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I've succumbed to the power of Chaos (Updated)



Wow its been a spell!! That whole work/life balance thing has been out of whack but its starting to level out again, a very positive thing. With the out of balance thing mind ventured into areas I never really went to before, namely Chaos!  Sure I've painted a few Underworlds Warbands & the odd Death guard model but the 40K Chaos astestic never really appealed to me. Aspects of it for sure but most seemed to GWAR-ish for my taste. Now I have followed many peoples Blogs over the years & have really dug what they've done with Chaos, just never really pulled the trigger myself. I bought the Abaddon model when it came out & while its a great model, I got about half way through & just didn't care for it. This really is the only 40K Chaos model I own so my next step was maybe hap hazard, time will tell. This time I also took a rather big step in converting, I've done some minor kitbashing before but not to this extent. My greenstuffing work would be subpar at best but screw it, gotta take the leap at some point. 

A few years ago White Dwarf had a cover with a Choas warrior on it but not just any warrior, it was a Red Corsair warrior. This really appealed to me, the colour scheme, look...everything & I vowed that if I ever was to do a Chaos army if would be to this standard. Of course I found Kari (Iron Sleet, Spikey Rat Pack) & Eternal Hunt (Blog and his postings here) plus many others, & being a fairly new person to all the lore in 40K, I really kinda dove into the Badab War as it was familiar ground with my 30K knowledge. 

Anyway long story short, I've succumbed to the power of Chaos and coverted, built my first Red Corsair. It'll be really obvious what models/parts I used, I just hope I did a good enough job at blending them together. The greenstuff work needs a lot of practice as well as my plasticard shaping but am hopefull people on here will either give pointers to help me become better at it or point me in the right direction to video's or blogs that demonstrate this. Particularly I can't for the life of me figure out how guy's make the Chaos filigree  with greenstuff/miliput, beyond my skill set.

Thanks for reading







Well I've fininshed the Red Corsair (99%) & really must say I enjoyed the whole experience. I learned a lot and really need to focus my kitbashing/greenstuff/photography skills. I've already moved on to my second Red Corsair. I'm not up on all the new lore in 40K but a fairly recent video from Valrek and the Arks series had me intrigued, this wave of destruction/hate that had infected a whole Imperium fleet, turning Primarius marines into Chaos marines, thats my starting point!



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1 hour ago, Warden-Paints said:

The Red Corsair has a great silhouette, a lot of work has gone into him for sure. What's the end goal? Is this a modeling project? A kill team? Or something of grander scale? 

I thought it would just be the odd modelling project, something to clean the pallet in between Alpha Legion projects but I've enjoyed this whole process and what I've learned of the Astral Claws/Red Corsairs has me thinking bigger. Maybe not a entire army but I'm not ruling that out!

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On 2/24/2023 at 6:41 AM, Xenith said:

Definitely a good Lufgt-alike! Are you going with the traditional red corsair scheme?

As close as i can. I love Kari's take but that White Dwarf cover just gets me. I really dig Henry's  from Cult of Paint method, a little to bright for me but likely the base I'll use. 

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