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Call to Arms 2023 Progress



Thought I'd make a quick post to share my Call to Arms progress after 23 days. Everything but the webway gate is undercoated, and the current colours things are are in the list below:


1x Neurotyrant (5pts)

2x neurospore things (2pts)

11x Neurogaunts (11pts)

5x Barbgaunts (5pts)

3x VRL's (3pts)

1x Screamer Killer (5pts?)

1x Winged Tyranid Prime (5pts)

1x Psychophage (5pts)

5x Wraithguard (5pts)

1x Spiritseer (5pts)

1x Webway gate (6pts)


Completion 15/59pts


The Barbgaunts were conpleted on Friday, and the Wraithguard finished also. I quite enjoyed painting these, the wraithguard in particular went quickly with contrasts! 






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