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Da Clothy Bits



Been a couple of weeks since my last post. Progress has felt slow, but in gathering up the pictures for this post I've realized how much I've actually accomplished

Whenever I'm painting orks, I always like to keep in mind that unlike most other factions, Orks don't have a "uniform". To that point, whenever I'm painting up a group of them I always want to make sure that their pants/belts/bags/bands/etc don't match across the group. There can be overlap obviously, but there isn't a manufactorkum ork handing out factory made belts. 
To that end, I started off with the pants. I picked a handful of colors (dark grey (eshin grey), deep red (khorne red), dark brownish-yellow (monument color...something...) That I felt would fit the color scheme and provide enough visual breakup of da mob so as to appear more chaotic.
Hard to tell most of their pants colors in this picture, but there are 3 more or less even groups based on the pant color. I tried to keep too many of the same "specialists" from having the same kind of color. I also did a first pass at some of the vehicle panels just to get some forward momentum going on them

After I did a first pass of pants, I picked out a few different browns for the leathers, a light pink-brown (squig-something from Citadel) a traditional brown (mournfang brown) and a cooler brown (goldfang? something starting with a G from Citadel. I'ma be honest, I dont' pay attention to paint names a ton, I leave them on my table to record at various points in the project, but almost all my stuff is one-and-done so I don't place a huge priority on being able to replicate schemes)

While I was getting the belts/pouches/wraps painted I did a second pass on the pants to bump the opacity
I tried to make sure no ork had the same combo of colors, visually breaking up all those belts/pouches/etc I also started working in highlights for the cloth and leather. I like to do "bulk" work in assembly lines like this because not only does it keep me from having to re-pour/mix all the same paints, but it also helps catch misses. Nothing worse that being three of four steps past leather and realizing that you missed some part of a bracer, or the back side of a boot, and taking so many looks at a model increases the likelyhood of catching it before its too far gone. 


For the most part I was/am still unsure on exactly how I'm going to paint the furs and hides. I didn't want to do contrasts again...but I've already started doing contrasts again. They're just so easy to use and look so good on high-contour parts of the model. I'm going to try and elevate them a bit, but I'm on a bit of a time-crunch with this project as it is, and the fur's/hides aren't my biggest priority so...contrasts. 
After hitting all the pants and leathers with highlights I'm working through a bit of a "breather" by doing a first pass on teeth/nails/bones. I'm using Pro-Acryl ivory since I love the color, and will eventually dirty them up a bit some some additional layers/washes. 

That's it really. Painting is always a slower process, and I've had TONS of personal hurtles between me and my paint table the last couple of weeks. I've cleared most of them now, so hopefully by the end of the week I will be wrapped on organic materials and moving onto DA METALZ 


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