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About this blog

rather than struggle to keep my projects in a few places and so a can share progress on all the random stuff together may as well blog. hopefully this works better and puushes me to do better/ more. may well be sporadic but hey if it works it works. 

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My Gaming Aids

Chuckles and wonders away from the plastic craic puns... maby...   Anyway partially as im not sure where to overly put this one  but i find it fun and have wanted to share though its not army specific. Gaming aids... More specifically the things we use to play. Dice and tapemeasures and tokens and the like.  Some buy but some make. Many customise.  We are hobbiests who like to create and make and customise... sowhy not.  This is just another side of the hobby of ours tha

Brother Nathan

Brother Nathan in Gaming

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