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About this blog

Yes, the name is boring (I'm bad at naming things:sweat:). 


This is my attempt to keep myself on task with the hobby and showcase projects without having to create a new WIP thread for each one. 


For those of you familiar with my projects in the barracks and forge I intend to keep both of those updated as I post here as well. 


My intention is that by having everything all in one place I can help combat the absolutely glacial pace of my updates to the B&C. 


Armies to expect: 

  • Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Militia
  • Inquisition
  • Space Marines (40K)
  • Iron Hands (30K)
  • Alpha Legion (30K)
  • Necrons (maybe)
  • Whatever other madness or project I dream up between writing this and when you see it on the blog 


So without further ado..... 

Entries in this blog

Did someone say new army?

Well, it didn't take that long for me to add another project    Here's the first mini for a burgeoning Solar Auxilia force     This is a plasma gunner for a companion section in the command tercio, the antenna behind is head is from the vox interlock.   Parts list (all Anvil): Gothic void torso (plain back) Field radio Gothic void helmet Void suit arms (rifle stock) Ion rifle Void suit legs  

Anvil additions

I've started working my way through the pile of resin from Anvil   First up is a discipline master      This is the Iron Corps officer model, which comes with a choice of head; the one shown above or a pickelhaube with mustache. I really like this sculpt as he stands out from the regular infantry but with the armoured and cloth textures he'll fit in with the rest of the force (particularly when painted).    Next up is an ogryn boss:      This

Bits Haul

A very brief update:    I ordered a large number of bits from Anvil Industry last weekend and they have now arrived.    Stay tuned to see what I do with them.   

Militia Brute

A small militia update, I've been working on a counts as brute squad using the ambot models. They're big and armoured and look sufficiently advanced to fit in with armoury of old night.   

Space Marine Officer

Two entries in one day (don't get used to this pace please).  I picked up the Space Marine Masters of the Chapter when they went on MtO at the end of last year so here's the first one I have done up (mostly). I need a fancier backpack than what he came with. The head is the plastic MK2 one from the new heresy tank commander.      I'll probably use him as a captain but I have no idea which company he'll be assigned to.  My space marine chapter is a homebrew one called the S

Forge Lord

Here's a custom forge lord for my heresy era Iron Hands:     The body is a cyborg prime body from Kromlech (I actually got this as a freebie in an order for other bits). The servo harness is from Anvil Industry (it's the exo lord scale mechanical arm conversion kit). The axe is from the space marine assault squad and the arm holding it is from the current MK3 kit. The right shoulder pad is from a plastic heresy kit (I think the MK3 but could be MK4). The head, nemesis bolter and
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