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About this blog

rather than struggle to keep my projects in a few places and so a can share progress on all the random stuff together may as well blog. hopefully this works better and puushes me to do better/ more. may well be sporadic but hey if it works it works. 

Entries in this blog

Purity seal

Not quite a mini but is 40k. Have finished another purity seal. This one for my post apoc airsoft loadout. More learnt on this one and given new ideas for next one. Seems stifinging fabric with paint is a winner that prevents the fonts inks or paints bleeding and charing edges seals the stitching together nicely. Must plan out my fonts wording better for the next one

Brother nathan

Brother nathan in Purity seal

Master of possession wip updated... greenstuff

So i got green stuff started. Some parts im very happy with others not so much. The backpack id want to swap for a more ornate one... may have the one... somewhere but placeholder. The staff i think is perfect. Happy with cables too. Prob should have done gs work pre assembly. Would have liked to bulk arms but think easily look wrong. Leg armour... i dont think will look right til paintedthe horns beside helm arnt great and need shaped a bit when hardened. If they dont look right will see if i c
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