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Good day Ladies & Gentlemen, Brothers & Sisters, the Ethereal and the Earthly, welcome to my blog!

A brief introduction, I started playing role playing games way back in the early 1980's with D&D & for around the next 20 years or so moved through the various RPG systems, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun...etc. Through D&D I was introduced to the amazing world of miniature painting on the old lead figures, even though we'd rarely use those in game. I would also dabble in the WW2 Tamyia/Airfix models because I simply loved painting things.   I became aware of Warhammer sometime in the early 90's when stores starting popping up around my home town of Toronto, although I do believe I had a few figures that were simply titled Citadel I bought through a great (at that time) comic shop called The Silver Snail in the late 80's.  Now as things seem to do, life gets complicated & your adventure takes a different turn so you move on. Around 2015 a co-worker and I are sharing some beers and chit-chat we he says he can't do something tomorrow evening because of his D&D game!!! I was shocked that not only was this younger than myself dude playing my once beloved game, but hell they have new additions coming out!! " I tried to get out but they pulled me back in" 

It was through this re-introduction to D&D that I would fall for this game called Warhammer 40,000, but not fully at first, it would also re-ignite my love of painting mini's.. It was one evening at the local comic shop where our weekly D&D game would take place that I saw this incredible displayed table with all the burnt out buildings, tanks, and these space solders and I had to venture over & try to figure out what this thing was. I didn't even play D&D this evening I was hooked on this game. I remember seeing similar tables in the Games Workshop stores years prior but really paid little attention to these. These chaps were playing 6th Ed and so I started my quest.....a very long quest, because, well...holy :cuss: this stuff was pricey!!

I would get to know these folks that would play weekly games to a point that they would lend me an army to play, very cool & I sucked huge, still do, but for me its all fun and worth the laugh. When 8th Ed launched I jumped on it and tried to get my fellow co-workers to join in...nope! D&D was easy for them, this game...no interest, well till Underworlds came around then that's all we'd play for the next several years. 

Not long into my journey of 40K, once I started to put the lore in order I found out there was this other system called 30K and holy :cuss: even more expensive than 40K, just what in the world have I got myself into. Well 30K is where I truly belong, as I love history and my main interests have always been civil wars so..... and even though I find myself much more of a hobbyist now than a wargamer, I'm very psyched for this new Ed, even if all I do is read the manuals and paint the mini's. 

I should make one small clarification, while I love all the lore, settings..etc I truly enjoy the things in verse that are not explained or left wide open for your imagination to explore. So while 30K is the setting I like most, my slice of this universe falls in the aftermath of HH. I will use this as a hobby/head cannon blog where I'll throw out ideas and hopefully receive some feedback from time to time. 

I'm a Alpha Legionnaire and no I'm not Alpharius, I think he died! 

Thanks for taking the time to read


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Red Corsairs and Stompy Robots

Well some time has elapsed and miniature hobby time is at a minimum due to other interests. Spring time has trout season opener where you walk hundreds of miles of river banks or hike through bush reaching that back lake that hasn't seen a person in 6 months ( and very few people ever see it period) or you try on that ninja suit and hope that a Turkey has terrible eyesight and gets close enough for you to tag out. Spring is also a good time to go out rock hounding and Ramp and Morel (ramps are w
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