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  1. Evil Eye
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    Having finally acquired a 3D printer- to be exact an Elegoo Mars 3 Pro- I've been having fun testing it out. I've done three prints so far, the first being the default rook models, followed by a few Tyranid things from MyMiniFactory, including Hive Delta's free Carnifaux body (which is awesome!).


    However, I was itching to try and print something I'd made myself, so I went a bit mad and sculpted up 5 'niddy beetle wing sets in the span of a few hours. I then printed 4 of them (one was kaiju-sized and would take 7 hours to print!) to test them out. And they worked!


    The second set down I hadn't appreciated how small I'd scaled them, and for shrikes would need scaling up a bit. Also the bottom-most pair which were intended for rippers (yes, those are actual printed pieces!) are far too tiny for use on game pieces, though I reckon for a display model they could be fun.


    Anyway, I'm really pleased with how these came out, and I'll definitely be modelling up more bitz for printing. I want to distribute them too, so I may be setting up an MMF store soon...watch this space!

  2. Cheex
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    For weeks, Kratus's physical form had been in flux. His movement was not a fluid motion, as if viewed through a pict feed at a low framerate. In the blink of an eye, Kratus would appear in a totally different position; blink again, and he might appear to have never moved, as if he were totally disconnected from reality.


    Kratus has offered many a worthy skull to the Blood God's throne, felling skilled warriors and titanic Knights alike. It was the foul xenoform known as the Salt Wyrm that evaded his wrath: blows that would have landed perfectly, with a ferocity that would tear apart a battle tank, were evaded at the last moment by the Genestealer Patriarch.


    Bleeding from a dozen wounds and on the verge of a brain haemorrhage from the xenos's cowardly psychic attack, Kratus's blurred form emitted wisps of pure darkness, like smoke made of the stuff of black holes. In a swirl of swallowed light, he vanished.


    Minutes turned to hours as the Cruentes' menials pulled injured warriors from the battlefield and the xeno-mutants burrowed back into their lairs, with no sign of the Chaos Lord. Challenges rang out amongst champions of the Cruentes, and blood was spilled in a race for the warband to find a new leader before it tore itself apart.


    It was at the apex of this bloodshed, when it looked like the Cruentes were about to splinter, that a font of blood erupted and coagulated into a dozen or more forms. Most were roughly human-shaped, and several were atop black and brass steeds. One, however, was larger than the rest, its ancient Terminator plate twisted to match its stature.


    'Kratus is dead,' it said.


    'Long live Arkrath, the Hand of Khorne.'









  3. Terrain is always a good way to help decorated the battlefield with something interesting, even though it is often not the centre piece on most hobbyists plans.

    Although there is a relatively good selection of terrain available in hard plastic, resin, PVC, MDF/HDF or even in cardboard, terrain is a good opportunity to make something custom with locally available materials, most of them often seen as garbage.


    For those who might have seen some of my posts on the Astra Militarum section you might have noticed I have a tendency to reuse or recycle stuff into miniatures or terrain and this blog entry is about building simple bridges using garbage and things you can typically purchase in local stores.


    An overview of materials used:

    • Plastic base from ice cream packaging (often found in ice cream boxes similar to viennetta ice cream)
    • Wooden ice cream sticks
    • Air drying clay
    • Contact glue
    • Wood sealer
    • Matte varnish
    • PVA white glue
    • Sand


    Steps to build the bridge structure:

    1. Fill holes in plastic base with air drying clay and create a somewhat even surface.
    2. Glue wooden sticks on top of the flattened surface obtained on the previous step by using the contact glue.
    3. Apply wood sealer to the wooden sticks in order to allow the varnish to work better in the next step.
    4. Apply varnish along the wooden sticks to help protect the wood and potentially change colour of the sticks (depending on varnish selected).
    5. Paint the visible parts of the plastic base in a colour of your choosing.


    Optional Steps:

    1. Use air drying clay or other materials to make the protections on the side of the bridge.
    2. Cover the surface of the air drying clay using PVA white glue and apply the sand to give a stone like look to the sides of the bridge.
    3. Paint the sides of the bridge or apply varnish depending on the desired look.



