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About this blog

The pile of shame/opportunity has become too large! This blog is the stick to drive my fruitless attempt to reduce it to zero in 2023 (and now 2024).

Entries in this blog

APRIL - The Fall of the Eldar (via Royal Mail)

OK, let's start this month's entry with a quick recap.    Jan - bought a tonne of models. Pile got bigger Feb - sold a tonne of models. Pile got smaller Mar - bought a tonne of models. Pile got bigger   Guess what happened in April?   Well dear reader you would be correct. I sold a tonne of models. In fact nearly my entire Eldar project (nobody wants a Wraithlord or wraith-plane-thing apparently) has made its way out through the postal system to new owners

MAR - They're just for an allied detachment........for now

Soooooo........Solar Auxilia..........   Mistakes were made.   "No I don't need any Solar Auxilia. You never painted the 20 resin ones you had and sold 2 years ago." "They are lovely though. And all being plastic makes it much more affordable(ish)." "I don't need another army. There's barely a 30K scene left near me these days. Multiple armies for it are overkill." "Allied detachments are a thing......Cthonian Headhunters are a thing......"   And so 2

FEB - More Ad Mech and can Doobles get in the green.....?

So, January kind of put me in a small (large) hole for my plan to reduce my pile of shame. In response February has been a month of looking to redress that issue.   Hobby time has been limited unfortunately. Having a small child means living with your very own nurgling and boy oh boy did she bestow some of papa nurgle's finest blessings upon us this month.   In total I managed to complete a grand total of.....5 models. Not ideal. However on the plus side, they were all from t

JAN - This year there's a spreadsheet.....

So the "inbox zero" thing failed fairly early on last year. As evidenced by the lack of blog entries. However, I'm back to try again for 2024! And this time I have a (simple, ugly) spreadsheet to track and shame myself with! I haven't gone to the trouble of documenting everything in my pile of shame - such an exercise would be depressing, time consuming and I'd frankly rather not know. So instead I'm simple tracking models in (bought) vs models out (painted or sold). If models out is bigger than


Doobles57 in Grey pile

This hasn't started well....

So it's March and this is entry one on the blog....the plan is off to a rocky start. I largely blame this on having a baby - definitely eats into the hobby time!   The is the current WIP area of my desk:   No less than 5 armies represented in a small space. I'm a hobby magpie, and I'm not ashamed of it, but it can be an issue.  The big impact of reduced hobby time, is that I find it easy to find time to build. Not for extensive conversions etc, but building is an e


Doobles57 in Grey pile

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