such a project needs a fresh thread, so here I am. In terms of bulding the company, I will be dividing it into combat squads, to avoid becoming overwhelmed or bored, and alternate those with Deathwatchers and officers, so that it will go Combat Squad > Deathwatch > Combat Squad > Officer > Combat Squad > Deathwatch... and so on. This should offer a decent balance between progress and sameness of models. I started an Intercessor veteran sergeant (the 30th anniversary model) as a one-off before I decided to make a full army, so I decided to finish him before doing the rest of the combat squad. If you visit the Ultramarines subforum, you may have seen him, but here he is again with one of the Necrons the 3rd is fighting: The Necron is really just a color scheme test model, not the start of an army, any time soon at least. The rest of Combat Squad Ardias is in progress, with their bodies only needing cleanup: The bolt rifle arms are coming along too, I just need to highlight the black and tidy up everything before gluing them on. Then it's just the other arms, backpacks and heads and then finishing touches. Of course, an Intercessor squad isn't the end of it. I have plenty of plans for all the squads and in particular the command cadre. I don't feel like typing out all the minute details of my plan that I've spent the last nine months overthinking, so for now I will just finish off with something black for now:
  10. It took some time, but I finally got round to building and painting him. It was slow going, but overall I've thoroughly enjoyed getting him ready for table top.
  11. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    These three ETB Aggressors came from Imperium Magazine and it took me quite a while to get round to finishing them off.

    © ZeroWolf

  12. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    The Primaris Chaplain from the Indomitus box. I much prefer this model over the one that released before at retail.

    © ZeroWolf

  13. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    The Chaplain in training, one of my big wants from the Indomitus box (along with the proper Chaplain). Tried to do a good job here and the hourglass proved tricky.

    © ZeroWolf

  14. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    The Imperium Magazine exclusive Primaris Captain model. Not my best work and his sword is oddly bent but I do like capes.

    © ZeroWolf

  15. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    My first (of many) Dreadnoughts, a pleasure to build and paint!.

    © ZeroWolf

  16. From the album: Zero Wolfs Ultramarines

    The Primaris Calgar and his bodyguard. The colour scheme for the nids was taken from my Nid army Hive Fleet Boreidas (can be seen in my other gallery). The Terminator Calgar will be joining him soon (then I'll only need two more!)

