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A Call to Arms!



So the Call to Arms has begun! This is the Brainchild of @Grotsmashaand @Triszin, and is the first forumwide painting challenge in what feels like ages, so naturally I'm getting involved. 


With the advent of the Leviathan box, Hive Fleet Jabberwocky hungers, and I have to vow for the Fleets, and accordingly updated my 2023 painting goals list...



12 minutes ago, Xenith said:

Aright @Grotsmasha, here we go:


I, Xenith, overlord of Hive Fleet Jabberwocky, heed the Call to Arms and pledge to paint the following for 55pts for the Glory of It Who Hungers and the Xenos Stronghold on or before 30th September 2023, or bear the badge of failure until years end.


1x Neurotyrant (5pts)

2x neurospore things (2pts)

11x Neurogaunts (11pts)

5x Barbgaunts (5pts)

3x VRL's (3pts)

1x Screamer Killer (5pts?)

1x Winged Tyranid Prime (5pts)

1x Psychophage (5pts)

5x Wraithguard (5pts)

1x Spiritseer (5pts)

1x Webway gate (4pts?)


Total = 55pts


I'm starting with the nid units from Leviathan that I dont already have versions of, then will do the rest as a second vow if time permits - summers already getting busy! Objective is still to get the entire nid side painted within CTA! 









Check out the Xenos Stronghold below, and vow to paint some models, win glory and prizes! 


Edited by Xenith


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