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Warhammer Fest Horus Heresy Event - Terrain Discussion



Not gonna lie, my heart fell when I got to WHFest and I seen the tables that the HH event would be played on. There were some ok tables, but others had a clear lack of terrain, and large, wide pen fire lanes. Playing a FA heavy Alpha Legion Leviathal, I braced myself for the worst and to get shot off the table by pretty much everything! 


Thankfully (luckily?) the armies I played against were Emperor's Children and Custodes, which had less shooting than me so I blatted them off the board instead, and incidentally both games I played had large, central LOS blocking terrain pieces, which was good. I can only hope that these sparse boards were reserve boards, in case they had another 40 last minute event goers...




One of the worst offenders - you can see everywhere from pretty much everywhere, and with the small amount of LOS blocking terrain very spread out, it would be hard to jump from terrain to terrain. 



Another example - big no mans land in the middle, with that crater already being the grave of proably many astartes. 



My first game thankfully had a large piece of terrain in the middle, then tall bunker/sector fronteris things that blocked LOS to infantry sized models. 


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