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The Tyranids of 10th Edition: Leviathan



I thought I'd share a few of the photos I took of the models from the new 10th edition 40k boxed set, these are amazingly painted, and I look forward to getting my hands on them:








head detail on the Neurotyrant



Screamer Killer - look at the paint work on the dome! 






The Von Ryan's Leaper - lovely models, the GW photos don't do them justice, and a nice homage to the original metal hormagaunts. large.IMG20230429175848.jpg.541921a19fa33354beba111db3d61ac3.jpg


Barbgaunts - maybe the weirdest of the lot with a tripod gait and withered forelimb. I'd have liked  maybe a quadruped like a mini hive guard?large.IMG20230429175852.jpg.3be6241f04160cc52b042ead09c68bb0.jpg

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class pics thanks for sharing. there i s definately  a lot you cant see in official pics and soo much added on details... appreciated! 

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Thanks - I did as well as I could through glass and crowds, but I thought these deserved some good pics - IMO The Eavy Metal team has stepped up their game in terms of the new starter models, the work that's gone into the nids is immense, and the official photos don't do them justice! 

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