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  • Brother Tyler

    Hobby Creativity and The Bolter & Chainsword

    By Brother Tyler

    One of the best aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby is the ability for hobbyists to make the game their own. While Games Workshop and its subsidiaries produce diverse products that appeal to a wide range of tastes, the setting itself allows for even more diversity. For example, the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man has numerous sub-factions that range from the "little people" represented by hive gangs (Necromunda) and planetary defense forces (the Astra Militarum in the Warhammer 40,000 game) to

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  1. Well some time has elapsed and miniature hobby time is at a minimum due to other interests. Spring time has trout season opener where you walk hundreds of miles of river banks or hike through bush reaching that back lake that hasn't seen a person in 6 months ( and very few people ever see it period) or you try on that ninja suit and hope that a Turkey has terrible eyesight and gets close enough for you to tag out. Spring is also a good time to go out rock hounding and Ramp and Morel (ramps are wild leeks and Morels are mushrooms) but all of these things have a time limit attached not just because of "legal" season or animal cycles but because of the blood seeking/sucking bastards known as blackflies and mosquitoes. Once they show up its a perfect excuse to get back to painting mini's. 

    Now my Red Corsair project is still a 100% go but im experimenting with my colour palette. IMG_20230528_144711.thumb.jpg.d4d1ab6cb962e9bc5844944645527887.jpg


    This was my first test model. I dig the overall look but wanted to try different things! 


    Here's my Huron kitbash. Not 100% satisfied with it. Different red, which isn't bad to have variations, this is more to my greenstuff skills. The filigree and skull need work but not bad for a first try.


    Now this guy got me excited and will likely be the colour palette i go with going forward. Very similar to the first mini but i did a reverse zenithal with purple and man im really digging it .

    Now the one game system i truely enjoy is Adaptus Titanicus and it has sat around collecting dust for about a year. Not to many folks in my neck of the woods play this. My regular group had life get in the way so i put stuff away.  Well i had a resurgence of thought on finishing a project i started 3 years ago. Its a homebrew titan legion but my knight house is Mortimer and not the "genestealer" variety.  And just by happenstance the group has put together a date for some gaming at the end of June so im quite excited.







    I will have to give a group shot at some point but when these are painted up my knight house will be at 35 knights. I just really enjoy these models, likely the best thing GW gas put out in my opinion ( this includes the Titans)



    It felt so good to get back to AT i had to get my nose art idea out first. Now all my titans have nose art as i kinda figured the pilots would be like WW2/modern airmen and name/decorate their machines. This is Hell's Maiden, lettering is the next step. 

    Anyway this has gone on long enough, hope you enjoy this entry and on to the next one!

  2. Introduction

    The Anvilbreakers are the 2nd Tactical Squad of the Salamanders 2nd Company, standing at seven members as of 884M41. They are experienced in fighting xeno warbands in close quarters, and would become instrumental in breaking the Ork and Steel Reaver sieges on Dakota Minor. 



    Anvilbreakers (2nd Tactical Squad and Apothecary)

    The squad takes their name from a lesser known Nocturnean fable that describes a compulsive and overachieving blacksmith. The story is both comedy and a lesson in understanding limits (of oneself, their tools and their peers).



    Wielding flamers, the Anvilbreakers incinerate the heretic forces besieging the industrial sector of Dakota Minor.


    Current Members of the Anvilbreakers

    The Anvilbreakers are a Tactical Squad comprised of the following members:


    Sergeant Ukra'thelar Konn

    Konn is the esteemed leader of 2nd Company’s 2nd Tactical Squad. A sombre Astartes, Konn directs his squad with blunt efficiency. In between orders, he will take a moment to give thanks to the Emperor, often in the form of recited litanies and incantations.




    Ashamier Loc'ru

    Loc’ru is the youngest member of the Anvilbreakers. He is quiet but observant; not one to charge into the maelstrom of combat. He prefers instead to plant his feet and unleash torrents of burning promethium upon the foe. As such, he typically takes to the field with a Flamer or Meltagun.




    Invictiel Kel'dem
    Kel’dem is the oldest member of the Anvilbreakers. He is a devout follower of the Promethian Cult and the example set by the Emperor of Mankind, always risking his life to save his fellow Astartes and humans in danger. During the Ork siege of Dakota Minor, he saved dozens of civilians from harm.




    Ukra'orrn Zytal
    Zytal is a uncharacteristically wrathful Salamander in battle, who exterminates the enemies of man without mercy and without hesitation. Ironically, off the battlefield he is mellowed artisan of weapons and ornaments. His signature bolter is a gift from his late mentor, which he holds in high regard.




    Ur'bak Greon
    The bitter and spiteful Greon is a former member of the Magma Walkers, who were annihilated by Eldar raiders. On the battlefield, he never misses a moment to express his prejudice against the enemies of Man.





    Them’sire Felk’one
    Felk’one is a soft-spoken Astartes, and one of the eldest of the Anvilbreakers. He was a member of the Firedrakes until his age and injuries diminished his combat prowess. He and Kel’dem have a strong friendship.




    Dhirr’Ane Vulg
    Vulg is the newest member of the Anvilbreakers, though middle-aged compared to his squad members. He is an outspoken Salamander brimming with faith and confidence. He has aspirations to join the Reclusiam once he returns to Nocturne.




    Apothecary Ta’varr Dra’ner
    Dra’Ner is the uncharacteristically joyful Apothecary of the 2nd Company, who takes pride in the work he does for the chapter. This has varying effects on his battle brothers, who either take comfort in his diligence in preserving the Chapter’s geneseed, or who take offense at his lack of decorum whilst undertaking his duties. With the 1st Tactical Squad incapacitated and no other Company Veterans to call on, Captain R’keth made the Anvilbreakers his de facto Command Squad and attached Dra’ner for the remainder of the conflict on Dakota Minor.




  3. Well, it didn't take that long for me to add another project :sweat:


    Here's the first mini for a burgeoning Solar Auxilia force




    This is a plasma gunner for a companion section in the command tercio, the antenna behind is head is from the vox interlock.


    Parts list (all Anvil):
    Gothic void torso (plain back)

    Field radio

    Gothic void helmet
    Void suit arms (rifle stock)

    Ion rifle
    Void suit legs


  4. Not gonna lie, my heart fell when I got to WHFest and I seen the tables that the HH event would be played on. There were some ok tables, but others had a clear lack of terrain, and large, wide pen fire lanes. Playing a FA heavy Alpha Legion Leviathal, I braced myself for the worst and to get shot off the table by pretty much everything! 


    Thankfully (luckily?) the armies I played against were Emperor's Children and Custodes, which had less shooting than me so I blatted them off the board instead, and incidentally both games I played had large, central LOS blocking terrain pieces, which was good. I can only hope that these sparse boards were reserve boards, in case they had another 40 last minute event goers...




    One of the worst offenders - you can see everywhere from pretty much everywhere, and with the small amount of LOS blocking terrain very spread out, it would be hard to jump from terrain to terrain. 



    Another example - big no mans land in the middle, with that crater already being the grave of proably many astartes. 



    My first game thankfully had a large pece of terrain in the middle, then tall bunker/sector fronteris things that blocked LOS to infantry sized models. 


  5. Hey everyone. I've been able to make quite a bit of progress on the second Brazen Claws squad. The hellblasters are all painted and bases are done. I ended up taking a fairly simple route with the plasma coils, as my intention was just to get a nice contrasting color (Striking Scorpion Green) vs a more complex effort. Again, I only did one marine without a helmet as I am still working on upgrading my facial/eye painting skills.