    • The base for the bridge could be any type of relatively flat material that you have available, including cardboard, MDF and so on. The choice of material was the availability and the fact that the bottom of those plastic bases give the bridge a structure similar to simple metal or concrete bridges.
    • The wooden sticks for the surface of the bridge can be replaced with other textured materials like matches, small stones and other things that are locally available. Once more it was a matter of personal choice and the availability of the material.
    • Applying the varnish on the wood before painting the rest of the structure can help with clean up of any bits of paint that end up on the wooden sticks while you paint.
    • Texturing can be obtained with flour instead of sand, in case flour is an easier material to find locally.
    • Bridges built in this way are relatively sturdy due to the clay, so can be used between two surfaces without supports in the middle, but in my case the plan is to use pillars made of bottle caps that can be attached or detached to the bottom of the structure, so I can have the bridges at different heights depending on my desire at the time.


    Some pictures of the end results:








  4. I attended the Renegade Open held in Plymouth, MN on 19 November. I walked through most of the events with friends over about an hour. I saw the 40K Friendly, the Barbicon Front (Horus Heresy) event, and Operation :cuss: (Bolt Action). Here's some photos and commentary from my visit.



    Part Three: Swag and Conclusion


    After taking some pics, I headed to the vendor room. The vendor room was much smaller than in years past, but it wasn't a total letdown. I bought some can covers to keep my adult beverages nice and cool. 




    I used my birthday as an excuse to take advantage of some deals. For $130 US, I purchased:


    • a shining spears box
    • an autarch box
    • 2 shroud runner boxes
    • 1 rangers box
    • 1 sector imperialis debris box


    That retails for $333! :jawdrop: My little closet store continues to grow. Thank goodness there wasn't anything Drukhari or Harlequin on sale.




    While I can't say I had a great time playing at the Renegade Open, it was nice to pop in, take some pics, see where the hobby is outside my group, and get inspiration from players and organizers. As we head into winter here, I expect to have more time for gaming and building/painting. While I'm not going to be meeting some of the quality at Renegade, I do have some ideas and goals to make this crazy hobby a little more interesting and enjoyable.


    Thanks for reading!


  5. Photo update 2/2 - I managed to paint the model. The next entry will show a the model, together with a finished base, in better quality photos. However, I know that I need to take break from this draining project and focus on other things for the time being.













    And my finished Redemptor Dreadnought Conversion
















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    "My name is Inquisitor Anrede Hedrek and like my compatriots I am unique in the truest sense of the word as you will come to comprehend. Like so many ancient and specialised branches of the great Imperium to the other Ordo of the great Inquisition we are of little significance to the greater whole. For who would think to question the existence of such an insignificant sub section hidden away in a forgotten office deep within the vast and labyrinthian depths of the record halls of the great Administratium.  

    We are tasked with the impossible endevour of cataloguing existence itself, in this realm and beyond. But this is not a simple case of observing the material and immaterial realms, which in itself would be a staggering undertaking in, ours is the duty to go beyond to explore that which can only be perceived by one of my kind.   

    I am a stranger to this place, for want of a better word this reality. I was born to a different time and place as such was my Ordo which is only right and true.  The citizens of this Imperium, your Imperium know only that which is passed down from generation to generation and the events that play out before them. Their perception of this truth is but a tiny slither, the faintest of faintest lights passing through the tiniest cracks into the utter darkness that is their existence. They are blind, ignorant of the greater schemes and happenings of their own universe and could in no manner be expected to comprehend the greater truth. Such is the way of things, such are the mysteries that are greater than even your understanding of the Warp. Yet it fills me with sadness that this is the truest and most proper realm, all others mere echoes or shadows cast by the brilliant light of His flame.

    To describe the absolute truth would be meaningless even to the most learned of  your scholars. Such blind and fragile closed minds that exist in such an age of superstition and heresy would prove to be a barren wasteland to the seeds of knowledge that I would spread so instead I shall tell it as a tale, a fable, a parable of what was and what came to be and what is. 

    Know that there are many stories, so many renditions of the great truth. A tale of betrayal, of lost sons, of great evil and final sacrifice against the great beast. In all the thousands of versions of this tale I have been privy to there is one common denominator, He was there. The same theme over and over, played out on thousands of stages, the players differ, the order of events is not always the same as a hero in one can be villain in another but all without fail come to the same terrible act on curtain fall. The confrontation between Him and his most trusted, be it son or daughter, friend or lover, be he saviour or monster, victory at such a terrible cost or such terrible sacrifice where in every instance that I have recorded results in his inescapable fate of internment on the Golden device. This one closing act of the great tragic story being truth no matter what the stage or where the scene is set echoing throughout all reality. 

