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Call to Arms Progress



Man its been a slow start but hopefully I'll pick up steam now. Was hoping to be done my first pledge by now but life always finds a way.  Anyway I'm fairly new to the world of contrast paints having only used Flesh Tearers red before but decided to try a new recipe for House Mortimer that included a really nice yellow (sorry as a Alpha Legion guy I can not say the name of this paint) and a purple I honestly forgot the name of but it is quite dark and nice.  Also I'm not much of a army painter so trying to paint a bunch of models at the same time is quite foreign to me as I've only attempted this once or twice before, but I really need practice at it so we'll give it a go again. 

The purple starts with a ink followed by the contrast paint then a thinned Vallejo Royal Purple. Yellow is similar but like most yellows, they are fairly weak in coverage so a extra coat or two is applied. Start with a ink followed by a quite pigment dense yellow in AK Gen3 Dark Yellow, which is a bit misleading as its actually quite bright, followed by the contrast paint that shall remain nameless. 

I still have a ways to go on them but if i'm lucky I'll have them & the Reaver done by months end! Haven't even started on the Reaver!




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