    I'll be doing the chapter icons and maybe additional details over the next few weeks, and I've already started work on my next group... bikers! I had previously never purchased or painted bikers so the outriders will be a fun challenge.image.thumb.jpeg.11e5adf41f9e711b54de0e8572e34af3.jpeg


    More to come there soon. Keep painting. 

  6. Random games pics from my game on Sunday, May 21. Played against The Plague Brothers and got tabled. Three objectives to seize in no-man's land. I'll spare a full battle report and let you just look at the pics. :yes:






  7. So the two aims I have with this project is to:


    1. get a 2000 point army to play some games with.


    2. to build out the whole 4th company.


    The first aim is pretty easy to achieve and once the 10th ed codex  is out I will settle on a list but for the time being I have been trying to see how I can go about aim 2 as there doesn't seem to be a great deal of information about the current company structures in regards to Firstborn/Primaris units.

    Although I don't have the 9th edition marine codex so I could be wrong but my online searches haven't shown up anything,


    So below is the rough outline of the plan I have added two additional squads due to the smaller size of the new units but still comes out as 100 marines.


    Command Structure


    Captain - Uriel Ventris

    Lieutenant (1) Unnamed as of yet

    Lieutenant (2) Unnamed as of yet

    Chaplain -Judd Clausel


    Command Squad


    Swords of Calth

    Company Ancient - Lerachus Abantes

    Company Champion - Petronius Nero 

    Company Apothecary - Selenus

    Company Veteran Sergeant - Pasanius Lysane

    Company Veteran - Brutus Cyprian 




    Squad 1 - Tactical Squad (Firebrands) (10) - Battleline

    Squad 2 - Tactical Squad (Guardians) (10) - Battleline

    Squad 3 - Intercessors (10) - Battleline

    Squad 4 - Intercessors (10) - Battleline

    Squad 5 - Infiltrators (10) - Battleline

    Squad 6 - Heavy Intercessors (5) - Battleline

    Squad 7 - Assault Intercessors (10) - Close Support

    Squad 8 - Assault squad (10) -Close support

    Squad 9 - Devastator Squad (5) - Fire Support

    Squad 10 - ? - Fire Support

    Squad 11 - ?

    Squad 12 - Eradicators (5) - Fire Support


    Still not sure about which unit for the second fire support squad or what squad 11 will be, then after that it will be sorting out transports to be assigned to each squad.


    Would love to hear any ideas or suggestions on any improvements to the above.


    Until next time, thanks for reading. 






    So whilst i dislike the fluff change the new primaris stuff(i stopped around 5th edition) the models still look great and iv picked up some bits through imperium.  haveing a growing  pile of shame and  with the leviathan box set coming iv been practicing my reds more... as seen in the 2 hour painting challenge thread. 







    so ive been cracking on with a few more intercessors and the lieutenant model. even poking at some of the personal heraldry bits that i used to loe that they have proper space for  as its something that really grew on me when i used to play them and i used more and more. so yeah working on my reds and different methods to line up with what i used to do maaby without as much reliance on red ink to still get the nice darker red i like(my real reason i didn't paint pure blood angels) anyway im looking forward to working more on that bit with my angels and to possibly work on the story again







  9. So ive not been motivated to update this in a while, mostly because my Sons of Horus project wildly lost momentum and the accountability posts got absolutely no engagement i recall, and i sometimes crave validation :P 

    Anyhow, our group has stirred some motivation to do a Heresy campaign event in September and ive got a lot of faith in the folks running it (No pressure Pete :P )  so essentially im letting peer pressure carry me along ha :D 

    Campaign events are of course the traditional motivation for fevered painting but im hoping to spread the load out a bit budget allowing. Starting with a couple of characters i picked up fairly randomly because i wanted to do the conversions.


    Both Knights, one converted from a Dark elf as i fancied trying out a whip character as they actually have a niche now fighting enemy elites where invulnerable saves make the lack of AP less impactful and the high strength and deflagrate matter. The Second is because i gave up buying Cursed city and bits ordered the Knight from it who is essentially half way Anathema already. I considered a more involved conversion for her, but the base model is just really nice so just went with the head swap and some trinkets.


    So thats the main hobby so far, i plan to get a lot of 3d prints to cover new units and Acquisitors as ive been backing Diverging realms patreon since it began and have a whole host of Sisters-a-likes ready to go, plus some stompy robots maybe! 

    In the meantime ive got a small Zone mortalis game (or two) booked tomorrow night with some other friends doing a Tale of 3 gamers affair, for which ive prepped the following. I should probably re-read some rules...


    Its essentially an Abyssal with whip, a bunch of Raptora (marked by the banner) a squad of Vigilators, A pair of vestals to keep those running and a squad with needlers and a squad with sniper rifles to support them. The Birds are an objective. CAW.

    Lets hope we see minimal dreadnought! (Oh god they are easy meat for a tale of gamers contest...)

  10. So I found out I have 20 Sisters of Silence and the BL Character model.....Not bad. Gonna do a squad of 15 with execution blades and the Character as my Abysmal HQ.


    On the Ravenguard army front I have be list building and setting up the lists as different Companies, such as 901st Reconnaissance Company or the 509th Armored Company (TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!). But lately I have been working on my 132nd Heavy Assault Company.


    The 132nd Consists of Land Raiders Proteus (3 planned- own 1), Spartans (2), Cataphractii Terminators (2 5 man and 1 10 man), 15 man Deliverer Squad, Warmonger, Primus Medicae, and of course their Praetor, I just ordered from FW (Son Of Horus Praetor :huh:) I figure once the SoH icons are removed and runes covered he will fit as a Former Deliverer now Praetor. The  Troop Terminator Bases are all magnetized and legs  have been glued on. Now to add Spacer to increase height. 


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    I want to build a new army for 10th edition. Currently I’m interested in Dark Angels and Ultramarines. These are two chapters I will always love and enjoy playing. I play to have fun and kee[ up to date on the rules. I enjoy all the hobby aspects the most.

  11. C103AB5A-35D8-41B4-B484-7192AD0050C5.jpe


    The recent rumours of a new edition of Epic have me excited – I'm a huge fan, and if it does come to fruition, I'd love to see how the develop it. In the meantime, I've been mulling over Legion choices. In previous editions I played Ultramarines, but this time I'm tempted by Salamanders; an army which has often been the bridesmaid and never the bride of my plans.


    To that end, I thought I'd explore a bit by painting a couple of individual Marines – perhaps a Kill team – at 40k scale to get my head into the Legion and work out a paint scheme I like enough to try at Epic scale. What better place to start than with the one left over from my last false start at the Salamanders?

  12. To continue on the triumvirate concepts, naturally I felt the need to compliment Ynnari with a set of Drukhari and Asuryani triumvirates


    Ideas often start as these rather ugly doodles ( wich I usually keep to myself, and more often than not are in small notepads and never even scanned in.) One thing I felt ynnari did is have the potential to take the exotic element out of the Dark eldar and double down on the body horror and creepier elements. (of wich I have made plenty more sketches.) so the second thing popping in mind was naturally a properly dark version of a Lhamean/wych type character.




    I replaced the staff ( I had drawn it as a seperate element, however my linework is not digital so adjustments arent always as easy to achieve, and the arm and staff always awkwardly overlapped the head of her ur-ghul pet, hence the staff needed to stay off and another "magical" device integrated. Its based on the concept some older archons and haemonculi had.)

    In general I think its kind of odd how few solo types drukhari have, as their entire lore suits having a bunch of one off characters very well. I believe it might even be the army with the most untapped potential in general. And as such I have made many drafts for them over the years. And there is definitely more to follow

    Something you will find out in this blog, is that being more a concept artist than an illustrator, I mostly draw things that are meant (in my eyes) to fill holes,.. wich brings me to one of the rare exceptions to this:


    For the craftworlders I had only started on Fuegan and a Khaine shrine warlock ( the idea was to get a bit of a fire team going.. third would have been Nuadhu Fireheart ofcourse.) the latter doesnt even have ink yet and might follow later.



