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Space Marine Officer



Two entries in one day (don't get used to this pace please). 

I picked up the Space Marine Masters of the Chapter when they went on MtO at the end of last year so here's the first one I have done up (mostly). I need a fancier backpack than what he came with. The head is the plastic MK2 one from the new heresy tank commander. 





I'll probably use him as a captain but I have no idea which company he'll be assigned to. 

My space marine chapter is a homebrew one called the Swords of Fire, they are an IH successor. My custom IH clan company for 30K (Varantis) is their original incarnation (in universe, in reality 40K came first for me). So expect to see a lot of crossover with decals and parts and paint schemes while I attempt to tie the two forces together while still attempting to show the 10,000 year gap.  


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