    © ZeroWolf

  17. ‘For Ultramar and Old Terra’ ‘When my end comes, in the bloody manner it is fated to be, I am content that my brothers will remember me. That is all that I have ever hoped for myself. What troubles me is that, with my passing, the names of a thousand comrades of old will fade. That will be my final regret.’ - Iskandar Locke, XIII Legion. +++ Well, what's this? Another Age of Darkness project log? Just in time for the new edition! I'm aware that I am by no means the only person on the forum right now who is both hyped for Heresy 2.0 and keen to motivate myself to power through a backlog before the new stuff lands. I've also been in a bit of a hobby bare patch and for quite a while have been thinking of setting up a little, semi-narrative project log to help motivate me and share some of the substandard background material I've written for my Ultramarines. I currently have a few thousand points of XIII Legion and allied Imperial Army in various stages of completion, with vague plans to include some Sisters of Silence & Custodes that I have sat in a box somewhere. You can see some more of all my hobby stuff over on Instagram but to get this thread rolling, here is the last character I finished. In game he's a Delegatus / Warmonger (RIP) / Centurion for smaller point games. Let me know what you think! +++ Centurion Amman Varid - Drop Assault Leader and Senior Company Officer - II Chapter - LXVI Company - XIII Legion
  18. Ultramarines 4th Company - Defenders of Ultramar Welcome to my new thread, I have asked for the other to close as I am no longer using GW paints for them so new paints new start. Anyway here is the first squad of my redone Ultramarines. Intercessor Squad I - 4th Company
  19. Rite of War: Sky-Hunter Phalanx + HQ: + Praetor [595Pts]: The Burden of Kings (Loyalist only), Warlord Legion Praetor: Frag Grenades, Iron Halo, Krak Grenades, Lightning Claw, Mantle of Ultramar, Master of the Legion, Master-craft one weapon, Thunder Hammer Spatha Combat Bike: Twin-linked Bolter Command Squad: Artificer Armour, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades Spatha Combat Bike: Twin-linked Bolter 4x Legion Chosen: Bolter, Chainsword, Power Fist 4x Legion Chosen: Bolter, Chainsword, Power Axe Legion Standard Bearer: Chainsword, Combat Shield, Legion Standard, Power Fist Centurion [140Pts]: Librarian, Psychic Discipline: Telepathy, Psychic Hood Librarian: Artificer Armour, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Refractor Field, Chainsword, Force Axe Spatha Combat Bike: Twin-linked Bolter + Elites: + Apothecarion Detachment [180Pts]: Legiones Astartes (X) 2x Apothecary: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Heavy Bolter, Krak Grenades, Narthecium Power Weapon: Power Axe Scimitar Jetbike: Heavy Bolter + Troops: + Proteus Land Speeder Squadron [210Pts]: 2x Proteus Land Speeder: Bolt Pistol, Multi-Melta, Multi-Melta Proteus Land Speeder Squadron [210Pts]: 2x Proteus Land Speeder: Bolt Pistol, Multi-Melta, Multi-Melta Sky-Hunter Squadron [245Pts]: Legion Vexilla 5x Legion Sky-Hunter: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Volkite Culverin Legion Sky-Hunter Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Volkite Culverin Sky-Hunter Squadron [245Pts]: Legion Vexilla 5x Legion Sky-Hunter: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Volkite Culverin Legion Sky-Hunter Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Volkite Culverin Sky-Hunter Squadron [265Pts]: Legion Vexilla 5x Legion Sky-Hunter: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Volkite Culverin Legion Sky-Hunter Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Power Fist, Volkite Culverin Sky-Hunter Squadron [265Pts]: Legion Vexilla 5x Legion Sky-Hunter: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Volkite Culverin Legion Sky-Hunter Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Power Fist, Volkite Culverin + Fast Attack: + Javelin Squadron [210Pts]: 2x Javelin Land Speeder: 2x Lascannons, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Multi-Melta Javelin Squadron [210Pts]: 2x Javelin Land Speeder: 2x Lascannons, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Multi-Melta Outrider Squadron [225Pts]: Spatha Combat Bike: Twin-linked Plasma Gun, Legion Vexilla Legion Outrider Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword 5x Legion Outriders: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword ++ Total: [3,000Pts] ++ I'm making a series of lists that are the 'least' Ultramarines in flavor (mostly to be goofy). Normally I wouldn't use a Telepathy Librarian, but I think a pure jetbike list has a LOT of weaknesses, and lacks the tools to crack Heavy weapons squads or big melee deathstars. The Librarian can support the Plasma bikers, or attach to the big command squad. The Praetor has Battle Hardened, so he is able to tank S8-9 hits for the squad to help them not get blown off the table right away. Javelins are pretty solid tank hunters, and when paired with the Proteus can even do a half decent job of hunting Dreads. The Apothecaries can join whichever Sky-hunters the situation calls for. The 4 squads are identical, save for 2 of them having power fists on sergeants. In theory 2 of them stay back and score while the other two can move forward to be the bulk of my mid field push. It's never going to be a crushing victory IMO, but its a fun army to work towards. All I need is 7 more boxes of Jetbikes.... Alternatively... I could drop the Apothecaries and Outriders to add a Primus Medicae and upgrade the Command Squad and all the characters to Jetbikes. Thematically an all Grav list sounds very cool, though of dubious practical value.
  20. Defenders of Ultramar Well after a long absence from B&C I have returned... Doing 4th Company Ultramarines. First 3 of 6 Bladeguard Company Ancient Company Lt 10th Company Reiver Lt 10 Intercessors of 4th Company (Squad I) 10 Reviers of 10th Company (Squad XIII) Outriders of 4th Company (Squad VIII) Invader ATV of the 4th Company (Squad VII) Servo Turret Veteran Assault Intercessors of the 4th Company Inceptors of the 4th Company (Squad VII) Flamestorm Aggressors of the 4th Company (Squad X)
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