    Many more eldar concepts to come, including as my forum name might suggest, exodites, though I want to spread it out over different topics.

    Till the next one.

  13. One of my other hobbies aside from not finishing models is drawing. I do it quite a lot, enough that the majority of my Instagram entries are weird concept sketches for Tyranids.


    Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of them on the B&C. There's a lot more than this, but I need to scan and upload it all.



    Some weird Tyranid creatures- a "Scorchgaunt" carrying a flamespurt, a bio-plasma spore mine, a Carnifex intended as a ranged version of the Screamer-Killer and a more seahorsey Zoanthrope.


    This Wraithlord is intended to play up the skeletal/ghostly vibe a bit of Eldar wraith-constructs.


    And finally (for now), some Space Marine concepts for a homebrew chapter, the Death Crusaders. From left to right, an interpretation of the Furibundus Dreadnought (inspired heavily by an old piece of concept art for the Castraferrum "box" Dreadnought I saw in Index Astartes: Apocrypha), a Marine for scale, a serf for more scale and a weird little abhuman servitor creature that is intended to be converted from a night goblin.

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    I’ve been holding onto my unpainted indomitus bladeguard since the kit came out as I never felt confident enough to do them justice.


    The truth is, they’re my favorite group from the box and, with 10th right right around the corner, it’s time to give them a crack!


  14. A Fresh Infusion


    The Strike Cruiser Retribution emerged from the Immaterium, warp-lightning flickering over the Geller field as it dissipated. Her colours were somewhat scarred, but the deep crimson was mostly clear, and the Chapter emblem of the Blood Ravens stood proud on the flanks of the vessel. Bow thrusters reoriented the Retribution star-ward, and the main drives pulsed to life, pushing away from the Mandeville Point, towards the mysterious rendezvous in-system. Chief Apothecary Aviram sat in a spartan cell, clad in a simple surplice, and pondered the events that had led him here.


    The Chapter Fleet had had a bare minimum of warning before the Great Rift tore open, spilling warp storms throughout the galaxy. The vessels of the Blood Ravens had managed to complete an emergency translation to leave the Immaterium before the storms had overtaken them, but they had ended up scattered across half a sector, with no Astronomicon to guide their way. Cautious, short jumps eventually served to reunite most of the Fleet, though the ships with the Fifth Company had yet to rejoin; communications proved remarkably difficult. The Librarians, Astropaths, and Navigators all probed the currents of the Warp as best they could, but the Noctis Aeterna proved too dark to see very far. Still, cries for salvation did reach the Chapter, so Chapter Master Angelos committed the Fleet to the systems of the Havenesse Spiral to combat the invaders. The upper echelons feared that the campaign would ultimately prove futile, and the Blood Ravens would die with the worlds they defended, yet nevertheless stood fast in defense of Imperial subjects, their duty clear. All seemed lost. However, one day, the Astronomicon's light reached the Spiral again... and the invaders faded away like phantasms in the dawn. Battered, wounded, and exhausted, the Blood Ravens took heart in the fact that they were not alone. The Astronomicon may have flickered like a lighthouse seen across a stormy sea, but Holy Terra and the Imperium still stood.


    Chapter Master Angelos sent the ships of the Fleet throughout the systems of the Spiral to appraise the situation, evaluate the defenses, assist with restoring law and order where needed, and to quietly look for new recruits to replenish the Chapter. While this was being coordinated from the Omnis Arcanum, a strange ship translated in-system, and approached the Blood Ravens, broadcasting codes that no-one had ever expected to hear. One of the Adeptus Custodes had arrived with news! He spoke only briefly, touching on the return of the Lord Guilliman and the creation of something new, before giving the Blood Ravens coordinates for a meeting in a few weeks' time, then the Custodian left. Knowing that the Chapter was still needed in the Spiral, Aviram volunteered to go alone, but ended up with an honour guard from the First Company and temporary command of the Retribution.




    After a couple days of sublight travel, Aviram was summoned to the bridge of the Strike Cruiser by a slightly awestruck serf. He glanced at the various vidscreens as he stepped up to the command throne, noting that they approached a massive Ark Mechanicus attended by ships of the Adeptus Astartes. The most prominent Chapter seemed to be the Ultramarines, but there were a few others that he did not recogize. The Retribution's mortal captain, a hard-faced women in her middle years, spoke in clipped Low Gothic, adjusting the ship's course with practiced ease. She turned to Aviram, switching to formal High Gothic, "My lord, the first leg of our journey is complete. The Thunderhawk is being prepared for you to travel to the Ark, and will be ready once we join the orbital stack."


    "My thanks for an exceptionally smooth journey, Captain. It's a testament to the skill of you and your crew," Aviram replied, noting the bridge-crew standing a little straighter. He boarded the lift and returned to his chambers, where he donned his armour before he headed down to the Thunderhawk bays.




    An hour later, according to his armour's chronometer, the Chief Apothecary found himself walking the cavernous halls of the Ark, escorted by an Ultramarine battle-brother. Aviram's path crossed something unexpected, and time slowed as he automatically began a threat-assessment: apparent battle-brothers, taller and heavier than expected, warplate of an unfamiliar design that drew on Mark 8 stylings, helmets in a Mark 4 style clipped to waists, stowed boltguns that were longer than standard, his Ultramarine escort greeting the brothers with familiarity... Aviram blinked away the battle-trance, recogizing that he just had a case of heightened nerves after the gruelling campaign. These... Primaris Space Marines... were full battle-brothers of the Ultramarines. His escort turned and said "We've arrived, Chief Apothecary. The Magos awaits within." Nodding his thanks, Aviram stepped inside a laboratory.


    "Welcome! I am Genetor Magos Biologis Eskarina 8 Theta!" A large cowled figure gestured from a desk covered in glassware and arcane devices. "Please state your name and Chapter affiliation."


    "I am Chief Apothecary Aviram, of the Blood Ravens." He could only see one human eye, peeking out from the cowl and esoteric augmetics. Aviram couldn't guess how the Magos had originally appeared, before they had begun making adjustments to them-self.


    "One moment, Chief Apothecary, whilst I sort through my records... Ah, here we are. May I take a sample to confirm that you are a member of the Blood Ravens?"


    "Of course, Magos." Aviram stripped off a gauntlet and offered his hand to the waiting mechadendrite; with a quick flick, it stabbed into the ball of his thumb, sampling his blood. The blood in the puncture wound began to clot as soon as the needle withdrew; soon he would have a fresh scar. Aviram tugged his gauntlet back on, as the machine tested the sample. Soon it emitted a steady tone, and blinked green.


    "Excellent, 98.976% compatible! Accounting for acceptable levels of genetic drift between the sample and the Blood Ravens gene-seed tithe, you are most certainly a Blood Raven. Now; to business. I regret that I do not have full battle-brothers prepared for your Chapter, Chief Apothecary; there are two reasons for this. Reason Primus: the Lord Guilliman wanted to begin with the Chapters that had provided gene-seed tithes since the beginning, the Ultramarines, the Imperial Fists, the Dark Angels, et cetera, et cetera, before moving on to Chapters from later Foundings. Reason Secundus: There are... irregularities... in the Martian records about the Blood Ravens." The Magos paused, weighing how best to explain them-self. "The records speak of a Chapter that is laudable, but all of the cross references link to datastacks that are damaged, or data crystals that are missing. Even the main record file only goes back to circa 700M41 - everything prior to that is sealed by the Fabricator General... and the Inquisition."


