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++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++
Clearance Level: Emerald
Enclave Malexis//SUBJ/Geopolitical Summary of Sector Malexis
For access to Malexis Enclave ECN; Request Access Here
Let the following be a recounting of events and the analysis of logs recovered in the wake of the Night Maw Apostasy and the Nihil Crusade.  Malexis is a sector of space deep in Imperium Nihilus.  It is broken up into four distinct subsectors and is governed in the Malchan Subsector at Malchar Prime by the venerable Lord Governor, Quintus Proximi.  Orbiting the Malchan subsector are three subsectors, each with a specific role in the greater Imperial landscape.  The Dreadmaw Expanse lay spinward of the sector's capitol and is steeped in mystery and ruin.  There are very few Imperial outposts here, and those that do exist are rife with piracy and sedition.  Port Rime, the defacto seat of Imperial power in the subsector, is entirely governed by a collection of crime families and freebooters.  The Ghostweave Nexus has a relatively average population as far as Imperial census records go, but Aeldari raiding is incredibly frequent, and the cold trade runs rampant.  This subsector also has an uncommonly high instance of heresy.  Incidentally, Haladrax's enclave has submitted another request for reinforcement.  Finally, the Dalmatian Reach represents the breadbasket of much of the sector.  The colonization efforts of the Rogue Trader Nevarro Lormendyne have developed into a network of agri-worlds as yet unrivaled outside the Macragge.
Laying on the border of Ultima Segmentum, the sector is defined by its relationship to the fringes of the galaxy. The illicit trade of xeno and archeotech is common, and the exploits of rogue traders seeking buried secrets and riches beyond the blighted Ghoul Stars fill countless volumes in the Librarium Primus on the sector's capitol planet. Malexis has a proud history as a key supporting province and staging area for the Malcharian Crusade. Dozens of agri-worlds feed the hives across the sector, as well as the fortress worlds of Malchar IV, Oraxis, Thisellia, Rictus, and Sortia. The sector is home to six shrine worlds, four pleasure planets, and several dozen feudal and feral worlds. Notable Imperial assets include but are not limited to The Rictus Expeditionary Corps, The Malchar 25th, The Sortian 3rd (Shrieking Griffons), and the venerable knight house Alphyn, leige lords of the Justitian system. Finally, the Angels Apocryphal bear the holy charge of defending the sector and maintaining the integrity of the Segmentum's borders from the greatest threats beyond the fringe. Drukhari raiding is common, as are the stranger, more sanity breaking threats that encroach from the dreaded Ghoul Stars. The Hive Fleet Jormungand, crushed by elements of the Death Spectres, bled several splinter fleets into the sector before it was defeated. Feral greenskins persist on a number of worlds within the sector, however a great Warboss called Ungrim Kul'Zangaza has challenged Imperial elements in the Dalmatian Reach. Heretic elements active in the sector include an unnamed Word Bearers detachment led by the Arch Abomination Orbus the Resplendent and most recently, unknown elements of the Thousand Sons led by the arcane heirophant Pho'tek Katar.  Until very recently there had been no contact with the dreaded Necron race, but following the events of the Dunwyk Singularity, we suspect they may have always been here.


Entries in this blog


[Ref. Trade Bastion 22-d.  Iracundian 13th Thrall Division engages enemy positions under cover of Leman Russ battle tanks.  In the background, Spc Jonah Rastonne interrogates Confessor Sgt Paula Odbelis and surviving members of Helloween Platoon.]   //FOUO//SANGUINE//ICEBORN//ICEPICK//DF   //OCCULUS//Data Harvest #95128764302800166.338.022M42 Clearance Level:  //SANGUINE//OH   From the desk of Lady Commandant Miriam Killian, Intelligence Officer Primus aboard T


Voidsman Marcin Malkir receiving battle damage reports from Docking Station 22d-A1. [Ref.302V.  Pict captured by Pictman Dephyd Harlowe]   //FOUO//SANGUINE//ICEBORN//ICEPICK//DF   //OCCULUS//Data Harvest #95128764302800166.338.022M42 Clearance Level:  //SANGUINE//OH   From the desk of Lady Commandant Miriam Killian, Intelligence Officer Primus aboard The Trident Imperator, Avenger-Class Grand Cruiser, Linebreaker Squadron Perseus   Operation Icep

Supplementary File: Imaging Disc 115987-XXHAWKWINDXX-SX994285-9: IMPERIAL NAVY REF.MS001

Subsector Map: Malchan Sub     Map Key White w/ Blue Halo - Founding World Blue - Hive World Orange - Frontier World Yellow - Feudal World Gold - Shrine World Plum - Death World Red - Forge World Dark Green - Fortress World Light Green - Agri-World   Sector Locations: Malchar Prime Volsuna Grendal Incarniax Pendraeg Bevarus Donner Hephaesta Juna Abdiel

Operation: Ice Pick

//SANGUINE//SCI//ICEPICK//HELLOWEEN//SCI//SANGUINE//     Attached is the engagement zone of Helloween Platoon in Operation: Ice Pick, part of the larger Operation: Iceborn, which heralds the beginning of the Iceborn Crusade, which itself is a smaller part of the Nihil Crusade.  Labels are based on building function prior to the birth of Glimmerheim,    Mission Parameters: Primary Objective: Establish beach head at Trade Sector 22-d   Secondary O

