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Alpha Legion Status Update



Quick update after I based essentially a 3000pt army last week to take to WHFest:




The full list of completed units is longer than that, but I'm happy to say that I've managed to make, paint and base over 4000pts of Alpha legion since the release of HH2.0 last June, which is, I think, insane. My younger self would never have thought this possible. This is also with minimal unit upgrades, so cataphractii are costed at 175pts for 5, etc. If I add in wargear this could easily hit 5k I think. 


The army I'm taking to Warhammer Fest is as follows:


The list I took was:

3k points Leviathal.


Delegatus - nemesis, Moebius.

Vigilator - nemesis, dagger

Cataphractii Librarian - telepathy, force axe, power maul


Contemptor Talon - 1x Las/fist, 1x Melta/grav/fist

3x grav rapiers

5x Fulmentarus - 5 fists

10x Effrit - Daggers


2x10 tacticals - arty

5x Recons - nemesis, augury


10 Seekers - arty, augury

5 headhunters - arty, 4x cmelta, MM

3 Jetbikes - multimeltas, arty, power fist


10  HSS - Lascannons, augury, vex

Leviathan - melta lance, phosphex, volkite nips. 

Edited by Xenith


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