    "That is consistent with our experiences," the Chief Apothecary admitted, suppressing his disappointment at the revelations. "But we still seek to find what knowledge we can..."


    A brief buzz of binharic was emitted by the Magos, before they switched back to High Gothic. "Apologies, Chief Apothecary, but in my excitement, I forgot that you were not a tech-adept, since you captured the essence of the Quest for Knowledge so succinctly! In any case, rest assured that the Blood Ravens are held in good standing by the Adeptus Mechanicus. I have ten sets of gene-seed cultures prepared and stored in a stasis-vault. Further, I can authorize you to draw up to ten sets of Mark X power armour, and the accompanying bolt rifles." Eskarina handed Aviram a dataslate. "Here are the updated guidelines for implantation, along with suggested martial training routines, and technical specifications on the new Marks of arms and armour." The Magos' remaining eye took on a reverent light. "Handed down by the Lord Guilliman himself!"


    No matter how many times he heard it, the Lord Guilliman hardly seemed real. "Thank you, Magos, I shall guard this with my life. None shall find the Blood Ravens wanting."




    Aviram sat in the hold of the Thunderhawk; an odd location for warp travel, perhaps, but he was unwilling to let the stasis-vault out of his sight for very long. He flicked through the documents on the dataslate, noting how the new organs interacted with the existing ones, and carefully reading about adverse affects to avoid. This Belisarius Cawl was an unorthodox fellow, that much was certain, but he had found a way to augment the superhuman Adeptus Astartes. How would these new battle-brothers change the Chapter? Would they help reveal anything about the Blood Ravens' past? Ultimately, these were questions for wiser heads than his. The Chief Apothecary had ten aspirants to find first.

  15. As mentioned in some previous blog posts, I have been making slow progress on a self imposed challenge to get all of my bits spent through conversions, scratch built and other methods that can add additional miniatures to my army while spending all the spare stuff that I already have lying around.
    For a matter of simplicity, whenever I mention Converted in my graphs or tracking I am referring to conversions and scratch built miniatures or at least miniatures that were built beyond box numbers.


    The following graph shows an overview of my current hobby status:



    Most of my recent progress in terms of spending bits has been through the conversion of infantry models (infantry includes characters on foot), with my current focus being on spending every last bit of my einherjar boxes from wargames atlantic (you might have seen them in an earlier post related with the Dwarves that count as imperial guard).

    I have been making around 5 models per evening using silicon moulds to produce the necessary bodies, as well as some equipment like shields, weapons and other stuff I need in larger numbers, which means I have been assembling around 150 infantry models per month.

    Originally I bought 5 boxes of einherjar to make 120 dwarves as guard equivalents and at the moment I have made 280 extra models (currently spending the bits of the fourth box), with the forecast being a total of 400 extra models once I finish spending the bits of the fifth box. That would mean that with the parts from the original 5 boxes I would be able to get a total of 520 models :thumbsup:

    Assuming my forecasts are correct, 24 additional evenings and I should spend the last bits of the full 5 boxes.

    Once I finish the einherjar boxes, I have quite a few more boxes of other kits to spend, so I am not running out of bits anytime soon.

    My expectation is that the Converted infantry (orange in the first graph) will at least equal the number of Bought infantry (blue in the first graph), although I suspect it might even go much higher as I progress through the boxes.


    Not sure when I will finish everything as part of this challenge, especially since things might get added to the backlog from time to time, although I have contained myself to avoid having too many additions that derail things by adding too many spare parts (I went a bit crazy on wargames atlantic 5 boxes deals before Brexit so those are the kits that represent most of the spare bits here).

  16. The core of the Bolter & Chainsword is the discussion forums. After all, the B&C started as a discussion forum in the late 1990’s, back during the heady days of online discussion forums and the 3rd edition of the Warhammer 40,000 game. Over time, we have expanded the site’s capabilities to better support the needs of our members. Something we often lose sight of is the fact that Warhammer 40,000 is a hobby with various aspects. The most obvious of these are the painting of miniatures and playing games, but there are other aspects such as modeling (converting miniatures is an art in and of itself) and developing background for the game. Each of us has our own preferences for the various aspects of the hobby that we participate in. Regardless of our individual preferences, just discussing the hobby (as we do in our discussion forums) is not part of the hobby. The discussion forums, like our other capabilities, are simply tools that enable us to engage with other members of the hobby in a variety of ways. All of these capabilities are intended to enable the site to live up to its mission statement:


    The Bolter & Chainsword exists to help the members of a global hobby community to better understand, engage in, and enjoy all aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby through constructive discussion and the sharing of hobby-related content.


    The blogs are one of the most important tools at your disposal for sharing your own hobby endeavors with other members of the community, especially when used in conjunction with the galleries. While many members use the discussion forums for this purpose, that option should be considered secondary to the blogs. The most important aspect of the blogs that make them superior to [just using] the discussion forums is that all of your projects can be found very easily since they are all contained in your blog. While each member is limited to a single blog, each project that you pursue can be covered in its own category within that blog. In addition, you can present other content. For example, my own blog includes a series of editorials about the hobby and the site in the Editorials category, as well as several other hobby projects that I have begun (and probably not made nearly as much progress on as I would like). I can start a project, let it lapse for some time, and then find it again very easily simply by going to my blog instead of having to search through one or more forums. Similarly, other hobbyists can find all of my projects very easily. Members can find blogs very easily by either clicking on the BLOGS button that appears at the top of the screen or by going directly to a member’s profile and clicking on the Blogs button that appears there.


    Earlier I suggested that the discussion forums serve as a secondary support for the blogs. The first application of this principle is the use of links in signatures. In this way, a member can include a link to their blog in their signature, giving visibility and access to their blog from any post they make in the discussion forums. In addition, members are encouraged to duplicate their blog posts in relevant discussion forums, giving relevant groups within the community more immediate visibility and access to blog posts that might be of interest to them. For example, a project that covers the creation of a Space Wolves kill team might have the main content covered in the member’s blog, with “billboard” posts in the Space Wolves and Hall of Honour forums. These posts might show an image or two of the miniatures in the kill team, along with some text and a link to the blog post which shows even more. Members can even post updates to those billboard posts (in addition to the main blog category). Where only covering projects in discussion forums often limits other members’ exposure to your works, interest in one project [category] gives these members much better visibility of your other projects. This provides more opportunities for members to engage with and inspire each other. Other members can comment on your blog entries, allowing for the same type of discussion that happens in the discussion forums.


    Blogs are very easy to create and they are absolutely free, available to all members of the community. The normal rules of the Bolter & Chainsword still apply in blogs, so you’re limited to Warhammer 40,000 content and standards of behavior. Unfortunately, we can’t convert/move existing discussion topics/posts into blogs (not yet, anyways – I’m going to suggest that change to Invision); and members can’t just click a button to re-post a blog entry to one of the discussion forums (another thing I’m going to suggest to Invision). So there’s a little work involved in using the discussion forums, but much of that is as easy as copy and paste (for now). We’re even going to shift our advertisers from the discussion forums to the blogs, giving them much better control over their advertising content here.


    Overall, the blogs provide a much better opportunity for you to share your hobby-related content with other members and we encourage you to take advantage of them.

  17. Could we really see the return of EPIC in the near future? That is the question we are asking in today's blog entry.


    With Titanicus almost done (see below), Aeronautica definitely done in terms of new releases, and The Old World already planned as separate project, is there room in the specialist game area for Epic? I believe there is, and I honestly think its going to be hinted at very soon, maybe at Warhammer Fest which at the time of writing this blog entry, is only Two days away.


