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A Quick WIP



Its getting harder to find the time these days to squeeze in some hobby time. Finally had some cooler temps (till these last couple of days) so the Divers have started to migrate, a touch of rain had the Steelhead running, Walleye closer is fastly approaching and work is crazy with Health Canada & FDA audits forthcoming. Not to mention garden & yard prep....man life used to be much simpler.

Anyway I decided I would try a different paint scheme on my Terminators. wanted to try the metallic base with candy coats on top. So no biggie, base with Thrash Metal (I remembered how much I hate airbrushing Scale 75 paints..) then a zenithal of Pro Acryl silver. Looking aces so far.  Now I want to go for a darker teal so I mixed 3-1 Tamiya blue & green & thinned it way out, 3 coats should do! Now to hit the transition sections I added a drop of Tamiya clear red to "purple-ish" the paint......looks baller! Last part add a drop of Indigo Ink (DR) & hit the shadows, pretty sweet. Silver trim him out, paint the skin and weapons, oil wash (really just black lining) and I FREAKING HATE the way it looks. I sat staring at this thing for a while as I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it hit me, way to shinny. Now I've seen many a mini painter that paints candy coats on their mini's & they look outstanding but I can't bring myself to liking one done by me SOOOOO a quick matte coat later & the clouds parted, angels began to sing & all was right in the world at that moment. Some quick weathering & done!

Overall I'm really quite happy with effect so this unit will receive this treatment before I move onto a slight variation for the next unit.



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