    The version that you, unlike the majority of the lowly masses of this Imperium, are most likely familiar with is the great Heresy. Beloved Horus most trusted of his sons taking sides with the immaterial entities of the Warp that posed as deities, a catastrophic event that would scar time itself and push humanity to the brink of extinction.  

    Humanity’s lack of true awareness of the greater universe hinders me as I try to put into words that which you cannot truly understand. The favoured son was brought down by the father but at great cost, his own body broken and shattered he was placed on the great golden device.  

    One thing is true of all accounts, His final breath delayed, His physical form saved from the cold embrace of final death but His soul is fractured and fragmented throughout out time and space. Each tiny fragment of His glorious essence taking root and diverting what you would probably call reality. Each like dropping an immense immovable boulder into a mighty river blocking its path as the flow of the river is diverted into smaller streams break free moving around the object. Each stream becomes its own story, its own tale, it's own record of events that come to pass as these solitary fragments of Him are cast throughout time and space.  

    In the most simplest terms that you could possibly comprehend it is our sole purpose and divine duty to gather, collect and record data on these fragment realities with the hope that one day He may be made whole and save this sole record none will ever know."    







    The purpose of this blog is to explore beyond the boundaries that are set by the universe of Warhammer 40,000 by using various techniques from story telling, AI artwork and of course the miniatures. It's a chance to open up my creativity and move past my own self imposed limitations when it comes to lore.

    So this blog in effect is the exploration of the what if, what could be but keeping within the boundaries of alternate takes on the 40k universe through the lenses of the Ordo Scientia. The Ordo operates on the premise that when Horus all but destroyed the Emperor his soul shattered sending fragments through time and dimensional space as we can understand it creating alternative realities that ultimately all play out in the same way coming to a single point with the near demise of the Emperor and his soul fragmenting. While the Ordo Scientia exists in the true 40k universe in a dusty old library cell deep within the vast catacombs of Terra the events that they record do not come from our reality for the most and so do not effect the true course of the lore we know. Everything we know plays out as it is written in the lore.

    The idea is inspired from a small section of the book Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work which hints at such a possibility leaving it open to interpretation which I won't spoil for people here. This blog will be written partially in character where needed and partially as myself and will include both finished and work in progress models as I play around with ideas. You will not find any mention of the Ordo Scientia within any Imperial records simply because they are not from our reality but believe ours to be the true source of all echoes of what is.




    inquisitor 2.jpg

  6. Spazmolytic
    Latest Entry

    Its getting harder to find the time these days to squeeze in some hobby time. Finally had some cooler temps (till these last couple of days) so the Divers have started to migrate, a touch of rain had the Steelhead running, Walleye closer is fastly approaching and work is crazy with Health Canada & FDA audits forthcoming. Not to mention garden & yard prep....man life used to be much simpler.

    Anyway I decided I would try a different paint scheme on my Terminators. wanted to try the metallic base with candy coats on top. So no biggie, base with Thrash Metal (I remembered how much I hate airbrushing Scale 75 paints..) then a zenithal of Pro Acryl silver. Looking aces so far.  Now I want to go for a darker teal so I mixed 3-1 Tamiya blue & green & thinned it way out, 3 coats should do! Now to hit the transition sections I added a drop of Tamiya clear red to "purple-ish" the paint......looks baller! Last part add a drop of Indigo Ink (DR) & hit the shadows, pretty sweet. Silver trim him out, paint the skin and weapons, oil wash (really just black lining) and I FREAKING HATE the way it looks. I sat staring at this thing for a while as I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it hit me, way to shinny. Now I've seen many a mini painter that paints candy coats on their mini's & they look outstanding but I can't bring myself to liking one done by me SOOOOO a quick matte coat later & the clouds parted, angels began to sing & all was right in the world at that moment. Some quick weathering & done!

    Overall I'm really quite happy with effect so this unit will receive this treatment before I move onto a slight variation for the next unit.



