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About this blog

I've tried many times to start a WIP thread...and every time I've gotten sidetracked by other stuff and never really kept it updated. So with the new blogs feature I thought it'd be a good idea to consolidate my various hobby efforts under a single "banner". As such, this will be something of a mishmash of my various projects, from full armies to mini-warbands to singular models. Hopefully I remember it exists!

Entries in this blog

It Came from the Bitz Box!

The Zoanthrope/Venomthrope kit might be one of the most ridiculously economical kits GW has ever made. Regardless of what you build you'll get a tonne of spares. I found this out to my great delight after making some rather wacky converted venomthropes... ...And discovered that with the mere application of a genestealer chest (and puttying over the vent attachment points) I could still make some perfectly adequate zoanthropes! However, there is still one more unit that you

Evil Eye

Evil Eye in Hive Fleet Goliath

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