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It Came from the Bitz Box!

Evil Eye


The Zoanthrope/Venomthrope kit might be one of the most ridiculously economical kits GW has ever made. Regardless of what you build you'll get a tonne of spares. I found this out to my great delight after making some rather wacky converted venomthropes...


...And discovered that with the mere application of a genestealer chest (and puttying over the vent attachment points) I could still make some perfectly adequate zoanthropes!


However, there is still one more unit that you can build from the kit, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it without having some leftover zoanthrope parts. Hardly a tragedy, but still, I thought I should push myself. And push myself I did- and it worked!


The head is of course the neurothrope's crest on a head made from a Wargames Atlantic spider's thorax and abdomen, with some mawloc antennae and a face removed from a plague drone and mounted on a neck made from a genestealer tail. The chest is from the back of a genestealer, mounted onto the carapace of the neurothrope. Arms are 'stealer and WGA spider, with the vestigial legs being hormagaunt mid-limbs. The tail is a hybrid of warrior pelvis and the tail from a totally-not-tyrant-guard from Hydracast (a very nice and talented fellow from Russia and worth supporting if you can get Boosty.to to work for you!). The whole thing is held up on a weird alien fern/fungus thing made from a botched pressmold of a Fujimi praying mantis wing.


He needs some putty to tidy him up around the joins but I am extremely pleased with him, doubly so as I can still build the remaining two Zoanthropes from the kit!


Finally, here he is with his fellow (unpainted) brainy brother bugs.



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