  7. Noserenda
    Latest Entry


    Real quick one as im knackered but im really happy with how my Knight Errant Sister came out, the concept being that she is either the last member of an Orphaned Vigil or perhaps a particularly grizzled Knight or Solo operative, either way she works alone, is armed to the teeth and perfectly willing to use it all :D 

    That and i spotted the Vampire base mini had definite potential! It hasnt gone perfectly but my keen needed an outlet ;) 

  8. I have vowed to complete a kill team of the Legio Bolter & Chainsword for the Knives in the Void painting challenge for 2022. Before you get all excited, I know my limitations. While the Legio B&C is ostensibly a "Codex" Chapter (inasmuch as a Chapter consisting of battle-brothers from all Chapters, and which doesn't quite follow the Codex Astartes in terms of overall organization can be), I've hedged my bets and am painting a kill team drawn from the Ordo Psykana of the Chapter. No, it's not a kill team of librarians (even though that would be pretty awesome). It's a kill team of psychically gifted battle-brothers - Acolytum. The kill team uses the Grey Knights rules. Yes, that means that it's a pretty small kill team. I might be able to complete my vow. After all, how hard could it be to assemble and paint six models? Famous last words for a notoriously slow procrastinator.


    My long-term goal is to have a complete command roster of 20 models, but I'm being realistic about the slowness (not to mention mediocrity) of my painting, so I'm aiming for six models as my basic goal. If I can get more than that done, great. If not, nobody will be surprised.


    You can see the current state of the overall plan, such as it is, below.




    Since this represents a force of the Legio, it will be like the Deathwatch in that each member will hail from a different Chapter. No, there won't be any "First Founding" Chapters represented. There might be some Second Founding Chapters. My Senior Acolytum (Justicar) is in the little baggy labeled "1" seen just to the left of center. You can see the transverse crest that marks him out as a leader (and you can't see the muscle armor torso). He'll be armed with a Nemesis force halberd, represented as a power axe. Beyond that, I know that I'm going to have a mix of weapons in the team. My outlandish plan is to have different versions of each member, each with a different weapon, giving me flexibility from game to game. It might be more realistic to just magnetize shoulder pads and swap those around models to change weapons around. Decisions, decisions...



  9. As per the title, I'm sure that will be a familiar statement amongst many collectors once the newly revealed Imperial Guard minis are released.

    Its been a long time since the Imperial Guard, or Astra Militarum if you're that way inclined, got new infantry sculpts for their main range. Granted we got a Death Korps of Krieg box recently, but the plastic Cadian range, which I'd say is their 'main' Guard range, has been showing its age for a long time now, and is way overdue for a refresh. I know they did an upgrade kit for the Cadians recently which had some nice bits in it, but it didn't solve the poor proportions of the original kit and did nothing to really bring the Guard up to today's standards. Don't even get me going on the plastic Catachans...


    Anyway, that all changed on Saturday the 8th October when during their online preview show, Games Workshop revealed brand new Cadian Shock Troops, along with a new Command Squad, a Commissar, Field Ordnance batteries, Heavy Weapon teams and a lightweight Scout variant of the already shown Armoured Sentinel. Not only that, there's going to be a new army box on the way ahead of the main release, much like they did with the Black Templars and Leagues of Votann, and this kind of ties in with my previous blog entry. The new Cadians/Guard look amazing, and once again I felt the familiar 'I must have these' urge. 


    The new box will be called Cadia Stands, and will contain 20 Cadian Shock troops, a Field Ordnance Battery, a Command Squad and a Sentinel which can be built as the either the Armoured or the Scout Variant. There'll also be a limited edition Codex and presumably some transfers. They didn't show the Codex as apparently the cover shows a new character riding a mechanical horse, which immediately made me think of the old BraveStarr cartoon - if they don't call the horse Thirty/Thirty then they've missed a trick!


    I've never had a Guard army, but I've always wanted one. I've bought bits here and there - I had the old metal Valhallans, some Tallarn troopers with special weapons, and I've got a Valkyrie in a box somewhere along with a half built Wyvern. I've even bought and sold a Taurox, some Orgryns and Scions when I got a bit giddy once, but I never quite fully committed. Now, I have to admit I'm tempted, and I hadn't just bought the Leagues of Votann stuff I'd be declaring myself all in right here right now.


    I'm tempted because not only does it all look amazing, there was a key piece of information in the reveal that made my ears prick up like a cat hearing a food pouch open from 6 miles away.

    We can mix regiments again. Imperial Guard armies can once again have different squads from different regiments, just like the old days, and for me this is fantastic.

