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About this blog

A place for me to compile and track my hobby progress, as well as share it with others. 

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White Scars Kill-Team and Board

Another slow day at work, another blog post to archive a previous project.  When the Strike Force Justinian Kill Team was announced/revealed I got to work on a conversion. The stock models are fine, but I'm not a big fan of the Ultramarines and didn't feel like shelling out cash when I had most of the models/bits on hand. The one exception I made was for the captain, because I needed both a powerfist/plasma pistol...and white-scars bits to accompany the upgrade kit I'd picked up ages ago on a


zulu.tango in White Scars Board

Starting off with a finish

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, and I'm finally pulling the trigger. I want a place to share my work and receive comments on it that isn't one of the socials or discord. Plus I can upload here from work, which is certainly a boon.  Opening project is going to be sharing the progress to date, and completion of, a display board for my take on the Euclidian Starstriders kill team (previously posted in the kill-team channel). I started the board last year, and completed


zulu.tango in Star Striders board

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