    Before we get to the speculation, a bit of history! If you aren't familiar with Epic, it used to be one of Games Workshop's core game systems, and was played using miniatures in the 6mm scale, to better represent the massive and grandiose battles you often see in 40K artwork. It was back in 1988 when Adeptus Titanicus arrived in its first incarnation, which was just Titans vs Titans set in the Heresy era. It was followed a year later by Space Marine, which allowed for 6mm Infantry to join the fight, and the Epic game as we know it was born - in fact a lot of background fluff for the Horus Heresy was first written during this time, some of which then evolved into what we now see as Horus Heresy concrete lore! There was also a book called Codex Titanicus which had rules for Eldar, Orks and Imperials to get involved, along with some rules and articles that had previously been published in White Dwarf.


    In 1991 we then got the 2nd edition of Space Marine, and this moved the setting to the 41st Millennium and this really was the Golden age of Epic if you ask me. You had everything from Space Marines to Squats, every current race (at the time - no Tau or Necrons back then!) had forces for Epic, and you could field units in Epic that just weren't possible in 40K. I remember walking into Games Workshop for the first time in 1993 and seeing all the boxes of Epic minis and vehicles, things like Great Gargants and Eldar Titans and just being in awe of it all, and a little scared! At the time I was just starting in the hobby and learning 40K, and it wasn't until 1994 when Titan Legions arrived, that I first played Epic properly. My friend got the Titan Legions box and we played the game with me often being the Orks, as he loved the Imperator Titan. 

    In 1997, the Third edition of Epic arrived with a new boxed set called EPIC: 40,000. I bought this box, and I loved it, but sadly it wasn't that well received and disappeared off shelves after 6 months, and I never actually got to have a game of this rule set. I did manage to paint up some of the Land Raiders and Whirlwinds as Imperial Fists though. The box ended up being put away, and then eventually disappearing from the garage which looking back, is slightly annoying!

    There was a further rule set released as a book only, called Epic: Armageddon, but that was pretty much it from GW in terms of Epic support.


    Anyway, enough about the history of Epic and my lamenting about lost starter sets, what about now, what about the return of Epic?


    Looking at what we have at present, Adeptus Titanicus is the closest thing we have to Epic, which is approx 8mm in scale according to Games Workshop, but personally I hope any future infantry is 6mm or maybe 7mm, to better show off the scale of Titans, but that's just me. This new version of Adeptus Titanicus has been around for a few years now, and they have just announced a campaign compendium book which releases this coming weekend, and compiles all the previous campaign expansions together along with custom Legio rules. While this might not signal the end, you could easily argue that this book could indicate the wrap up of Adeptus Titanicus, and the parking of any further development. But what about all the AT kits?

    Well, If they do bring back Epic, that would allow all the models and terrain to stay on sale, and be usable for both AT and whatever form new Epic takes.


    Adeptus Titanicus would still be active as a game, but complete, with no further expansions, and the development focus would shift to Epic, with all the Titans, Knights and terrain being usable in both game systems, most likely with a packaging change.

    This could also be the same for the Aeronautica Imperialis stuff - that game seems to have finished in terms of development, but there's some amazing miniatures available and all it would take is a packaging change and hey presto, flyers for Epic.


    Lets assume for a minute that it IS returning - how will it work rules wise, and what will the setting be?


    For the rules, I don't think they will be an expansion or a 'bolt on' set of rules for Adeptus Titanicus, I think it would be a separate game system and rule set entirely.


    For the setting, I suppose the Horus Heresy would make financial sense for GW, as they can make a starter with identical sprues, and in past Warhammer Community article interviews they have hinted that if they expanded to Epic, it would likely be the 30K era, but that was pre-pandemic and things can change. Ideally, it would be 40K, then all races can have a play in the Epic sandbox, and with races like Tau and Leagues of Votann, the scope is amazing, but its more of a risk for our evil plastic dealer overlords.


    There is another option for the setting, both! - I made a video about the return of Epic, and once of the comments about the setting was "I don’t see why GW should pick between Heresy and 40K. Have the lore do a high level of the whole history of the setting, have a couple pages on some “Epic” size battlefields (Heresy, Armageddon, Cadia falling, etc), come up with rules that cover all setting then just pump out armies".


    actually love that idea! Having the setting encompass the entire 10 millennia of 'Epic' warfare would satisfy all parties, and give them the scope to explore some legendary battles and wars throughout the history of 40K, right from the days of 30K up to present day Indomitus era.

    First war for Armageddon, Macragge, Ichar, Piscina, Badab War, Damocles, Age of Apostasy, Rynns World... the scope is incredible in terms of what they could explore!


    Personally, I think its about time that Epic made a return, officially, but as above the questions we need to be asking is how will it return rules wise, and when will it be set? Also, they need to do it in a way that will not kill off the Titanicus game, as that is a solid set of rules with an active following. 


    With Warhammer Fest happening this weekend at the time of writing, if they do reveal anything there, my guess would be only a hint or a tease of Epic, perhaps just a logo reveal, and it may well tie in with the Horus Heresy reveal that they have planned. Heresy Thursday's have been put on hold until later in the year, and while this will allow for the spotlight to be on 10th edition 40K, I don't think its the sole reason for them to pause Heresy Thursday.


    Do you remember Epic, during the Golden era of Space Marine 2nd edition and Titan Legions, or was it before your time? 

  18. While work on painting continues a pace I've cast my mind to write some fluff for my grand battalion




    The 369th Grand Battalion is an amalgamation of the 36th Infantry battalion and the 9th Armoured following the heavy losses they sustained following Istvaan.



    The 36th operated under the command of Warsmith Justinian a terran veteran who upon the fields of Istvaan hesitated to give the command to fire on the loyalists. The Warsmith Justinian would be cut down for his hesitation by the junior captain Nachtfel. This slaying would spark an immediate conflict within the battalion as warriors turned on each other even as the battle around them raged. For Nachtfels brutal suppression of those whose loyalty within the battalion was in question he would be raised to the rank of warsmith and granted its command. During the battle of Phall the battalion would launch boarding attacks against several imperial fist ships. These assaults would see the back of the battalion broken with massive losses of material and men.


    The 9th was a freshly raised armoured battalion comprised solely of Olympian recruits. They're first combat deployment was the fields of Istvaan where they were used as an expendable Hammer. An early counter attack upon the force would lead to the death of its commanding officer and a rout within the force. During their panicked attempt to break through a rapidly encircling loyalist force they would lose the majority of their vehicles. For their complete failure upon the battlefield fresh equipment would be withheld from them and they would find their force continually being whittled down over time.



    Upon the eve of Tallarns invasion the two broken forces would be merged into one and re designated as a mechanised shock force. Legion inductiis would replenish its ranks and new vehicles assigned to it. Warmsith Nachtfel a now rising star within the Legion would use this influx of new material to further arm his veteran core.

  19. Ok, finally closing out the Adepticon 2023 catch-up


    Game 1. Win v. Wolves

    I thought they had us in the early turns. It was clear they cross a lot of table quickly.