    Not only does it mean we'll see armies with tons of variety, its also gives us hope that other regiments might get the Cadian treatment, and if they make new plastic Catachan Jungle fighters, plastic Valhallan Ice Warriors and plastic Tallarn Desert Raiders, then we are right back at the start of this blog entry:


    My wallet will break before the Guard does.

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    Hello folks,


    I've been in a hobby mojo dip for the past few months, which has translated into 0% physical hobby progress and mounting frustration, in addition to the usual Hobby Butterfly Syndrome (or HBS for short). I have however managed a relatively stable online presence (if a bit sparse in terms of post count) over that time. With that in mind, I've decided to create this blog for which my objectives are:

    1. Get a post, preferably with at least one picture of personal hobby progress, published each week and keep that momentum going for as long as possible;
    2. Organise my hobby projects in such a way that I have a clear idea of what I have underway and avoid having too big of a scatter of projects but not in a way that will stifle my creativity (typically, creating army lists at the start of a project stifles my creativity and usually sounds the death knell of projects before they have properly taken off);
    3. Avoid unnecessary squandering of my limited monetary resources;
    4. Interact with the local blogging community here.

    To hold myself accountable to these objectives, I'll do a periodic (monthly?) review of how well I've managed to fulfill those objectives and what I will do to improve fulfillment over time if I feel I'm going astray.


    Now, perhaps I can write a bit more about myself. I...

    • am approaching my thirties at an alarmingly steady speed;
    • live, study, and work in Switzerland (Europe) though don't have the stereotypical, well-filled bank account, much to the chagrin of my hobby hoarder side;
    • have been in the hobby since roughly 2005-2006, when a friend showed me their Lord of the Rings Rohan Warriors and got me hooked;
    • have been a member of this community since 2009 and a moderator since 2014;
    • first managed to complete a playable army just under a year ago and that remains one of my proudest hobby achievements;
    • do not like the latest edition of Warhammer 40'000 and am looking at playing the game using the 3rd/4th Edition rules and codecies.


    Before my latest hobby mojo dip, I was busy with painting Necromunda models and one-off Space Marines from various lesser-known Chapters. Here are a few pictures from both of those projects:



    A WIP shot of my Escher gang, the Lazer Lynx



    A pair of Goliath gangers that are part of an ongoing (and very late) commission



    A Space Marine from the Emperor's Hands Chapter



    A Space Marine from the Star Phantoms Chapter


    Before these projects, I was working on my Black Templars. I don't have a decent army picture so here is one of the larger Crusader Squad with its Rhino APC facing off against some retro Orks found at my local club:




    While I was very proud of achieving that coveted goal of a fully-painted army, their tabletop performance against the local community was very poor and my work on them ground to a complete halt late last year/early on this year. However, with my (re)discovery of the 3rd and 4th Editions of Warhammer 40'000, I'm considering working on this army project once more.


    I was also working on a Mantis Warrior Kill Team project that was supposed to accompany a one-off Marine that I painted in 2021 but it hasn't gotten any further than building the models and giving them a spray coat of Death Guard Green.




    Pre-undercoat pictures of the Kill Team



    The "original" and completed Mantis Warrior


    Moving forward, I would like to (in no particular order):

    • organise a proper work space for my hobbying;
    • restart work on my Black Templars and create a playable 3rd/4th Edition force;
    • finish the Goliath gang I started painting for a friend as a commission;
    • start work on an Eldar force for 3rd/4th Edition;
    • continue painting one-off models whenever it tickles my fancy and/or I need a bit of palette cleanser.

    Beyond concrete projects though, I'd like to find a sustainable way to keep my hobby mojo flame burning steadily and to rekindle that joy I feel when working on hobby projects.


    If you have gotten this far, I thank you for your attention and hope you enjoyed this first post on this fresh, new blog. If you have any comments or thoughts, feel free to share them below. :smile:


    In the time between now and my next update, take care and keep hobbying!

  10. Looking for inspiration for another painting project I started rummaging through my plastic sprues looking for simple things to add here and there to my BA force. I built 2 ABR Intercessors as a result but I wanted to share with you something else that kinda happened on it's own.

    Remember that odd Flamer guy Black Templars got all of a sudden during their last model release? Well now I have my own :biggrin:

    Design is not perfect, but it's bigger (as all things Primaris should be) and it was fun to make. 