On the Iceborn Crusade

[Ref. From the personal logs of Seigfryd Kallanti, Lord Governor, Dreadfall Expanse]   On this, the 344th Day of the 23rd Year of our 42nd blessed millennium,   Let this be a chronicling of the events of the Iceborn Crusade, named for Operation Iceborn, an Inquisitorial effort to be made in tandem with Astra Militarum components of the Malchan, Rivenblight, and Ghostweave Nexus subsectors, as well as coordinated forces of the Adeptus Astartes.  This collection of operations w

Supplementary File: Imaging Disc 885973-XXLEVINBOLTXX-AD884921-4: IMPERIAL NAVY REF.DF001

Star Map: Dreadfall Expanse     Location Matrix:   Dreadfall Expanse Subsector shows signs of ancient colonization and catastrophe in equal measure.  Substantial lost histories and unexplored regions.  Less than 20% of the sector has been surveyed since the era of the Great Crusade. It is the most coreward subsector of Malexis.  Cold trade activity and archeo-piracy are 520% above the Imperial Average here.   Colonized Systems Po

On Port Rime

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   //KOEPERNICK//Dreadfall Geopolitical Report #09928819-02936.023.024M42 Clearance Level: //SAPPHIRE//DF//GPA-MISC//     The Fall of Port Rime [Ref. Last Known Pict-capt of shipboard cam, 2nd Lieutenant Matteusz "Moonracer" Volkyr, IXFW-22, Fury Squadron]   The Pilades Incident, as it is colloquially known here in The 'Fall was an action undertaken by the

Tithe Disclosure: From the Data Slate of Commissar-Lieutenant Phinneus Crane

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   //OCCULUS//Data Harvest #83092819927344821.025.022M42 Clearance Level:  //SANGUINE//OH//VOIDSTALKER//OH//   A Tithe Disclosure to Troopers of the Malchan Praetoriate Vermilion Legion//HELLOWEEN PLATOON// before deploying in the purge of Port Rime 011.022M42.  The platoon in question had just been seconded to support of the 13th Iracundean Thrall Division and the Angels Apocryphal chapter of t

Intelligence Update//TAR 8112: Ordo Xenos Threat Assessment - Conclave Malexis//281.022M42

Malchan Subsector   Yazhnox Dynasty Dakkadakkadakkafist WAAAAGH! The House of Dal'Ruin   Ghostweave Nexus   Kabal of the Blood Mouth The Silent Young Corsair Fleets of Aeldoran Splinter Fleet Hydra, Second Head   Dreadfall Expanse   Spine Klaive Kabal The Exile Commodore Hellfreekz WAAAAGH! Zarithax Dynasty Splinter Fleet Hydra, Third and Sixth Heads   Rivenblight  


A disposition of forces across the Rictus Prime battle zone. Taken three weeks before the world was engulfed in a catastrophic warp event, triggered by unknown elements of the Eighth and Twelfth Legionnes Astartes, supported by the traitor militarum collective Octet and the heretic mercenary band The War Dogs. Combined Imperial assets included the Rictus 593rd, the Armigo 74th, and the Malchan 840th led by Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Mateusz Vespasian.  Adeptus Sororitas Convent Militarum al


The following is a copy of the official tactical operations manual of the Rogue Trader house Pilades, 022M42. Compiled by Major General Arch-Militant, Richard Satchel, Commanding Officer of the House Pilades expeditionary force, the Naval Armsman Security Corps, or NASC.  It has been his custom to issue the following publication to each new recruit of Rogue Trader Pilades' private army, since its founding in 997.M41.   [Source; Inq. liaison astrocast.  Composition and tacticum submitte


[Ref.  Malchar IV, a mercury storm rolls over Hive Golgorod]   Asset 409Sigma reports little to no involvement of insurgent group A809237, The Crows, at block riots in Sector 83, Quadrant Delta (83D).    It has been three weeks since the last incursion.    Their use of ancient god-engine munitions speaks to some incredible source of funding as yet undiscovered.  These munitions when fired, set off controlled breaches in realspace as the missile slips into the

The Malchar System, Seat of Governance for the Malexis Sector

+++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++   Clearance Level: Emerald Enclave Malexis//SUBJ/Geopolitical Summary of Sector Malexis   ----FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY----   Malchar Prime Sector: Malexis Subsector: Malchan System: Malchar Population: 24 Billion Affiliation: Imperial Class: Sector Capitol Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius         Malchar IV Sector: Malexis Subsector: Malchan System: Malchar

On the Rookery; the Seven Moons orbiting Malchar Prime and their associated functions

[Attached InfoSlate Subfolder:  Moons of Malchar; the Rookery]   CLEARANCE LEVEL: EMERALD//FIUO//TEP Unauthorized use of Ordo documentation is a capitol offense.  Any redistribution of the following materials will result in censure, excommunication, and death.   On the Rookery; the seven moons orbiting Malchar Prime and their associated functions Watermark Officius: Inq. Logaine Balthaazo     Idarax, the Shadowlight, Gravitationally locked to the surf

Geopolitical Summary of Sector Malexis

+++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++   Clearance Level: Emerald Enclave Malexis//SUBJ/Geopolitical Summary of Sector Malexis   ----FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY----   The sector is governed at Malchar Prime by the venerable Grand Steward-Governor, Lord Benedictus Crax. Laying on the border of Ultima Segmentum, the sector is defined by its relationship to the fringes of the galaxy. The cold trade thrives here, and the exploits of Rogue Traders seek
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