    • Should we leave the sentinels forward and give the enemy the extra move, or just pull them out? I think it'd be helpful to pause on decisions and go through outcomes in practice games. here my thinking was that I wanted early pressure on the objectives. I also wanted to divert them to get some shooting in where possible before they reach me. I also set the bullgryns up to stall their advance, knowing they'd break through the sentinels quickly. 
    • The thunderwolves were very tough, but our shooting was able to overcome them. Maybe with a smaller squad size they'd have been able to hide better.
    • We did effectively screen out their terminator reserves. They then held the back lines instead of causing more immediate problems in our lines.
    • Once the thunderwolves were effectively nullified, we were able to shift our focus to launching out on to the midground objectives.
    • Again terrain placement and type plays a crucial role. If we couldn't get 5+ tanks in LOS of thunderwolves, I don't know how we kill them. This could have been a big loss going the other way. There's an intellectual fog around where and when to deploy out of sight for me. I need to learn more here. This is one of those points of misunderstanding where I win a fair amount of games, but not reliably. Understanding line of sight, enemy movement speed, really knowing the terrain rules and reserve rules... it all comes together. 
    • Kasrkins also did outrageous damage. Yes, play the meta units... I've of mixed opinion on the rule change. On one hand it was a 'feel bad' or 'gotcha' type of unit. On the other hand, I'm not the receiving end of such units all the time. It's nice to have one of my own for once. 

    Good game to start the day. 



    Game 2 Win v. BA

    Tensions high in this one. It's important to remember it's just a game. So, the big question was who launches out to the midground first? I think our list was a bad match up for them. They didn't have a whole lot of long range firepower. Early charges failed creating some lopsided results. Even with a number of command rerolls they failed like 7 charges in the game. Being left in the open the results were as you might expect. Felt bad on this one. I don't know that they win outright if they make their charges, but it sure would have been a much different game. If they could have bounced from unit to unit in consolidation and pile-ins, it's really rough on guard. Anyway, we were able to move up and get some firing lines on them while they weren't really able to move out. Reserves coming in failed their charges too. Great team, great paint job. Winning two to start is unusual for us, we're in trouble now. 


    Game 3 Loss v. Tau

    Completely annihilated. Not an ugly agonizing loss though. These guys were great fun to play. They won best tacticians overall (best battlescore). I like the magenta paint scheme too, really eye-catching. The player measuring in the photo below had just won singles the day before (I don't know how you play 7-8 games and then come to the team tourney... I'm getting old but my mind would be mush). The other player is a coach on vanguard tactics, and he's really great too. So, any lessons here? Hard to learn when outclassed to such a degree. 

    • Issue: In the back right top of the photo is a giant terrain piece. It's obscuring. His army can move shoot move. Effectively I have nothing that can shoot them. In their turn they jump up, shoot me, and jump back behind cover. We're dead in the water. 
      • I don't think a token manticore or field artillery does much. They might have helped some though. 
      • I might have reserved some tanks to come in from the sides. Adepticon team tourney does have some special rules so CP was very limited. A regiment trait or tank ace to get a trait might have helped the reserves issue too. Still, assuming I come in like it's T3 and get a good shooting angle - I get one round of shooting and I'm toast. Not necessarily a good trade. If used reserves in conjunction with indirect fire, perhaps I'd have been able to limit some critical mass of enemy shooting. Though as orders are in the command phase, I should think that my shooting from reserves would not have really been that effective anyway. I'm not killing a riptide with 1-2 lemans. Vanquishers would normally be a solution, but they have shield drones - all high impact shots would be wasted. 
      • I also could have went full steam across the table with mechanized orders - possibly taking cover at other terrain pieces. But, this highlights a multi-part failure. I needed to understand what terrain would do. I needed to understand what their army could do with terrain. I needed to plan my own terrain defensively, and offensively as to how I might get across the table.
      • Perhaps with precise terrain placement and selecting small forward deploy units, I might have put some objective pressure on them. 
      • Army list construction - the banesword can't maneuver or get line of sight. 
      • maybe the answer would have been to just stay off the table till T3. They didn't move out anyway. Let them fill the board and just come on in to a shooting gallery. Again the CP limits might have caused this to not really work, but that might be the best option. 


    Game 4, Loss to Custodes

    What I didn't want to happen was to have bikes inside a densely packed backfield. I figured they'd be there turn 2. They instead played very conservatively. I pushed out on the right flank to try and get less bunched up while not opening up too much to a counter charge. Also, they were going to be up on points. Terrain as always is a crucial part here. If we'd agreed that the first floor was line of sight blocking I don't think we kill a custodes. Instead, it was a fairly close game. Once they got some squads on to objectives, it was just nearly impossible to get them off. Late game we did break out and started doing real damage, but it was too little too late. It was a good one. We all talked through multiple ways it could have gone. We also talked for sometime about the state of the game. They'd been in 40k since 4-5th edition. They noted how hard it can be to have a good tight game. I might slaughter a new player. I then get slaughtered by somebody going to weekly tournaments. That player then gets butchered at the top tables. There's levels to players and often there's a complete mismatch. When people talk about balance, this is not discussed. The hyper competitive side of the game isn't necessarily good for the hobby overall, or keeping new players. It's a weirdly time and money intensive hobby that doesn't translate well to sports or other activities.  


    Game 5 Win v. Thousand sons and Guard

    I wasn't real sure what to do with deployment. I knew they had a lot of reserves, so I didn't want them getting in behind us. Thankfully they didn't have a bunch of indirect fire to wipe out our infantry. First turn they didn't want to over-expose themselves. We were able to move out and cause some real damage. Also, perfectus orders to bullgryns pushed out reserves... a lot. So their terminators and magnus came in, but maybe not in the best position they'd hoped. The terminators have good shooting, but the tanks weren't the optimal target. Their psychic powers are very good. But, Magnus whiffed his rolls to do any real critical harm when he came down. And, he came down immediately in front of our whole army. BBQ time. The banesword fulfilled it's purpose this game. 



    So, with 4x player teams, I think the other half went 3-2 as well. Looking at the overall results then, we're down a bit to 91 teams this year.  

    • We came in at 256 battle points, or 16th place in gameplay alone. That's much higher than usual for us. Big win. Some years we're near the bottom. Some we are in the middle. 
    • In appearance we got 116/125 points. That puts us tied for 6th with three other teams. Get those decals on there! Work on those blends and glazing!   
    • On theme we 100/100.  Tied with 4 others for first on that. I really enjoyed making the army list, operations order, krieg costume, and wax seals. Put in a lot of work there, and we got recognition on it. 
    • In display we got rank 5 in which points are awarded, and a team can be invited to the showcase. Tons of work here, and very happy we got the invite.    
    • In player theme we got 29/30. This is just other teams ranking us.   
    • In total hobby score we got 250 points, putting us at 3rd place in hobby alone. And, actually there was a tie for first place. I thought we were well out of our league, but the judges were really kind. 
    • For overall/combined scores then we got 5th place.  Super excited for that. Last year we were wild that we got 29th place. 
    • Didn't come home with any awards this year, but we were super close to best display, best appearance, and best imperial. The appearance score of 116/125 made all the difference. I think we were lucky in gameplay - realistically getting to grips with what we know, what we don't know, and what we don't know we don't know... we'd need to do tournaments at least every month. I think we're very far away from reliably winning more games (not to say we shouldn't try).



    Afterwards motivation has remained high so far. I haven't sworn off the game, as happens after some lopsided tournaments, or skewed edition rules requiring building a completely new army. For now I like the idea of continuing to work on the display board. I think it'll be fun to take out to other tournaments, though it might be a bit much to show up in costume with a zeppelin to a local tourney. I want to cut the board up a bit, and add some real changes to the layout - do what I my actual vision of the thing was before time ran out. Doing more tournaments might also help me get to know some of the local players. I'm not part of any groups and see familiar players once every 9-12 months. I've got a lot of ideas for the next board, but without seeing the tyranids yet... I'm just not sure what the story is going to be. Well, one teammate has 10,000pts of orks so we could just to orks. But, organizing the team is always difficult. Would hate to start in on building a 15sqft board if it turns out we don't have 4 players. When I was young I had time but no money. Now I have money but no time. In any case, I can probably start sketching out the board now. If it doesn't go, it doesn't go. 



