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About this blog

I recently rejoined the hobby in 2023 after a 12+ year break. This blog will cover my painting journey with my new primaris minatures for the Brazen Claws chapter. I am very much a novice painter and open to feedback and suggestions, please follow along as I think this is a really cool chapter that doesn't have a lot of lore or active players! 

Entries in this blog

Squad One Update...

It was a busy week and weekend with mother's day here in the United States, so my painting progress slowed a bit. I was able to get bases painted and done for the intercessors squad. I've still got to fix two of the faces (LOL) and then do some additional shading but the first squad is mostly done. I'm pretty pleased with the results and have learned a lot.   The first thing was finding a flow to my painting. At times I would assemble, prime and then paint through one marine at a time.

Why Brazen Claws?

When I left the hobby 10+ years ago, a large number of friends and peers here on the B&C were just beginning to explore DIY chapters vs painting traditional space marine chapters. So when I returned to the forum I immediately spent time scanning the Forge to see what people were working on and if anything immediately inspired me. I ended up test painting an old 4th edition mini as a Crimson Fist when I stumbled upon an old post by @SCCwho had a number of Brazen Claws he had painted. I had re
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