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Enclave Malexis//SUBJ/Geopolitical Summary of Sector Malexis
For access to Malexis Enclave ECN; Request Access Here
Let the following be a recounting of events and the analysis of logs recovered in the wake of the Night Maw Apostasy and the Nihil Crusade.  Malexis is a sector of space deep in Imperium Nihilus.  It is broken up into four distinct subsectors and is governed in the Malchan Subsector at Malchar Prime by the venerable Lord Governor, Quintus Proximi.  Orbiting the Malchan subsector are three subsectors, each with a specific role in the greater Imperial landscape.  The Dreadmaw Expanse lay spinward of the sector's capitol and is steeped in mystery and ruin.  There are very few Imperial outposts here, and those that do exist are rife with piracy and sedition.  Port Rime, the defacto seat of Imperial power in the subsector, is entirely governed by a collection of crime families and freebooters.  The Ghostweave Nexus has a relatively average population as far as Imperial census records go, but Aeldari raiding is incredibly frequent, and the cold trade runs rampant.  This subsector also has an uncommonly high instance of heresy.  Incidentally, Haladrax's enclave has submitted another request for reinforcement.  Finally, the Dalmatian Reach represents the breadbasket of much of the sector.  The colonization efforts of the Rogue Trader Nevarro Lormendyne have developed into a network of agri-worlds as yet unrivaled outside the Macragge.
Laying on the border of Ultima Segmentum, the sector is defined by its relationship to the fringes of the galaxy. The illicit trade of xeno and archeotech is common, and the exploits of rogue traders seeking buried secrets and riches beyond the blighted Ghoul Stars fill countless volumes in the Librarium Primus on the sector's capitol planet. Malexis has a proud history as a key supporting province and staging area for the Malcharian Crusade. Dozens of agri-worlds feed the hives across the sector, as well as the fortress worlds of Malchar IV, Oraxis, Thisellia, Rictus, and Sortia. The sector is home to six shrine worlds, four pleasure planets, and several dozen feudal and feral worlds. Notable Imperial assets include but are not limited to The Rictus Expeditionary Corps, The Malchar 25th, The Sortian 3rd (Shrieking Griffons), and the venerable knight house Alphyn, leige lords of the Justitian system. Finally, the Angels Apocryphal bear the holy charge of defending the sector and maintaining the integrity of the Segmentum's borders from the greatest threats beyond the fringe. Drukhari raiding is common, as are the stranger, more sanity breaking threats that encroach from the dreaded Ghoul Stars. The Hive Fleet Jormungand, crushed by elements of the Death Spectres, bled several splinter fleets into the sector before it was defeated. Feral greenskins persist on a number of worlds within the sector, however a great Warboss called Ungrim Kul'Zangaza has challenged Imperial elements in the Dalmatian Reach. Heretic elements active in the sector include an unnamed Word Bearers detachment led by the Arch Abomination Orbus the Resplendent and most recently, unknown elements of the Thousand Sons led by the arcane heirophant Pho'tek Katar.  Until very recently there had been no contact with the dreaded Necron race, but following the events of the Dunwyk Singularity, we suspect they may have always been here.


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