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    Recent Entries

    So it's March and this is entry one on the blog....the plan is off to a rocky start. I largely blame this on having a baby - definitely eats into the hobby time!


    The is the current WIP area of my desk:



    No less than 5 armies represented in a small space. I'm a hobby magpie, and I'm not ashamed of it, but it can be an issue. 

    The big impact of reduced hobby time, is that I find it easy to find time to build. Not for extensive conversions etc, but building is an easy thing that can be done in little chunks here and there. Painting....not so much. So my grey plastic horde grows. 


    Sadly this means that my gaming time may need to pivot to painting time to catch up. It's only a few hours once a week, but if it helps make a dent it'll be worth it in the long run. With 10th seemingly on the horizon, I'm less attached to games with my newer armies.


    First on the Hitlist will be this chonker:



    All those points increases on the Votann means that I now have well over 2000 points and painting that many points is more achievable. So that's the painting focus.


    On another note I dug these out of my parents roof:




    Lovely bit of nostalgia! I do enjoy reading through these old rules and lore. Always fun stuff in there.

  20. Death Angel

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    Recent Entries

    First full entry with pics coming soon.  This is the start of my return to The Bolter & Chainsword after a long time away.  I have been working on my 6th Death Guard army since the start of 8th, and it is nearly finished, just 10 models to go.  I have owned a Death Guard army in every edition since 2nd, and my latest one is almost finished being painted.  This blog will catalogue the end of that project and the start of a new one, Dark Angels in 2023.  Dark Angels was my first real army which I started right after the release of the Angel of Death Codex in 2nd edition in the mid 90s... though before that I had been collecting 40k starting back in Rogue Trader around the beginning of 1989.  I really had just been dabbling before the Angels of Death codex which got me working on organizing my small collection into a full army.

    With the rumors of a DA range refresh and Lion 'El Johnson returning it felt like a good time to jump back in feet first.  I have managed to collect up a bit more then 500pts of Primaris DAs so far, really closer to 1k, of Green Wing I guess... though most is just built and none of it is fully painted.  I will be documenting the figuring out of my paint scheme for them and my work on the army over the course of 2023 and beyond, here.  Don't expect regular updates, they will most likely be sporadic... as I get things painted and start to play some games with them.  Well off to take some pics and start the write up for the first full post.  Until next time...




    Arkrath, the Hand of Khorne DAEMON PRINCE, 11PL
    For ten thousand years, the Astartes who would become Arkrath, Kratus, has led his warband of Chosen Terminators. Entering the Long War as a veteran warrior in the ranks of the XII Legion's Terminator elite, Kratus was frequently found in the most bloody of battles. This boldness amassed for him a significant following of Terminators, and they adopted the moniker of Red Butchers, once a reviled and pitied name but one that had since taken on a new sense of respect in their new worship of Khorne.
    It was from these same ranks that a warlord named Bardûl rose to prominence, his single-minded devotion to the Blood God eclipsing even Kratus's own. When Bardûl declared the founding of the Aksha'i Cruentes and the start of the Red Crusade, Kratus stood beside him, ready to go to war with the galaxy.
    As Bardûl's chief bodyguard and confidant, Kratus defended the man who called himself Hand of Khorne, as well as delivering justice to those who impeded the Bloodfather's dominance. It was not uncommon for Kratus to be dispatched to kill other Champions of Khorne who had displeased the Hand in some way.
    During the War for Janus, however, Bardûl grew impatient with the gifts his Daemonic patrons bestowed upon him, and he drank too greedily from the well of power that is Chaos worship, transforming into a monstrous Chaos Spawn. The power vacuum was quickly filled by the former Terminator Champion, who tore the symbolic chainfist from his erstwhile master's broken Terminator plate and took it for his own.
    Kratus's ascent was meteoric, and before long he was courting the same Daemonic patrons as his former master. Unlike Bardûl, however, Kratus's ambition and arrogance were tempered by personal sacrifices, having suffered several grievous wounds, including the loss of his own leg. Such losses displayed a certain dedication to the Lord of Battles, however they were still defeats in the eyes of the Blood God and would be punished. After one such defeat, Kratus was whisked away to the Warp before the alien witch's magicks could kill him.
    It was there that Kratus was first imprisoned and tortured by his patron, known to him as Ska'nzand the Wrathforged. He was held here for eight hundred years, by his perception, however never did his faith and determination waver. Impressed by this, Ska'nzand released Kratus on a quest of penitent rage throughout the Eye of Terror for another eight hundred years.
    In realspace only hours later, a winged figure manifested before the Cruentes, who were on the verge of tearing themselves apart to find a new leader. Monstrous in stature, this figure was armoured in what appeared to be a mockery of Terminator plate and bore a warped chainfist on its right vambrace. It did not use the name Kratus, for the man who bore that name was dead, it said.
    This was now Arkrath, the True Hand of Khorne.

    Warlord Trait: Hatred Incarnate

    Relic: Gorget of Eternal Hate

    Rank: Legendary


    Battle Honours:

    • Scorpion Tail (Chaos Boon) - +1A
    • Serpent's Fangs (Chaos Boon) - +1 to wound in first round of combat
    • Warp Stalker (Chaos boon) - reroll advance and charge
    • Razor-edged - improve AP of melee weapon by 1
    • Blackstone Shard Amulet - cannot be targeted by psychic powers
    • Null-field Disruptor - ignores invulnerable saves
    Baruda, Blood Priest of Kharneth DARK APOSTLE, 6PL

    An early convert to the Cult of the Blood God, Baruda was instrumental in the formation of the Cruentes. He wears the charcoal black armour of Loyalist chaplains in dark mockery of his misguided counterparts.


    Baruda is an extremely - and some might say excessively - zealous individual, to the point that those around him view him with slight unease. However, there is no denying that his entreaties to the Dark Powers are an effective tool.


    He knows the Dark ZealotryWrathful Entreaty and Illusory Supplication prayers.


    Warlord Trait: Eternal Vendetta

    Relic: Mantle of Traitors

    Rank: Heroic


    Battle Honours:

    • Detestation (Path of the Righteous) - cannot be targeted by psychic powers
    • Stoic Fervour (Path of the Righteous) - 6+ FNP, 4+ FNP vs mortal wounds
    • Just Killer (Path of the Righteous) - +1S when attacking units smaller than his :dry:
    • Daemonic Flesh (via Chaos Reward Requisition) - unit gains +1T
    • Aspect of Khorne (via Chaos Reward Requisition) - once per game free use of Fury of Khorne or Scorn of Sorcery stratagems
    • Razor-edged(?) Crozius (via Victor Bonus) - AP of Crozius improved by 1
    Thrax Gorechosen EXALTED CHAMPION, 6PL
    Thrax is a wandering traveller, claiming to be an original member of the War Hounds Legion and claiming to be the bearer of the coveted relic, Gorefather. Regardless of the truth to his words, the Berzerkers who follow Thrax into battle are invariably inspired to great deeds of bloodshed as Thrax himself frequently seeks out the strongest enemies he can find.

    Warlord Trait: Flames of Spite

    Relic: Gorefather

    Rank: Blooded


    Battle Honours:

    • Sigil of the Shadowlord - 4+ Invul, 4+ FNP vs mortal wounds
    Validon's Bloodthunderers 8x KHORNE BERZERKERS, 10PL

    Validon is one of the Cruentes' longest-serving Berzerker Champions, and has been instrumental to the cohesion of the Cruentes as a fighting force. He instituted a gradual change to the Eternal Warrior's fighting pits: instead of individual combat, the pits would focus more on squad-based combat. Through repeated training in this manner over hundreds of years, the instinct to fight in a squad of brothers became so ingrained that even in the deepest frenzy, Berzerkers would know to fight together.


