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Red Corsairs and Stompy Robots



Well some time has elapsed and miniature hobby time is at a minimum due to other interests. Spring time has trout season opener where you walk hundreds of miles of river banks or hike through bush reaching that back lake that hasn't seen a person in 6 months ( and very few people ever see it period) or you try on that ninja suit and hope that a Turkey has terrible eyesight and gets close enough for you to tag out. Spring is also a good time to go out rock hounding and Ramp and Morel (ramps are wild leeks and Morels are mushrooms) but all of these things have a time limit attached not just because of "legal" season or animal cycles but because of the blood seeking/sucking bastards known as blackflies and mosquitoes. Once they show up its a perfect excuse to get back to painting mini's. 

Now my Red Corsair project is still a 100% go but im experimenting with my colour palette. IMG_20230528_144711.thumb.jpg.d4d1ab6cb962e9bc5844944645527887.jpg


This was my first test model. I dig the overall look but wanted to try different things! 


Here's my Huron kitbash. Not 100% satisfied with it. Different red, which isn't bad to have variations, this is more to my greenstuff skills. The filigree and skull need work but not bad for a first try.


Now this guy got me excited and will likely be the colour palette i go with going forward. Very similar to the first mini but i did a reverse zenithal with purple and man im really digging it .

Now the one game system i truely enjoy is Adaptus Titanicus and it has sat around collecting dust for about a year. Not to many folks in my neck of the woods play this. My regular group had life get in the way so i put stuff away.  Well i had a resurgence of thought on finishing a project i started 3 years ago. Its a homebrew titan legion but my knight house is Mortimer and not the "genestealer" variety.  And just by happenstance the group has put together a date for some gaming at the end of June so im quite excited.







I will have to give a group shot at some point but when these are painted up my knight house will be at 35 knights. I just really enjoy these models, likely the best thing GW gas put out in my opinion ( this includes the Titans)



It felt so good to get back to AT i had to get my nose art idea out first. Now all my titans have nose art as i kinda figured the pilots would be like WW2/modern airmen and name/decorate their machines. This is Hell's Maiden, lettering is the next step. 

Anyway this has gone on long enough, hope you enjoy this entry and on to the next one!


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