    I fully expect the full range of the firstborn Special and Heavy weapons to find their way into Primaris squads. The pyro blaster BT got is an indicator of that for me. 

  11. I'm about to start a new job and have had a couple of weeks off since leaving the last one. The idea was to use some of the time painting to clear a bit of my backlog, but as with most of my hobby projects, I thought of something new to do and immeadiatly got sidetracked by that idea. The big idea was simply this, to build and paint a number of kill teams, enough to have a slection so I could invite some friends round for a short kill team campaign and have teams ready to go without all the hassle of creating squads themsleves as not all of them are fans of the building and painting side of the hobby.

    I already had the Voidscarred corsairs and Chaos Legionaires painted with the Kroot kinband and Tau pathfinders undercoated and ready to paint. To these I decided to add a SM Intercession team and a Harelequins one. I already had models I could use for these but decided I wanted to create new teams with a better squad identity , so I ht ebay to find the required models an bits and set about creating and printing the other custom components I wanted. The other thing I wanted to do was add name plates to all of the models to make them easily identifiable on the tabletop which I created and 3d printed as required.

    Below are the killteams in their current state:


    Voidscarred corsairs - painted and now with nameplates.


    Chaos legionaires - Also now with added nameplates.


    Tau Pathfinders - managed to finish painting these this week.


    Intercession Kill Team - WIP, added custom 3d printed helmets and shoilderpads to all models as well as a scabbard and targeter for the sargeant.


    Void Dancer Troupe - WIP, only had to print a fusion pistol for the leader along with the nameplates as it is not an option in on the sprue. 


    Kroot Kinband - Still awaiting paint, but now with nameplates.

    Let me know what you think and I'll try to update you with progress.

  12. Working on my 40k Kratos build and I wanted it to fit into 40k in my army of all primaris. The hatch-mounted combi-volkite was not exciting to me at all.  I really like how he came out:



  13. It's that time again – time for a new invitational challenge event themed around the War of the False Primarch. Please do help to spread the word. Tag is:


    Full details are through this link to the +Death of a Rubricist+ blog; but summarised here:

    • Build and paint between one and three models to illuminate one of the many battles that raged over planet Coldforge during the War of the False Primarch
    • Post a picture of – and any lore you've written for – your finished model(s) to Instagram or here.
    • Coldforge is a place of high-octane danger! Whether you choose to produce three squadmates or a duel between opposing champions, your models should be posed or arranged to emphasise the movement and conflict.
    • Yes, you can use existing models.
    • + The challenge begins on the 11th September at 11:02am GMT, and ends on 11th October at 02:11pm GMT. +


  14. Warhammer 40k;

    Primaris - Iron Snakes 20% Complete (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Astral Claws 10% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Lamenters 15% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Mantis Warriors 5% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Executioners 25% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War - Tyrants Legion 0% (as at Sept 22)

    Tyranids 75% (as at Sept 22)

    Necrons 85% (as at Sept 22)

    CSM Red Corsairs 55% (as at Sept 22)


    Horus Heresy;

    Dark Angels 15% (as at Sept 22)

    Emperors Children 40% (as at Sept 22)



  15. A Long Introduction 

    A blog! An honest to goodness blog! I have no clue how these things work, which is an embarrassing thing to admit as someone my age. I should definitely know. 

    Anyway hello! If you have found this blog by some misfortune welcome! I’ve been at this hobby since I was a wee lad. But I’m only just now getting to a point where I feel good enough about it to share, especially when it comes to painting and modeling. Don’t expect many to visits but I like the idea of having a dedicated hobby space to post my projects and progress.

    About the title

    Back when I first got into Warhammer 40000, Eldar were my first army. A boxset of those old plastic Dire Avengers with the metal heads and Exarch gear were my first Warhammer 40,000 models, after the Lord of the Rings miniatures and Lizardmen (we were still in the old world back then) lost their charm. I was enthralled by the idea of the space elves, even if my understanding was limited. And the Swordwind of Biel-Tan was my first love. This was around the end of third fourth edition. I think. While others went for the overpowering seer council of Ulthwé or the ghost warriors of Iyanden, I was smitten by the Aspect Warriors. And the Swordwind. The name just sounded so cool to a young me. 

    And so years and years after that, after most of my original Eldar have been sold or lost or crushed to plastic powder, I started my first love again. 



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