    Validon leads seven Berzerkers, collectively known as the Bloodthunderers.


    Rank: Battle-hardened


    Battle Honours:

    • Hate-fuelled Butchers - +1 to WS
    • Divine Guidance (Path of the Righteous) - improves melee AP by 1
    Dreior's Hunters 8x KHORNE BERZERKERS, 10PL

    A newer member of the Cruentes, Dreior is a vat-grown gift from Fabius Bile's gene clinics. Implanted with false memories, he believes himself to be a veteran of the Long War, and despite his relative youth, he is a consummate fighter. He and his squad are often seen breaking through enemy lines and hunting down specific targets.


    Dreior leads seven Berzerkers simply known as the Hunters.


    Rank: Battle-hardened


    Battle Honours:

    • Bitter to the Bone - can choose their Wanton state
    • Fervid Focus (Path of the Righteous) - can move horizontally through terrain and models
    • Trusted Hounds (via Warfleet Favour) - can choose a character's aura to always be in range
    Gorm's Stalkers 8x KHORNE BERZERKERS, 10PL
    Another long-serving member of the Cruentes, Gorm leads the newest inductees into battle. His strict command gives these initiates their first taste at combat, and puts them on the path to becoming fully-fledged Berzerkers of the Cruentes. Gorm's habit of consuming the flesh of the dead, however, often permeates through the ranks of those under his command. As a result, a significant number of Cruentes share his cannibalistic tendencies.
    Gorm leads seven Berzerkers known as the Stalkers.
    Rank: Battle-hardened

    Battle Honours:

    • Hate-fuelled Butchers - +1 to WS
    • Fervid Focus (Path of the Righteous) - can move horizontally through terrain and models
    • Serpentine Fangs (via Dark God Favour) - Gorm's attacks gain +1 to wound on the charge
    Covenant of the Bloody Hand 20x CULTIST MOB, 5PL
    Despite this cultist warband's high attrition rate - or, perhaps, because of it - the cult members rarely have any trouble finding more volunteers for their ranks, as few mortal followers of Khorne can resist being given the opportunity to have their blood spilt on the battlefield.
    Members of this warband have begun adopting a sigil of a bloody handprint as they are inducted, signifying the dead passing on their covenant to the new warriors.
    Rank: Blooded
    Battle Honours:
    • Believers of the True Faith - gain the Let the Galaxy Burn ability
    Murdax's Butchers 10x CHAOS TERMINATORS, 19PL
    Led by the dangerously ambitious champion, Murdax, the Butchers are a sub-warband of Terminators within the Aksha'i Cruentes. Fierce warriors all, this warband adopted the nickname of Red Butchers upon their descent into the worship of the Blood God.
    With Terminator plate being difficult to manufacture amongst the Traitor Legions, and with the World Eaters' excessively high attrition rate, the warriors in the Butchers are, ironically for their namesake, some of the more measured of the Cruentes. However, this should not be taken as a lack of aggression - they are capable of as much as their Berzerker brethren, however they have all trained for millennia to hone their use of the Butcher's Nails.
    Rank: Heroic
    Upgrades: Red Butchers (via Specialist Reinforcements Requisition)
    Battle Honours:
    • Ambition's Edge - Murdax gains +1A, +1W and +1Ld
    • Trusted Hounds - can benefit from certain character auras outside of range
    • Hate-fuelled Butchers - +1WS
    • Fervid Focus (via Path of the Righteous: Glorious Ceremony Requisition) - can move horizontally through terrain and models
    Vervek the Condemned HELLBRUTE, 7PL
    Vervek's fate is a cautionary tale for any individual who stands in the way of a mighty Champion of Khorne and his glory, for this former Terminator stole a trophy kill that Kratus had claimed. In the eyes of the Blood Father, of course, such triviality didn't matter - however, in the eyes of the corporeal judge and executioner claiming the god's authority, he was little more than a usurper. Vervek was carved out of his Terminator plate with little care, being no more than a head and torso before he was entombed within a Dreadnought's sarcophagus.
    Rank: Battle-ready
    Xarian the Bloody Idiot HELLBRUTE, 7PL

    Once the champion of a whole Cruentes warband, Xarian - formerly known also as Doomgore - was deposed of his position after it was apparent that he did not deserve to lead. Originally, he was the lieutenant of a rival World Eaters warband, the control over which he seized through betrayal, before he pledged them to the Cruentes. As a reward for bolstering their ranks, Xarian was gifted with command of his own warband and a rebellious Daemon sword.


    The sword resisted Xarian's ownership at first, having not been seized through combat. However, after several battles, Xarian appeased the weapon by stabbing it through his own stomach. Amused by this attempt at sacrifice, the sword appeared to capitulate.


    It soon became apparent that the sword still had not deemed Xarian worthy. Even though its power had been unlocked, it still rebelled at some of the worst moments possible, often leading to Xarian's defeat.


    Out of frustration, several conspirators - including Kratus and his Terminators - turned on the champion, dismembering his body and burying the Daemon sword deep within the Eternal Warrior. Xarian was kept alive as an amusement, more than anything, and was interred within a dreadnought sarcophagus.


    Xarian is a Helbrute, armed with a plasma cannon and hammer.


    Rank: Battle-hardened


    Battle Honours:

    • Hate-fuelled Butcher - +1 to WS
    • Despoiler Without Mercy - +1 to BS


    Chaos Rhino Motorpool CHAOS RHINOS, 4PL x2
    • Rhino I - Battle-ready
    • Rhino II - Battle-ready
    • Rhino III - deleted
    Bardûl the Wretched Fool CHAOS SPAWN, 1PL
    A horrid, mutated mess of flesh, Bardûl is kept by the Cruentes as a "living" cautionary tale for those who would squander the gifts of the gods. Bardûl was once a mighty Champion of Khorne, blessed by the Blood God's favour and a promising locus around which the shattered remnants of the World Eaters Legion could gather.
    However, Bardûl was tempted with more power than he could bear. One of his Daemonic patrons offered him a tiny sliver of immortality, but the Chaos Lord demanded more. In a painful twist of hubris, the mighty Hand of Khorne was wracked with torment as his wrathful masters poured ever more mutating power of Chaos into the champion, until he was no longer recognisable.
    Rank: Battle-hardened
    Battle Honours:
    • Fleet of Foot - +1Mv, +1 Advance and Charge rolls
    • Grizzled - 6+ FNP
    Gorethane RENDMASTER, 7PL
    Equally at home hewing through ranks of foes from atop its warped chariot as it is duelling with enemy champions, the Gorethane is a dark master of battle. It can be seen directing its Bloodletter hordes from the front, always eager to slay.

    Warlord Trait: Glory of Battle

    Rank: Battle-ready

    Bloodseeker SKULLMASTER, 7PL
    The Bloodseeker is a swift butcher, and one of the first Neverborn to swear allegiance to Arkrath during his penance. Wielding the accursed axe Bloodbane and thundering into battle atop a loping Juggernaut, the Bloodseeker is a terrifying foe in battle.

    Relic: A'rgath, King of Blades

    Rank: Battle-ready

    Bloodletter Packs 6PL
    Rank: Battle-ready
    Bloodcrushers 6PL



    Rank: Battle-ready
    Flesh Hounds 5PL




    Rank: Battle-ready
  22. Photo update 2/2 - I managed to paint the model. The next entry will show a the model, together with a finished base, in better quality photos. However, I know that I need to take break from this draining project and focus on other things for the time being.













    And my finished Redemptor Dreadnought Conversion
















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