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Squad One Update...



It was a busy week and weekend with mother's day here in the United States, so my painting progress slowed a bit. I was able to get bases painted and done for the intercessors squad. I've still got to fix two of the faces (LOL) and then do some additional shading but the first squad is mostly done. I'm pretty pleased with the results and have learned a lot.


The first thing was finding a flow to my painting. At times I would assemble, prime and then paint through one marine at a time. I then moved to doing two or three at a time and felt like the latter was probably too much as my quality suffered (you can see it in some of the squad). I am still working on paint thinning but feel like that aspect is getting better. As I mentioned I'll be doing some touch-ups and then shading and that squad will be done.


I also purchased a squad of hellblasters last week and started on the first marine. I am not sure if I want to do green or blue for the plasma weapons, so I may do a test of each before I finish the squad. The one other piece I'm not sure on is weapons in general. I've looked at a variety of ways to paint them including keeping them all black, or incorporating some silver elements but I haven't found the right combination yet. So more to come there.


If you have any advice or thoughts feel free to share! And thanks for reading. 


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