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FEB - More Ad Mech and can Doobles get in the green.....?



So, January kind of put me in a small (large) hole for my plan to reduce my pile of shame. In response February has been a month of looking to redress that issue.


Hobby time has been limited unfortunately. Having a small child means living with your very own nurgling and boy oh boy did she bestow some of papa nurgle's finest blessings upon us this month.


In total I managed to complete a grand total of.....5 models. Not ideal. However on the plus side, they were all from the same army AND from the same army that I completed models for last month! This is fairly rare in Doobles-land and I'm actually a little proud of that. I even have a dozen or so more Ad Mech models primed and waiting at my airbrush station (lol it's just my desk + a mask) for March. This has the possibility of becoming that rarest of things.....a fully painted army. I've just jinxed it though I'm sure.....


Anyway, here are our completions this month:


3 Breachers. I think I enjoyed painting these? On one hand I think the OSL is much much better than the Skitarii I did last month so that feels good. On the other hand these felt like they took much longer than they needed to despite the simple paint scheme. Can't put my finger on why, but I've got 3 more part built, and another 3 still on sprue and I find myself in no rush at all to pick them up. Anyway, I think they look alright.



A Skitarii Marshall and a Techpriest Enginseer. I'm not as happy with these, although they're both lovely models. Not sure they have the presence it feels they should have as leaders but I'll reserve judgement until the force grows a bit more as I can view it all as a group. Might return to add a bit of something to them at a later date, but in the meantime I'm conscious of A) getting stuff done & B) not wanted to depart too far from the look and feel I've established and the techniques to get there. We'll see.




In other pile-reduction news there was a lot of selling this month which - in spreadsheet terms at least - more than made up for the limited painting time. An entire project has departed (Flesh Eater Courts - side note, what on earth is with the price of Charnel Thrones??) and I also uncovered a random bunch of Ultramarines things that I didn't see me going to trouble of ripping apart and rebuilding to fit in my Black Templars. So off they went.


Talking of Black Templars, and marines in general, I've found myself with less and less interest in 40K marines in the last 6 months. I love the BTs and their lore and aesthetic was a big part of what pulled me into the game back when they were the poster boys of 3rd edition. But I have no desire to paint any 40K marines or get them out for a game. Heresy is somehow different and still holds my interest, but in 40K marines are now bottom of the list out of the stuff I own. It's weird. Can't bring myself to part with them yet, but not leaving the garage for the painting or gaming table for the foreseeable future.


Anyway, enough waffle, here are the numbers!


Models IN: 12


Models OUT: 58






We're back baby! Let's see what new stuff gets released in the next month, but I'm going to see if I can keep a bit of momentum going now. Marching on to March!


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On 3/4/2024 at 8:37 PM, terminator ultra said:

bases look little weird but the brass looks good

The bases are much brighter in person - the photos come out a bit muted. Aimed for an alien finish to the base in contrast to the grimy models. It's also (and important in the theme of the blog) hella quick to do using following a tutorial that AK put out a while back. 


That said I do get that they might not be everyone's cup of tea!

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